10 Ordinary Things That Can Actually Be Dangerous For The Baby

10 Ordinary Things That Can Actually Be Dangerous For The Baby

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Once you have a baby at home, it is only natural to buy all sorts of stuff to keep him/her entertained while you are busy. Of course, mothers take a lot of care while buying toys to make sure they are not hazardous to their little ones in any way. Yet, sometimes we mothers do not look beyond the obvious dangers. In the bargain, we tend to overlook the potential hazards lurking around our babies in the form of seemingly ordinary stuff. Therefore, it is better to make ourselves aware of such things that may look harmless at first glance but can prove to be fatal if ignored. Here are some of them:

1. Balloons

The colorful inflated balloons that babies love seem to be a perfectly safe playmate for them. However, they are a potential choking hazard when they deflate into tiny pieces, especially the latex ones. Babies are good at copying actions. So, if they’ve seen you blowing a balloon, they may try to ape your actions and may end up swallowing those balloons entirely. So, watch out for them!

2. Earrings


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You might have noticed how your baby would often pull at your earrings when you are carrying him/her on your hip. Babies easily get attracted to those shiny earrings. But, those can come off easily too. And, when a baby gets his/her hands on one, the first thing he/she will do is to put it in the mouth. This might choke him/her in the process.

3. Baby Oils

Don’t get carried away by those mushy adverts that tell you how a baby oil massage is the best thing for your baby. Most commercial baby oils are laden with chemicals which may prove harmful for your baby. Go for natural oils like coconut oil or olive oil if you must.

4. Baby Pillows

Baby Pillows

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Sure those pretty little baby pillows look cute; something you can’t resist buying for your baby. But, did you know that babies can easily burrow their tiny heads into those soft cushions/pillows while sleeping? And, if they are deep in sleep, they may not be able to roll over and might end up suffocating themselves.

5. Power Windows Of Cars

Power windows have a powerful mechanism that is strong enough to squeeze your baby’s tiny hands, or worse, their delicate neck. Imagine the tragedy it would lead to if the driver isn’t aware of the baby seated behind putting his/her hand or head out and decides to close that very window! God forbid!

6. Baby Feeding Chairs

Baby Feeding Chairs

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These chairs may be a blessing during dinner time. But have you been ignoring the chair strap lately? Not strapping your baby to the chair may lead to your baby slipping off from under the chair tray. Or they may try to stand and topple off when you have just gone to fetch something. So, strap-on!

7. Sharp-Edged Toy Blocks

Another favorite toy of babies/toddlers, the colorful blocks keep them busy the entire day. But, babies never tire of putting everything into their mouths. So, the sharp edges of those little squares can easily graze against your baby’s delicate tongue or lips resulting in cuts and bruises.

8. Grandmother/Mother’s Handbag

GrandmotherMother's Handbag

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Babies love to explore. And handbags are one of their favorites. But, depending on what they find, their little treasure hunt can become dangerous. Imagine the horror if they were to lay their hands on a bunch of your mother’s pills, a roll-on perfume, those tiny eye-shade cakes, etc., and put them in their little mouths! So, stow those bags away, especially when you are not around.

9. Grocery Plastic Bags

These come home by the dozens after every grocery shopping of yours. And babies love the sound they make, which is why they try to play with it. But these bags are generally big enough to suffocate your baby and the smaller ones can easily choke them. Trash them immediately.

10. Baby Walkers

Baby Walkers

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Yes, those very walkers which are supposed to help your baby learn to walk can also cause grievous accidents. Most of the walkers are unstable and your baby’s tiny feet cannot control those rotating wheels. They can easily lose control and fall off (especially from stairs) or bump into something big, resulting in serious injuries. Avoid these as much as you can. Or make sure you are around when your baby is in one.

We hope this list is sort of an eye-opener regarding potential hazards that your baby could face at home. The best thing to do is to keep a close watch on your baby and never to leave him/her alone with any sort of toys or appliances at home. Better to be safe than sorry!

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