25 Awesome And Fun Outdoor Party Games for Kids Of All Ages

Encourage your little ones to spend time outdoors with friends instead of playing video games and watching cartoons all day. We bring you a list of exciting and fun outdoor party games for kids that can help them engage, interact, and enjoy to the fullest with their friends and family. Once you are ready with the games, host a party and double the fun for children. So, delve into our list for some fun-filled games to ensure kids have a blast at the party.

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25 Outdoor Party Games For Kids

1. Cone run

Cone run is a simple party game played in groups. It requires a track or a playground and a few cones to go.

How to play:

  • Mark the start line and a spot on two separate tracks.
  • Place all the cones along these two tracks.
  • Ask children to form two groups.
  • As you say start, two kids from each group run to pick the cones from track, and stack them up on the marked area on the start line.
  • The team that collects and stacks up all the cones first is the winner.

2. Jump rope water splash

Jump role is an oldie, but a goldie. Add a twist to this game with some water. Carry a jump/ skipping rope to start having fun.

How to play:

  • Divide into two teams and select three players from each team.
  • Two players should turn the rope while one keeps jumping, holding a cup of water.
  • Players take turns while turning the rope and should keep jumping.
  • The team that has more players with more water left in the cup is the winning team.

3. Nature scavenger hunt

Nature scavenger hunt outdoor party games for kids

Image: IStock

Scavenger hunt can be a fun activity at parties. Make it a green game by looking for items easily in and around nature.

How to play:

  • Select and hide the clues or objects.
  • Divide the players into teams. Set a time limit.
  • Give them the first clue. Once they find the first object, they should find the subsequent objects with the next clues.
  • At the end of the time, the team with the most number of clues or objects wins.

4. Freeze tag

If you are looking for running games for your outdoor parties, go with freeze tag.

How to play:

  • Designate two players as “it” and set up a time limit.
  • At start, the “it” ones should work together and try to freeze the rest.
  • When tagged by the “it” players, the others become frozen.
  • The rest of the players who aren’t “it” or frozen yet, should run, hide and dodge from the players who are “it” to unfreeze the frozen ones.
  • The game is won by “it” players if they manage to freeze all the non “it” players.
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Encouraging outdoor activities may help in identifying young children in sports and athletics.

5. Water balloon race

Water balloon race outdoor party games for kids

Image: IStock

A water game is a hit in summer camps, outings, and parties. Carry balloons with you to add this game to your party list.

How to play:

  • Make teams among children.
  • Give them balloons and water to fill in.
  • Place a huge bucket to add the water balloons for each team.
  • At the start, ask the teams to fill water in balloons and add to the bucket.
  • Within a specific time frame, whichever team fills the maximum number of water balloons

6. Pool treasure search

Pool games give children an excuse to go swimming and have fun. However, adult supervision is important for everyone’s safety.

How to play:

  • Divide the kids into teams.
  • You can use the pool divider to separate the teams.
  • Hide any object of your choice or a treasure in the bottom of the pool.
  • You can fill the pool with bubbles or toys to add to the difficulty level.
  • At the start, the players should find the hidden treasure.
  • In the end, whichever team finds the treasure first, wins the game.

7. Doughnut on a string

Doughnut on a string outdoor party games for kids

Image: IStock

Doughnut on a string is a sweet treat in the form of a game. You will need doughnuts, rope, and ribbons to play this game.

How to play:

  • Tie a rope to the branch of a tree or something sturdy.
  • Use ribbons to tie several doughnuts and hang them freely (check the average height of the players).
  • Each player should eat their doughnut without it falling on the ground. Remember, they cannot use their hands.
  • The first player to finish gobbling up their doughnut wins.

8. Relay race

The Relay race is a classic race played in schools and sports events. You will need a running track, a simple homemade baton to begin.

How to play:

  • Draw up a start line, and another three lines at a distance, and a finish line.
  • Divide the players into two teams with four participants each.
  • The participants of two teams should stand at four different lines (including one at the start point)
  • On the start signal, the first participant should start running with the baton and hand over the baton to the second leg.
  • Similarly, the second will hand over to the third, and the third to the fourth.
  • The team that finishes the race first with the baton wins.

9. Freeze to the music

Freeze to the music string outdoor party games for kids

Image: IStock

This classic party game, also known as freeze dance, could be perfect for getting your small party guests to the dance floor while keeping everyone entertained.

How to play:

  • Start with playing some dance music
  • Ask the children to start dancing
  • Once the music stops, everyone must freeze. Anyone who still keeps moving is disqualified
  • The last child who is left standing will win.

10. Three-legged race

A three-legged race is one race in which your children can pair up and have fun bonding sessions.

How to play:

  • Mark the start and finish points.
  • Ask the participants to pair up and stand next to each other at the start point.
  • Tie their adjacent legs together with a rope. so that each pair has only three active legs.
  • Now, the three-legged pairs should try to reach the finish line together
  • The pair to finish first wins.

11. Hopscotch

Hopscotch outdoor party games for kids

Image: IStock

This good old traditional game is an all-time favorite of most kids. Make sure to carry chalk or marker to draw the pattern.

How to play:

  • Draw a hopscotch design (blocks) on the ground
  • Give a stone or pebble to the player and ask them to throw it at any block and mark that
  • To start, the player should hop on the squares, skipping the one they marked
  • They should pick up the stone and return to the first square on one leg.
  • Allot the time to choose the winner.

12. Backyard cricket

Cricket is the most loved and watched game among families all over the world. It may be a hit at parties too. Pick up a bat, ball, and a pair of stumps, and involve all the guests in playing with the children.

How to play:

  • Choose a big area where you can set up the stumps and mark the boundaries.
  • Divide the guests into two teams, the batting team and the bowling team.
  • The team that bowls first will field, and the other will bat.
  • The team that scores maximum runs wins.

This game is similar to normal cricket. However, do not focus on the detailed ruleset of traditional cricket. Rather, make it enjoyable for children.

13. Red light, green light

Red light green light outdoor party games for kids

Image: IStock

This is a simple game that encourages children to be active and attentive.

How to play:

  • Draw start and finish lines.
  • Ask players to come to the starting point.
  • When you say “Green light,” players should start running to the finish line, and when you say “Red light,” they should stop.
  • The players who keep moving when you say “Red light” have go back to start.
  • Start a new round when most players make it to the finish line.

14. Musical chairs

Musical chairs outdoor party games for kids

Image: Shutterstock

Musical chairs is a go-to at most birthday parties. However, you need some chairs and a music player.

How to play:

  • Arrange the chairs in a circular fashion. Play the music and ask players to move around the chairs.
  • Stop the music suddenly, and each one has to sit on an empty chair.
  • The one standing without a chair will have to exit the game
  • Remove a chair and continue until the last person remains seated on the chair to be the winner.

15. Lemon and spoon race

Lemon and spoon race outdoor party games for kids

Image: IStock

The lemon and spoon race is a regular game in schools. All you need is a lemon, a spoon, and an open place. You can also play this game using tiny balls, or eggs.

How to play:

  • Mark start and stop lines.
  • Give each child a spoon and a lemon.
  • The lemon needs to be balanced on the spoon.
  • The first child to reach the finish line without dropping the spoon or lemon

16. Hide and seek

Who doesn’t remember this classic game? You don’t need anything, except people to play.

How to play:

  • When one player closes their eyes briefly (say 100 seconds), the others should hide.
  • The seeker then opens their eyes to find the hidden players.
  • The first one to be found is the next seeker.
  • The last one to remain hiding wins.

17. Pass the water race

Pass the water race outdoor party games for kids

Image: Shutterstock

This is one of those cool games, which can add fun to any party. You would need water, a few buckets, and cups to enjoy this game.

How to play:

  • Divide the children into two teams. Line them up next to each other such that one person of the same team stands behind the other.
  • Give them cups and place a bucket at the end of the last person.
  • Begin by asking the children to pass water into the cup of the next player. The last player in the team should fill the bucket with their cup of water.
  • The team with the most water in their bucket wins.

18. Pin the horn on the unicorn

This game is similar to the old pin in the tail of the donkey game. You can include this fun game in your themed party. Items required are a blindfold, horn cuttings, and a unicorn poster.

How to play:

  • Blindfold the kids and give them a horn each
  • The child who pins the horn closest to the unicorn is the winner.

19. Balloon dart game

Balloon dart game is a classic party or carnival game. Make a blackboard with wood, bring a few balloons, and push pins to start with.

How to play:

  • Pin all the balloons to the blackboard.
  • Select a player and give them a dart.
  • Ask them to aim at the balloons on the board and throw the darts.
  • Each player may be assigned three chances.
  • The player who pops the most balloons is the winner.
  • You may also attach a tag inside each balloon with a gift name the players could win.

20. Bowling

Bowling is a hit game among children. You can get some balls, create your bowling lane, and place pins, cans, or bottles along the lane.

How to play:

  • Arrange the pins in the lane.
  • Instruct the players to roll the balls along the lane; so that it hits the pin.
  • The child who hits the highest number of pins is the winner.

21. Tug of war

Tug of war outdoor party games for kids

Image: IStock

Most of us would have played this traditional game in our childhood. Take a long rope and put your party guests at war.

How to play:

  • Mark a spot in the middle.
  • Split the children into two teams on either side of the rope.
  • On go signal, each team has to pull the rope harder until one team crumbles and loses.

22. Capture the flag

This outdoor sport can help your kid gain teamwork skills. Grab some hand towels and sticks to make the flag.

How to play:

  • Break into two teams, draw boundaries for each.
  • Each team should hide their respective flags.
  • Ask the teams to find the opponent’s flag and bring it into their boundaries.
  • Set a time limit to see who does the task faster.

23. Crab walk

Crab walk outdoor party games for kids

Image: IStock

Explore this simple, silly, yet fun activity with your little party guests.

How to play:

  • Mark start and finish lines
  • Ask children to lean back while sitting on the grass with their knees bent elbows locked.
  • On the go, they have to walk in this position straight and as fast as possible.
  • The one to reach the finish line first wins.

24. Balancing the ball

This game teaches balance and coordination to children. Grab sticks and a ball to begin.

How to play:

  • Make a path with sticks to walk, with start and endpoints.
  • Pick two children, give them two sticks each and ask them to balance a ball between sticks while walking the path.
  • They should not drop the ball in between.
  • Whoever reaches the end point first wins.

25. Obstacle race

Obstacle race outdoor party games for kids

Image: IStock

The obstacle course challenges are energetic and easy to set up. Pick any item to create an obstacle, and you go.

How to play:

  • Pick an area to play and place obstacles randomly (such as pillows, mats, sticks, and chairs)
  • Ask children to walk till the end, without stepping on an obstacle.
  • The child who completes this task in a given time will win.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What to play when you are bored?

You may try interesting board or card games, such as Monopoly, Phase 10, Business, Pictionary, and Sequence. I spy and dumb charades are also other fun options you may play. You may also have a hula hoop contest or a karaoke party at home and sing your favorite songs with your family and friends.

2. How do I keep children entertained at an outdoor party?

Keep the children entertained by organizing activities such as treasure hunts, sack races, balloon pop, water balloon toss, cycling trails, barbecue grilling with adult supervision, and a movie night in an open-air setting.

3. How to choose age-appropriate games for children at a party?

When choosing games for a children’s party, consider the developmental stage of the children attending. Tailor the games to their abilities and interests, incorporating activities that align with their favorite themes or characters. Modify the rules or simplify the games to ensure they are accessible and enjoyable for the specific age group. Strike a balance between fun and challenge, providing engaging experiences that keep the children entertained while offering age-appropriate levels of difficulty.

4. How should I handle disagreements or conflicts that may arise during outdoor party games for children?

Act as a neutral mediator to handle disagreements or conflicts during outdoor party games for children. Listen actively to each child, encouraging open communication and understanding. Reinforce fair play and good sportsmanship, reminding them to follow the rules and treat others with respect. Creating a harmonious atmosphere promotes conflict resolution during outdoor games.

5. What are some games that can be adapted for children with different abilities or needs?

Games that may be adapted for children with different abilities or needs include adjustable obstacle courses offering alternative routes, sensory-inclusive scavenger hunts with tactile or visual cues, and inclusive team-building activities focusing on collaboration. Adapting these games allows children with different abilities or needs to actively participate and enjoy the fun together.

Outdoor party games for kids help them stay physically active and interact with other people and children at the party. Spending too much time indoors in front of the screen and following a sedentary lifestyle can negatively impact children’s physical and mental well-being. Outdoor games such as scavenger hunts can also help the child develop sound emotional and intellectual health. Since most children enjoy outdoor games and activities with peers rather than staying in a closed environment, organize these outdoor games for a good time of fun and laughter.

Infographic: Outdoorsy Games For Children Perfect To Include In A Party

Children easily get bored. In social gatherings, distracted children can bring chaos. Therefore, if you are throwing or hosting a party, include some fun activities and games to keep children entertained. The following infographic contains some simple and enjoyable games that all children can play.

amazing outdoor party games to keep the children engaged (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Get high-quality PDF version by clicking below.

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Download Infographic in PDF version

Key Pointers

  • Include fun party games in your outdoor parties for kids to ensure they have a good time.
  • With simple materials, your kids can enjoy thrilling games such as balloon race, tug of war, and jump rope water splash.
  • Encourage physical activity with cricket or race games such as lemon and spoon and obstacle race.

Let’s have some fun outdoors! Check out this video for 10 awesome activities and games you can play with your friends and family, creating unforgettable moments of fun and togetherness.

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