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Making new-year resolutions and setting goals is quite common. But how often do you stick with it? Dieting and exercising also demand consistency. Getting caught up in the everyday hustle-bustle of our busy routines is natural, so the #OZiva90DaysFitnessChallenge is here to help you stay fit and healthy through daily workouts and by consuming OZiva Protein & Herbs for Women. Every time you are working out, whether at the gym, indoors, or outdoors, the tissues in your muscle get broken down. This is where a balanced diet with a high amount of protein intake comes in. Adequate protein intake is needed to repair and restore muscle strength and metabolism.

The many benefits of protein are vital regardless of gender or age. However, protein intake is more important for women. It helps form and repair cells. Unlike carbohydrates and fats that stay in the body for a long time, protein cannot be retained unless consumed regularly (1). There are many factors that are responsible for determining a woman’s protein intake, such as the body’s metabolism, fat percentage, age, amount of physical activity, and more. Are you wondering how to ensure a good fitness routine with adequate protein intake? Let OZiva tell you how!

Get Healthy With OZiva

Get Healthy With OZiva
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OZiva continues to empower and inspire millions of women to take care of themselves and lead a healthy lifestyle with certified, clean, and nutritious supplements that are plant-based. To make your fitness journey and protein intake more fun, take the #OZiva90DaysFitnessChallenge. You will be working alongside numerous like-minded women who want to lead a holistic lifestyle that includes ample nutrition and daily physical activity. Celebrities like Krithi Shetty, Amritha Aiyer, and Megha Akash are also part of this women’s health campaign to encourage women to understand the importance of daily protein intake and physical activities like exercise and yoga.

View Krithi Shetty’s #OZiva90DaysFitnessChallenge video here: https://www.instagram.com/p/CoEwlxOpPfi/

What Is This Challenge?

What Is This Challenge?
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Having a set fitness routine is desired by many, but staying consistent is a challenge for many women who try to fulfill their home chores, office tasks and also try to have a good workout routine in the process. A healthy metabolism, body fat percentage and ideal protein intake depend on many other factors, such as the body’s size, mass, and composition, age, ability to absorb and digest effectively, and how much movement the body does.

This challenge is conceptualized to encourage women to go for at least a 30-minute run daily to build strength and energy, along with consuming OZiva Protein & Herbs for Women. Many women influencers are participating in this challenge to inspire all women to follow a healthy lifestyle.

Why Is Protein Intake Important For Women?

Why Is Protein Intake Important For Women
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1. Helps Stabilize And Maintain Energy

Since protein takes longer to digest, it does not make you feel hungry and snaps the cravings. For fitness enthusiasts or women who like going to the gym, it will be more convenient to monitor their protein and calorie intake if they want to achieve a specific fitness goal.

2. Helps Boost Immunity Levels

Proteins act as antibodies to help support better immunity levels. In case of deficiency, there is a reduction in immunity and an increased possibility of infection (2).

3. Helps Lose Weight

Since protein decreases appetite due to the presence of hormones that help regulate and balance weight, it is beneficial for people who want to go on a weight-loss diet. In addition, this nutrient indirectly lessens the consumption of excess calories.

4. Helps Support Muscle Strength

Apart from building metabolism, it helps support muscle mass and muscle growth. For women trying to gain weight and strength or simply bulk up, a protein-rich diet combined with the ideal workout routine is commonly recommended by fitness experts and nutritionists.

5. Helps Improve Metabolism

The process of turning food into energy is known as metabolism. Protein gives an impactful thermic effect that helps accelerate calorie reduction and a reduction in body fat (3).

To gain metabolism naturally, consuming a beneficial and effective protein supplement like OZiva Protein & Herbs for Women can be a good choice as it can help improve metabolism and reduce fat percentage. It contains 23g of certified clean protein with ayurvedic herb extracts and other essential multivitamins and minerals for a faster metabolism, healthy skin and hair, lean muscles, and weight management. It has the edge over other protein powders as it contains more than just whey protein. It is infused with the goodness of cinnamon, flax seeds, and green tea to support weight control, increased metabolism, higher energy, and lean muscle.

The #OZiva90DaysFitnessChallenge gently aims to push women to do two simple things for 90 days daily – 30-minute exercise daily for energy and strength and to consume OZiva Protein & Herbs for Women to improve metabolism and manage body fat.

Why Choose OZiva

Why Choose OZiva
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Emphasizing the word ”clean” again, OZiva manufactures products free of artificial sugar, sweeteners, allergens, preservatives, soy, and gluten. Their authentic ayurvedic ingredients provide herbal efficacy and clean nutrition to all. This brand has beautifully combined age-old ayurvedic herbs and the diet of the current times, further enhanced by modern science. Apart from offering certified clean products, they allow expert consultation free of cost to guide women towards a healthier lifestyle. It is India’s first Clean Nutrition Brand to be certified clean by US CLP (US Based not for profit organization) and holds more than 3 patents and 20+ scientific studies on ingredients making the brand one of the leading pioneers in nutrition and wellness in India. To know more about OZiva, visit: https://www.oziva.in


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