133 Ethnic And Popular Peruvian Baby Names For Girls And Boys

Peru is a beautiful country situated on the north-western shores of South America. If you’re looking for Peruvian baby names, chances are you’ve either visited Peru or are intrigued by what you’ve seen or heard about it. Or maybe you have roots in this country and want to choose a name that keeps the bond alive. Whatever might be your reason for choosing a Peruvian name, you have come to the right place for it.

The Hispanic culture has majorly influenced Peru due to the 16th-century Spanish conquest of the continent. Hence, they have a range of beautiful Spanish names you could choose from for your child. Read on to find our list of unique Peruvian names for your little one.

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Peru Baby Naming Culture

Peruvian babies are given two names at the time of baptism. The first name could be derived from the Bible or could refer to a deceased relative or ancestor. For the surnames, the Peruvian people follow the patronymic system. The most common Peruvian surnames include Garcia, Fernandez, Alvarez, Gonzales, and Chavez. Surnames of other nationalities are also used because of the influx of immigrants in Peru. For instance, Chu is Chinese, Benalcazar is Arabic, Arizmendi is Basque, and Fujimori is Japanese.

Peruvian Boy Names With Meanings

1. Aaron

Aaron, a favorite name of the Jews, began to take hold in Peru after the Protestant Reformation. This classic Biblical name means ‘mountain of strength’.

2. Albert

Albert may sound old fashioned to American and European parents, but Peruvians find it incredibly cool. Albert means ‘bright’.

3. Alejandro

Don’t you think Alejandro sounds smoother and sleeker than Alexander? This Spanish classic name means ‘defender of mankind’.

protip_icon Did you know?
Alexander has numerous variants, such as Alexandros in Greek, Alexandre in French, Aleksander in Czech and Polish, and Aleksandr in Russian.

4. Alex

As a standalone name, Alex has been bestowed on Peruvian babies for over a century. Alex means ‘defender of mankind’.

5. Alexander

The multiple derivations and nicknames of Alexander has enhanced its popularity in Peru. Alexander means ‘defender of mankind’.

6. Alois

Alois, as a name, has both classical charm and cosmopolitan coolness to it. Alois means ‘famous warrior’.

7. Anderson

Anderson, meaning ‘son of Andrews’, has a sense of dignity, tradition, and old school history to it.

8. Andre

As a baby boy name, Andre has sophistication, style, and oozes confidence. Andre means ‘man, warrior’.

9. Angel

Peruvians follow the Spanish custom of using the name Angel for boys. The moniker means ‘messenger of God’.

10. Annie

Surprisingly, Annie is used for baby boys in Peru and holds the 41st spot on the Peru baby name list. It means ‘grace’.

11. Anthony

Even after decades of usage, Anthony does not feel overused or worn out. In fact, it enjoys success with almost all the ethnicities. Anthony means ‘flower’.

12. Brayan

Just a minor tweak in the traditional spelling can take a moniker to an entirely new level. Brayan means ‘strong and virtuous’.

13. Bruno

Bruno, meaning ‘brown’, deserves the gold medal for the tough guy name. It brings to mind a brawny and masculine man.

14. Bryant

Bryant is Brian with a little more attitude. The moniker means ‘noble’.

15. Carlos

Carlos, meaning ‘free man’, is a charming, boyish name, which has a huge chance of crossing over and gaining widespread success.

16. Christian

Christian is an excellent choice for parents who want to declare their faith in a straightforward way. Christian means ‘follower of Christ’.

17. Cisco

Cisco, the diminutive of Spanish name Francisco, is the ultimate sidekick name. It means ‘free man’.

18. Colbert

Colbert is one of the most contemporary sounding last name as first name options. It means ‘calf herder’.

19. Cristopher

While in the rest of the world, Christopher is popular, in Peru Cristopher reins. Cristopher means ‘follower of the Christ’.

20. Daniel

The timelessness of this name has played a crucial part in its popularity in Peru. Daniel means ‘God is my judge’.

21. Danny

Danny sounds more grown up than most abbreviations of original names we have seen in these years. It means ‘God is my judge’.

22. David

David is one of the most popular names in the Christian and Jewish traditions. It is indeed ‘beloved’ by all.

23. Diego

As odd as it may sound, Diego is the Spanish version of James and means ‘supplanter’. You didn’t see that coming, right?

24. Eduardo

This stalwart of Spanish and Peruvian nomenclature would work well with the Anglos as well. Eduardo means ‘wealthy guardian’.

25. Elmer

The name Elmer sounds charming, albeit in an old fashioned way. It means ‘noble’.

26. Ernesto

This Latin variation of Ernesto is used widely in Peru and other surrounding regions, but has fallen several places in the US. Ernesto means ‘serious’.

27. Frank

This variation of Francis has outperformed even the original in the top 100 Peru baby name list. Frank means ‘free man’.

28. Gabriel

What could be better than bestowing your child a name meaning ‘man of God’?

protip_icon Quick fact
The archangel Gabriel is mentioned in the Hebrew Bible, the New Testament, and the Quran.

29. Gael

Gael quick ascent to the baby name charts was instigated by the popularity of Mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal. It means ‘Gaelic’.

30. Hans

Hans is the German, Dutch, and Scandinavian form of Johannes and means ‘God is gracious’. Peruvian parents choose this name for its countryside image.

31. Hector

The Greek mythology name, Hector has been in use in Peru since the turn of the 20th century. It’s usually opted by parents who want their children to have virtues like the Greek warrior. Hector means ‘holding fast’.

32. Henry

The name Henry has an antique charm that separates it from its modern sounding brethren Harry. Henry means ‘estate ruler’.

33. Isac

Isac is a spelling variation of Isaac used primarily by the Peruvians. It means ‘laughter’.

34. Jefry

Jefry is the spelling Peruvians used for Jeffery. A moniker with an erudite style of its own, Jefry means ‘God’s peace’.

35. Jesus

People of Hispanic descent, including the Peruvians show no discomfort in using the name Jesus for their sons. Jesus means ‘to save’.

36. Jheremy

If you have a penchant for Biblical name, but want to make it look a bit different, you can opt for Jheremy, the Peruvian version of Jeremy. Jheremy means ‘Yahweh has established’.

37. Joaquin

Joaquin is the Hispanic version of Biblical name Joachim and translates to ‘lifted by Yahweh’. We feel it’s an excellent alternative to Jose and Juan.

38. Jose

Simple and thoroughly masculine name Jose, is a risk free naming choice like Jack and John. And it’s a true classic as well. Jose means ‘Jehovah increases’.

39. Juan

Juan, meaning ‘God’s gracious gift’, is a classic choice for baby boys. It brings to mind both a pick up artist and a rock star.

40. Julio

Julio is the Hispanic equivalent of Julius and means ‘youthful’. This distinguished and dignified name would be a perfect option for baby boys born in July.

41. Lucio

Lucio is the sleek and sophisticated version of Lucius and means ‘light’. This moniker is steadily climbing the tandem with other Lu- names.

42. Luigi

Luigi, like Marcos and Manuel, has an ethnic flavor to it. It means ‘famous warrior’.

43. Luis

Luis, the Spanish form of Ludwig, is one of the most popular names for Peruvian baby boys. It means ‘famous warrior’.

44. Manuel

Manuel, meaning ‘God is with you’, has an elusive factor to it – a manly name in the truest sense.

45. Marcos

This confident sounding variation of Mark suggests strength and virility. Marcos means ‘God of War’.

46. Martin

There’s a certain gentleness and simplicity to this name, which makes it highly appealing to non-frilly parents. Martin means ‘mars’.

47. Matias

Matias has shown impressive usage in both the Americas since 2009. We feel it’s a lot to do with Chilean soccer star Matias Fernandez. Matias means ‘gift of God’.

48. Maverick

Mel Gibson can be attributed to the excessive usage of strong and masculine name Maverick. It means ‘independent’.

49. Michael

Michael, meaning ‘who is like God’, seems like a timeless and ageless name that just doesn’t seem to sound old fashioned.

50. Miguel

Miguel, one of the most famous Peruvian baby boy names, conveys a sense of bravery, power, and strength. Miguel means ‘who is like God’.

51. Omar

The usage level of Omar is quite impressive in Peru. And we feel it will continue to ‘flourish’ for the next decade as well.

52. Oscar

Oscar is an elaborate and colorful name, loaded with symbolic meaning. It means ‘little deer’.

53. Pedro

Pedro has been on the Peruvian naming charts for decades and is enjoying considerable success. It means ‘stone, rock’.

54. Percy

Percy is an adorable name that is shedding its prissy image in this era of soft, yet traditional names. Percy means ‘pierces the valley’.

protip_icon Trivia
Percy is a unisex name popularized by Rick Riordan’s fantasy book series ‘Percy Jackson & the Olympians.’

55. Piero

Piero is a melodic and elegant Italian variation of Peter, meaning ‘rock’. It brings to mind the Renaissance artist Piero della Francesca.

56. Renzo

This diminutive of Lorenzo is strong enough to stand on its own. Renzo means ’from Laurentium’.

57. Ricardo

The growing Latino and Peruvian population in the US has made this name popular there too. Ricardo means ‘dominant ruler’.

58. Richard

Richard is a timeless choice and a longstanding favorite name, meaning ‘powerful’. And it’s flexible in terms of nicknames too.

59. Salvador

Salvador, a Spanish name, meaning ‘savior’ has a handsome quality to it. A baby with this name is guaranteed to be dynamic and sprightly.

60. Sandro

If you’re seeking an unusual and exotic version of Alexander, pick short and snappy Sandro, which means ‘defender of mankind’.

61. Saturnin

If you want a celestial and divine name for your son, you can pick Saturnin, a variation of Saturn. Though we must warn you that the name stands for gloomy.

62. Selestino

Selestino, meaning ‘belonging to heaven’, is a classic Spanish name with celestial vibes.

63. Tomas

Wondering how to pay tribute to your ancestor named Tom? Then name him Tomas, the Spanish and Portuguese form of Thomas, meaning ‘twin’.

64. Victor

Victor, meaning ‘victory’, has maintained a steady and constant place on the Peru baby names charts for over a 100 years.

65. Wilton

Unlike its cousin names Hilton and Milton, English name Wilton does not sound dated even a wee bit. Wilton means ‘place by the stream’.

66. Yefferson

Yefferson is a variation of Jefferson and means ‘son of Jeffery’. This moniker has an intelligent and dignified quality to it, which makes it an excellent option for your baby boy.

Peruvian Girl Names With Meanings

67. Abigail

This Old Testament name, brought to South America by the Puritans in the 17th century, is hugely popular in Peru. It means ‘father’s joy’.

68. Aiko

Aiko is a common Japanese name with a lovely meaning, which is also used in Peru. It means ‘beloved child’.

69. Alessa

Alessa, is one of the best options for parents looking for an alternative to Alice or Alexis. It means ‘defender’.

70. Alessandra

Alessandra, meaning ‘defender of mankind’, had floundered for a while, but is again heading up the charts, probably because of the Brazilian supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio.

71. Andrea

Andrea, the female equivalent of Andrew, holds the top spot for girls in the Peru names list, despite its ‘manly’ etymology. We think it would be a fitting name for a tomboy.

72. Angelica

A perfect name for your little angel. Angelica is derived from Latin word ‘angelicus’ and means ‘like an angel’.

73. Ariane

Smooth and exotic name Ariane is on the rise, along with sisters Ariana and Ariadne. It means ‘most holy’.

74. Azucena

If mommies are looking for a true blue Peruvian baby girl name, they can pick Azucena, which means ‘lily’ in Spanish and Peruvian language.

75. Beatriz

This attractive form of Beatrice is very popular with the Hispanic and Peruvian parents. Beatriz means ‘blessed’.

76. Carito

Carito, the Spanish version of Caesar, is essentially a baby boy name, but is used for girls in Peru. It means ‘long haired’.

77. Chio

If you’re not shy of using uncommon and unique names for your daughter, you can pick Chio, a Spanish name, meaning ‘Rocio’.

78. Cristina

Cristina, without the ‘h’, is the Spanish, Italian, and Peruvian version of Christian and means ‘a Christian’.

79. Cynthia

Cynthia is a classic, sophisticated, and intelligent sounding Greek name used widely in Peru. It means ‘woman from Kynthos’.

80. Daniela

Daniela, a Hebrew name, translating to ‘God is my judge’, holds the second spot in terms of popularity in the Peruvian baby name list for girls.

81. Diane

Diane, meaning ‘divine’, has a mid-century appeal to it. It has several distinguished bearers such as Diane Ladd, Diane Eve, and Diane Murphy.

82. Elena

Elena is the Spanish and Italian version of Helen and means ‘ray or sunbeam’. This moniker is soft, lyrical, and sounds way more poetic than the original.

83. Eunice

Eunice is the English version of Greek name Eurike and means ‘good victory’. It has fallen into obscurity in the rest of the world, but is enjoying its success in Peru.

84. Evelyn

This feminine name with a plethora of etymologies is experiencing a revival after decades. One of the widely accepted meanings is ‘a living being’.

85. Evy

Evy, the variation of the oldest name in the Book, is coming back into style in Peru. We feel this simple and pure name has more resonance and strength than most of the short names. Evy means ‘life’.

86. Fiorella

It seems that Peruvians have a fascination for Italian names. Fiorella, the Italian name meaning ‘little flower’, holds the 11th spot in the Peruvian name list.

87. Gabriela

Gabriela, the feminine version of Gabriel, may have slipped slightly when compared to its other variations, but is still holding strong. The name means ‘woman of God’.

88. Gaby

Gaby, the French form of Gabriela, is used as a first name in some parts of Peru. It means ‘God is my strength’.

89. Gina

Gina, the short form of Angelina and Regina, has been used as its own in Peru since the 1920s. It’s also tied with the glamorous Italian actress Gina Lollobrigida.

90. Gladys

Gladys emerged in 1900 and took the naming world by storm. The meaning ‘lame’ could be a turn off for some parents.

91. Jahaira

Jahaira is the Peruvian version of Hebrew name Yahaira and means ‘string or teaching God’.

92. Janet

Janet began as a nickname for Jane, but has been used independently for a long time. Janet means ‘God is gracious’.

93. Janeth

Janeth is the Scottish and Hebrew version of Jane and means ‘God is gracious’. Some parents even use it as an alternative to Janet. Both ways, we feel Janeth will make a cool name for your daughter.

94. Karen

Karen, the Danish version of Katherine, has been in use in Peru for more than a century. It means ‘pure one’.

protip_icon Trivia
Karin, Karyn, Karena, Caryn, and Caren, are some of the numerous variants of this name.

95. Karla

Karla, the feminine version of Charles, meaning ‘free man’ is a simple and pretty name with a beautiful freedom etymology.

96. Katherin

This spelling of Katherin without ‘e’ is used predominantly in Peru. It means ‘pure’.

97. Katia

Katia, an earthy and warm diminutive of Katerina, is in vogue in Peru. It means ‘pure’.

98. Keyla

Keyla, a spelling variation of Kayla, began entering the baby name charts when the popularity of the original began to decline. It means ‘laurel’.

99. Laka

Laka, meaning ‘gentle and tame’, is the name of a hero in Polynesian mythology. It’s a baby boy name, but Peruvian parents use it for their baby girls.

100. Lesli

If you want to show off your Scottish heritage, you can pick the name Lesli, which originates from a Scottish surname. Lesli means ‘garden of hollies’.

101. Lisbeth

One of the many short forms of Elizabeth, Lisbeth takes an entirely new and powerful image as the lead of “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”. Lisbeth means ‘blessed’.

102. Liz

Liz, the diminutive of Elizabeth, would work best in the middle spot. It means ‘pledged to God’.

103. Lorena

Lorena, the Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian name, meaning ‘famous army’, is enjoying respectable popularity in Peru.

104. Lucia

Just like its meaning (light), Lucia sounds friendly, bright, melodic and intelligent. It has an Italian zest and a European flair.

105. Lucila

This Spanish version of Lucy has overpowered the original version and how. Lucila means ‘light’.

106. Luz

Luz, the Spanish word for ‘light’ is used to refer Nuestra Señora de la Luz, which is a Spanish title for the Mother Mary.

107. Marcielo

Marcielo, the Peruvian version of Marcella, meaning ‘warlike’, has started to feel stylish again after being in mothballs for long.

108. Maria

Maria has always been a favorite in the Hispanic-American community, including the Peruvian community. This lovely, three syllable name means ‘beloved’.

109. Marilyn

The name of America’s megastar continues to be a favorite with Peruvian parents. It’s basically a combination of Mary and Lynn.

110. Marjoree

Hispanic variation of Margery was at the height of its popularity in 1920s in European countries. The trend subsided there, but took over in South American countries, including Peru. Marjoree means ‘pearl’.

111. Mayra

Just like many other ancient names, even Mayra is coming back into style, especially in Peru. It means ‘sweet smelling oil’.

112. Melisa

Melisa, the Peruvian spelling of Melissa, a Greek name meaning ‘honeybee’, is at the zenith of its popularity in the country of Llamas.

113. Mishael

In Peru, Mishael, instead of Michelle, is used for the baby girls. The moniker is a feminine version of Michael and means ‘godlike’.

114. Naida

Naida, a Greek name, meaning ‘water nymph’, is perfect for baby girls born under any of the water signs such as Pisces, Cancer, or Scorpio.

115. Nicole

Nicole, the feminine version of Nicholas, meaning ‘victorious people’ is a great option for parents who want traditional, but not overused names for their babies.

116. Noelia

Noelia, the Spanish version of Noel and the moniker of one of the most famous Puerto Rican pop singer has been picked by hundreds of parents in Peru. It means ‘Christmas’.

117. Raquel

Raquel, the Hispanic form of Rachel, is dainty, delicate, and confident, just like the original. The name means ‘ewe’.

118. Rocio

The Hispanic name Rocio refers to Mother Mary as Virgin of the Dew. The meaning of Rocio is ‘dewdrops’.

119. Rosa

Rosa, the Latinate for of Rose, is used is several different cultures and countries, including Peru. This minimalist and straightforward name means ‘rose’.

120. Roseangela

Roseangela is a Peru exclusive name, created by combining Rose and Angela. It holds the 37th spot on the Peru name list.

121. Rosemary

Rosemary may not be the most smoosh name, but is used widely in Peru. It means ‘the rosemary plant’.

122. Ruth

Ruth is an ancient Biblical name, meaning ‘friend or companion’. It ranks high in both Peru and Ireland, but isn’t used much in the rest of the world.

123. Sandra

Sandra, meaning ‘defender of mankind’, developed as an abbreviation of Alessandra, but stands strong on its own, especially in Peru.

124. Sara

Sara is a sweet and straightforward Biblical name with a contemporary and modern feel to it. Sara means ‘princess’.

125. Shirley

In early times, Shirley was used only for boys, but the tide turned after the publication of the novel, “Shirley”. Shirley is composed of the Old English elements and means ‘old space or meadow’.

126. Sofia

This alternate spelling of Sophia maintains a high position on the Peruvian baby name charts. Sofia means ‘wisdom’.

127. Stephany

Stephany is the spelling variation of Stephanie used in Peru. This name manages to be girlish, without being too feminine. Stephany means ‘garland’.

128. Susan

Just like the lily flower, even the name Susan has been a perennial favorite. And it has made a triumphant comeback to its former glory in Peru. Susan means ‘lily’.

129. Taylor

Taylor has been used for Peruvian baby boys since the 19th century, but ascended the baby girl name charts in the 1980s. It means ‘tailor’.

130. Treysi

A very unconventional take on traditional French name Tracy, this moniker means ‘of Thracia’.

131. Veronica

Veronica is the Latin form of Greek name Berenice, and means ‘she who brings victory’. Roni or Ronnie would be impressive nicknames for Veronica.

132. Yessica

If you like the name Jessica, but cringe at the thought of your daughter sharing it with another girl, you can pick its Spanish version Yessica, meaning ‘God beholds’.

133. Zoila

Zoila is an enchanting Greek name, meaning ‘life’.

We hope you find our compilation of Peruvian baby names useful. For any queries or suggestions, leave us a comment below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How has the use of Peruvian baby names evolved?

People of Peru mostly have two names, one is for their official records, and one is the name originally given by their parents. For years, the government refused to accept authentic Peruvian names and only accepted names in Spanish or English. However, Peruvians have been protesting against this practice to protect their language and traditions over the years.

2. How do Peruvian baby names compare to those of other Latin American countries?

There is not much difference as Peruvian first names are primarily Spanish, similar to those used in other Latin American countries. What makes the names different is their last name which differs according to the customs followed in the country.

3. What are the benefits of choosing a Peruvian baby name?

If you are a Peruvian living in a different country, keeping a Peruvian name for your child can represent your ethnicity and connect your child to their roots.

4. Are there any potential drawbacks to choosing a Peruvian baby name?

The only drawback of a Peruvian name is that it is in Spanish, so it may be challenging to pronounce in a non-Spanish-speaking country. For instance, the name José could be pronounced as ‘joe-ss’ when the actual pronunciation is ‘ho-zay.’

We hope that this compilation of Peruvian baby names will be helpful when you are in search of uncommon and exciting names for your little one. If you either belong to Peru or have visited the place and its remarkable beauty still holds a place in your heart, you could consider Peruvian names for your baby. It could help them stay connected to their roots or feel a special connection to a place that is close to your heart. So scroll through and choose the perfect Peruvian name for your little bundle of joy.

Infographic: Best Baby Names Of Peruvian Origin

Peru, a stunning little country in the western region of South America, is known for its lush greenery and the ancient city of Machu Picchu. So, if you’re looking for a baby name with a fascinating history, some Peruvian names in the infographic below could be useful.

interesting peruvian names with meanings (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Key Pointers

  • Peruvian names connect the child to the rich Peruvian cultural heritage.
  • The father’s name is passed down to their offspring in the Peruvian tradition.
  • Many Peruvian baby names have Chinese, Arabic, Basque, and Japanese influences.

Peruvian Baby Names_illustration

Image: Stable Diffusion/MomJunction Design Team

Watch this video showcasing the most enchanting Peruvian baby girl names and get set to explore a delightful collection of 20 distinctive and breathtaking names for your precious little bundle of joy.
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