21 Telltale Signs a Pisces Man is in Love With You

21 Telltale Signs a Pisces Man is in Love With You

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Pisces is the final sign of the zodiac calendar and is a water sign. Pisces men are known to be caring, understanding, loyal, empathetic, emotional, agreeable, and creative. They are also known for putting your needs over their own, making them excellent partners to spend your life with.

If you have set your eyes on a Pisces guy and want to understand whether his body language and behavior convey his feelings towards you, you have come to the right place. We have listed 21 tell-tale signs that indicate a Pisces man is in love with you.

21 Signs A Pisces Man Is In Love With You

A person’s behavior and body language can tell a lot about them. To know if someone is attracted to you, understanding the subtle signs can help you navigate this tricky situation smoothly. A Pisces man who is drawn to you or is in love with you would display many clear signals, some of which we have listed below.

1. He finds it hard to hide his feelings

Pisces men are not great at hiding their feelings, especially when it’s the intense feeling of love. He would try to spend more time around you and drop hints now and then, letting you know he is into you.

2. He showcases his artistic side

Pisces are inherently creative and artistic, although they may not show off blatantly. They keep it to themselves and only show it to people who they trust and feel comfortable with. If he shows you his painting or maybe his skills at the piano, you can consider it as a good sign that he welcomes you into his private world.

3. He listens to you

Pisces are good communicators and listeners. If you notice him listening even to your mundane ramblings with the utmost attention and patience, it indicates that he has a thing or two for you. You can expect to have long conversations with him on topics ranging from simple mundane stuff to deeper ones.

4. He acts shy in the beginning

Pisces men get easily flummoxed and speechless around someone they have feelings for. So, if they act reserved and shy in the initial encounters, take the lead in starting conversations.

5. He makes eye contact with you

Although shy, he will nevertheless make good eye contact with the one he’s interested in. His gaze would be more gentle than intense, and his caring and empathetic nature would reflect in his eyes as well.

6. He values your opinions

He would often seek your advice and opinions on important decisions he makes. Even though he is most often sure about his choices, approval from you gives him further reinforcement and happiness.

7. He seeks to form a spiritual bond with you

Pisces men take relationships very seriously and crave to connect with their partners at a deeper, spiritual level. He would be interested to know about your beliefs and thoughts and would try his best to let you know his belief system as well.

8. He might easily get offended or hurt

Being the emotional water sign, Pisces easily get offended when someone close to them hurt their feelings. So tread carefully with any pranks or details that might hurt or touch a raw nerve. Also, be mindful that you give him enough attention, as their mood can get deeply affected by your actions.

9. He shares his dreams with you

When a Pisces is into you, he considers you someone close to his heart, someone he can confide in. The creative Pisces often have many plans or goals, which they usually don’t reveal to many. If he lets you know of these, it is a clear sign he trusts you.

10. His idea of dating would involve a more intimate setting

A Pisces man generally looks for intimacy and closeness from their partner. So instead of a night of clubbing or partying with others, he would prefer a cozy night, watching a movie with you or visiting a nice restaurant for dinner.

11. He is agreeable and easily impressionable

Pisces men avoid conflicts with their partners and usually agree on most topics unless there is a fundamental difference. They are also easily impressionable and get influenced by their partners on important decisions. You know he in love with you if he allows you to take the lead.

12. He gives you the shoulder to cry on

When you need someone to listen to your banter or sympathize with your situation, a Pisces man is perfect. They are deeply empathetic and don’t just pretend to be listening to you. In fact, they listen attentively and try to comfort you.

13. He is delighted to help you

Pisces men take pride in being helpful to others. If they get a chance to assist the one they have feelings for, they will jump at the opportunity without a second thought. They also love it when you involve them in even mundane activities with you.

14. He has introduced you to his friends and family

The Pisces man would want you to be a part of his life. If he introduces you to people from his close circle, it’s a clear sign that he is considering you for a long-term relationship.

15. He showers you with gifts and surprises

Pisces men take joy in your happiness. When your face lights up to a present he gives you, it brings him more joy and satisfaction than what he shows on the exterior.

16. He senses your moods

What makes a Pisces man an excellent partner is that he is good at sensing his partner’s mood and acts accordingly. He would gladly give you some space when you feel the need for it or be there with you during challenging times.

17. He is witty and original

Spending time with a Pisces man is a joyous experience as they are creative and original. Once he gets comfortable with you, he will bowl you over with his conversations, and you don’t have to worry about getting bored on a date.

18. He treats you like his muse

Staying true to their artistic nature, Pisces men consider their love interest no less than a muse who inspires and motivates them. For him, you are more than just a potential partner, but a part of his artistic endeavor that translates to deeper spiritual meanings.

19. He finds ways to spend more time with you

Making things easy for you, the Pisces man himself would suggest ways to spend more time together. You would also find him very approachable in this regard.

20. He discusses his favorite books or music with you

Pisces men keep abreast of good music, books, arts, etc. They would share these discoveries with you with childlike excitement. If you, too, show interest, your happiness will know no bounds.

21. He is always there for you

As a partner or a friend, he will always have your back and support you in your tough times. He wouldn’t make a plan only to pull a disappearing act later to meet others. He values you and gives you the utmost respect.

As we unfolded the mystery surrounding the Pisces man, we are confident it will now be easier for you to understand his signals and body language. A Pisces man is easy to read. Their emotional demeanor and straightforwardness make it easy to plan a long and honest relationship with them.

We hope the Pisces man you have your sights on soon reciprocates your feelings, and you get to enjoy your days with him.