Is It Safe To Eat Pancetta During Pregnancy?

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Are you expecting and craving to eat Italian pancetta? Do you want to ensure you have a protein and fat-rich, nutritious diet during pregnancy? But, can you eat pancetta when pregnant? Read our post to learn how pancetta is beneficial during pregnancy and what safety measures you should follow while consuming it during gestation.

What Is Pancetta?

Pancetta is popular Italian bacon that you prepare using pork belly meat. The meat is salt-cured and spiced with black pepper and other delicious spices. Pancetta is available as a slab or a roll of thin slices with a strong flavor of pork. Pancetta is highly beneficial and nutritious food to consume during pregnancy. However, many moms have questions and doubts about eating pork during pregnancy. Are these mere rumor mongers or genuine concerns? So, let’s have a look at health benefits and how safe it is to consume pancetta in pregnancy (1).

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Health Benefits Of Pancetta During Pregnancy

1. Calorie-Rich:

Just one serving of Italian pancetta offers about 212 calories. The meat provides you 10.5% of daily intake of calories, which is 2,000 calories. So you can have an appropriate amount of calories to regulate weight gain, have a nutritious diet, and stay healthy while expecting (2).

2. Offers Proteins:

You need proteins to have during pregnancy for good cell growth and cell and tissue repair. Also, proteins are essential for good growth and development of the fetus. Pancetta contains a high amount of proteins. One serving of the meat provides you with 1.5 to 2 grams of proteins. So consuming pancetta during pregnancy helps you fulfill your protein intake and meet your nutritional needs while you satisfy your craving for pancetta (3).

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3. Ensures Good Fat Intake:

Pork meat provides a rich amount of fats that are necessary for your health. Just one serving of pancetta offers 22.5 grams of fats, of which 10.5 grams are monounsaturated fats, 2.5 grams are polyunsaturated fats, and 8 grams are saturated fats. Consuming one serving of pancetta helps you get more than 51% of your recommended daily intake of fat during pregnancy. So eating two servings of pancetta can help you meet an average daily recommended intake of fats while expecting. However, it is advisable to eat pancetta in moderation to prevent overload or excess weight gain during pregnancy (4).

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Can You Eat Pancetta When Pregnant?

Yes, pregnant females can enjoy eating pancetta or Italian bacon only if you cook the meat fully before eating. Make sure that you cook pork to at least 160°F. You need to make sure that you cook the pork at high temperature; it does not contain any nitrites and nitrates. Cooking at high temperature eliminates the risk of the presence of harmful bacteria in the prepared pancetta. Avoid eating any raw or undercooked pancetta since it is more prone to contain harmful bacteria and microbes. It is advisable to cook the pork until it turns crispy and red in color. Also, examine it for spots where it is left raw all the way (5).

Consult your doctor before eating pancetta during pregnancy. The doctor will suggest the appropriate amount of meat that you can enjoy while expecting and prevent you from consuming excess of the quantity that may prove harmful to you and your unborn baby.

Can pregnant women eat pancetta should no more be a question now, right? Now that you know that it is safe to consume pancetta during pregnancy and safe measures to follow before consuming the meat while expecting, you can go ahead and fulfill your food craving in moderation.

Did you enjoy Pancetta during pregnancy? Do you have anything to share regarding pancetta and pregnancy? Tell us here. Leave a comment.

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