17 Fun And Free Online Games For Kids To Play In 2024

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Children love playing games online. While prolonged gaming can impact a child’s health, it also comes with some health benefits, including better reflex, enhanced problem-solving skills, and improved vision. If you are looking for online games websites for your little gamer, this post is for you.

When you fix the duration for your kid to play online games and ensure the game is safe for children. In this post, we share some of the best and safe online games websites for your child.

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Online Gaming Websites For 4- To 8-Year-Olds

1. Funbrain

Funbrain provides several online multiplayer educational games that teach various topics such as basic math and life sciences. Games are categorized as per their relevance to the grades of school students. There is also a section for teachers to play the games with children in a classroom.

Website: funbrain.com/games

 2. Arcademics

Games make it easy to learn any school topic. Arcademics provides several online math games for kids and alphabet games. The design of each game is straightforward. If you intend to make learning fun for your child, then this website is indeed worth a look.

Website: arcademics.com


This online game portal focuses on boosting the child’s knowledge of  . There are also games to promote understanding of the calendar, computer, flags of various countries, etc. There are individual sections for children of different grades. Overall, a good website for online educational games for kids.

Website: abcya.com

4. Disney LOL

Disney makes some of the most popular children films, and they replicate the same magic with their online games. Disney LOL has games that children can play with their favorite Disney characters. The games are divided into several sections such as adventure, action, role-playing, and sports. Most games encourage creativity and imagination.

Website: lol.disney.com/games

protip_icon Did you know?
Children learn better through a visual medium than a static one (1). They enjoy the moving, dancing characters on screen and learn more within a shorter period of time.

5. Nick Junior

The games showcase several popular animated characters that you see on the Nickelodeon channel. Most games have simple quests and appeal to the younger kids like those who just started school. The games have tutorials that the player needs to follow to know about the strategy to play the game.

Website: nickjr.tv

6. PBS Kids Games

Several games here have educational value and teach children basic counting or logic & reasoning. All games have a cartoon character to appeal to children. Some common game topics include different shapes, food items, and reading.

Website: pbskids.org/games

7. Prongo games

Prongo online game website

You will find a lot of online math games for kids here. There are also coloring and matching games. The game design is simple, and most games are timed, which adds a layer of challenge yet are fun to solve.

Website: prongo.com

8. Switch Zoo

The simulation game is all about virtual animals. Children need to pick different types of animals, their habitats, eating habits, and other similar aspects. If your child loves animals and zoos, then this online game should provide ample entertainment and knowledge.

Website: switchzoo.com

9. CBeebies

The website developed by the BBC has fun activities and games specifically designed for children. Most games have a task, like finding matching items, assembling jigsaw puzzles, etc. The games on this platform are very simple, and the website has a colorful design that will appeal to young learners.

Website: global.cbeebies.com

10. Word Game Time

Games here are placed into categories so a child can pick a topic they want to play. All games are about letters, word formation, and sentence formation. If your child enjoys the English alphabet, then they will love all the games on this website.

Website: wordgametime.com

11. Mr. Nussbaum


It is an educational website that offers interactive games, puzzles, and scavenger hunts. The website aims to make learning fun through interesting games that keep children engaged while teaching them different topics. Its user-friendly interface and interactive nature appeal to children of all ages.

Website: https://mrnussbaum.com/games

Online Games Portals For 9- To 12-Year-Olds

12. Poki Kids

One of the coolest game sites, Poki Kids, provides free online games for kids from several online game makers. The games here are diverse. The interface is simple, and the games load quickly too.

Website: kids.poki.com

13. National Geographic Kids

The popular science and nature channel brings the excitement of its shows to online gaming. The games focus on knowledge-building and fact-learning just like NatGeo shows. There are some exciting brain games like illusions that help boost cognitive and sensory skills of the child.

Website: kids.nationalgeographic.com/games

protip_icon Fun fact
Online educational videos make learning more engaging and fun for children (2). Introducing age-appropriate games and educational content may help the children understand complex subjects better.

14. NASA Kids’ Club

The website developed by NASA inculcates interest in space exploration. The games help children understand about space, space probes, fun facts, and many more fascinating things of what lies beyond the sky. If your child is already a space and star buff, then they will enjoy the online games here.

Website: nasa.gov/kidsclub

Online Games Websites For 13- To 19-Year-Olds

15. Miniclip

It has one of the largest libraries of online games, most of which appeal to children in their middle to late teens. Most of the games are for entertainment, but there is a puzzle section, which combines entertainment with some logical thinking.

Website: miniclip.com

16. Orisinal

Most games here have the player-controlled animals performing different tasks. There is a tutorial before each game and a score-keeping system or a leaderboard, which lets the player see their progress. The games have a slight learning curve but once you understand the concept, the games are enjoyable and satisfying to win the rewards.

Website: ferryhalim.com/orisinal

17. Poptropica


This virtual role-playing game features unique characters called Poptropicans. A player can start the game with their preferred customizable character with its own storyline and set of challenges. To advance in the game, the player has to solve puzzles and mysteries. This game helps enhance the problem-solving skills of children.

Website: https://www.poptropica.com/

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are free online games safe?

Free online games played from trusted and reputable websites can be considered safe, as they do not entail the risk of introducing malware into your computer.

2. What are the three dangers of online gaming?

Malware, cybercrime, and phishing (hacking of personal information) are the three preeminent dangers of online gaming.

3. How can parents monitor their child’s activity on online game websites?

Parents may use monitoring software or tools to track the websites their child visits and how much time they spend on them. They may use parental control apps to block any unknown contact and prevent conversations with potential online predators. Additionally, they may check their browser history or use Google Family Link to supervise their activities online.

4. Can playing games online have a negative impact on children’s health or development, and if so, what steps can parents take to minimize these risks?

When children play online games for prolonged periods, it reduces the time for physical activities. This, in turn, can increase the risk of obesity. Spending more time online can also isolate a child socially. So, parents should dedicate a specific time to online games to minimize screen time and encourage outdoor or indoor sports and hobbies such as reading and painting.

Though excess screen time can be detrimental to children’s health, supervised use of online games can help children learn new concepts faster. In fact, several online game websites provide curated content that aid children’s education. For example, Funbrain offers games that introduce basic science and math concepts, while the games on NASA Kids Club help children learn more about outer space and pique their interest in space exploration. Though the benefits of playing educational games online are many, parents should carefully select the games to ensure they are age-appropriate.

Infographic: Safe Online Games For Different Age Groups

Online gaming can aid in improving children’s cognitive and problem-solving skills. However, ensure that these games are age-appropriate. Check out this infographic to know the top online games for children of the age groups:

  • 4 to 8 years
  • 9 to 12 years
  • 13 to 19 years
online gaming websites for 4 to 19 year olds (Infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Key Pointers

  • Funbrain is an educational game that helps children learn math and basic sciences.
  • The Disney LOL game allows the children to play with their favorite Disney characters.
  • Orisinal is a game with player-controlled animals playing various tasks. It helps the child imagine and apply various concepts while playing.
Online Games Websites_illustration

Image: Stable Diffusion/MomJunction Design Team


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  2. Learning at Home: Families’ Educational Media Use in America
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