25 Cute Parrot Coloring Pages Your Toddler Will Love To Color

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Does your child enjoy coloring? Do you want to acquaint him with the different kinds of birds in the world? Then we have the perfect thing for you, parrot coloring pages! Your child can indulge in his favorite hobby while learning a few facts about these colorful birds.

The parrot is a strong-billed bird found in the tropical and subtropical regions. There are more than 360 species of this bird, and their bright plumage includes colors like yellow, white, green, blue and even a mix of two or more colors. Some species of parrots live in the wild while some prefer to stay in urban areas.

Parrots are one of the most favorite birds of kids. These colorful birds are famous for their intelligence, social gregariousness, and good looks. They also serve as attractions in game shows and circuses. Parrots are great companions and playmates. Children keep these birds as pets and teach them to imitate humans.

Top 25 Parrot Coloring Pages

Their cordial nature and beautiful coloration make parrot one of the most popular subjects for coloring pages. So keeping your kid’s hobby in mind, we have collected 25 parrot coloring sheets. These coloring pages portray parrots in both realistic and humorous ways. And there are famous parrot cartoon characters too.

1. African Grey Parrots:

This coloring page features a pair of African gray parrots perching on a tree branch. The African gray parrots are Old World parrots belonging to the Psittacidae family. The parrot is gray and has a black bill. It has a wingspan or 52 cm. The African gray parrots are big talkers and can mimic all kinds of sounds and sentences. It looks like they are busy chatting here too!

2. Amazon Parrot:

Here is the Amazon parrot coloring page, a medium sized parrot belonging to Mexico, Caribbean, and South America. It is a green colored parrot with accenting colors. Amazon parrots are great talkers. They are one of the most vocal species of parrots. Amazon parrots are loud in the morning and evenings. They can sing an entire song and even an opera if you let them. These parrots have an excellent tone and clarity of voice. They also have an incredible body language. You can easily tell when they are angry and irritated.

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3. Parrotlet:

Parrotlets, as the name suggests, are miniature New World parrots that include some genera. These short-tailed and stocky built birds are endemic to South and Middle America. And they look extremely cute. Parrotlets are also relatives of the Grand Amazon parrots. They are extremely energetic, adaptable and intelligent. These birds always travel in flocks, ranging from 5 to over a 100 birds. They can be cute and cuddly at one time, moody and fierce at the other. They make great companions. It’s because of their beautiful appearance, comical behavior and their inability to scream.

4. Budgie:

Here is a parrot coloring sheet of a budgie in flight. The name Budgie is a short for budgerigar, a green and yellow bird native to Australia. Budgies are intelligent and non-destructive birds. They are gregarious, gentle and entertaining. Budgies come in five colors- white, blue, green, yellow and gray. Each species of budgies has a distinctive personality. Some are sweet while some are stubborn. Budgies can also develop an extensive vocabulary, of around 200 to 300 words. But yes, you will have to give a lot of effort to accomplish this. A unique feature of a budgie is that it can go for days without water.

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5. Parakeets:

Here’s a lovely parrot coloring page of a pair of parakeets. Parakeets are one of the several breeds of parrots. They are small to medium-sized parrots with long tail feathers. They come in a wide variety of colors like yellow, green, violet, blue and white and limitless color combinations. You will find parakeets throughout the world. In fact, they are one of the most popular pet birds. Parakeets are usually calm and peaceful, but can become violent if there is a lack of space. Which color do you think you kid will choose for this pair of parakeets?

6. Lovebirds:

The cute birds you see here within a heart frame are lovebirds, one of the tiniest parrots. These parrots are monogamous and form bonds for long periods. These lovebirds have green bodies, bright orange heads, and red bills. You just have to love the lovebirds and love them hard, with all your heart. Lovebirds are sources of laughter and pure joy. You just cannot help falling in love with these adorable creatures. Okay, enough of the love now! But, your kid will simply love coloring these pages. There are scores of varieties of lovebirds, the most common being the Nyasa lovebird.

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7. Macaw:

Macaws are one of the most popular types of parrots. These parrots are called the winged rainbows, and rightly so. Mother Nature has been generous with her miracles on macaws. There are around 17 species of macaws found in the wilds of South and Central America. Macaws are beautiful birds with large beaks, long tails, and bright feathers. But because of their engaging personalities and captivating beauty, the wildlife people have been keeping the macaws in captivity for centuries. Did you know that macaw could live up to 40 years? But you have to take good care of these birds to make them live long.

8. Cockatiel:

Have your kid add color to this beautiful cockatiel. Cockatiels are desert birds and are residents of Australia. The bird is popular in Australia and South America. These birds are quite jolly and happy. They have a gentle whistle. When cockatiels are not whistling, they are busy searching for the food. Cockatiels feed on muffins, veggies, and bread. There is a fun fact behind the evolution of cockatiel. Cockatiels are cockatoos, which remained behind in size in the process of revolution and started looking more like parakeets than parrots.

9. Cockatoos:

A cockatoo is a parrot belonging to the Cacatuidae family. They are native to the Indonesian Islands. These parrots are less colorful than any other variety of parrots. There are around 14 species of cockatoos, most of which are pure white in color. The colored varieties of cockatoos look equally beautiful. Cockatoos have curved bills and showy crests. Cockatoos are picky eaters. They prefer eating vegetables, fruits and bread daily.

10. Red Lory:

Here is another coloring page of a parrot. The Red Lory is the second most popular lory parrot after the rainbow lorikeet. It is a 12-inch long red parrot with black and blue markings on the back and wings. Its beak is orange and legs are gray. Both male and female red lories look similar. Red Lory has a brush tongue with papillae at the tips that help it feed on nectar and pollen.

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11. Conure:

Deep in the rainforests of Central and South America, you will find conure, a medium sized parrot. There are eight main species of conures, including, Blue Crown Conure, Green Cheek Conure, Sun Conures, Nanday Conure and many more. Some species of conures are native to Mexico and West Indies too! Conures are very friendly birds, and they rarely fight with each other. These social birds always live in groups of twenty or more birds. They feed on insects, fruits, and various seeds. Color this conure in bright green and blue shades, the colors they are famous for.

12. Caiques:

Now that’s one of the beautiful pictures of parrots to color! A caique is a species of parrot belonging to the Pionites genus. It is endemic in Brazil and the Amazon basin in South America. It is a short and stocky parrot with a square tail. Their wings produce a whirring kind of sound in flight. And they are highly vocal. The bright and pure colors make it one of the most beautiful parrots in the world. Caiques are canopy dwellers and spend most of their time at the top of the trees, playing and foraging. These parrots can live up to 50 years in captivity.

13. Puerto Rican Parrot:

Do you want to teach your child about the importance of preserving wildlife in a fun way? Then here is the perfect parrot pictures to color. The Puerto Rican parrot is an endangered species of parrot. It is on the danger of becoming extinct. The population of Puerto Rican parrots had come down to 13 in the 1970s. But all thanks to the conservation actions, their numbers have increased considerably.

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14. Cartoon Parrot:

This adorable parrot seems to have lost her colors. Tell your child to use his coloring set and imagination and add some colors and patterns to this bird. And the best thing about parrots is that they come in a wide variety of colors. So your little one can use any color he likes for this animated parrot.

15. Thick-Billed Parrot:

Do you think that you can hear only your child from a mile away? Then you are wrong. The thick-billed parrots can put anyone to shame when it comes to loudness. The thick-billed parrot is a medium sized parrot found in the southwestern United States and Mexico. This parrot now falls under the category of endangered species because of multiple controversies over the wildlife management. Thick-billed parrots are green with a red crown, thighs, shoulders and black bill. These parrots thrive on pine seeds, insect larvae, juniper berries and conifer buds.

16. Pirate Parrot:

Here’s a coloring sheet of a cool pirate parrot. It looks that this parrot is up to something. What do you think is he going to do? Has he found the location of the buried treasure? Is he going to loot a ship with his pirate master? Tell your little one to make a sea and a ship in the background. It will look fantastic with the diagram of this parrot pirate. And then tell him to break out his brightest and boldest crayons and color this scene.

17. Blue-Naped Parrot:

Do you know which is the largest parrot in America? It’s the Blue-Naped Parrot. And they look cute perched on the tree branch in this parrot color page? Teach your child more about this blabbering bird as he puts color in his diagram.

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18. Eclectus Parrot:

Here’s a coloring image of an Eclectus Parrot waiting patiently for your child to give him some color. Eclectus parrot got its name from its eclectic color patterns. The male Eclectus parrots have one set of color, and the females have another. Male Eclectus parrots are bright green with orange-yellow beak, and female Eclectus parrots are purple and red in color with a black beak. Their feathers are more like hair than feathers.

19. P For Parrot:

Coloring is as easy as 1 2 3 with this alphabet coloring page. Your little one can practice his handwriting skills while coloring this cute-as-a-button parrot. Tell your little one to trace the upper and lower case P and the dotted work with the color pencil of his choice. Then color the parrot, in green, blue, yellow or any color he likes.

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20. Hawk-Headed Parrot:

Hawk-headed parrots are unusual parrots hailing from the Amazon rainforest. The Hawk-Headed Parrot resides in the undisturbed forest, feeding on fruits in the canopy. Hawk-eyed parrots have a dark brown face, with a black patch on the brown eyes and green wings, tail, and flanks. These parrots are unique to look at because they raise the feathers on the head and nape of the neck to look intimidating. It gives them an appearance of a hawk. These parrots also go through a stage when they intimidate humans. They hang upside down and tap humans with their beaks.

21. Iago:

Iago is one of the antagonists and the second most popular character from the Aladdin franchise. He is the cunning parrot who resembles a Red Lory. Iago speaks English fluently and can mimic other characters’ voices easily, including Aladdin and Jafar. He also possesses knowledge of magic that he learned from Jafar. Iago may seem wicked for the most part, but he has a good heart. Iago is also very selfish. He shows a sarcastic and cowardly perspective on events involving danger. The only thing that can make him indulge in the risky adventures is a great reward.

22. Pionus Parrot:

The parrot coloring sheet features a Pionus parrot. Not many people are fond of the pionus parrots, probably because they are drab looking. But these parrots are very friendly with humans. Pionus parrots are also capable of talking, just like other parrots, but they don’t have an extensive vocabulary. They have a gentle and soft voice and can be great communicators. Pionus parrots are predominantly green with bright shades of wings and head. Some bronze and dark blue species of Pionus parrots are also common.

23. Skully:

Meet Skully, a male parrot appearing in the series “Jake and the Never Land Pirates”. He is the sidekick of Jake. He always looks out for Captain Hook, the villainous pirate who tries to target the young pirates with his evil plots. The character of Skully pays homage to the traditional parrots that travel with the pirate captains on their shoulder. Skully is an intelligent and responsible parrot. He cares a lot for the children and always worries for their safety whenever they indulge in a risky task. He sometimes acts like a child, as noticed when he speaks in the third person. And unlike other kids, Skully feels no remorse for Captain Hook.

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24. Girl With A Parrot:

Here’s a cute coloring page of parrot Doris talking to her pet parrot Polly in her living room. Parrots make excellent pets. And not just any particular species, but most of the species of parrots make great companions. They are interactive, lovable and highly entertaining as pets. But yes, you have to take care of them, as companion parrots require daily interaction and attention from their owners. You have to house the parrots in a large cape to make they can spread their wings and move comfortably. As for the diet, make sure feed fresh fruits, vegetables and grains and seeds to them.

25. Poicephalus Parrot:

If you want a parrot that acts like a big parrot, but in a compact package, then Poicephalus parrot is the one for you. Poicephalus parrot is a playful parrot, belonging to the Poicephalus genus. It is native to several regions of Afrotropic regions, including South African, Ethiopia and Sahara Desert. It is a stocky bird with large head and beak and short, broad tails. Male and females poicephalus parrots differ in their feather coloration. The poicephalus parrots include Jardine’s, Meyer’s, Brown-Headed, Red-Belied and Senegal parrots. All the species of poicephalus parrots feed on nuts, veggies, fruits, seeds and leaves.

These printable parrot coloring pages are relatively simple, so even small children can easily color these images. It will strengthen the small muscles of their fingers, thereby helping them to write. And older children can experiment with different color combinations and even shading. You can encourage them further by providing a new set of crayons or paints. Print out all the coloring pages to create your kid’s school projects.

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