Pampers Mosquito Guard Pants: India’s First Mosquito Guard Diapers

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Pampers Mosquito Guard Pants

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Mothers are naturally alert about mosquitoes that bite and disturb their child’s sleep. The bites can later feel itchy or scratchy, which may cause the baby discomfort and pain. If you are on the lookout for safe solutions to prevent mosquito bites, the concern is valid as dengue cases are on the rise. There may be other solutions for that, but what if there was a diaper that could help keep mosquitoes at bay?

In this review, we will be focusing on Pampers Mosquito Guard Pants. These pants are India’s first mosquito guard pants that offer superior absorption and help keep mosquitoes away from your little one.


  • Product name: Pampers Mosquito Guard Pants
  • Product brand: The Pampers Store
  • Price at the time of review: ₹884
  • Weight: 1236g
  • Best for: Infants

Key Benefits

Pampers Mosquito Guard Pants

Image: MomJunction

Pampers has launched India’s first-ever diaper that keeps mosquitoes away while offering superior absorption all night. The following points highlight the significant benefits of these mosquito-repelling guard pants.

  • Contain natural neem oil with jasmine and lemongrass scents that protect your baby’s delicate skin while keeping scary mosquito bites away.
  • The diaper pores are breathable and release the herbal fragrance that shields your baby from mosquitoes.
  • These innovative pants provide up to 100% wetness lock and almost 2x faster absorption to ensure that your baby stays dry without discomfort.

Directions For Use

Pampers Mosquito Guard Pants

Image: MomJunction

  • The pant-style diaper is relatively easy to slide on and remove, and the stretchable sides provide room for movement.
  • Just pull it up like any regular pants and watch it fit snugly.

Safety Information

We understand that your child’s safety and comfort are foremost on your mind. So here are a few points to put your mind at ease.

  • The Pampers Safety Promise provides complete assurance. All their diapers are made with selected, safe materials such as ph-sensitive materials and latex-free elastics with zero parabens.
  • Pampers Mosquito Guard Pants are DEET-free (N,N-Diethyl-meta-toluamide), which means no exposure to harmful chemicals.
  • There is no direct skin contact with the fragrance, and it has been designed so that it doesn’t come in contact with your baby’s delicate skin but remains effective at the same time.
  • Ensure the pack is closed after each use to preserve its efficacy.

Quick Facts

  • The diaper contains unique magic gel technology that can keep your baby dry, whether it is sleep time or playtime.
  • The presence of neem oil, lemongrass, and jasmine not only wards off mosquitoes but also protects your baby's delicate skin from rashes.
  • It provides up to 100% wetness lock and ensures quick absorbency to save your baby from damp discomfort.
₹884 for a medium pack
Pampers is a brand of baby and toddler products marketed by Procter & Gamble.

India’s First Mosquito Guard Diapers

Pampers Mosquito Guard Pants: India’s First Mosquito Guard Diapers

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Pampers Mosquito Guard Pants Review: Features and Extras

Pampers Mosquito Guard Pants are an upgraded version of your regular diapers, as they have excellent features and a few extra benefits that make them an ideal choice. Its headlining feature is its ability to protect your baby from mosquitoes, especially when they are sleeping.

  • Infused with natural neem oil with lemongrass and jasmine scent, these diapers emit a fragrance that helps keep mosquitoes away.
  • These ingredients are carefully selected following strict global standards for choosing the safest ingredients.
  • The scent is released from breathable diaper pores and helps provide up to eight hours of protection from mosquitoes.
  • Despite being airy and extra soft, it provides a firm fit that does not slip off.
  • The flexible waistband will not cut through the baby’s skin and provides ample room for mobility.
  • Up to 100% wetness lock and 2x ability for faster absorption help maintain dryness inside and do not cause discomfort.
  • These pant-style diapers are easy to put on and remove.
  • These cute pant-style diapers are DEET-free and ensure that the mosquito-repelling fragrance does not come directly into contact with the baby’s sensitive skin.
  • They contain a unique magic gel technology, which separates the aroma from the baby’s skin and absorbs moisture for a long time which can help keep the baby dry and comfortable.

Pampers Mosquito Guard Pants Review: Does It Work?

Pampers Mosquito Guard Pants has been recognized as India’s 1st Mosquito Guard Pants diaper that helps protect babies’ skin from mosquitoes (according to a July 2022 research study by Euromonitor International, Disposable Diapers, all channels).

Babies who are restless or light sleepers may benefit from the product as it will keep the pesky mosquitoes at a distance. It also reduces the possibility of mosquito-borne diseases. The fragrance of natural neem oil, lemongrass, and jasmine is released through breathable diaper pores that help keep the mosquitoes at bay all night. Many parents have appreciated the product for its ease of use, effectiveness, and comfort.

Value For Money

Pampers Mosquito Guard Pants are priced at ₹884 for a medium pack, and the price for other sizes may differ slightly. However, these diapers are worth their value as they do not negotiate between quality and quantity. Apart from maintaining the leakproof and comfort factor, thanks to its unique magic gel technology, the carefully-selected ingredients keep babies safe from mosquitoes. It is also effective during playtime as it does not limit babies’ movement or cause discomfort.

The Final Verdict

Choosing a diaper is a personal preference, as every baby has different needs when it comes to wearing a diaper. However, Pampers Mosquito Guard Pants check almost all the boxes as they are soft, flexible, have up to 100% wetness lock, and safely emit mosquito-repelling fragrance to help your baby have a good night’s sleep.

Each pack contains a total of 62 pants, and these are available in small, medium, and large sizes. So you can pick the one that is the best fit for your baby and ensure hygiene and comfortable dryness.

Editor’s Rating: 4.7

If you were on the lookout for that dream diaper, we hope this review gave you some helpful insight in that area. Even if you are a parent who does not support making babies wear diapers all day long, know that these pant-style diapers are made with safe and soft materials that reduce any scope of rashes or redness. Mosquito protection is the highlight of this diaper. Being a parent also means leading a life where you know that your baby is safe and protected and you don’t have to worry about every little thing.


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