These 16 Pieces Of Art Will Show You How Amazing Toddlers' Scribblings Can Be

Pieces Of Art Will Show You How Amazing Toddlers' Scribblings Can Be

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We realize that a mess can’t be undone. So if your child has doodled something on your papers or walls, make something useful out of it or let them have fun making them. A little puzzle or quiz will not be too far either ;)

1. Scribbling On Walls? Might As Well Be A New Wallpaper:

Scribbling On Walls

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Scribbling on walls by kids can be both cute and disheartening – cute for their innocent antics and disheartening for all the toil and money spent on doing the walls suddenly seem to be disregarded. Take it easy. Make a masterpiece out of it. It’s easy to make out a figure from those irregular patterns. Override them or connect the relevant dots and lines, color the empty spaces and make a great piece of artwork. That should do the trick to saving face when you have visitors home.

2. More Fun With Doodles:

More Fun With Doodles

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This one will turn out to be quite a maze of a game. If you have already found too many random lines scribbled out, turn it into a fun maze game (you might also want to draw a bunny on one end of the maze that is looking for its burrow on the other end). Alternatively complete the work with some squares and rectangles or geometrical pattern. You could also create a little quiz asking kids to count the number of geometrical figures that consist in there. And lo! They will love to count and recount – it’s not easy to get it right the first time. Sounds like a third level quiz ;)

3. A Doodle Greeting Card:

A Doodle Greeting Card

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Splashes of red and scribbles of indelible ink. What do you think? Doodles on the edges of a card might as well make a novel greeting card! Try this out the next time you want to present someone a hand-made greeting card!

4. Abstract Art With Acrylic Patches:

Abstract Art With Acrylic Patches

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Patches of acrylic…geez! Not to worry. Fill in the empty spaces. Dab in more colors. It may turn out into abstract art. An added tip: use the back of a paintbrush to engrave a letter or a picture in the thick layers of acrylic. It will stand out.

5. Flags In Crayons:

Flags In Crayons

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Scrubbing crayons along its edges is a favorite pastime of kids. Make it worth learning. Get kids to color shades of national flags around the world. It will help them identify different flags.

6. Nature Through Scribbles:

Nature Through Scribbles

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So someone just forgot to erase the tiny lines. Not to worry. Connect the lines and make a tree. Ask your child to use watercolors to paint and get some fun.

7. Craft It On A Lamp-Shade:

Craft It On A Lamp-Shade

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Sometimes the indelible inks aren’t easy to erase. Simply transform the random lines into a fine piece of artwork. Make cut-outs and stick them against dark backgrounds for the best results. To get more crafty, you might want to do this: trace out the design on a transparent sheet using a marker pen. Once the ink dries, paste it on a hand-made paper lamp-shade!

8. Typography:


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If you find sheets of criss-cross pattern, put them to some good use by making typography of the desired letters.

9. Monochromatic Typography:

Monochromatic Typography

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Or cut out the desired letter and stick it on a sheet using a duct tape. Ask your child to scribble upon it to her heart’s content. Once done, pull out the cut-out and the tape. The plain impression of the letter against the zig-zags and twirls will look incredible.

10. A Doodle-Star:

A Doodle-Star

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If your little one has already drawn those innumerable diagonal across the page, don’t shove it off. Use a brighter shaded marker to draw out a star and shade it throughout. Might as well make a cute pin-up for your kiddo.

11. Doodle On Canvas:

Doodle On Canvas

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Doodles just got fashionable just for one reason – your little one hasn’t got over the urge to doodle. So provide her with a painted card or canvas to doodle so that your important documents and walls are safe.

12. Scribbling On Backyard Tiles:

Scribbling On Backyard Tiles

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The cemented backyard or the driveway will make a pretty neat choice to scribble out using colored chalk pieces. Your kids could color alternate tiles in different colors and make a fancy piece of work.

13. Rainbow Doodle:

Rainbow Doodle

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You just find felt tip lines drawn out. Ask your kids to ‘complete’ it in rainbow colors juxtaposed beside one another. How about making cut-outs and using them as bookmarkers?

14. Festive Cut-Outs:

Festive Cut-Outs

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Make a Valentine or X-mas cut-outs from the scribbled work. Paste them on painted canvas or sheets. They can make perfect wall-hangings or display posters for your kids’ room.

15. Swirl Patterns:

Swirl Patterns

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How about doing some swirl patterns? You never know…the ornamental designs might turn your child into a designer!

16. Floral Patterns:

Floral Patterns

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And last but not the least – a favorite time-killer everyone likes to do – drawing flowers and florets. Join the scribbled bits and dots to make some floral art. Your notebook will not have wasted a page that way!

Scribbling is unstoppable. Your child will not budge whenever you ask her to get off your papers. Stay safe. Keep the important ones out of reach, but keep the rest for the scribbling fun that they can have!

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