102 Funny Tinder Pick Up Lines To Start A Conversation



Tinder is one networking platform whose popularity has risen exponentially in recent times. Most Tinder users wonder about the best Tinder pick-up lines to initiate a conversation. With more new users joining this forum each day, the competition is extreme. Therefore, if you are looking for dating options, you need to think out of the box to create a striking Tinder profile. Moreover, if you want to create an impact in the first meeting, you must be able to use some humorous and wacky pick-up lines. So, browse through this post to explore some of the best pick-up lines that will click instantly with your Tinder date.

Best Pick-Up Lines For Tinder

Use any of these best pick-up lines for Tinder and win the first date with someone you have matched.

  1. I cannot cook a good pie, but I can cook a great pie.
  1. Are you by any chance sugar? Because you are so sweet.
  1. If you like bad girls, then I am the one for you as I am bad at everything.
  1. How can someone be so cute!
  1. I wanted to tell you that you are pretty. But not now, over dinner on the weekend?
  1. I am curious. When did you quit modeling?
  1. If life is a deck of cards, you have got to be the queen of hearts.
  1. I just went to the Instagram page of your boyfriend, and I saw the option to edit your profile.
  1. Are you a magician because I feel some spell has been cast on me?
  1. I am writing a book. It is a phone book, but your number is missing.
  1. My mom has asked me not to talk to strangers, but you are the only exception.
  1. I will need a GPS when I am with you as the chances of getting lost in your eyes are pretty high.
  1. I can show you ways to make the weekends crazy. Would you like to join me?
  1. Falling for you took less time than it takes my DNA to replicate.
  1. Are you the square root of two as I feel irrational around you?
  1. If my name were Microsoft, I would crash at your place tonight.
  1. Do you have a magnet in your body? Coz I am attracted to you.
  1. Kiss me if I am right. Dinosaurs are extinct.
  1. If I could give you one star every time I think about you, you would have a galaxy.
  1. I think you need vitamin ‘Me.’
  1. It looks like your father was a boxer because you are a complete knockout.
  1. Do you have two hearts? Mine has just been stolen.

Funny Tinder Pick-Up Lines

With this collection of cute and funny Tinder pick-up lines, you don’t have to look anywhere to begin a conversation.

  1. Your body is made of 70% water, and I think I am thirsty.
  1. Please grab my arm as I want to tell this world that an angel just touched me.
  1. I think your driving license must be suspended as you drive so many guys crazy.
  1. You are pretty, and I am cute, and together, we can be a pretty cute couple.
  1. I think I am lost. Please direct me to your heart.
  1. I have lost my phone. Can I have yours to find mine?
  1. You must be my Google as you have everything I have been looking for.
  1. I am here now. So go ahead with your other two wishes.
  1. Other than making men crazy, what else do you do every day?
  1. I am good with numbers. Just share your number, and I will show you some magic.
  1. You sound a little busy. How about adding me to your to-do list?
  1. I don’t mind being on your dating waitlist as I cannot stop thinking about you.
  1. I will be the happiest man if you agree to be my Tinderella.

Cheesy Pick-Up Lines For Tinder

Here is a compilation of cheesy pick-up lines for Tinder that might help you capture someone’s attention.

  1. You are like my favorite blanket because I want to be wrapped up in you.
  1. You look like my soul mate.
  1. Don’t think I am stalking you. I am just doing some research.
  1. Seeing you, I felt my heart taking off.
  1. Everyone thinks that Disneyland is the most fantastic place in this world because they have not got a chance to stand next to you.
  1. I think you just abducted my soul and heart, but I am not sad.
  1. It looks like you are cold. I work as a wonderful blanket. Would you like to try me?
  1. It might sound cheesy, but you look so Feta-stic in your picture.
  1. Can I know your shoe size as I am looking for my Cinderella?
  1. I feel lucky today as I matched you.
  1. You are like a bag of chips, truly irresistible.
  1. I was not expecting to have a match with someone as gorgeous as you.
  1. If anyone asks me to define my type, all I have to do is show your profile.
  1. I have not felt so attracted to anyone before. I think you have some magnetic pull.
  1. I was not hopeful here until we matched.
  1. My doctor has prescribed me—vitamin U.
  1. You have such a bright smile that I had to wear sunglasses.
  1. I think you must have gotten tired as you were running in my mind.
  1. I cannot think straight because your picture has captured my attention.
  1. We are a match made on Tinder, and I can’t keep calm.
  1. My friends thought that you are not going to revert. What are your thoughts?
  1. I guess I am fortunate because I found someone like you.
  1. I was craving for a sweet and just realized that you are here.
  1. Seeing you, I wish we were born as cats to live together for nine lives.
  1. Do you have any idea where I should call to report the robbery of my heart?
  1. I cannot believe that you look perfectly like my date next week.

Tinder Pick-Up Lines For Guys

If you are wondering how to start a chat with a girl you like, use these tinder pick-up lines for guys.

  1. I can make the coming Sunday memorable for you. Would you like to try it?
  1. I woke up with Monday blues, and then I saw your picture on the app.
  1. I would love to follow you because I love chasing my dreams.
  1. Can you please send me one of your pictures so that I can tell Santa what I wish for Christmas?
  1. What do you prefer—dinner first or head for dessert?
  1. I will be the happiest man if you agree to be my Tinderella.
  1. I just scraped my knee as I fell for you.
  1. You look like the square root of one because you are not real.
  1. Pick your favorite meal so that we can go on a date.
  1. What can I tell you to win your heart?
  1. If you saw a shooting star last night, it was my wish that came true.
  1. You are so handsome that I cannot get my eyes off you.
  1. If I could, then I would rearrange the letters U and I together.
  1. We just matched! It is the best thing that has happened to me today.
  1. Your beauty has made me forget my best pick-up line.
  1. You don’t deserve a weekend at home. Let us go out.
  1. Are you a loan? As you have my interest.
  1. I wondered how someone can be so simple yet so pretty. Then I found you.
  1. How can someone be so handsome? Am I dreaming?

Tinder Pick-Up Lines For Girls

Impress your Tinder date online with the best pick-up lines for girls that will help you stand out from the crowd.

  1. I will send you a kiss, and if you don’t like it, you can return it.
  1. You are kind of always on my mind.
  1. It is disappointing that a gentleman like me does not have a number of someone gorgeous like you.
  1. If beauty were measured in time, you would be eternity.
  1. I feel the need to see the doctor after seeing you because my heart keeps skipping a beat.
  1. It looks like you are the online order I recently placed.
  1. You are that vodka shot that just spun my world and struck me.
  1. It seems you were in boy scouts as you have tied my heart in a beautiful knot.
  1. I think I have a light switch in my heart because whenever I see you, I get turned on.
  1. It looks like you have graduated from “The Beautiful Women University.”
  1. You are like Netflix because I can keep watching you all day long.
  1. You are like the star that can brighten my night.
  1. I don’t like to hoard, but I would like to keep you forever.
  1. I think I should start charging you rent as you spend a lot of time in my head.
  1. Do you have some name, or can I call you mine?
  1. I would never want to play hide and seek with someone like you because finding you is impossible.
  1. You look like an answer to all my prayers.
  1. You seem to be the one created for me.
  1. Can you guess what I am wearing right now? The smile that you gifted me.
  1. I am the thief who is here to steal your heart.
  1. I hope you know CPR as you have just taken my breath away.
  1. I am not a genie, but still, I can make dreams come true.
  1. I would love to take you out for movies, but sadly they don’t allow celebs.

Starting the conversation right can help keep any person interested in talking to you. However, initiating a conversation on a social platform where your only mode of expression and communication is words can be tricky. The choice of words you make can make or break the game. So if you struggle to find the right words, use these Tinder pickup lines to impress your potential date. These humorous pickup lines will tickle your match’s funny bone and help set your first impression right!

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