Top 20 Pattern Coloring Pages For Your Toddler

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Once you decide to switch off the TV and still keep your child interested, it can surely be a difficult task to achieve. This is where coloring sheets can play a big role. A great way to keep your child entertained is by giving some pattern coloring sheets to fill in.

A pattern is a visual element that is created by duplicating shape, size, symmetry, position and color. It is an underlying structure that organizes surface in a consistent manner. A pattern is achieved by a number of techniques like painting, drawing, embroidery and screen-printing. They feature prominently in artwork of different cultures.

Top 20 Pattern Coloring Pages For Kindergarten

Coloring pages based on shapes and patterns are a valuable tool of learning for children. These pattern coloring pictures can help develop the cognitive functions of the child.

Here are 20 pattern coloring pages to print for your children:

1. Snowflake Pattern:

A snowflake is an ice crystal or an aggregation of ice crystals, falling through the Earth’s atmosphere. These snow crystals turn into microscopic cloud droplets when they freeze.

  • The snowflakes come in a variety of shapes and sizes.
  • Snowflake pattern coloring pages are perfect for pre-school children.
  • These sheets will make excellent window decoration for Christmas.
  • Fill in your preferred shades and take out the print. You can also hang these sheets to the Christmas tree.

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2. Mandala Pattern:

Mandalas have been in existence since the beginning of the time. The word comes from a Sanskrit word, which means, “circle” or “center”.

  • The diagram is used widely by the educational institutes and teachers to increase concentration and spatial conception in children.
  • Mandala is known to promote relaxation, enhance the creativity and support healing.
  • You can easily achieve these benefits while having fun coloring this page.

3. Circle With Flowers Pattern:

A circle is a geometric shape, which has no beginning or end. Here is a simple coloring page for your young children to paint.

  • The flowers and frills in this image create a beautiful circle pattern.
  • The pattern is elaborate and detailed, so younger children may require assistance from elders.
  • This pattern is perfect for preparing cards. Print out the diagram, decorate it with glitters and colorful stickers, and present it to your friends.

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4. Mosaic Pattern:

Mosaic is an art form that has been around for more than 4000 years.

  • It is used to create images by assembling small pieces of colored stone, glass and other materials.
  • The pattern is used widely for interior decoration, but you can also create a vast array of designs with it.
  • Mosaic coloring pages are a fun way to sharpen the motor skill and increase logic and reasoning in the children.

5. Pointed Star:

This pointed star diagram represents the sun and its rays.

  • The central part of the diagram is formed by several circumferences and radial lines.
  • Pointed star pattern will help your child develop hand and eye coordination.
  • The image is easy to color, as it does not have complicated polygons. Print the sheet and then color it with crayons and marker.

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6. Geometric Pattern:

Geometric pattern coloring pages are a fun way to teach your children about geometry shapes, tessellation and rotational.

  • Geometry pattern conjures the ideas of strictness, accuracy and precision.
  • The pattern includes straight lines, circles, triangles, rectangles and several variations of these shapes.
  • The design is suitable for primary school children as it is quite detailed and has an intricate pattern.

7. Paisley Pattern:

Paisley is a teardrop shaped pattern of Persian origin.

  • The design is used widely in designing clothes, jewelry, curtain, quilts, carpets and accessories.
  • The paisley pattern coloring page looks absolutely amazing. Coloring this image will take out the daily stress and pressure from your child’s mind for a while.
  • So take out your crayons and watercolors and get started.

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8. Floral Pattern:

Flowers are the perfect way to display your love.

  • A floral pattern is a design using flowers and other natural elements like leaves, marine plants and seed pods.
  • Floral pattern is mainly used on fabrics, wallpapers and lounge room furniture.
  • The print may look intimidating at first, but is not very difficult to work with.
  • This coloring page will let you spend some quality time with your children.

9. Abstract Pattern:

The abstract is the first design that pops in your head when you think about patterns.

  • An abstract pattern is a non-objective motif that cannot be described in any way. The design combines unrecognizable forms and layouts.
  • Abstract patterns are one of the best designs for coloring.
  • Make sure you use an unusual color combination to create a unique design.
  • Color and print out this design to decorate your house.

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10. Organic Pattern:

Organic patterns, also known as natural patterns, portray the natural forms of flora and fauna.

  • These designs are inspired by flowers, leaves, rocks, ocean waves, and contours of landscapes and so on.
  • The key to organic pattern is observational drawing.
  • Organic patterns, coloring sheets are a fun way to teach your child about the beauty and bounty of nature.
  • The sheet will keep your children feeling calm, peaceful and connected to the nature.

11. Pentagon Coloring Pages:

All the pentagons have come together to create these tiny flowers. The shapes created by the pentagons different for each person. It is all based on perception and observation. Such patterns can be noticed on the floors of many houses. The use of different colored tiles or textures create this unique look.

So your child will color the picture how he views the shapes created by the pentagons. He might create different shapes by coloring the pentagons in a particular way that is bound to surprise you! This picture will again put your child’s imagination and thinking power to test. Your little hero will pass the test with flying colors!

12. Concentric Circle Pattern:

These concentric circles are not just easier to color, but it looks beautiful too! Your child can use various color combinations to make this page look vivid. This pattern will help to find out which color is compatible with another color to create the desired effect. In this way, he will learn more about complementary colors and will be able to create his own unique combinations. This pattern will bring out the true artist in your child! As a parent, all you have to do is to realize and nurture this hidden talent, and make your child aware of his potential by constant encouragement.

13. Intricate Flower Pattern:

This star like flower has many petals. Within the flower there are intricate designs. This pattern will keep your child engaged for hours. Your child will use his creativity and use all his favorite colors to make the pattern really beautiful. Your child will become more familiar with different shapes formed by the pattern. This is the best opportunity to teach him various shapes hidden in this pattern; you must give your kid a treat if he can spot all the shapes correctly. Learning shapes becomes easier and enjoyable with these pattern coloring pages.

14. The Kaleidoscope Effect:

Kaleidoscope is a cylinder with mirrors containing loose, colored objects such as beads or pebbles and bits of glass. As the viewer look into one end, light entering the other end creates a colorful pattern due to reflection off of the mirrors. The term kaleidoscope is coined by the Scottish inventor Sir David Brewster in 1817. The word Kaleidoscope is derived from three Greek words- Kalos means “beauty or Beautiful”, eidos means ” that which is seen: form or shape’ and skopeo means “to look or examine”.

This picture is a very common pattern created by mirrors inside the kaleidoscope. You can show your little one the patterns that are formed inside a kaleidoscope, when the mirrors reflect the light. If your child is familiar about the patterns inside a kaleidoscope he will be able to color this picture correctly. His observation will enable to choose colors properly and his imagination will give it a different dimension.

Another good example of the kaleidoscopic effect is created by stained glass in churches. Stained glass creates beautiful reflections when light enters through it. You can teach him the science of reflection in a comprehensive way through the colorful kaleidoscope. Since innovative methods makes learning easier for children.

15. Pattern with Dots:

Polka dots are very popular among children. They love to connect dots and create new pictures. They also love polka dots on their clothes. So your child will definitely love coloring the dots with different colors and make the pattern look more colorful and bright. The plain pattern on the page will come alive with your child’s artistic skill.

This pattern will give your child the opportunity to use several colors and become familiar with new colors too!

16. Flower Shrub Coloring Page:

This stylized flower shrub is really easy to color. It is not complex and doesn’t have too many details. Your child must have played in a garden and watched flowers closely. His curiosity has made him stare at flowers and leaves and other living creatures of Nature with interest. He must have wondered where these beautiful flowers come from.

He will color the flower shrub just like the one he probably sees in the garden.Notice, the colors he is adding to the flowers and leaves. It shows how carefully he watches objects around him. It also helps you to understand that your child’s cognitive skills are developing and his observation is becoming sharper.

17. The Owl Pattern:

There are many patterns inside the owl that makes it look beautiful. There are checks, vertical stripes, floral pattern and a small triangle for the beak.

This picture is not over crowded with too many details so it is easy to color. There is enough scope to fill in the patterns with colors. Don’t be surprised if your child makes a multi-colored owl, after all children give priority to bright colors. They don’t like using a single color for a picture; they feel using many colors make pictures brighter!

Using different hues is the reflection of their optimistic mind. Everything they see appears bright and beautiful to them, how they view objects is reflected in their artwork. Since art after all is the reflection of the mind.

18. Heart Shaped Pattern:

Coloring the heart-shaped pattern will be really interesting, since there is lot of scope of using different shades. You don’t need to stick to the color red, asks your childto use different colors to make this heart bright and colorful.

Notice, how carefully your little one colors the semi-circular lace trimmings on the outline of the three concentric heart shapes. Water colors will give this picture a new dimension; shading will give this picture a 3D effect if done correctly. However, leave it to your child’s imagination, let him give this pattern a new look altogether!

19. Tiny Flower Patterns:

This is a very cute pattern coloring pages. It is best to use pastel shades to color this page. Since, pastel shades will give this picture the desired soft look and make it appear dainty. Actually you associate flowers with feminity and beauty, so lighter shades like light green, pink, sun shine yellow and sky blue will give a feminine look to the page. This page can be used as a gift wrapping paper, just add a bit of glitter on each flower and you are good to go.

20. Butterfly Pattern:

Your child will simply love coloring this butterfly. Guide him to complete the butterfly by adding the antenna, eyes and a smiling face. You can also show your child several pictures of butterflies, so that he gets a fair idea of how a butterfly actually looks like. If he has already seen a butterfly, then he will be more excited to color the patterns on the butterfly’s wings. His imagination will soar as he colors this pattern. Glitters and watercolors will give a brighter look to this picture.

Hope you like the article. These above mentioned free printable pattern coloring pages would embody a sense of harmony in your children.

What are you waiting for? Print these pattern coloring sheets today and share your joys with other parents in the comment box below.Do share your views with us.

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