14 Pictures PROVING That Kids Should Never Be Left Home Alone


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Are you scared of leaving your kids alone at home? Even if there is someone to look after them? Of course, safety concerns aside, you know what we mean. You might have heard a lot of stories from fellow mothers who walked right into their homes and found it torn apart by a tornado! Not the real one, though. But these were the side effects of leaving their kids unattended just for a short while. And no amount of admonishing the maid helps. Let’s be honest, what can a lone woman do in the midst of ‘Raiders of the lost arc’? So, while she was probably busy attending to household chores assuming the seemingly quiet kids were watching TV, these little ones were up to their usual, creative antics. Let’s take a look at the results of such ‘creative’ actions:

1. This ‘Smurfs’ It All

This 'Smurfs' It All

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When your baby’s favorite animated character is of a particular color, it’s no surprise that he wants to look like one.

2. If Daddy Can, So Can I

If Daddy Can, So Can I

Source: Twitter

Imitation is the best form of flattery. This sweet little girl seems to have figured out early on how to flatter her daddy. Or, shall we say, a little too early!

3. Early Makeup Lessons

Early Makeup Lessons

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Talking of early lessons, how can a girl not be influenced by her mother? Especially, when it comes to grooming and makeup? You go, girl!

4. Was The Paint Only For The Walls?

Was The Paint Only For The Walls

Source: Imgur

You’ve really been looking forward to getting the walls painted. The paints have also arrived, finally. But this wasn’t really how you imagined it’ll eventually be, did you?

5. If It Isn’t The Walls, It’ll Be The ‘Windows’

If It Isn't The Walls, It'll Be The 'Windows'

Source: Imgur

Well, don’t blame the kids. You did keep telling that your computer needed servicing and enhancements, didn’t you? The kids just overheard, that’s it!

6. It Was The Dog

It Was The Dog

Source: Imgur

Of course, these cute little, piggy-tailed munchkins knew nothing about it! It was the dog that went on a rampage!

7. Or The Elf Sometimes

Or The Elf Sometimes

Source: Pinterest

They never knew Elves existed! Until you convinced them that they did – Elves who woke up and roamed around every night. And now, look what the Elf did!!

8. When The Donuts Needed Some Glaze

When The Donuts Needed Some Glaze

Source: Pinterest

Be it glazing or frosting, baking time does require an extra helping hand. Or a tongue, should we say, in this case.

9. Measuring The Tissue Roll

Measuring The Tissue Roll

Source: Imgur

When you said your baby was on a roll, you certainly didn’t imagine what the ‘roll’ in question would be like!

10. Sibling Love

Sibling Love

Source: Imgur

There are many ways to exhibit sibling love. So, when it comes to grooming and makeup, how can the elder sis leave the younger one behind. But, of course, a crash course in color-coordination is required here!

11. Bonding Over A Bath

Bonding Over A Bath

Source: Imgur

Sometimes, babies just hate taking a bath. For a change, if they ask for it, the mother is only too happy to oblige with a bubble bath. But, what if they decide to skip it altogether – the presence of the mother, that is – and decide to do it all by themselves!

12. Row, Row, Row Your Boat!

Row, Row, Row Your Boat!

Source: Imgur

Trust kids to get creative to fill in for their necessities. If the older one found the tub for a boat, the younger one can certainly fit into the pot!

13. A Father’s Day Gift!

A Father's Day Gift!

Source: Imgur

And you thought your little one loved you less than her mom? Well, here’s the proof!

14. The Little Detective

The Little Detective

Source: Imgur

Hide it wherever you want. But if your little detective wants it, he/she will surely look for it and find it!

We are sure these hilarious images might have left you rolling on the floor, laughing. Were you able to relate to some of these at least? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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