Overscheduled Kids - Everything You Need To Know About

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Does your kid rush from one activity class to another every day? Is your kid tired and overburdened with a plethora of activities packed into her daily schedules? Well, if you can relate your kid to the above situations chances are that you are an over-enthusiastic parent who needs to take a breather and check out this post!

Kids today are struggling to cope with hobby classes, school, and homework. It’s no wonder that they suffer from stress early on in life. The mindset of parents, today is that if your kid is not participating in any extra-curricular activity she will be lacking in an all-important life skill and will lag behind her peers. Want to know how to make your kid a smart all-rounder and yet not overschedule her day? Read on!

Signs That Indicate Your Kid Has A Overscheduled Day:

  • Your kid suffers from exhaustion and fatigue due to the lack of sleep or rest as there is not enough time for her to relax between activities.
  • Your kid is experiencing burnout and boredom from activities she once enjoyed.
  • She is losing interest in academics or performing poorly at school.
  • She eats more or less than her usual diet.
  • Your kid and you hardly get to spend any quality time together.
  • She is irritated or grumpy most of the time.
  • Your kid hardly gets any free time.
  • She has emotionally distanced herself from you or her siblings.
  • She does not spend much time with her friends.

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Tips To Help Overscheduled Kids:

Here are some tips to stop packing your kid’s schedule with activities:

1. Consult Your Kid:

Before you initiate your kid in any new activity, ask her if she finds it interesting. You may want your kid to learn to play the guitar whereas she may want just to concentrate on her painting, ballet and tennis lessons. Enroll your kid in a hobby class only when she wants to partake in the activity.

2. Limit The Number Of Activities:

Setting an upper limit on the number of activities your kid can perform in a day can reduce the load on her and you as well. After all parents of extremely busy kids are often over-burdened themselves. Three activities in a week are enough for kids along with their homework and school. Also, set a limit on the hours they spend on these weekly activities.

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3. Get Your Expectations In Order:

Just because you lacked the opportunity to learn the cello in your childhood doesn’t mean your child now has to learn to play it on your behalf. Do not overburden your kid with activities to fulfill your incomplete desires. Also, throw unrealistic expectations of others and unnecessary comparisons out of the window.

4. Schedule Some Fun Time:

If you as a parent are so keen on scheduling your kid’s day then how about packing some fun time in her day as well? The job of parents is also to teach your kid about taking a breather and enjoying the things that matter. Unless your kid wants to make a career as a cello artist, it doesn’t matter if she learned to play the instrument or not. How about some fun time in the park or the beach? How about scheduling family dinner time every day instead of practicing chess? You can also read a book or watch a film together.

Now you know how to avoid overscheduled kids day. Why wait? Go ahead and bond with her during your free time.

How do you plan your kid’s schedule? Do you employ any tricks to lighten the overscheduled child? We would love to hear your ideas.

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