Top 10 Parenting Books You Should Definitely Read

Parenting Books

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Good parenting is all about honesty, self-control, kindness, and cheerfulness. As a new parent, you may be confused and yet, inspired about the whole idea of bringing up your own kid.

Kids today are more prone to developing anxiety, depression, and eating disorders, which is a serious concern. You, as a parent, may want to guide your children to differentiate between the good and the bad, to stay away from anti-social behavior, and even alcohol and drug abuse (in the later stage of life though). Even the most experienced parents at times need some guidance to deal with common parenting issues.

Good Parenting- Mastering the Basics:

Here are 5 simple tips to help you grab the basics of good parenting.

1. Watch Your Action:

Whatever you do makes a difference, because your child is closely observing you. Before reacting on the spur of the moment, question yourself, “Am I doing the right thing?”

2. Don’t Spoil Your Kid:

Love your child, but don’t go overboard- many a times, too much affection may ruin your kid’s habits and behaviour. Learn to say ‘no’ to your kid whenever needed.

3. Get Involved In Your Kid’s Life:

It may be hard for you to shell out time from your busy schedule to give more time to your kid, but as a parent you may have to reconsider your priorities and make sure you get involved in your child’s life.

4. Adapt Your Parenting Skills:

You have to develop your parenting skill at pace with your child’s age. Always keep in mind that your child is growing so consider how age is affecting your child’s behavior.

5. Respect Your Child’s Independence:

As a good parent, you will have to give your kid the liberty to take control of his/her life. The sooner you start this, it is better for your child’s self-reliance.

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Top 10 Parenting Books to Grab:

It is always better to know more and have the best information possible; and what could be a better source than books to enhance our knowledge! When it comes to parenting tips, there are plenty of options for you. Whether you’re expecting or just had a baby, you can learn a little bit more about parenting from experts. Here are top 10 parenting books from that you can grab if you’re looking to ace the art of parenting.

1. Smart Money Smart Kids: Raising the Next Generation to Win with Money

By Dave Ramsey

Priced at $18.62, this book is one of the best best parenting books. In this book, author Dave Ramsey and his daughter Rachel Cruze equip parents to teach their children how to win with money.

2. I Heart My Little A-Holes: A bunch of holy-crap moments no one ever told you about parenting.

By Karen Alpert

Priced at $13.71, in this book, blogger Karen Alpert shares her hysterical take on the joys of parenting.

3. Reasons My Kid Is Crying

By Greg Pembroke

Priced at $12.45, this book is a glimpse into the troubles of parenting that is completely hilarious.

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4. The Honest Toddler: A Child’s Guide to Parenting

By Bunmi Laditan

Priced at $12.00, this book is for the confused parents of a toddler. This book teaches how to become an A+ servant to your small child.

5. Motherhood Realized: An Inspiring Anthology for the Hardest Job you’ll Ever Love

By Power of Moms

Priced at $12.90, this book is a tangible representation of a living, breathing community of mothers.

6. The Kind Mama: A Simple Guide to Supercharged Fertility, a Radiant Pregnancy, a Sweeter Birth, and a Healthier, More Beautiful Beginning

By Alicia Silverstone

Priced at $17.99, this book is a practical guide to empower women to take charge of their fertility, pregnancy, and first 6 months with baby.

7. The Myth of the Spoiled Child: Challenging the Conventional Wisdom about Children and Parenting

By Alfie Kohn

Priced at $19.25, this book exposes the beliefs related to the myths associated with a spoiled child.

8. Strong Mothers, Strong Sons: Lessons Mothers Need to Raise Extraordinary Men

By Meg Meeker Md

Priced at $10.99, this book offers a road map to help mothers find the strength and confidence to raise extraordinary sons.

9. How to Potty Train A Boy – The Fun, Stress-Free 7 Steps Potty Training System: Potty Training 101

By Diana Diaz

Priced at $3.99, this book is also another best book on parenting. This book is a complete guide to prepare your baby to go diaper-free quickly.

10. Parentology: Everything You Wanted to Know about the Science of Raising Children but Were Too Exhausted to Ask

ByDalton Conley

Priced at $18.63, this book amusingly reports the results of Conley’s experiments as a father.

Hope our collection of 10 best books on parenting will help you become a good parent. If you find any other good parenting books apart from this list, then please share it with us.

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