Top 25 Peace Sign Coloring Pages Your Toddler Will Love

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Peace means discipline, order, prosperity and tranquility. The concept of peace is very important in all the cultures of the world. There are certain signs and symbols that represent peace in different cultures. These signs represent peace, happiness and freedom among the people and within the nation. It is very much important that your children should be aware of peace and their symbols.

The best way to teach them about the sign and symbol of peace is through coloring pages. As children love coloring, it would also be a fun way for them to learn about these symbols.

Top 15 Peace Sign Coloring Pages For Kids

The peace sign coloring pages to print out will give you an opportunity to teach your kids about history and the importance of peace in our society.

1. Dove:

This picture shows a simple outline of dove which is very simple to color. While your kid colors the picture, read out the following to your kid:

  • With this picture you can teach your kid that dove has been a symbol of peace for thousands of years.
  • It symbolizes the triumph of humanity and the renewal of life.
  • The sign was popularized by Picasso in 1949 when he used it on a poster for the World Peace Congress.
  • It later became one of the most widely used signs in post-war peace movements.
  • The symbol also represents hope for peace.

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2. Olive Branch:

This image shows a simple olive branch. It’s very easy to color and your kid can fill the shades of green to make it look beautiful. While your kid colors, teach the following to him or her:

  • Olive branch has long been associated as a symbol of peace. It is used on many modern flags, symbolizing peace, unity and prosperity.
  • Olive branch represents peace in Greek tradition. It is also considered sacred to the Athena, the goddess of wisdom.
  • In ancient times, people planted olive groves in the hope of a long and peaceful life.

3. Universal Peace Sign:

This is the image of the internationally known symbol of peace. Your kid will love coloring it as it is very easy to fill colors. You can also teach your kid the following:

  • This is one of the most widely known peace symbols in the world.
  • The sign was originally designed as a logo for the British Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. It is a composite semaphore signal for the letter ‘N’ and ‘D’, standing for nuclear disarmament.
  • Around ten years later, the symbol was adopted as a general peace sign.

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4. Paper Crane:

This picture shows the symbol of the paper crane. Paper crane has long been considered as a symbol of peace in Japan.

  • It took a greater significance as a peace sign in Japan after the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
  • You can also tell your kid its story, which goes like this – It was popularized by the story of Sadako Sasaki, a girl who died due to the atomic bomb explosion over Hiroshima. In her last days, she started folding paper cranes in the hope that it would fulfill her wish.
  • The paper crane also symbolizes good luck.

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5. V Hand Sign:

This picture shows the peace hand gesture or the V sign. It is a symbol that gained popularity after the World War 2.

  • It is a hand gesture with palm outwards, index and middle fingers open and the rest of the fingers closed.
  • The V sign was later used by peace movements in the 1960s and 1970s as a symbol of victory, peace and truth.

6. Rainbow:

Kids love colorful things, and rainbow looks very beautiful filled with colors. Tell your kids to fill seven different colors to the rainbow in this image. To complete picture make him or her color the sky and clouds too. Also teach your kid about the significance of rainbow:

  • Rainbow is an ancient and universal symbol of peace. It is used by many popular peace movements, denoting the possibility of a peaceful and better world.
  • It represents the connection between human beings and the almighty.
  • The rainbow is also associated with Iris, the goddess who brought messages from the God on Mount Olympus.

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7. Calumet Pipe:

The calumet pipe is considered sacred in some cultures. It embodies the honor and the source of power of Native Americans. It will look beautiful when your kid will color it with different colors. Tell your kid about Calumet pipe which is:

  • The pipes were used by the Dakotan and natives of the Great Plains.
  • The peace pipe is usually used at the conclusion of peace treaties and ceremonies of adoption.

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8. Mistletoe:

The Mistletoe plant represents peace and love in some countries. Instruct your kid to fill in shades of green. Also read out the below mentioned story about Mistletoe, as in how it became the symbol of peace to your child:

  • It was declared as a symbol of peace and reconciliation by Goddess Freya when her son was killed by an arrow made of mistletoe.
  • Since then, enemies who met under a clump of mistletoe would lay down their arms and declare a truce.
  • Mistletoe is also considered as a sign of friendship.
  • It is believed that hanging mistletoe in the doorway will protect you from evil spirits.

9. White Poppy:

While your kid colors this picture, tell him or her that White poppy is used as an international symbol of peace for those who died in war.

  • It advocates putting an end to wars.
  • The white poppy represents the belief that killing strangers is not the way of resolving conflicts.
  • An artificial white poppy flower is worn on the Remembrance Day to commemorate people who died in the war.
  • It reminds us of the people who gave their lives for freedom and peace.

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10. The Broken Rifle:

Tell your kid to color the picture and say what the broken rifle represents:

  • The broken rifle is a peace symbol used by the War Resister’s International.
  • It symbolizes liberty and freedom.
  • The symbol was first used in the masthead of the January 1909 issue of De Wapens Neder, a monthly journal.
  • In 1919, the founder of the Berlin Anti-War Museum was so fascinated by the symbol that he resolved to develop a metal badge and flag for it.

11. The Peace Poster:

There are many designs in this page that your child will love to fill with his favorite shades. Filling in the minute details will improve his concentration, observation skills and eye-hand coordination. This poster with the message peace will keep your child engaged for hours.

Just don’t let your child stick to crayons; ask him to experiment with water colors and glitters.

12. World Peace and Hope:

This design will give your child ample scope to experiment with colors. His creative touch will make this picture brighter. The tiny hearts, the peace sign, the planet earth are the main elements of the design. There are many shapes hidden in this picture, which your child can spot all by himself.  So this coloring page will become a perfect poster to spread the idea of love, hope and fraternity and world peace.

13. Music for Peace:

It is said that music has no boundaries, and this statement is very true, since people all over the world love music be it any language. The melody appeals the senses. You must have heard many concerts are organized to spread the idea of unity, love and peace. There are many such songs that touch the heart and inspire us to promote peace.

In this picture, we see a musician with a guitar showing the peace sign. Your child will enjoy coloring this funny looking rock star and the peace sign.

14. Messengers of God’s Peace:

All human beings are the messengers of God on Earth. So it is our responsibility to promote world peace and stop all wars and terrorism. It is only possible if the people of the World unite for a common cause of peace and fight against those forces that disrupt peace.

In this picture, we see the bread and wine, that is served during Communion in Churches all over the world. According to the scripture the bread and wine stands for the body and blood of Jesus. It is believed that Jesus ate bread and wine in the Last Supper, the day he was betrayed by Judas. Since, Jesus sacrificed his life at the altar of peace; it is the duty of humans to not let his sacrifice go in vain.

The sign of doves, the sacramental wine and bread, the people of the world holding their hands and the world itself, depicts love and peace. There are many elements to color in this page, and the message is also beautiful. This can be a perfect poster for your child’s room. Through this picture you can also introduce the story of Jesus Christ and his sermons to your little one.

15. The Cute Tails with Peace Sign:

Miles Prower, popularly known as Tails is a video game character in the Sonic Hedgehog series released by Sega. Tails also appears in his own spin off series in comic books, cartoons and feature film. Tails is an eight year old fox with two tails, thus the name. Tails is Sonic’s best friend and a mechanical genius. He can use his two tails to propel into the air like a helicopter. When Tails character was first introduced his fur was orange in color, but later the color of the fur was changed to yellow orange. The other name for tails is Miles Prower is a pun on the word ‘miles per hour’, it denotes the speed with which Tails move around.

This cute looking Tails is showing the sign of peace. If your child loves playing video games then he will be familiar with the character of Tails, so coloring this page will be easy and fun!

These free printable peace sign coloring pages will soothe and calm the mind of kids after a long, tiring day at the school. It also gives a lot of information about each symbol which represents peace.

Your kid will enjoy coloring these peace sign coloring sheets and at the same time gain knowledge about all these symbols. Do share your views on these peace sign coloring pages online with us by commenting below:

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