6 Parents Who Went Viral In 2018

6 Parents Who Went Viral In 2018

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The year has come to an end. So, it is time to rewind, look back, and reflect on the moments that swept the entire world off its feet. Yes, we are talking about the headline-making moments that went insanely viral. In 2018, we observed that many parents opened up to the idea of social media. And, in the process, became viral on the internet. At times, the posts were honest and hilarious. Other times, they were important and even heartbreakingly emotional. How many of these parents featured in your newsfeeds? Here, have a look:

1. Nature’s Love

Nature's Love

Source: Facebook

A woman recently qualified to become the Cabin Crew Evaluator, Patrisha Organa, knew that her first flight on her new posting was going to be special. But, it became much more special. Why, you ask? An infant on her flight began to cry. And when she approached the mom to ask what the reason was, she came to know that the little one was hungry. Since the mom had run out of formula milk, she was feeling helpless. Patrisha immediately offered to breastfeed the baby. The mom agreed, so she went ahead and breastfed the little one. And, going by Patricia’s post, we can safely say that both the mom and the baby were delighted and grateful. And, the flight became even more memorable for Patrisha.

2. Say No To Mommy Shaming

Say No To Mommy Shaming

Source: Facebook

Kelsea King took to social media to speak about how it can become pretty tough for moms, given the pressure they are subjected to. While breastfeeding in public is considered offensive, formula feeding is also looked down upon. How co-sleeping is said to be dangerous, but it is also incorrect if you cradle your little one to sleep. Moms have to face unnecessary prejudices all the time, making motherhood even more emotionally difficult than it already is. She ended by saying how bullying the mothers is the worst and should stop immediately.

3. The Mom Who Played The Cupid

The Mom Who Played The Cupid

Source: Twitter

A girl, Charisma Valdez, tweeted about how she met a mother who was looking for a girlfriend for his son. And, guess what, the son, Cody, came across the tweet. All thanks to his mother, he landed a date with Charisma. The best wingman (or wing-woman) ever, isn’t she? Way to go, mommy!

4. Chivalry Isn’t Dead

Chivalry Isn't Dead

Source: Facebook

Mom Kelsey Zwick was in for a surprise when she boarded this flight. She was on her way along with her little princess to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) in Philadelphia. A stranger’s kindness caught her completely by surprise. There was a man in the first-class who offered the seat to the mother-daughter duo. He just wanted to ensure that the flight was as comfortable as possible for both. Such a heartwarming story, isn’t it?

5. Father-Son Reunion

Father-Son Reunion

Source: Facebook

This heartwarming video shared by Marcy Cobrink Mayer will surely bring tears to your eyes. In the video, her 53-year-old sibling who is suffering from Down syndrome can be seen reuniting with his father. Both of them are meeting after a gap of five days and have surely missed each other. The genuine warmth does not come as a surprise since parents always hold the highest place in their children’s lives no matter how old they become.

6. Parents Are The Only “Forever” That Kids Need

Parents Are The Only “Forever” That Kids Need

Source: Twitter

We always say how kids will always remain kids in their parents’ eyes. And, here is a perfect example of that. Charles Brockman III’s post immediately went viral. In the photo shared by the son, you can see both him and his dad walking side by side, from kindergarten’s first day to college’s first day. Kindly pass us the tissues!

Aren’t these stories just incredible? Do you know of any such story? If yes, do share with all of us in the comments section below!

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