24 Virtual/ Online Drinking Games For Couples And Friends

24 Virtual/ Online Drinking Games For Couples And Friends

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On days when you want to go out but cannot, the Internet comes to your rescue. Schedule an online meet with your friends and have a fun time from anywhere. You can plan a cool online drinking game session with your friends and have the best time laughing and teasing each other.

All you need is an internet connection and your favorite drinks, and you are good to go. Also, remember to set rules for every game before you start playing it, and ensure every member gets an equal chance to participate and play.

So, get set and play these cool online or virtual drinking games for friends and couples that can enliven your day.

24 Online Drinking Games For Friends And Couples

Before you fix the drinking game, remember to drink responsibly and not go overboard, although you are playing from the comfort of your home. Drink to your capacity, and do not force anyone else, too. So, now let the games begin.

Online Drinking Games For Friends

Now here are some game ideas for you to play with a group of friends online.

1. Never have I ever

One player starts a statement, “never have I ever….” related to a specific theme or category decided before commencing the game. For instance, a high-school theme game can have statements such as ‘never have I ever cheated on an exam’ or ‘never have I ever had a crush on a teacher.’ The one who admits to having done the said activity has to drink.

2. Name a celebrity

One player names a celebrity from a pre-decided category. For instance, if you have decided to name famous Hollywood musicians, the first player can say, “Taylor Swift.” The next player has to name another musician with the same first name or the same last name or the same initials. The next person can say Taylor Hawkins, and it goes on. If anyone is unable to come up with a name, they have to drink a shot. After a round, the next player can start afresh with a new category of their choice.

3. Drinks and Netflix

Select any movie to start a watch party. Before the movie begins, decide on a couple of words. Drink each time the word is said in the movie. You can re-watch an old movie or watch the latest release.

4. Rhyme my line

One player has to say a line, and the next player should add another line that rhymes with the previous one. The player who gets stuck and cannot rhyme the line has to take a drink shot.

5. Most likely to

Here’s a simple game in which you ask who amongst your friends is most likely to do something. For instance, you can ask, ‘Who is most likely to get a speeding ticket.’ At the count of three, all have to vote for the one they think is most likely to do it, and the one who gets maximum votes has to drink.

6. Time to drink

For this game, each player needs to have a timer. They have to set a timer at their preferred time duration. The rest can start talking and catching up. When the timer goes off, the person speaking at that moment has to drink.

7. Truth or drink

It is a simple game in which one player asks a question. The other players will have to answer truthfully or take a shot of the drink. Each player can ask only one question.

8. Guess it or drink it

Similar to a Pictionary, you need to draw something on a piece of paper and ask your friends to guess. You can download a name generator for the drawing you need to make. Every player gets a chance to draw for a specific time. If the other players are unable to guess your picture, you have to take a shot.

9. Treasure hunt

Fairly simple, you have to name a thing that you have and others might not. For instance, show your friends a planner, and if they have one too, they have to show it within a minute. The last one to show an item or someone who fails to show it takes a shot.

10. Charades and booze

Play your regular charade game in which you have to act, and the others have to guess. The player who guesses correctly decides who drinks next. They can either ask one person to drink or everyone to take a shot.

11. Rapid answers

The first player says a topic aloud. It can be romantic comedies or high school movies. As soon as the topic is declared, the next player gives out names related to that topic. The person who gives a wrong name or cannot come up with an answer has to take a shot.

12. What would you rather do?

A player asks a question and gives alternative answers to it. The question can be, ‘If given a chance, would you rather join the X-men or the Avengers?’ All players have to answer with a show of fingers. The group with few members has to take a drink.

13. Tell me the synonyms

The first player says a word, and the next player has to give a synonym for it. The player who gives the wrong word or cannot give a synonym has to take a drink. If this seems complicated, then instead of synonyms, you can ask the players to guess the meaning of the word you say. Those who get it wrong have to take a drink.

Online Drinking Games For Couples

If you are separated from your beloved by distance, you can still enjoy their company by playing drinking games online.

14. Don’t laugh

In this game, your partner has to look into the screen with a straight face. You have to say something or do something for the next five minutes to make them laugh. If they laugh or smile, you win, and they have to take a drink.

15. Spot the lie

You have to tell three statements about yourself, of which two have to be true and one a lie. Your partner has to guess which one of the three statements is a lie. If they guess correctly, you will have to drink; else, they will have to drink.

16. Striptease dice

If you want to play a lovey-dovey game, try the striptease dice. Use a virtual dice, share your computer screen, and roll the virtual dice. If it stops at an even number, you have to drink, and if it stops at an odd number, you have to take an item of clothing off your body. However, if your partner is uncomfortable, do not force them.

17. True or false

You give your partner a word, which they have to use in a sentence while narrating a story. You have to guess if the story they narrate is true or false. If you get it right, your partner drinks, and if you get it wrong, you have to take a drink.

18. Quick facts

If you and your partner know each other well, play a guessing game. You can go on stating as many facts as you can. When you say something wrong, your partner will have to stop you from taking a drink.

19. Online scrabble

For wordsmiths, online scrabble could be a great idea. You can download the online game on your respective phones and play it like a regular scrabble. The one who loses a round has to take a drink.

20. Skip it

In this game, you and your partner have to say either numbers or letters with a twist. If you choose numbers, you have to repeat quickly but skip the even number. For instance, say one, and then three. Similarly, recite the letters but skip the vowels. Each time you falter, you have to take a sip of your drink.

21. Name it

Collect some random images and keep two copies of them. Zoom in one image and send it to your partner. Once they guess, share the second image. For every wrong guess, your partner has to take a sip of alcohol.

22. What would I rather do?

Prepare a questionnaire about each other and exchange it with your partner. Ask them to write answers and share the questions and answers on a video call. For every wrong answer, a shot has to be taken.

23. Red or black

Open a deck of virtual cards and shuffle. Each one of you has to guess the color of the next card that is opened. For every wrong guess, you have to take a sip of a drink.

24. Guess what!

Turn your microphone off and mouth a word. Your partner has to guess what word you are saying. If they get it right within the pre-decided time limit, you have to drink and vice-versa.

Apart from these, you can also download multiplayer games online and have virtual races or wars with each other. The internet is loaded with options in which you can connect and entertain your loved ones. So now you know that you do not have to drink alone even when no one is near you. You can always have a drinking partner online.