10+ Fun And Exciting Outdoor Games For Teens

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As parents, we always want our teens to spend a minimal amount of time in front of the screen and engage in physical activities like sports and outdoor games. In this post, we bring to you a list of thrilling outdoor games for teens that they will enjoy to the fullest. If your teen enjoys playing outdoor games and physical activity but lacks time, these activities are the perfect form of recreation as they are fun. Previous generation people across all age groups loved spending time outside in the fresh air, socializing, playing, and enjoying their time. But with the introduction of gadgets, teens have become couch potatoes, have less time to spend outdoors, and prefer to look at screens for leisure and entertainment than socializing. However, we have done our best to help you with ways to make your teen jump out of bed and play outside. Add some fun to your child’s daily routine by introducing them to the games and sports listed below. Read on to learn more.

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10+ Fun Outdoor Activities For Teens

1. Kite flying

It is one outdoor activity that your teen would love to indulge in and even learn. Kite flying can be a fun activity for the whole family. Once your teens know the ins and outs of kite flying, you can even organize family competitions. This is one of the best activities to teach sportsmanship and camaraderie to your teens.

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Kite flying promotes eye stimulation, as tracking an object at a long distance can help relax the eye by reducing strain (1).

2. Bungee jumping

Bungee Jumping

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Bungee jumping is certainly not for the faint-hearted but your adventurous teen would love to try it once. It is an ideal activity for recreation on a weekend trip or during the holidays. Bonus for your teen would be watching you scream your heart out due to fear.

3. Cycling

There was a time when teens would love bicycles. Why not revive this fun exercise? You can plan a cycling expedition with your teen every once in a while. Not only is it good for fitness but it is also quite fun. It is also an important skill development activity. If there is a bunch of teens, you can even organize an unofficial cycling competition.

An anonymous blogger shares his love for cycling and its benefits in his blog. He writes, “I got many hobbies that I love, but today I am talking about why I love cycling and why it’s one activity that I encourage most of my friends to take up for their leisure and travel. Cycling, to me, is more of an exercise both physically, mentally, and above all, economically. Physically, it is because I have to push my muscles and legs to their limits; I got this as the best time to sweat out myself and see how fit I am (i).”

4. Hiking


Image: Shutterstock

Select a picturesque trail for your hike and your teen is likely to agree to go on the trip with you. Besides being a test of endurance, hiking is also a great opportunity for adventure for your teen to spend time outdoors and learn to appreciate nature. Offer to take his best friends along on the trip and you just hit the outdoor activity jackpot.

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5. Star-gazing

You need not restrict your teen’s outdoor activities to daytime. Spend some quality time with your teenager just gazing at the stars, identifying the constellations and catching up with him at the end of the day.

6. River rafting

River Rafting

Image: IStock

Plan a river rafting or canoeing getaway. It is a challenge your teenagers won’t say no to this trip. This adventure is an excellent team building activity as well.

7. Dodgeball

A game that involves throwing balls at others and being the smart one by dodging most hits certainly screams ‘TEENAGER.’ Bring it on!

8. Gardening

A bit mellow by your teenager’s standards, but it is worth a try. If your teen loves greenery, he would love this activity. If you are planning to cultivate a herb garden, enlist his help to finish the project.

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A nature-related activity like gardening, teaches children to nurture a living thing. As the plant grows, your teenager will feel a sense of accomplishment that can boost their self-esteem (2).

9. Frisbee fun

Frisbee Fun

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Frisbee fun can make your teen’s weekends enjoyable. It is a great activity for family parties or a gathering with friends. Even if your teen is not too keen on joining in, this activity can boost their excitement.

10. Walking

Encouraging your teen to go for long walks is a subtle way of initiating him into fitness and exercise. It is one outdoor activity worth giving a go with your teenager. How about helping grandma take a turn around the park? How about family walking trips in the garden before an ice cream treat at his favorite parlor? Or maybe he can go for a walk around the neighborhood or on the beach with the pet?

6 Fun Outdoor Games For Teenagers

1. Spud

You Will Need:

  • A ball, ideally a small tennis ball

How To:

  1. Each member is allocated a number.
  1. The leader takes the ball, throws it high into the air and shouts one number.
  1. The one who is given that number should catch that ball while others move away.
  1. As soon as the player holds the ball, none of the others should move.
  1. He or she then tries to hit any other player with the ball.
  1. If he or she succeeds in hitting, the one who was hit gets a spud. If he or she misses, then he or she gains a spud.
  1. Another round starts with the leader again throwing the ball.
  1. Finally, the one with less number of spuds will be the winner.

2. Not in my half!

You Will Need:

  • A big hall or space that can be divided into two or four quadrants
  • Beanbags or paper balls

How To:

  1. Split the players into two or four teams depending on the number.
  1. Spread beanbags or paper balls in each half of the space.
  1. When the leader signals, each team should try to get rid of all the beanbags or paper rolls into the other team’s space.
  1. The game goes on until the leader signals to stop.
  1. The winning team will be the one with the fewest beanbags or paper rolls left in their space.

3. Slam dunk

You Will Need:

  • Large field or hall
  • Trash bin
  • A ball

How To:

  1. Split the players into two groups.
  1. Place a trash bin at each corner of the field.
  1. The main theme of the game is to dunk the ball into another group’s bin.
  1. Players run with the ball, they throw, pass, kick or bounce and finally aim at dropping the ball into the bin.
  1. If one team player is tagged by another team player, they should drop the ball.
  1. When the ball is thrown into the bin, the player should shout ‘dunk it’.
  1. The team who dunks the ball first is the winning team.

4. On safari

How To:

  1. Each player should be given the name of an animal.
  1. Ensure that one animal name is given to, at least, three players.
  1. They will be spread across.
  1. Now each one should signal their noise of the animal. The group that finds all their animals first will be the winning team.

5. Bear hunt

You Will Need:

  • A set of cards with bears or any objects resembling bears

How To:

  1. The set of cards should be hidden across the playing area.
  1. The target of the game is to collect bears.
  1. If playing in teams, the team with as many bears with them will be the winning team.
  1. This game teaches them strategy and coordination techniques.

6. Tug of war

You Will Need:

  • A sturdy and thick rope
  • Chalk or tape

How To:

  1. Split the teens into two teams with equal participants on each side.
  1. Choose an open area with enough space for the teams to pull without obstructions.
  1. Mark a centerline on the ground using chalk or tape, ensuring it’s visible to both teams.
  1. Position each team on either side of the center line, facing each other.
  1. Each team grabs hold of one end of the rope, making sure participants have a firm grip.
  1. On a signal, usually a whistle or a shout, both teams start to pull the rope, aiming to bring the opposite team over the centerline.
  1. The team that successfully pulls the other team over the centerline wins the round.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do outdoor games help in the physical development of teens?

Outdoor games help prevent risks involved with a sedentary lifestyle, such as obesity. It also helps children sleep better at night, which then improves their concentration and keeps them in a good mood (1).

2. Can outdoor games enhance social skills in teens?

Outdoor games promote social-emotional resilience in teens. It helps them understand how to work with others as a team. It boosts their listening skills and teaches them to take directions and instructions better. It boosts their self-esteem and helps them develop sportsman spirit (2) (3). It helps them learn how to communicate effectively and resolve conflicts through negotiation and cooperation. It also boosts their decision-making and problem-solving skills (4).

3. Why are outdoor games a better option than indoor games for teens?

Children spend most of their time indoors studying or engaged in other activities. Indoor games also have benefits, but it is restricted. Outdoor games encourage teens to leave their digital screens and become physically active. It helps them better appreciate the environment and improves their interpersonal relationships.

4. How can outdoor games help reduce stress and anxiety in teens?

Research indicates that contact with nature can help relieve and recover from stress and mental fatigue (5). People with exposure to greener spaces reportedly were happier as compared with those who had no access to them (6).

5. Can outdoor games improve academic performance in teens?

According to research, children who participated in outdoor activities exhibited better behavior and attendance in school. They also performed better in academics with consistent test scores (7).

Outdoor games for teens help strengthen their muscles and bones, increase flexibility, and boost their immune system. Cycling, kite flying, bungee jumping, river rafting, hiking, walking, and gardening are some of the best outdoor activities. Teens can also try outdoor fun activities such as slam dunk, not in my heart, safari, and bear hunt. These activities improve attention, vision, and learning abilities. Outdoor activities also get teens out of their gadgets and bring them close to nature.

Infographic: Benefits Of Outdoor Games For Teenagers

Outdoor games are one of the most exciting activities for teenagers. They encourage children to move out of their comfort zone and experience the thrill and pleasure that comes with it. In addition, outdoor games have many benefits that are good for your teenager’s health and mental well-being. Keep scrolling to know more!

how your teen can benefit from outdoor games (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Key Pointers

  • Teens can get exercise, fresh air, and experience new and exciting things by participating in outdoor activities.
  • Popular outdoor activities for teens are bungee jumping, hiking, river rafting, and cycling.
  • Engaging in outdoor activities can improve physical health and provide a break from technology’s distractions.
  • Outdoor games such as spud, not in my half, slam dunk, and bear hunt can foster teamwork, leadership skills, and self-confidence.
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Looking for different ways to have fun outdoors with your teen? This video has ideas that will make you have fun from morning to night.

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