50 Best Online Drinking Games For Couples And Friends To Play

“Friends are therapists you can drink with.” But it’s not always possible to step and party with your buddies. That’s when online drinking games can be of great help. It’s now easy to schedule meetings with your friends and family and have a great time teasing each other while having fun. You can talk to each other and play games from any part of the world.

All you would need is your phone or laptop with a strong internet connection. Also, ensure you have a few of your favorite drinks handy. Set rules and explain them to everyone before you begin the game. Once everything is set in place, do nothing but enjoy these games with your buddies and keep your days lively.

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50 Online Drinking Games For Friends And Couples

If you’re nostalgic for classic drinking games like Beer Pong, Flip Cup, Quarters, and King’s Cup, these online drinking games are definitely worth a try. Before you fix the drinking game, remember to drink responsibly and not go overboard, although you are playing from the comfort of your home. While personal preferences vary, some of the most popular choices include beer, rum and coke, Irish whiskey, wine, vodka shots, cocktails, and tequila slammer. Drink to your capacity, and do not force anyone else too. So, now let the games begin.

Online Drinking Games For Friends

Now here are some game ideas for you to play with a group of friends online.

1. Never have I ever

One player starts a statement, “never have I ever….” related to a specific theme or category decided before commencing the game. For instance, a high-school theme game can have statements such as ‘never have I ever cheated on an exam’ or ‘never have I ever had a crush on a teacher.’ The one who admits to having done the said activity has to drink.

protip_icon Point to consider
A drinking game is ideal if you are dating someone and want to know them better. Many questions can reveal a lot about their nature and personality for you to consider their prospects.

2. Name a celebrity

One player names a celebrity from a pre-decided category. For instance, if you have decided to name famous Hollywood musicians, the first player can say, “Taylor Swift.” The next player has to name another musician with the same first name or the same last name or the same initials. The next person can say Taylor Hawkins, and it goes on. If anyone is unable to come up with a name, they have to drink a shot. After a round, the next player can start afresh with a new category of their choice.

3. Drinks and Netflix

Select any movie to start a watch party. Before the movie begins, decide on a couple of words. Drink each time the word is said in the movie. You can re-watch an old movie or watch the latest release.

4. Rhyme my line

One player has to say a line, and the next player should add another line that rhymes with the previous one. The player who gets stuck and cannot rhyme the line has to take a drink shot.

protip_icon Quick tip
You can play the game till none of you can come up with a valid rhyming response. And see how long it goes on and on.

5. Most likely to

Here’s a simple game in which you ask who amongst your friends is most likely to do something. For instance, you can ask, ‘Who is most likely to get a speeding ticket.At the count of three, all have to vote for the one they think is most likely to do it, and the one who gets maximum votes has to drink.

6. Time to drink

Time To Drink is a fun online drinking game

Image: IStock

For this game, each player needs to have a timer. They have to set a timer at their preferred time duration. The rest can start talking and catching up. When the timer goes off, the person speaking at that moment has to drink.

7. Truth or drink

An altered version of Truth or Dare, this is a simple game in which one player asks a question. The other players will have to answer truthfully or take a shot of the drink. Each player can ask only one question.

8. Guess it or drink it

Similar to a Pictionary, you need to draw something on a piece of paper and ask your friends to guess. You can download a name generator for the drawing you need to make. Every player gets a chance to draw for a specific time. If the other players are unable to guess your picture, you have to take a shot.

9. Treasure hunt

Fairly simple, you have to name a thing that you have and others might not. For instance, show your friends a planner, and if they have one too, they have to show it within a minute. The last one to show an item or someone who fails to show it takes a shot.

10. Charades and booze

Play your regular charade game in which you have to act, and the others have to guess. The player who guesses correctly decides who drinks next. They can either ask one person to drink or everyone to take a shot.

11. Rapid answers

The first player says a topic aloud. It can be romantic comedies or high school movies. As soon as the topic is declared, the next player gives out names related to that topic. The person who gives a wrong name or cannot come up with an answer has to take a shot.

12. What would you rather do?

What Would You Rather Do is an interactive drinking game

Image: IStock

A player asks a question and gives alternative answers to it. The question can be, ‘If given a chance, would you rather join the X-men or the Avengers?’ All players have to answer with a show of fingers. The group with few members has to take a drink.

13. Tell me the synonyms

The first player says a word, and the next player has to give a synonym for it. The player who gives the wrong word or cannot give a synonym has to take a drink. If this seems complicated, then instead of synonyms, you can ask the players to guess the meaning of the word you say. Those who get it wrong have to take a drink.

14. Virtual cheers

Transform your casual virtual social gathering into a fun evening, enjoying a drink with your friend’s gang. You can still engage in online conversations in this activity, but here’s the fun twist: take a sip of your drink every time someone says ‘cheers.’

15. Trivia night

Trivia is always a great game to increase and test your knowledge on different topics and subjects. But for this trivia night, the player has to drink a sip or a shot for every incorrect answer. So, get ready with your drinks and take turns virtually to answer the trivia questions.

16. Online board games

From ‘Monopoly’ to ‘Scrabble,’ there are several online board games available that you can play together virtually. Grab your drink, and as per the games’ rules, you may also incorporate drinking penalties to enhance the fun element.

17. Drunk Jenga

Download a virtual Jenga app or prepare a virtual Jenga tower and write dares and instructions on each block. Let the player take out one block at a time, and instruct them to either fulfill the challenge or face a drinking penalty.

18. King’s Cup online

Download the online version of the classic drinking game’ King’s Cup’ to play it together during your next virtual gathering with friends. Each player draws one card at a time and must adhere to the instructions while playing and enjoying a drink.

19. Spin the bottle

Play the online version of the classic ‘spin the bottle’ game. Prepare a presentation or online card with a spinner and names or photos of each player. Let the bottle spin, and whoever it points to will select a player to assign them a fun task or call them out for a drinking challenge.

20. Drinking Bingo

Create an online Bingo board featuring a mix of common and unique experiences. Players can mark off a box when they’ve had that specific experience and take a sip of their drink. The player who successfully marks off all the boxes first will win the game, potentially becoming the most inebriated one.

21. Online karaoke

Host a karaoke virtual party and take chances to sing your favorite songs. To make it even more entertaining, you may add a drinking penalty for every missed note or forgotten lyric. This could be a fantastic and enjoyable way to spend some quality virtual time with your friends.

22. Drunk drawing

Use online drawing boards and apps to compete in virtual drawing competitions. Give the player an item to draw in a one-minute challenge. Those with the least impressive drawings must take a sip of their drinks. You will surely discover your group’s fun and artistic side, from most creative drawings to some amusing interpretations.

23. Virtual beer pong

Beer pong is a popular game for drinking parties, but for the virtual party, you can still play this game with some improvisation. Create digital ping pong balls and paper cups on each end, and take turns one by one to try to put the ball into the cup. You may play the game individually or in groups. Set a drinking penalty for every missed goal.

24. Pictionary with a twist

Play the online version of the classic Pictionary game with a drinking twist. Get ready for some hilariously tipsy artwork from your friends as they sip and draw. In this game, one should take a sip of a drink for every incorrect guess and drawing that’s not quite right.

25. Online flip cup

Set up paper cups virtually on each end for this game and have two or four players compete simultaneously. When you say ‘Go,’ each player should attempt to flip the cups. The one who fails to flip the cup will need to take a drink as a penalty.

26. Two truths and a lie

This game will help you know how well you know each other. Take turns to share two true statements and one false statement about yourselves. One who guesses the correct answers quickly is declared a winner, and they can enjoy watching others drink as a penalty.

Online Drinking Games For Couples

If you are separated from your beloved by distance, you can still enjoy their company by playing drinking games online. Do remember to have alcohol responsibly and never drink and drive.

27. Don’t laugh

In this game, your partner has to look into the screen with a straight face. You have to say something or do something for the next five minutes to make them laugh. If they laugh or smile, you win, and they have to take a drink.

28. Spot the lie

You have to tell three statements about yourself, of which two have to be true and one a lie. Your partner has to guess which one of the three statements is a lie. If they guess correctly, you will have to drink; else, they will have to drink.

29. Striptease dice

If you want to play a lovey-dovey game, try the striptease dice. Use a virtual dice, share your computer screen, and roll the virtual dice. If it stops at an even number, you have to drink, and if it stops at an odd number, you have to take an item of clothing off your body. However, if your partner is uncomfortable, do not force them.

30. True or false

You give your partner a word, which they have to use in a sentence while narrating a story. You have to guess if the story they narrate is true or false. If you get it right, your partner drinks, and if you get it wrong, you have to take a drink.

31. Quick facts

Quick Facts is an online drinking game for couples

Image: IStock

If you and your partner know each other well, play a guessing game. You can go on stating as many facts as you can. When you say something wrong, your partner will have to stop you from taking a drink.

32. Online scrabble

For wordsmiths, online scrabble could be a great idea. You can download the online game on your respective phones and play it like a regular scrabble. The one who loses a round has to take a drink.

33. Skip it

In this game, you and your partner have to say either numbers or letters with a twist. If you choose numbers, you have to repeat quickly but skip the even number. For instance, say one, and then three. Similarly, recite the letters but skip the vowels. Each time you falter, you have to take a sip of your drink.

34. Storytelling with a twist

One person begins a story from their childhood or any kind of story they like. When they stop, the other person continues the story with their creative ideas. Both of you take turns adding fun twists to the tale. If either of you fails to give it a fun twist, they take a sip of their drink.

35. Name it

Collect some random images and keep two copies of them. Zoom in one image and send it to your partner. Once they guess, share the second image. For every wrong guess, your partner has to take a sip of alcohol.

36. What would I rather do?

Prepare a questionnaire about each other and exchange it with your partner. Ask them to write answers and share the questions and answers on a video call. For every wrong answer, a shot has to be taken.

37. Red or black

Open a deck of virtual cards and shuffle. Each one of you has to guess the color of the next card that is opened. For every wrong guess, you have to take a sip of a drink.

38. Guess what!

Guess What is a fun online drinking game for couples

Image: Shutterstock

Turn your microphone off and mouth a word. Your partner has to guess what word you are saying. If they get it right within the pre-decided time limit, you have to drink and vice-versa.

39. How well do you know me?

This fun game can help you and your partner get to know each other better. Each of you will need to prepare a set of questions about yourselves. Then, take turns asking each other the questions. For every wrong answer, the person who answered incorrectly has to take a sip of their drink.

40. Taboo

Set a term as a taboo, which you use commonly when conversing with each other, such as ‘baby,’ ‘love you,’ ‘I know,’ or actions such as sending flying kisses or lip biting. Proceed with your online conversation, but now, every time any of you use the chosen taboo word or action, they must take a sip of their drink.

41. Simon Says with a twist

Convert the classic Simon Says game into a romantic couple game with a drinking twist. Take turns to instruct, like ‘Simon says sing and dance.’ Complete the challenge or have a drink as a penalty.

42. Questions only

For this exciting game, you may ask each other some common to funny questions, like ‘How was our day?’ and the other has to answer only with a question like ‘How would it be better without you?’ The person who fails to respond with a question must sip their drink.

43. Virtual escape room

Download an online escape room challenge and collaborate as a couple to solve the puzzles and riddles. Incorporate a drinking penalty to double the fun every time you make a mistake or need a hint.

44. Virtual poker

Play a poker game with your partner virtually, but add a romantic and flirty element to it. So now, whenever you lose, you have to either sip a drink or share a virtual kiss or a romantic gesture with your partner.

45. Coin flip or sip

For this simple yet ecstatic game for couples, simply flip the coin and cover it under your hand. Let your partner guess if the coin landed on ‘heads’ or ‘tails.’ If they answer correctly, you must sip your drink; otherwise, they will have to drink. To make the game more exciting, add a twist for the loser by including a truth-or-dare challenge as a consequence.

46. Find the spot

Make a note of a spot where you want your partner to kiss. Have your partner guess it correctly in three guesses. If their answer is wrong, they will have to drink three shots. This playful game would be a great way to open up about your romantic fantasies with each other.

47. Most likely to (couple edition)

Find an online ‘Who is most likely to…’ quiz and play it with your partner over a video call. For each question, point at yourself or your partner, and if you both point in the same direction, let that person have a drink.

48. Eye contact

Eye contact between lovers is one of the most romantic gestures and a butterfly-in-tummy moment. So, get your partner on a video call and start the staring contest. The one who will flinch or break eye contact first must take a sip of their drink.

49. Can’t keep a straight face

Write down your romantic fantasies, embarrassing moments, or funny incidents in the chat, and share them on a video call with your partner. The catch is that you both have to maintain a straight face while sharing; the one who giggles or laughs while speaking should take a sip of their drink.

50. Snakes and Ladders

Play the online version of the classic ‘Snakes and Ladders’ game by rolling the actual or virtual dice. But here, the twist is that you or your partner must take a drink whenever the other climbs the ladder or when any of you slides down after getting bitten by a snake.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the rules for playing drinking games online?

When playing drinking games online, only play with responsible individuals of legal drinking age. Choose appropriate games and set ground rules before playing. Designate a sober person to oversee the game and ensure safety.

2. How are online drinking games compared to traditional drinking games?

Online drinking games are often more passive and mentally challenging compared to traditional drinking games, which are more physically demanding and can be played with simple props or a deck of cards. Online drinking games may require additional technology or equipment such as a computer, smartphone, or video chat software.

3. What are some tips for playing online drinking games safely?

Tips for playing online drinking games safely:

  • Pace yourself and be aware of your alcohol tolerance.
  • Stay hydrated by drinking water or other non-alcoholic beverages between rounds.
    Play with trusted friends.
  • Do not drive or operate machinery after drinking.
  • Be respectful of other players and avoid offensive or inappropriate behavior.

4. What are the potential risks associated with playing online drinking games?

Potential risks of online drinking games include excessive drinking, dehydration, risky behavior, and addiction.

Playing games and having fun together can increase mutual satisfaction between couples, help increase mutual love and respect, play an important role in overcoming differences, and develop patience and resilience to wade through tough times in life. It can help you know each other better and learn about competitive sides. These fun online drinking games will not let you feel alone even when you are not present together physically.

Infographic: How To Not Get Drunk During A Drinking Game

Everyone loves to enjoy a drinking game with friends. But you need to make sure that you do not get carried away with the drinking while playing. Check out and save this infographic for the next time you are a part of such a game.

online drinking games for couples and friends to play (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Key Pointers

  • Drinking with friends or your beloved is therapy in itself, and you can do it virtually as well.
  • Indulging in exciting online drinking games can help you bond with each other and spend some fun time together.
  • Never have I ever, truth or drink, and rapid answers are some games you may try online over a glass or two of that chilled beer.
online drinking games_illustration

Image: Stable Diffusion/MomJunction Design Team

Check out this video on the best online drinking games! Get ready for a night of fun and laughter with friends!

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