161 Creative And Interesting 'Open When' Letter Topic Ideas

The idea of ‘open when’ letters is a pretty innovative way of communication. Being able to show your affection to your loved ones and make them feel adored even when you are not with them is special in its way. ‘Open When’ letters are a way to express that you appreciate and will be there with your people in spirit when it is not physically possible. Read on for ideas to write these letters and send them to your family or friends.

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What Are Open When Letters?

‘Open When’ letters are handwritten notes that come with a series of instructions consisting of the time and date for when your loved ones must open the letter. They are written keeping in mind a future situation. For instance, they can range from “Open when you are 18” to “Open when you miss me.”

They are pretty affordable, and there is always a sense of fondness that is quite evident when you send someone an ‘open when’ letter.

Whom Should I Write Open When Letters To?

Writing an ‘open when’ letter is one of the easiest things to do. They are not only versatile but also serve as an excellent gift for your close ones.

1. Open when letter ideas for boyfriend

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart…” —Hellen Keller

Long-distance relationships are complex, and each moment feels prolonged when you are away from the person you love. Nonetheless, you can make your boyfriend feel loved when he is away by giving him hand-written open when letters that they can carry.

For instance, for open when letters such as “Open when it’s Valentine’s day” or “Open when you want to reminisce about the good old days,” you could include pictures of you two that would invoke a feeling of love and nostalgia in them.

2. Open when letter ideas for girlfriend

“Every heart sings a song, incomplete until another heart whispers back. Those who wish to sing always find a song. At the touch of a lover, everyone becomes a poet.” —Plato

Every girl loves it when their significant other shows small gestures that are reminiscent of old-school romance. Think about all of the small things your girlfriend adores; it will help you create beautiful open when letters. Gather your kit that will help you decorate your letter along with small presents that you can include.

For example, if you are writing a letter on “Open when you need protection” or “Open when you need me close,” you can include a small lucky charm that will comfort her.

3. Open when letters for best friend

“The world comes to life and everything’s alright from beginning to end when you have a friend by your side that helps you to find the beauty of all when you’ll open your heart and believe in the gift of a friend” —Demi Lovato

If your best friend is going away to attend college or moving out of the city to a new place, you’re sure to miss them. Brainstorming is important when writing these kinds of letters. Include all the favorite memories you shared and tell them how to make even more memories later on.

4. Open when letters for special someone

It could be for your mother back home while you are away.
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Open when letters can be gifted to people close to your heart to tell them how much you love them. It could be for your mother who is back home while you’re in another city, for your sister or brother who misses you a lot, or for your father who has been sent away for work.

Open when letters tend to be quite intimate because you take your time to think about every little detail and every message that comes from your heart.

Ideas For Your “Open When” Letters

Here are some ideas that you can assimilate when writing your letters.

1. Open when you cannot fall asleep

When writing a letter for your partner who cannot fall asleep, including a playlist of songs that will serve as a lullaby can be a good idea. You can also gift them lavender essential oil with the letter as it helps calm the mind.

2. Open when you feel overwhelmed by responsibilities

Provide practical strategies for managing time and reducing stress. Assure them that they are not alone in navig­ating life’s obstacles and emphasize your availa­bility to offer support.

3. Open when you have woken up

When your loved one is in a different time zone, writing a short and sweet message to wake up to will help them have a great start to their day.

4. Open when you’re in need of a confidence boost

Compose a letter filled with compliments, affirmations, and words of admiration. Remind them of their inner and outer beauty, both of which make them exceptional.

British blogger Nazmin wrote one such letter among all the others she put together as a gift for her niece, Isra. For the letter titled ‘Open when you don’t feel pretty,’ she says, “In this letter, I wrote a long message about how physical appearance has nothing to do with being ‘pretty,’ and how there are better things to focus on in life. I think this was a really important letter, because nowadays self-image is a real problems thanks to social media (i).”

5. Open when you reach home from work

It is always good to have someone at your home when you return from work, but an empty home evokes a sense of loneliness. So, writing a comforting letter about how proud you are of them or appreciating them is a good way for them to end the day.

6. Open when you’re missing your pet

Share heartwarming stories or anecdotes about your beloved pet. Encourage them to spend time with their furry friend and send a treat or toy for their pet as a special gesture.

7. Open when you feel irritated

Cheering your significant other through a letter can be easy when you put encouraging words or even confess your love for them.

protip_icon Point to consider
Read the letters at the right time for the best experience. So
don’t open your “open when you’re happy” letter because you’re bored or “open when you need to feel cheerful” letter if you are not having a bad day.

8. Open when you need a good book recommendation

Recommend a book you enjoyed recently and think they might love, too. Describe why you found it compelling and how it resonated with you.

9. Open when you are eating alone

Include a picture of you both from a first date.
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Sharing a meal is one of the most blissful feelings, but it is not possible when your loved one is away. Include a picture of you both from a first date or when they were cooking for you.

10. Open when you feel stuck in a routine

Recommend ways to add excit­ement and novelty to their everyday lives. Provide suggestions for trying out new activ­ities, exploring different hobbies, or even planning a surprise outing for when they can spend time together.

11. Open when you are apprehensive

When your partner feels anxious about something, suggest to them good films that will make them happy after watching it, along with a concise yet sweet message of encouragement.

12. Open when you need a reminder of our shared dreams

Revisit your dreams and aspirations as a couple. Remind them of the goals you’re working toward together and the beautiful future you’re building.

13. Open when you feel a growing distance

All relationships face tough times, which is why reassuring them through a handwritten letter is always a great start.

14. Open when you’re ready to set new goals

Encourage them to set specific, achievable goals and outline steps to reach them. Offer your support in their pursuit of personal growth.

15. Open when you need to be reminded how much you are loved

When you are in a long-distance relationship, an ‘Open When’ letter acts as an anchor and helps your partner get through tough times.

16. Open when you need a taste of our favorite dessert

Include a recipe or a gift card for their favorite dessert place. Reminisce about the times you’ve shared this treat and mention you look forward to enjoying it together again.

17. Open when you miss talking to me

Distance makes the heart grow fonder, but it also makes you miss your loved one.

18. Open when you need a virtual hug

Express your desire to be physically present with them by sending a virtual hug. Encourage them to wrap themselves in a cozy blanket and imagine your warm embrace.

19. Open when you miss going out with me

Include two to three pictures of you two going out and having fun. Tell them that when you both meet the next time, you will make even more memories together.

20. Open when you’re missing the sound of my voice

Record a heartfelt voice message, sharing your love, encouragement, and a sweet message they can listen to whenever they need to hear your voice.

21. Open when you need assurance

Someone who has been hurt needs heartfelt words of support or reassurance from you which can be done through the use of a warm letter.

22. Open when you feel far apart

Share your longing for them and express your eagerness to close the physical distance between both of you. Offer words of reassurance that your love knows no bounds.

23. Open when you think of me

A sense of sadness and happiness tends to flow when you miss your partner, which is why telling them that you are thinking of them will make them feel better.

24. Open when you’re ready to plan our future

Take the time to have open and honest conversations about your future as a couple. Make sure to express your excit­ement for what lies ahead and how you envision your life together.

25. Open when you are stressed

Your partner or spouse might feel sad when you are not present with them, therefore some heartfelt words of kindness will help them relax.

26. Open when you feel out of the ordinary

Write some facts, trivia, or information that you think will interest them or teach them something new. You can also include some items that spark their curiosity, such as books, magazines, or puzzles.

27. Open when you miss my foolery

Inserting some funny anecdotes or suggesting a funny movie to watch is a good way to brighten their day.

28. Open when you feel nostalgic about our travels

Share fond memories of your past trips and adventures. Encourage them to create a travel bucket list for future journeys you’ll embark on together.

29. Open when you tend to miss my singing

Include a CD or a mix-tape of songs that is their favorite, and they can listen to it when they miss your singing.

30. Open when you feel proud of your personal growth

Recognize their personal growth and development. Commend their accompl­ishments and convey your admir­ation for their ability to overcome chall­enges with resil­ience and determi­nation.

31. Open when we have had a fight

A relationship has its ups and downs, which means that arguments are bound to occur. To boost up the spirit, some heartfelt words of understanding can act as healing agents. Telling them nothing has changed even after your silly fight is always a comforting thing.

32. Open when you need a virtual movie night

Recommend a list of must-watch movies, and set a date for a virtual movie night. Synchronize the viewing and discuss your thoughts afterward for a shared experience.

33. Open when you miss kissing me

Intimacy is a crucial part of any relationship, so when your partner is away, missing them is normal. However, reassuring them about how you will shower them with kisses the next time you see each other will bring a smile to their face.

34. Open when you feel grateful for our relationship

Express your gratitude for the love, support, and happiness your relationship brings. Remind them of the special place they hold in your heart.

35. Open when you miss my smell

Spray the perfume that you wear on a small piece of cloth and seal it within a plastic bag when sending the letter.

36. Open when you need some peace

Remind them about some ways, places, or times that they can find some calm and tranquility in their life. You can also include some items that are relaxing, such as a candle, a book, or a tea bag.

37. Open when you are annoyed

Send them a small yet adorable gift with heartfelt words that will lift their mood.

38. Open when you feel proud of our shared achievements

Take a moment to celebrate the miles­tones you have achieved as a couple, no matter how big or small. Renew your commi­tment to continue growing and reaching even greater heights together.

39. Open when you are counting down the days

Draw a mini calendar and tell them that you, too, are counting down the days you can be together again.

40. Open when you need a reminder of our love story

Recount the cherished moments and the hurdles you’ve overcome together, reminding yours­elves of the unwav­ering love and commi­tment that binds you.

41. Open when it’s Thanksgiving

Include the recipe for their favorite dish so that they can cook it and relish it.

42. Open when you feel the need to explore your passions

Encourage them to pursue their interests and hobbies wholeheartedly. Provide support, resources, and words of inspi­ration to help them follow their passion.

43. Open when it’s Christmas

Include a small gift.
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Insert a photo of when you spent your first Christmas together, along with a small gift.

44. Open when you’re in need of a spa day

Include the necessary items to create a spa-at-home experience with bath salts, scented candles, and relaxation tips.

45. Open when it’s your fault

Tell them that everything will be fine, and with time, you will forgive them.

46. Open when you’re ready to set new relationship goals

Talk about your hopes and goals for the growth and improvement of your relationship. Express your dedic­ation to nurturing a strong and loving partne­rship.

47. Open when it’s my fault

Apologize to them by writing how you feel about them. Tell them that you will get through together even when times are hard.

48. Open when you’re in need of a virtual game night

Suggest playing online games or board games via video call for a fun and interactive way to spend time together, even from a distance.

49. Open when you feel bored

Insert a few ideas of indoor games that they can play to pass their time.

50. Open when you’re ready to write your own love story

Encourage your partner to share their thoughts and feelings about your relationship. Suggest writing a heartfelt love letter to strengthen your bond even further.

51. Open when you are confused about what to gift me

Tell them about all the things you might like for a gift.

52. Open when you feel like a superhero

Acknowledge their strength and resilience by sending a superhero-themed letter. Highlight their ability to overcome challenges and inspire those around them.

53. Open when it’s the day before your birthday

Put a countdown timer in it and include a pre-birthday gift.

54. Open when you’re missing our special place

Take a moment to talk about a place that holds significance for both of you. Express a longing to revisit that place in the future. Talk about the exciting experiences you are eagerly waiting for when you revisit that cherished destin­ation.

55. Open when it’s your birthday

Put in some confetti along with a gift card so that they can buy anything they want for themselves. You can also hint to them that they have a surprise waiting for them.

56. Open when you’re ready to take a leap of faith

Motivate them to embrace challenges and seize opportunities without hesitation. Express your confidence in their capabilities.

57. Open when you feel homesick

Insert a postcard along with some chocolates from your hometown.

58. Open when you feel the magic of our love

Share the magic of your love through stories, fairy tales, or poetry. Show them that your love is an everl­asting and encha­nting bond.

59. Open when you are having a busy day

Tell them that you appreciate how hard they are working and include some snacks in case they have skipped their meals.

60. Open when you’re in need of a virtual coffee date

Suggest a virtual coffee or tea date where you both enjoy your favorite beverages while catching up and sharing stories. Encourage them to savor the moment.

61. Open when you are having a great day

Say that you are happy and proud to see them smiling this way.

62. Open when you feel the power of positivity

Motivate them to adopt an optimistic outlook. Provide inspiring quotes and affirmations to ignite a sense of positivity.

63. Open when you are having a bad day

Remind your significant other that having a bad day is okay, which means better days are just up ahead.

64. Open when you’re ready for a meetup

Encourage them to meet you, whether it’s to have a party or go for an outing. Use the opportunity to show your love and appreciation for each other.

65. Open when they are being sent away for deployment

Wish them godspeed on their deployment; you could also make a small package (with their favorite candies, picture of you together), which they can carry with them.

66. Open when you feel like a star

Celebrate their uniqueness and shine with a star-themed letter. Make sure to remind them that they bring brightness and a special presence into their loved one’s lives.

67. Open when deployed for a week

A week of them being stationed outside will pass in no time; ask them to hold on for a little while.

68. Open when you’re ready to embark on a creative project together

Suggest working on a project together. You can plan to write a story, craft a song, or even produce some artwork together.

69. Open when deployed for a month

A month of being stationed outside is bad, which is why words of encouragement will help them immensely.

70. Open when you feel like a detective

Provide them with a puzzle or riddle that will stimulate their mind. Prompt them to utilize their thinking abilities and natural inquisitiveness.

71. Open when deployed for a year

Being in the military is hard because you are away from your home and your loved ones. Tell them how much you admire their tenacity for being able to do such a thing.

72. Open when you feel like royalty

Let them know how incredibly important they are through a regal-themed letter. Reinforce the idea that they deserve only the finest things in life.

73. Open when you have been halfway through the deployment

Encourage your sweetheart by telling them they are doing great and send them a token of your love.

74. Open when you’re ready to make a wish

Motivate them to contemplate their aspirations and openly communicate their ambitions. Also, assure them that their wishes will indeed be realized.

75. Open when you are on your last month during deployment

Insert a small calendar with a cute note saying that you are counting down the days to when they will be back home.

76. Open when you’re in need of a book club

Propose starting a virtual book club where you both read the same book and discuss it over video calls.

77. Open when you’re returning home

Tell them you will be waiting for them at the airport to shower them with lots of hugs and kisses.

78. Open when you feel like a scientist

Give them inter­esting and engaging bits of inform­ation, signi­ficant discov­eries, or exciting exper­iments for them to explore. Nurture their inquisitiveness with the marvels of our world.

79. Open when you feel jealous

Proclaim your heartfelt words of love for your sweetheart by reassuring them that you will stay by their side always.

80. Open when you want to enjoy a stargazing night

Share your experiences of starg­azing and express your desire to gaze at the night sky together. Discuss fasci­nating facts about astronomy and wondrous celestial sights to discover.

81. Open when it’s the beginning of spring

Include a poem comparing your love to spring. Send them a bouquet of their favorite flowers.

82. Open when you’re ready to celebrate our traditions

Revisit the traditions and rituals that have become special to your relationship. Emphasize the significance of these traditions in your journey together.

83. Open when it’s the beginning of winter

Send your loved one a pair of hand-knitted scarf and gloves to remind them of you.

84. Open when you feel like a poet

Create a poem for them. You can also share your favorite poems that capture the exquisite essence of your love. Embrace the beauty of poetry as you come together in the celeb­ration of this art.

85. Open when you feel down

Comfort them through your heartfelt letter and also include small trinkets of your love that they can cherish.

86. Open when you want to revisit our first date

Recall the enchantment of your first date, from the nervous excitement to the unforgettable moments. Remind them of the beginning of your beautiful journey of love and togetherness.

87. Open when it’s New Year’s Eve

Send a letter filled with good wishes for them in the coming year. You can also include a party blower if they fancy it.

88. Open when you’re ready to embrace the power of forgiveness

Explore the importance of forgiv­eness, letting go of grudges, and healing wounds in a relationship. Underscore the commi­tment to nurturing a forgiving partne­rship.

89. Open when it’s our anniversary

Being in a long-distance relationship means you cannot celebrate this day with your significant other, and so writing a profound letter with all the ups and downs you both have had is important. You could also incorporate a special gift that you know they will love.

90. Open when you feel like a chef

Share a favorite recipe or suggest a virtual cooking challenge where you both prepare the same dish and enjoy it together, even from a distance.

91. Open when you’re in a foreign place

Remind them that any new place they go to, they should experience an adventure.

92. Open when you feel like a philosopher

Encourage them to share their perspe­ctives on deep questions and explore their own philos­ophies. Engage in thoug­htful conversations about life, love, and the universe.

93. Open when you’re overthinking

Write them a letter by raising their spirits and telling them that everything falls back into its place in the end.

94. Open when you’re ready to celebrate your strength and resilience

Shower your admir­ation for their ability to overcome obstacles and continue progre­ssing. Recognize and appre­ciate the strength and resil­ience they demon­strate when navig­ating life’s chall­enges.

95. Open when you need a buddy

Even though your significant other might have friends, they might feel a sense of loneliness at times. Tell them you are there for them if they need anything at all.

96. Open when you feel like a dreamer

Inspire them to dream big and envision a vibrant future brimming with potential. Share your own dreams and aspir­ations for your life together.

97. Open when you feel astray

Your sweetheart might feel lost from time to time. Draw out a map by connecting your destination to theirs. They will know that whenever they need you, you’ll always be there.

98. Open when you feel like an artist

Encourage them to unleash their creative side and express their thoughts and emotions artistically. Ask them to share their artistic creat­ions, whether they are paint­ings, drawings, or poetry.

99. Open when you are celebrating your success

Make a toast to their success.
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Make a toast to their success and tell them how proud you feel that they have come so far.

100. Open when you feel like a storyteller

Share your favorite stories with them. Be it fictional tales, personal anecd­otes, or legends. Together, embrace the art of storyt­elling and create your own narra­tives.

101. Open when you feel like holding my hand

Knit a glove for them that they can use with a handwarmer. It is a romantic gift that your significant other will love.

102. Open when you feel romantic

Share a love poem you’ve written or include a romantic playlist for them to listen to.

103. Open when you want to know why I love you

Write about the top ten things you love about them.

104. Open when you miss our inside jokes

Reminisce about your favorite inside jokes and include a funny meme or picture related to them.

105. Open when you feel like our conversations are running dry

Include a zestful yet witty list of different ways you can start a conversation.

106. Open when you feel overwhelmed

Include a few suggestions for relaxation methods that you might find beneficial, be it practicing breathing exercises or trying out meditation apps.

107. Open when it’s snowing outside

Write the lyrics to the song “Baby It’s Cold Outside” by Margaret Whiting and Johnny Mercer and include a sachet of ready-to-use hot chocolate for them.

108. Open when you need a pick-me-up

Include a collection of uplifting quotes and a small treat, like their favorite candy.

109. Open when you need a pep talk

Talk in a manner that will boost their confidence and also lessen their anxiety about the things they are worried about.

110. Open when you miss my laughter

Include a recorded audio clip of your laughter for them to listen to whenever they need a smile.

111. Open when you need to make a big decision

A pep talk is always good in this kind of situation. Advice them to follow their heart and the rest will fall into place.

112. Open when you feel nostalgic about our first kiss

Share the story of your first kiss and how it made you feel. This can make them pine to meet you.

113. Open when you’re sick

Provide a box of tissues and some medicines to fight off the cold. Include a small note saying, ‘Get well soon.’

114. Open when you want to surprise me

Provide a clue or riddle that leads to a surprise gift or experience when they visit.

115. Open when you feel nostalgic

Make a picture book of all the moments that have been the most memorable and write tiny sweet messages.

116. Open when you miss our late-night talks

Make a list of thought-provoking questions to spark deep conversations. This can help reinforce your bond and revisit your romance.

117. Open when you’re on your way to visit me

Put in small bags of snacks so that they don’t get hungry on their road trip and also make a playlist of their favorite road-trip songs.

118. Open when you feel nostalgic about your childhood

Reminisce about your childhood memories and include a photo of them in their younger days, along with a beautiful note. This can bring a smile and a tear to their face.

119. Open when you miss my kisses

A bag of Hershey’s kisses sounds good with a hand-written note. They will appreciate the pun.

120. Open when you feel stressed about exams

Include motivational quotes and study tips to help them stay focused and overcome anxiety and stress.

121. Open when you have moved into your new apartment

Put in a small house-warming gift that you know they will love.

122. Open when you miss family dinners

Include a family recipe and encourage them to cook it at home and feed their loved ones.

123. Open when it’s your first day of college or university

Write “You Got This” in calligraphy and incorporate their favorite color into it.

124. Open when you feel proud of my achievements

Compose a letter that expresses gratitude for the inval­uable contri­bution they made to your accompli­shments and accomplishments.

125. Open when it’s the last day of university

Tell them how proud you are that they have managed to hustle their way through university life. Send them a small gift that they can use in their next phase of life.

126. Open when you want to reminisce about our family vacations

Share your cherished memories and pictures from those family vacations.

127. Open when it’s your first day at your new office

Give them a photo frame of a picture of you two that they can put on their desk.

128. Open when you want to plan our next family gathering

Include ideas for the next family reunion or holiday celebration.

129. Open when you are nervous about your first presentation

Tell them how great they are at handling teams and explaining every little detail. Also, give them a pep talk to boost their confidence.

130. Open when you feel grateful for our family bond

In a heartfelt letter, express your gratitude for their love and support and for being the glue that holds your family together.

131. Open when you feel your life has become monotonous

Give them ideas about new hobbies that they can pick or maybe ask them to join an extra-curricular class where they can meet new people and socialize.

132. Open when you feel lonely

Write some words of encouragement, appreciation, and affection that will make them feel loved and valued. You can also include some photos or videos of you both together or some songs or quotes that remind you of them.

133. Open when you want to go on an adventure

Make an elaborate game of scavenger hunt that they can play with their friends. Write tips and tricks in your letter to help them too.

134. Open when you miss our sibling rivalry

Share amusing anecdotes about the rivalry you had with your siblings growing up and how it actually brought you closer together.

135. Open when you don’t feel like cooking

Provide some coupons from their favorite restaurants that they can order food from.

136. Open when you miss for our childhood home

Share memories of your childhood home and include a photo.

137. Open when you’re piled up with assignments

Provide two to three playlists of songs that will help them focus along with helping them to go into a deep focus mode.

138. Open when you feel low

Write a ‘This too shall pass’ note and assure them that you always have their back in it. This can rejuvenate your friend.

139. Open when you feel betrayed by a close friend

Write heartfelt words of sympathy to help them feel better. You can also provide a box of chocolates that they love.

140. Open when you miss our favorite restaurant

Include a gift card to your favorite restaurant for them to enjoy a meal all by themselves and think about the memories both of you shared at the venue.

141. Open when it’s Valentine’s Day

Call a local flower shop and deliver flowers to them.
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Send them a gift that they will love along with a coupon from their favorite ice-cream shop. You can also call a local flower shop that can deliver flowers to them.

142. Open when you want to celebrate our relationship milestones

Remind them about your anniversaries, accomplishments, or any other special moments in your relationship. Include all the milestones, no matter how small.

143. Open when you miss your friends

Collect small hand-written and heartfelt words of friendship from each of their friends along with a picture.

144. Open when you feel lucky

Include a lottery ticket or scratch-off ticket for a chance at a small prize.

145. Open when you want to rant

Put in a piece of paper and a pen to help them vent out whatever they are feeling.

146. Open when you feel nostalgic about our first meeting

Recount the details of your first encounter and how it changed your life.

147. Open when you feel like giving up

Write something inspiring about the people that they look up to.

148. Open when you want to surprise me with a visit

Include a surprise visit plan and encourage them to execute it.

149. Open when it’s beautiful outside

Encourage them to go outside and take a stroll. Ask them to also take pictures and send those to you.

150. Open when you feel competitive

Include a game for them to challenge themselves. Let them know how you have complete belief in their abilities.

151. Open when you need a hug

A hug is something that anyone craves when feeling down, so include pictures of you both hugging one another and write a cute message to accompany it. You can write something like “When we meet soon enough, I will give you even more hugs; I hope this made you feel a bit better.”

152. Open when you feel tensed about your future

Instill hope in your best friend that their future will be bright and no matter what, you will be a part of it.

153. Open when you feel stressed

It is good to always have someone by our side during stressful times. You could quote a couple of lyrics from their favorite songs or suggest feel-good movies they can watch to relax a little bit.

154. Open when you want to know more about me

Answer a set of personal questions they’ve always wanted to ask you. Reading them will make their day and your bond and mutual trust stronger than ever.

155. Open when you are in need of encouragement

Things don’t always go the way we want them to be, so little words of encouragement for your loved ones will always make them feel better. Compliment them on their best qualities and include a few quotes of motivation—it will instantly make their day brighter.

156. Open when you need a reminder of our favorite childhood TV shows

List your favorite childhood shows that you and your siblings used to watch. Encourage them to take a trip down memory lane by revis­iting those shows.

157. Open when you miss me

Start the letter with a heartfelt message that will strike a chord of nostalgia within them. Include photos of all your favorite memories and take them on a trip down memory lane.

158. Open when you miss our spontaneous road trips

Include beautiful pictures of all your road trips together and help them revel in nostalgia. You may also provide a list of quirky roadside attractions they can visit on their own adventures.

159. Open when you need to have a good laugh

Drawing a caricature of something or including silly photos will make them chuckle, and they will even feel light-hearted.

160. Open when you’re confused about our relationship

Write a heartwarming letter about how much you love your partner and how you’ll always be there for them.

161. Open when you feel like smiling

You, out of all the people, would know what makes your loved ones feel happy. Including a short yet sweet message about how much you appreciate them, along with an attached photograph, can be a wholesome way of heartfelt communication.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do ‘Open When’ letters have to be for long-distance relationships?

‘Open when’ letters are not necessarily for long-distance relationships but are great for sending your love across miles and letting them know how much you care for them. They help you keep in touch with the ones you have to be apart from for a considerable time. You may choose the reasons for the letters to be opened and read. Pick different themes and make them creative to cheer up someone special.

2. What items can I put in ‘Open When’ envelopes for college students?

To make ‘Open When’ letters unique and surprising to your college-going child, you may add–funny stories that brighten their day, handwritten notes, and small gift cards to a favorite cafe or bookstore. You can also include quotes for motivation, trinkets to amaze them, and old pictures to remind them of their childhood days in them.

3. How many ‘Open When’ letters should I write?

You can write as many ‘Open When’ letters as you want. If you plan to give the letter to someone else, make sure they are comfortable with it before you write them another letter.

4. How can I make my ‘Open When’ letters more personal and meaningful?

You can add personal anecdotes and memories in your ‘Open When’ letter. If you are giving the letter to someone you know, add something positive about them. These little things will bring a smile to their face and make the letter more meaningful. Lyssa Creutzinger, a blogger, shares her experience of making an ‘open when’ letter for her husband. She writes, “I bought a blank stationary kit so everything would match. The paper was small, which worked for my situation because Zac wouldn’t always have a lot of time to read these when he needed them. I printed all of the pictures I needed at home from my printer… I sprayed a lot of them with his favorite perfume of mine. Any little touch of home I could think of, I tried to use (ii).”

5. How do I know when to give my partner the ‘Open When’ letters?

You can give your partner the ‘Open When’ letters anytime. However, one of the best times to provide them is when your partner seems stressed or has trouble achieving something. Also, you can give them if either of you are moving away for some time. These letters contain positive words that will motivate your partner to improve or stay in touch.

6. Can ‘Open When’ letters be given to someone who is not a romantic partner?

Yes, ‘Open When’ letters can be given to friends, besties, siblings, parents, or anyone close to you.

7. What to write in ‘Open when you need to know how much I love you?’

This letter is for when your partner is down and believes you probably don’t love them. It should contain not only the simple platitudes of love but also convey how much you love them. Your emotions and feelings should come through on the page. Remind your partner about the times you enjoyed together. You could also make some plans together in the letter.

Open when letters are popular among friends and partners in long-distance relationships. However, you could make these letters for anyone special and close to your heart. These letters would let your loved ones know that you think of them and value their emotions. While writing an open when letter, be creative and empathetic. Try to place yourself in the person’s shoes and guess what they might need to hear when reading the letter. We have listed a few creative ideas to cheer them up when they open the letter. So choose the one that will best suit their personality.

Infographic: Creative Ways To Write “Open When” Letters About Missing Your Lover

“Open when” letters can work miracles when it’s about missing your partner. You crave their small daily actions when they are away from you. Writing “open when” letters for your partner can wrap them in the warmth of your love from a distance. Check out the infographic below for interesting “open when” letter ideas.

open when letters to write for your special one (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Open When cards are full of personalized messages that bring joy, comfort, and support during various life moments. Check out this awesome video full of ideas for Open When cards.

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