19 Photos That Will Help You Decide If You Want Another Baby

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When a woman is blessed to be a mother for the second time, she feels happy to complete her family in a more fulfilled way. Yet, she fears of not coping with the change.

There is also a constant guilt of doing injustice to the first-born. She may be scared that her lion’s share of love, attention, and focus could shift to the second child, which might make the elder sibling feel lost and deprived. The mother may feel too tired or exhausted to play and spend time with the older kid like she did before. This might also create distance between the two siblings.

Will that be the beginning of what people call sibling rivalry? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of bringing the second child into the family?

But these are mere speculations of a mind filled with apprehension and panic. What may happen is the complete opposite. The older children may actually welcome the new addition, and start to love, care, and feel responsible for the younger sibling, cementing their beautiful relationship.

Don’t believe us? Then you got to look at the happy events that follow the arrival of the second child as captured by Capturing Joy Birth Services.

One look into these heart-warming photographs puts to rest all the anxieties and worries. They perfectly encapsulate the first memories of the warmth shared between the older and the new siblings.


The look on the elder sister will melt all worries about any distancing; she is brimming with absolute delight and pure bliss. Now she has a new ally in all her fun escapades, someone to share things with, play new games and invent new joys.


The calm after the ebullience of finally meeting her baby sister after such a long wait. It looks like she is silently absorbing all the things happening around her. The big sister too seems to be craving for cuddles, warmth, and love that she sees the little baby wrapped into.

Not to miss the smile of contentment on the father’s face; having his family complete.


A promise of perfect understanding and trust between the mother and the elder daughter. The bond is stronger as they look into each other’s eyes with love, understanding their responsibilities towards the little one.


Who needs dolls when I have the most adorable little sister to dress up? The mother is beaming with happiness as the elder sibling puts that tiny cap over the infant’s head, her hands careful yet tender.


Is there some little worry inside that little mind? Mummy is always going to love you like before. This photo captures a child’s vulnerability and the maternal love that secures her into a warm embrace as if saying, “All is well”.


As the daddy puts the baby for some quiet rest, the big sister seems to observe and make sure that all things for the baby’s care are in order. The first seeds of responsibility are sown, and this bond is only going to get stronger.


In this photo, there is not one, but two elder brothers to welcome the new born into the family. Where there appears a known wisdom in the eldest child, the middle child’s face displays curiosity and a sense of wonder. To be the new big brother seems exciting!


The middle brother can’t seem to have enough of his little brother. He is engrossed in discovering all things about this tiny baby. There is a sense of accomplishment and endearment in his eyes and the mother looks at the duo with amusement.


Here the proud daddy helps the eldest brother to hold the baby with a sense of assured confidence. He gazes at his baby brother, showering him with all his attention and love.


Here the big brother and the mother hold the baby together, ever so happy and with cautious hands. The jubilant brother is happy to take on his role yet again and lovingly pats the baby, rejoicing in happy brotherhood.


While the mother and the new baby are having a little rest, the older ones are enjoying their happy childhood perched on their daddy dearest.

So what if they are older? They are little ones too!


The picture of a perfect family, enjoying the perfect harmony of togetherness. The little babies, young and old are nestled in the warmth of their mother; while the doting daddy looks on.


One more joyous occasion where the two elder brothers are looking affectionately at their newly born brother held in a gentle embrace of the father. They are awed by his littleness and vulnerability.


As one of the big brothers poses happily, the other is hugged and kissed lovingly by the mother. The father with the newborn cherishes the lavish affection shared by his family.


The parents can’t be more content as the little one basks under the comforting shadow and caress of his older brother. The new addition to the family has made them so protective and responsible.


Away from everyone else, this is a perfect moment of bonding between the siblings. The older brother seems besotted by the charming little baby and can’t take his eyes off him!


Another lovely image where there is no one but the big brother who takes the lead and cares for his little brother. He puts the pacifier back into the baby’s mouth and shows how he will always be there to look after him.


The photo shows the family going back to their home, holding hands, being together and complete in themselves. From here, they will start a new life with their little baby. Happiness and excitement is in the air!


There is such an air of celebration around the new baby! The older ones can’t wait to be amazingly dressed and amuse their baby brother. They bring on all toys that will bring a smile on the face of the little boy. A perfect moment of bliss surrounds the entire house.

So, it is the time to bid a goodbye to all the panic, and welcome the new baby with smiles and hope!!

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