Peppermint Water For Babies – Everything You Need To Know

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Peppermint is a medicinal herb known for its many health benefits and is available in different forms. It is safe to use peppermint water for babies when offered in the right amount. Mix the herb or peppermint oil in water and feed your baby a diluted version to alleviate the symptoms of different digestive problems.

This herbal home remedy has several healing properties and can help reduce gas-related heartburns and cool the stomach.

Read on to know more about the use of peppermint water for your little one, including its benefits and things to consider while using it.

More About Peppermint Water For Babies

A single cup of peppermint water produces antispasmodic effects in the body

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A single cup of peppermint water produces antispasmodic effects in the body. It can bring instant relief from extreme gas pain and heartburn. The leaves of peppermint contain methanol, which has a coolant effect. Methanol accelerates the flow of bile secretion and digestive juices in your baby’s body. Thus, the soothing effect of methanol fights against stomach ache, soothes the irritated stomach muscles, reduces gas, colic and bloating in your baby.

Peppermint Water To Soothe Gas Pains In Babies

Offer half to one teaspoon of the solution for instant relief from stomach pain.

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Are you wondering if you should consider peppermint water for your infant with colic? Well, the problem of gas can trigger extreme health discomforts in your baby. Your angel may experience severe abdominal pain, flatulence, or feel bloated. Doctors may prescribe certain medications to minimize the extreme sensation of pain. But there are certain herbs to cure the gas pains.

Peppermint water is one of such effective home remedies to soothe extreme gas pains in babies. You can add a few fresh peppermint leaves to a cup of boiling water and then strain the solution. Let the peppermint water cool. Taste the solution first. If it is bitter or even minimally strong for your throat (makes you gag, or cough, or opens your nasal passages), it is too concentrated. Dilute the solution with more water. Offer a small amount, around half to one teaspoon of the cold peppermint solution. If the solution brings instant relief from pain, and your baby may recover from the extreme stomach ache.

But it is always recommended to consult with your physician before feeding your baby such herbal solutions.

Expert says
According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, children may develop seizures, infections, and poisoning from herbal teas and traditional recipes (4).

Peppermint Water To Cure Stomach Disorders In Babies

You can also give the baby a warm bath to soothe stomach muscles

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A small amount of peppermint water, nearly one or two drops is easy for your baby to ingest. As the solution has antibacterial properties, it produces a numbing and calming effect to cool your baby’s stomach upset.

You can also induce burping in your little one, to get her relief from the build-up of gas. Some of the other natural remedies to soothe stomach disorders include gripe water which is also made from herbs, warm cloth to the belly while massaging, swaddling with a gentle rock and calming white noise. You can also give the baby a warm bath to soothe her stomach muscles and get relief from intense pain.

Quick tip
Introducing a pacifier or laying your baby’s tummy down and rubbing their back may help relieve colic. Also, ensure you do not overfeed your baby, as that would cause discomfort (5).

Peppermint Water To Cure Irritable Bowel Syndrome In Babies

Peppermint water is an ancient herbal remedy to cure stomach ailments including irritable bowel syndrome. The diluted solution helps attain a healthy digestive system. It enhances bile flow and ensures a healthy bowel activity in your baby’s system. Peppermint relaxes the stomach and intestinal muscles and reduces stomach cramping.

Points To Remember

  • If your baby’s age is below five years, prevent an overdose of peppermint water. The methanol contained in the peppermint water can induce a risk of choking in your baby.
  • Pure peppermint oil can be dangerous to infants or small babies if applied directly to their skin. So, avoid direct application of peppermint oil to your baby’s face or other body parts.
  • If your infant suffers from colic, remember it is a short period of their life even if it seems like an eternity. Speak with your physician to see if there is an underlying issue and get your patience going.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I give peppermint tea to babies?

Peppermint tea may cause a burning sensation in the mouth. Hence, experts recommend against feeding it to babies (1).

2. Can I give babies peppermint candy?

Experts mention round, hard, and sticky/gooey candies as potential choking hazards for children younger than four years (2). Thus, you should never give peppermint candy to your baby or toddler.

3. Is it safe for babies to inhale peppermint oil?

Babies should not inhale undiluted peppermint oil. Inhalation of menthol (the active agent in peppermint oil) in excess may lead to dizziness, nausea, and muscle weakness. Hence, experts recommend using diffuser blends containing minor percentages of peppermint oil in a well-ventilated room for the suggested duration only (4).

Because of its several healing and antibacterial, Peppermint water for babies is considered an effective herbal home remedy to soothe gas-related heartburns and stomach cooling. Add a few fresh peppermint leaves in a cup of boiling water, strain the solution, and cool it. Also, keep tasting while preparing, and if it’s too bitter, dilute it with more water before giving it to your little one.


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