17 Fun Parachute Games And Activities For Kids

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If your child loves the idea of flying, parachute games for kids are just what you need to expose them to. Children like to believe they can fly like their superheroes. And since the idea can be dangerous, some of us took to kite flying or even playing with parachutes as kids. Parachute flying is not easy or a real possibility for all but several parachute games and activities can help kids have a fun time. So, delve into this post for a list of amazing parachute games for your children.

17 Fun Parachute Games And Activities For Children

10 Parachute Games For Kids

Games that involve the use of a parachute exercise the child’s muscles while strengthening their arms and shoulders. Most importantly, parachute games develop team-building skills, which help the child to socialize and make new friends.

No matter what the age of your children is, they will surely enjoy these fun parachute games for kids. All they need is a parachute, and they’re good to go.

1. Parachute tug-of-war

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This parachute game is super fun and entertaining. It requires a parachute and more than four children.

  • Divide the number of players into two teams.
  • Ask the teams to stand on two sides of the parachute, holding it firmly.
  • Begin the game on the count of 3.
  • The task is to pull the opposite team onto their side.
  • Whoever accomplishes this goal faster wins the game.

2. Parachute turtle

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What if you could walk like a turtle? For this game, all you need is a parachute and a bunch of enthusiastic kids.

  • The children have to space out evenly and hold the edges of the parachute.
  • The task is to get inside the parachute, inflate it and give it the shape of a turtle’s shell.
  • Once the children sit inside the chute, which now looks like a turtle’s shell, they must start walking slowly, just as a turtle would do.
  • The challenge is not to disturb the shape of a turtle.
  • If you have more than one team of kids to play this game, having a parachute turtle race would be a great idea too.

3. Parachute mushroom

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Like the earlier game, this game also requires only a parachute and a team of more than five players.

  • The players must hold all the edges of the parachute.
  • Select any two or three players to stand in the center of the parachute: they would be the stem of the mushroom.
  • The other children have to bring the edges, slightly inwards to resemble the cap of a mushroom.
  • Voila! Your very own parachute mushroom is ready.

Once the mushroom is ready, see for how long they can hold it in shape.

4. Fleas off the parachute

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Worried where to get fleas from for the game? Don’t worry, we’ve got you all covered here – get tiny, lightweight plastic balls and call them fleas for this game.

  • Divide the players into teams of two.
  • The children have to hold all the edges of the parachute firmly.
  • Place all the balls on the top and center of the chute.
  • The task of one team is to throw the fleas (balls) out.
  • And the other team is not to let the fleas out.
  • Having a timer would make the game a lot more fun.

5. Circus tent

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For this game, you will need a giant parachute and a large group of kids.

  • The children must firmly hold the edges of the parachute.
  • When the game begins, they must all go inside while holding the parachute. They can kneel or sit inside the parachute, as per their convenience.
  • As there are no rules, children may also get creative with the shapes and design of their tent.

6. Sea waves

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A lot of sitting and standing is required in this game; so ensure the children are well-hydrated.

  • Hold the parachute up firmly to the waist level.
  • Divide the children into two teams.
  • One team has to stand, and the other one should sit alternatively, giving it a wave effect.
  • This process can go on until the teams are exhausted. You can add a twist by asking them to do a certain number of waves within a time frame.

7. Beach-ball off the ground

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Whether or not you are at the beach, this game can be played just anywhere. All you need is a beach ball and a parachute.

  • For this simple game, start by holding the edges of the parachute.
  • Throw the ball onto the parachute.
  • Flutter and wave the parachute into various directions but not let the ball fall off. Game on?

8. Alligator alligator

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Crawl, crawl, and have fun, but don’t attack like you are one.

  • The children have to lie on their backs and place the parachute on top of them.
  • Let them spread across the entire chute and hold it firmly.
  • The task is to slowly crawl like an alligator, with the parachute on top.
  • To make it more fun, divide the children into two teams, like the left and right legs of the parachute alligator.
  • When one leg moves, the other one stays still.

9. Don’t get trapped

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This exciting game is also referred to as crossing under the bridge. All you require is a parachute and more than three players.

  • All the players have to stand at the corners of the parachute and grip the edges of the parachute tightly.
  • Let one of the players be the leader or referee and ask them to call out the names of the other players randomly.
  • Whenever someone’s name is called, that player must try to cross the bridge, but while going under the parachute. Others have to try and trap the person who is crossing.
  • If the player comes without getting trapped, they win. The idea is to be swift and smart while they cross.

10. Weather change

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This interesting game engages kids and keeps them on their toes.

  • The children have to space out evenly and hold the parachute.
  • One among them has to be the weather reporter.
  • Decide one type of parachute movement, – flutter, swing, move up and down, etc.
  • The weather reporter has to announce the weather conditions and the other players have to move the parachute accordingly.

7 Parachute Activities For Kids

Just like the games, parachute activities for kids are entertaining and come with a little bit of learning. Here are some fun activities with a parachute.

11. Merry-go-round

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Simple commands like sit, stand, walk, and run can be taught through this activity, which is ideal for the younger lot, or middle school kids who need a bit of physical exercise.

  • Let the children stand while holding the parachute with either the left or right hand. All of them have to unanimously decide on which hand to use, as they all must be facing one direction.
  • Have an adult, such as the teacher or a parent, supervise the activity. They should instruct the players to do as instructed: sit, stand, move, or pause.
  • The result will be a beautiful merry-go-round formation by the players.

12. Color quiz

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This would be a great learning activity for kids in the elementary stages, as it involves a quiz on colors. Any adult, parent, or teacher can conduct this activity.

  • Place the parachute evenly on a flat surface.
  • The adult must announce a color, and the children have to identify that specific shade on the chute.
  • You can make this more fun by asking the kids to jump from one color to the other, instead of walking to it.

13. Retrieve your shoe

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This exciting activity involves a lot of running around. It is more entertaining when there are more players.

  • The players have to hold the parachute up in the air, at the shoulder level.
  • Each player will take numbers, and the odd and even-numbered kids will form a group each.
  • When the odd numbers are called out, they must knock their shoes under the parachute. Repeat the same with the even numbers, in the next round.
  • Now, set up a timer for 30 seconds.
  • When the timer goes off, all the odd-numbered players have to retrieve their own shoes. And in the next round of 30 seconds, even-numbered players must retrieve the shoes.
  • Whichever team can retrieve the most number of shoes within the time frame, wins!

14. Shake hands/ Icebreaker

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Similar to the above activity, this one is about shaking hands and introducing oneself to the other person. This activity is ideal for breaking the ice when playing with new players.

  • Ask all the children to hold the parachute up, firmly.
  • Now assign numbers to each of them.
  • An adult, who is supervising the activity, can call out any two random numbers.
  • These numbers have to then go inside the parachute and shake hands with each other. They may also talk, introduce, and get to know the other player.

15. Swap numbers

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This fun activity can be used to teach numbers or more to children.

  • Children may either sit or stand around the parachute.
  • Assign numbers to each player.
  • An adult may call out any two numbers, who have to now switch their spots with each other.

Tip: Another variation for this activity can be using fruits, vegetables, cities, or countries too.

16. Find the treasure

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This activity can help kids learn the names of various objects and improve their gross motor skills.

  • Pile up a bunch of things under the parachute.
  • The players have to hold up the parachute to the knee level.
  • An adult may supervise or conduct this activity. They have to call out the name of one player at a time and assign an object to be retrieved.
  • The players have to crawl down the parachute, find the object, and bring it out.
  • To make it more challenging, set a time limit in which they have to find and retrieve the object.

17. Fruit partners

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Test a child’s presence of mind with this activity that is both fun and amazing.

  • An adult has to assign fruit names to the players in a sequence, ensuring one fruit is assigned to two players.
  • The players hold up the parachute and slowly move it up and down.
  • When the name of the fruit is called out, the players with that name have to switch places and hold the parachute before it touches the ground.
  • Continue this game, until all the fruit names are called out.
  • You may modify the game, by assigning names of countries, rivers or numbers.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I wash a play parachute?

Yes, you may wash a play parachute by hand or in a washing machine. Remember to check the instructions provided by the manufacturer about the process and the type of detergent to use.

2. What do children learn from playing with a parachute?

Most children enjoy playing with play parachutes. They are fun and also promote creativity and leadership. Children may learn team-building skills and social interaction while also working on their hand-eye coordination and mobility.

Games and activities involving parachutes can be customized and played in a variety of ways. All of the above-mentioned parachute games for kids, such as parachute tug-of-war, parachute mushroom, circus tent, don’t get trapped, and others, could be entertaining to play. You can also incorporate some fun parachute activities, such as color quiz and swamp numbers. Thus, instruct the kids on how to use or hold the parachute cautiously so that neither the children nor the parachute is harmed, and so it can be used for several other games as well.

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