Photos: Mom Pulls Out Baby At Amazing Home Water Birth

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For most women, welcoming a new being into this world can be one of the most gratifying moments. Ask any mommy out there. She will vouch for childbirth being a truly amazing experience, despite it being painful too. Just knowing that you will get to hold your tiny angel at the end of it makes every struggle worth it!

Childbirth can be unique for each mother, thus every woman faces her own share of lows and highs. It doesn’t matter whether it is a normal delivery, C-section birth, or a water birth, this experience remains one of the most spectacular phenomena ever!

While most of you may be aware of natural birth and Cesarean delivery, water birth might be new for some. It is a process in which a woman delivers her baby in a tub filled with warm water (1). Some women choose to stay in the pool of warm water only for the labor, but a few decide to stay inside until the delivery. Why this, you ask? It is because a pool of warm water is pretty similar to the amniotic fluid sac (where the baby grows for nine months), thus creating a familiar birth environment. It is considered to be less stressful for both the baby as well as the mother.

When Gini Rothenberger was delivering her second baby, she decided to opt for a water birth. Giving birth to her little angel under the stars created an enchanting experience. It was more about peace than about medicines. Her birth photos are nothing less than spectacular. Have a look:

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1. Looking At The Stars

Looking At The Stars

Image: Credit: Callynth Photography

Lying in a birthing pool kept in her backyard, Gini let the calming water ease her painful contractions. This happened on a warm September day.

2. Anything But Normal

Anything But Normal

Image: Credit: Callynth Photography

During her first childbirth, Gini did everything by the book – from childbirth classes to following doctor’s order to the tee. Heartbroken from being treated just like a number in the hospital on the day of her delivery, she realized that all of it was in vain.

3. Thus, Came This Idea

Thus, Came This Idea

Image: Credit: Callynth Photography

On hearing upon the news of her second pregnancy, Gini decided to do things differently this time around. She bonded with her midwife instead. Her midwife was immediately on board when Gini suggested the idea of “water birth”.

4. Different In A Good Way!

Different In A Good Way!

Image: Credit: Callynth Photography

This time around, she was surrounded by those who deeply cared for her and respected her wishes. While the husband and birth team prepared for the delivery, she spent a few moments in solitude just gazing at the horizon. At that moment, she knew that it would be different this time!

5. Childbirth- Truly Beautiful!

Childbirth- Truly Beautiful!

Image: Credit: Callynth Photography

Gini went through a beautiful realization of how peaceful childbirth truly is. After having faced disappointment the first time around, Gini and her partner decided to take charge and make this a memorable experience.

6. Photos? No, Thanks!

Photos No, Thanks!

Image: Credit: Callynth Photography

Birth photography was her midwife’s idea, and of course, Gini wasn’t sure about it initially. She wasn’t sure why anyone would want to see a picture of childbirth, especially after her first experience.

7. Thank God, She Agreed!

Thank God, She Agreed!

Image: Credit: Callynth Photography

The calmness and strength captured in the pictures are truly phenomenal, even during the most intense of the moments.

8. Meet The Little One!

Meet The Little One!

Image: Credit: Callynth Photography

Her midwife was there throughout and knew exactly what needed to be done. Hence, she never felt too nervous. Just one look at her little angel is all Gini needed to know that all will be fine. In fact, amazing!

9. Spectacular Is An Understatement!

Spectacular Is An Understatement!

Image: Credit: Callynth Photography

Everything about this picture is truly spectacular. A mother nursing her baby comfortably. And, just look at the face of the proud parents!

Aren’t these pictures truly priceless? Please let us know what you think of them in the comments section below!

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