15 Fun Picnic Games and activities For Kids

Fun Picnic Games and activities For Kids

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In this millennial age, it is fairly simple to keep children occupied with gadgets. But family gatherings and picnics provide an opportunity to shut down the gadgets and spend time together. Thus, to engage your squad of little ones, keep a list of picnic games for kids handy.

Grab a pen to schedule your next family excursion as MomJunction shares 15 best picnic games for children to enjoy.

Fun & Exciting Picnic Games for Kids

Here are some fun picnic games for kids.

1. Redlight, Greenlight

Redlight, Greenlight

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Similar to the statue game, redlight and greenlight can be enjoyed by everyone.

How to play:

  • Select one player to be the traffic light or traffic cop.
  • All the other players have to scatter around.
  • When the traffic light says ‘redlight’, players must freeze and stay still.
  • And when the traffic light says ’greenlight’, players must start moving, running and jumping around.
  • Any player who fails to follow the instructions of the traffic light is eliminated.

2. Wheelbarrow Race

Wheelbarrow Race

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One of the very popular outdoor picnic games for children is the wheelbarrow race. So find a smooth and comfortable place to play this game.

How to play:

  • Divide the players into teams of two.
  • One among the two is the driver and the other is a wheelbarrow.
  • Set a start and finish line.
  • The driver holds the ankles of the wheelbarrow, and the player who is the wheelbarrow walks on their hands.
  • The team which reaches the finish line first wins.

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3. I Spy

I Spy

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Games like hide and seek can be enjoyed by kids of all ages and grown-ups too. The best part of this picnic game is that you need no supplies.

How to play:

  • Choose one player to be the spy, who has to count till 10 while keeping the eyes closed.
  • Every other player has to find a spot to hide before the spy finishes counting.
  • Spy has to scout the entire location and find each hiding player.

4. Slap The Arm

Slap The Arm

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Slap the arm is hilarious and will get everyone cracking up. Just be sure, you don’t hit too hard.

How to play:

  • Players stand facing each other with one arm’s distance between them.
  • Each player has to make the opposite player move their feet by slapping their hands.
  • At the same time, they need to control the urge to move while the opponent also slaps them.
  • Touching anywhere except the hand is strictly not allowed and disqualifies the player from the game.
  • Whoever moves their feet loses the game.

5. Trampoline


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One of the fun games for kids at a picnic could be jumping and playing on the trampoline.

How to play:

  • Set up a trampoline at your picnic location.
  • Let the kids climb up on to it.
  • While playing or jumping on the trampoline, whoever falls first has to exit the game.
  • The last player standing wins.

6. Musical Chairs

Musical Chairs

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A classic all-time favorite of people across all ages. Select the number of players and get one chair less than the players.

How to play:

  • Choose some music to play.
  • Set up the chairs in a circular shape, the seat has to face outside. Start the game with one chair less than the number of players. For example, if there are seven children playing, you should have six chairs in the circle.
  • Players have to stand outside the circle.
  • Play the music and players start running around the chairs.
  • When the music stops, everyone standing has to sit on a chair.
  • The player, who does not find a chair to sit, is eliminated.
  • One chair is removed and the game continues until there is one player left as the winner.

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7. Jenga


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Jenga is one such thrilling picnic games for children, which requires both mental and physical abilities. This game tests the child’s attention and patience.

How to play:

  • Place all the Jenga blocks on a flat surface.
  • Start building the tower with three blocks as the foundation and keep adding layers at each step till your tower is 18 blocks high.
  • Next, each player has to remove one block at a time and place it on the top without disturbing the tower.
  • If any player causes the fall of the tower, he/she is eliminated from the game and the rest of them have to restart it all over again.

8. Pass The Water

Pass The Water

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Here is another relay game for bright sunny days. Enjoy cool water splashes all over. You will need some glasses and water for this one.

How to play:

  • Make kids stand in a row, one behind the other as per their height.
  • Each one has to hold a glass of water in their hands.
  • The task is to pass the water from one glass to another but without turning behind. The kids have to be creative in their approach or lift their hands up and pour it backward.
  • If you spill water, the glass must be refilled and the game starts again.

9. Dance


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Dancing and exercising release happy hormones. So play some music and get grooving to the vibe.

How to play:

  • Set up a music station at your picnic location and play some peppy numbers.
  • Gather everyone and dance like nobody’s watching.

10. Human Knot

Human Knot

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This exciting and challenging game requires acute thinking abilities to succeed.

How to play:

  • Make all the kids stand in a circle, facing inwards.
  • Everyone has to stretch their right arm out and hold the left hand of someone else. Ensure nobody grabs the hand of a person who is standing right next to them.
  • The fun starts now. All the kids have to work towards untangling the knot without letting the hands loose. The final goal is to form a full circle again.
  • Kids can go over the arms or under, pass through the legs or do whatever, but ensure the human knot does not get broken.

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Fun Outdoor Picnic Activities For Kids

When you think of picnic activities for children, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? They have to be interesting and challenge the kids, isn’t it? Here are some such activities you can try.

11. Sundae Making

Sundae Making

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Sure to make everyone drool, the sundae making game will require different flavors of ice cream, sprinkles, nuts, chocolate sauce, honey etc. Use a timer to make it more competitive.

How to play:

  • Divide the players into teams of equal members and provide them with all the supplies.
  • Assign them a time limit and give them the liberty to go wild and crazy.
  • The team which makes the most delectable and appealing sundae wins.

12. Hit The Water Balloons

Hit The Water Balloons

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Playing with water and balloons is a favorite among kids. To play this game, the only supplies you will need are water, a stone, and some balloons. This can be played individually or in teams.

How to play:

  • Fill the balloons with water.
  • Place them in a row.
  • Make the child stand at a distance of at least 5 feet from the balloons.
  • Target and hit them with a stone and enjoy the water splashing all over.
  • However, make sure there are no kids standing in the line of the stone-throw.

13. Passing The Hula Hoop

Passing The Hula Hoop

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This is an interesting team-building game for kids.

How to play:

  • The players have to stand in a circle or a row and hold each other’s hands.
  • A hula hoop is dropped at the beginning of the circle, between two players.
  • All the players have to move the hula hoop from one player to another without letting their hands loose.

14. Picnic Basket Relay

Picnic Basket Relay

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This game encourages kids to get involved in the setting or wrapping up of the dining area of your picnic. It can be played individually or in teams.

How to play:

  • Assign a picnic basket to the kids.
  • Their task is to organize all the food supplies, blankets, water bottles, drinks, plates, and glasses.
  • Ensure that there is no spillage and cleanliness is maintained at your picnic spot.
  • The one who organizes the basket fastest in a tidy manner wins.

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15. Decorating A Tent

Decorating A Tent

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For this interesting activity, parents can set up the tent and provide some decorating supplies to the young creative geniuses.

How to play:

  • Play either in a team or individually.
  • Use decorating supplies such as banners, fairy lights, throw pillows, etc.
  • Let your children beautify the tent carefully in their exclusive style.

Children turn ecstatic the moment you talk about a picnic. And if you add such games to the itinerary, then their joy simply doubles. To increase the fun quotient, plan these games secretly and give them a surprise at the venue.

Let us know your picnic experiences, in the comments section below.

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