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Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the king of the ocean. Thus, the Pisces female traits are similar to the ocean. Their dreamy self covers the immense depth inside them. In addition, the twin fish representing the Pisces sign denote their quick wisdom, which allows them to offer comfort quickly to their partner by getting into the heart of their problems. The other traits of the Pisces woman also make her a good companion, an ideal friend, and a loyal life partner. It is said that if you can find a Pisces life partner, you should consider yourself lucky. Read on to know more about the traits of a Piscean woman.

Basic Character Traits Of A Pisces Woman

A woman who loves fantasy and prefers to wander in a dream world is also one who can understand your most conflicted emotions. Here are some Pisces personality traits that define the persona of a woman with this sun sign.

1. Empathetic

She feels your pain and will comfort you and protect you.

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If you are in a relationship with a Pisces woman, one of the most alluring traits about her, the one that probably drew you to her, is her empathy. She feels your pain even when you do not talk to her about it and will comfort you and protect you.

2. Compassionate

Building upon her empathy is her need to spread joy and happiness around her. You will find the Pisces woman being most compassionate, drawing from her experience to shower kindness on everyone who comes in contact with her as best as she can.

3. Dreamy

More often than not, you will find a Pisces woman wandering in a quiet nook or sitting at a window staring out with a dreamy look in her eyes. She lives in a fantasy realm, where everything is perfect, and she has an incredible imagination that lets her create and sustain her magic world. The Pisces woman’s fantasies can be highly detailed and complex, creating a whole parallel universe.

4. Romantic

 Sweet gestures and romantic surprises are her forte.

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A most romantic sign, a Pisces woman, makes the most caring partners, thanks to her deep sense of loyalty, inherent compassion, and the need to comfort those around them. Her sense of fantasy makes her romantics too. Sweet gestures and romantic surprises are her forte.

5. Creative

It is no coincidence that you will find many well-known names in the creative world belonging to this zodiac sign. The imagination of the Pisces woman has no bounds, and she has a creative streak that makes her shine in fields where she can put it to good use. One good way to impress a Pisces woman is to come up with a creative surprise.

6. Artistic

Being artistic, the Pisces woman understands other creative people and effectively expresses what they wish to convey. This is perhaps why we find so many famous and talented artists with this sun sign. To name a few, we have Dakota Fanning, Drew Barrymore, Emily Blunt, and the greatest of them all, Elizabeth Taylor.

7. Emotional

Her very nature is sensitive, so you will find the Pisces woman volatile with her moods at times. Thanks to her emotional heart, she senses when people around her are upset or sad and mirrors the same. Often, this makes her an emotional woman, which could be challenging for a partner to unravel.

At the same time, she may hide her true feelings and keep them to herself so as not to be hurt, so some people may see her as detached and reserved. But if she trusts you and opens up, you’ll see a great depth of her emotional world.

Also, a Pisces woman tends to experience the strongest feelings deep inside, so you may not even guess she’s going through an emotional storm. She can behave overly expressive and amiable, but it might be a mask. Strong feelings make her silent.

8. Affectionate

She is loving and ensures everyone in her circle is doing well.

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You will find that a Pisces woman makes sure to keep in touch with her family, friends, and acquaintances regularly. She loves to stay connected with people they know to maintain the connection. She is also a loving person, and you will find her sincerely wanting to know that everyone in her circle is doing well.

9. Generous

The Pisces woman is a generous soul, often giving her time, emotional space, and support to anyone who needs it even if she does not receive the same. She is usually comforted by the thought that she may have alleviated someone’s pain. But sometimes, this generosity leaves her drained.

10. Caring

Apart from being affectionate towards those she knows, the Pisces woman is a caring person overall. She takes up social causes and follows them through to redemption with an impressive will to watch. Deeply invested in making things better around her, the Pisces woman envelops even strangers with care and concern and prompts them to respond in kind.

11. Gullible

One of the challenges of Pisces persons is being gullible, choosing to see only the good in anyone and ignoring even somewhat obvious red signals. Sometimes, it hurts the Pisces woman, as people betray her trust or misuse her kindness.

12. Mysterious

She can be cryptic at times, expounding complex ideas.

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It is another trait that may make the Pisces woman tough to understand. While she understands others without being told anything, she can be cryptic at times, expounding complex thoughts and ideas that leave her friends and partner frazzled.

13. Idealist

A Pisces woman looks for things and people to be the best version of themselves. However, since it is not how reality works, she can often find herself deeply saddened with no way to change anything.

14. Simplistic

Pisces loves simple things in life. Ostentation is not for the Pisces woman, and you will find her love for nature, urge to dance barefoot in the sand, or her immense pleasure in a single flower stemming from her love for a simplistic living.

15. Thinker

The Pisces woman is not given to shallow thoughts or urges. She is a profound being with a penchant to drown herself in deep thinking to sort herself. Piscian is driven by heart and not from mind.

16. Intuitive

Pisces trust their instincts and are rarely wrong. A woman of this sign can sense when something is off and usually get to the root of the problem. However, it makes it difficult to get away with lying to them. Also, Pisces can master the art of lying perfectly.

17. Protective

She can be protective of those she loves and her relationships.

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Inherently nurturing and caring, a Pisces woman can be pretty protective of those she loves and her relationships too. Her urge to share the pain of her people drives this character further.

18. Quiet

Another challenging trait is that the Pisces woman can suddenly get withdrawn, and then it becomes difficult to understand her. Often, this is why a distance develops between her and a partner.

19. Loyal

The Pisces woman invests her everything in relationships, be it with her partner, parents, or friends. She is loyal to a fault and wouldn’t think of betraying her loved ones no matter what. You will find her standing up for you and taking your side in small battles and big ones. It could, however, become a problem for the woman because she tends to get deeply hurt when a relationship fails.

20. Feminine

The epitome of feminine grace, a Pisces woman, is deeply connected to her womanly side, and she celebrates it with joy on every occasion. Her styling often reflects this trait.

21. Resilient

Do not let the Pisces woman’s empathy or caring nature fool you into thinking that she is vulnerable or weak. She has incredible resilience that allows her to forgive and move on easily, without losing the positive traits in any way. A Pisces woman who has decided what she wants can be unstoppable.

How Are Pisces Women In Love And Relationships?

These Pisces woman characteristics tell you that she can be a great partner who will make life magical for you. Cancer or Scorpio complements the deep, emotionally intuitive Pisces woman. These compatible signs can pick up her moods with relative ease, understand her sensitivity, and approach her accordingly. Earth signs, too, are a good match to keep the more flighty Pisces woman grounded and practical.

Here is what you should know about how a Pisces woman is as a life partner.

1. Forgiving but tough to understand

For a balanced life, you need to keep your partner from hurt while safeguarding yourself too. The Pisces woman is forgiving, and she may brush off your mistakes, but you will find it tough to tell when you have hurt her. You must invest time and attention in reading your partner well so that you know when she is hurt, even if she simply cloaks it in silence. Luckily, the Pisces woman doesn’t hold grudges. However, at times, she might be hurt but won’t show it. She might give you subtle hints such as use a bitter tone, send reproachful glances, or make you feel cold. So, try to understand her signals and talk to her.

2. Appreciates gestures

For the Pisces woman, gifts that cost the world may not be as alluring as a simple gesture that shows her you care. Asking about her day, telling her that she is valued, making sure that she knows you are thinking about her even when you are away—these are the things that touch her heart. Remember, she loves simple things. So, a surprise picnic for just the two of you may make her heart flutter far more than a lavish party.

3. Trusts with an abundance

A Pisces woman trusts with all her heart, so you must be extra careful never to break that trust. Honesty and straight-talking often work best with her because she is such a forgiving soul that she will forget your mistakes as soon as you own up.

4. Loves pleasuring others

This trait lays the foundation for great sex life because the Pisces woman intuitively knows when you are happy, and she has the generosity of spirit to put her partner’s pleasure above her own. It also means that you have to compensate for that and ensure that she too finds complete satisfaction.

5. Needs anchoring at times

While her empathy and compassion are positive traits, they are also, at times, the biggest weakness. There will be times when she gets drawn close to other people’s problems and starts getting too emotionally involved to the extent of severely affecting her mental state. You will need to be her anchor in such times, gently helping her dissociate and maintain a healthy distance.

6. Makes an indulgent mother

Abundantly loving and caring Pisces partner also makes an excellent mom, but you may need to be a strict parent so that the children have some discipline in life. Do not expect the Pisces woman to scold the children or get them to do their homework in time. She is a nurturer but not strong as a disciplinarian.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kind of man does a Pisces woman need?

A Pisces woman needs a man who can responsibly fulfill all duties and obligations. She wants a man who is nice to her family, friends, and those around her. She is drawn to a kind-hearted and compassionate man who will admire her and give everything he has to win over her heart. Her ideal man is a hopeless romantic with a soothing spirit.

2. Do Pisces lie in relationships?

A Pisces doesn’t lie in a relationship unless it is an absolute necessity. A Pisces is a loving and loyal partner, and gives their best in a relationship. They believe in honest communication with their partner and avoid lying in their relationships.

In short, the Pisces woman makes a bosom friend and a loving life partner who will stand by you through difficult times. Her easy and trusting approach to life may leave her open to being ridiculed, and she might need someone to protect her from her urge to be naive. However, the very characteristic combined with her inherent generosity of heart and abundant love makes this a magic formula for a long-lasting relationship.

Infographic: Ways To Attract A Pisces Woman

A Pisces woman is an emotional person. She is also empathetic yet expects others to be honest about their feelings. You need to live up to her expectations to keep her interested. Check out this infographic to know how to win the heart of a Pisces woman.

how to win a pisces womans heart [infographic]
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Key Pointers

  • Pisces women are caring, emotional, and always concerned about others.
  • They are also creative thinkers with good intuitive abilities.
  • When it comes to love and relationships, Pisces women value small gestures and trust their partners.

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