100 Beautiful Baby Names After Cities And Places

Many parents name their babies after cities for varied reasons. It can be their love for the city, the global appeal it has, or the city holds a special place in their heart for some reason. If you are looking for some cool baby names after cities, you are at the right place. Washington, Brooklyn, Nairobi, city names can be awesome. They have become popular over the years, making one of the favorite naming styles among millennial parents. Also, these are exotic and have the charm to mesmerize anyone around. If you are a globetrotter, you might want your child to be a global citizen and cultivate a passion for traveling. So get your child’s life journey off to a great start with our list of popular and iconic city names. Scroll down and take your pick.

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Place And City Names For Girls

1. Eugene

According to Greek mythology, Eugene means well-born. Eugene is a town in Oregon in the US, known for its diversity. It may sound a little old-fashioned but is definitely a classic choice to go with.

2. Madison

This name is of English origin but its Teutonic derivation may be from ‘Mad’s son’. It was previously used as a surname.

3. Austin

Derived from the Latin word Augustine, Austin is used more as a surname than a name. Austin means venerable and respected. The city of Austin is the capital of Texas and is known for its cultural diversity.

4. Elizabeth

The Old Testament mentions Elizabeth as the mother of John the Baptist. The beautiful Elizabeth City in North Carolina lies on the banks of the Pasquotank River that connects to the Albemarle Sound.

5. Savannah

This name is common to both the Americans and Spanish. It means the one from the plains or the open lands. This coastal city in Georgia is one of the oldest and is marked by cobblestoned buildings and oaks trees.

6. Selma

Located on the banks of Alabama, this city has been the historical ground for many battles and is a symbol of strength. There are some possible derivations of the name, one of which could be the Arabic word Selim meaning peace.

7. Charlotte

It is the largest city in North Carolina.If you name your little girl Charlotte, she can have nicknames like Charlie, Lottie, and Carlotta. The male version of the name is Charles and has a French origin. It means petite or a free man.

8. Alexandria

The Mediterranean city is as beautiful as the name Alexandria. It is the female version of Alexander and means the defender of men.

9. Aurora

This is the name that associates with Sleeping Beauty. The name has a Latin genesis and was the mythical Roman goddess of the dawn.

10. Phoenix

It is the name of a beautiful immortal bird from the pages of Greek and Egyptian mythology. The meaning of it is dark red. The city of Phoenix in Arizona is also known as the Valley of the Sun.

11. Regina

This Canadian city is named after the Latin word which means queen. This beautiful name is often associated with an expressive and inspirational nature.

12. Sicily

This Mediterranean island is named after an ancient tribe Siculi who previously inhabited it.

13. Valencia

Naming your baby Valencia would denote power and competence. The name potentially brings back images of the graceful Spanish town.

14. Logan

Originally having a Scottish background, Logan means a little hollow. It is most popularly used for babies born in the US or France.

15. Cheyenne

This is the name given to the Native American people who live on the Great Plains. It means red speakers and the city itself is a living example of the historical Old West.

16. Campbell

This is a seaside town often thronged by holidayers. The name means crooked mouth in Scottish.

17. Victoria

Derived from the Latin word and goddess Victorious, the name means triumphant. An Australian state and a Canadian city are named Victoria.

18. Helena

The name is derived from the Latin word Helen, the daughter of Zeus and Leda and was the cause of the Trojan War.

19. Paris

Paris, baby names after cities

Image: Shutterstock

The beauty of the capital city of France is not unknown. The name is derived from the ancient Celtic tribe called Parisii.

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New York born heiress, American media personality, socialite, and businesswoman Paris Hilton is a popular bearer of this name.

20. Alabama

This name could either mean vegetation gatherers or could have derived from the Creek Indian language that means a tribal town.

21. Brooklyn

Brooklyn is a rather contemporary name which can be described as the one who lives by the brook. It may also mean a very small water body, probably why the city beside the Upper Bay is named after it.

22. Chelsea

Mostly used among Australians, this pretty name can be traced to the Old English and means a landing place for chalk or limestone.

23. Florence

Who doesn’t know Florence Nightingale and the epitome of compassion that she was? This name of an Italian city has Latin origin and means prosperous and is commonly used by the British.

24. Juno

It might be of the Indo-European origin and means youth. Also, according to Roman mythology, Juno was the protector of marriage, women, and finance.

25. Jordan

Though of a Macedonian origin, Jordan is not mostly used by the Americans. Apart from the city, the river which flows by it is also called the same.

26. Havana

It is what the capital city of Cuba is named after and rhymes with another beautiful name, Savannah. It is popular among the Spanish.

27. Brisbane

The meaning of the name is not clear but could mean a person who breaks others bones. Though the meaning sounds quite unpleasant, the name itself doesn’t.

28. Adelaide

The coastal and colourful Australian city of Adelaide is pretty and so is the meaning of the name. It denotes a person who is noble at heart.

29. Sydney

The largest city in Australia has a name of English origin. It means a wide island.

30. Berlin

It comes from a West Slavic word which means a river rake. Berl also means swamp.

31. Vegas

In Spanish, Las Vegas means meadows. Even though it isn’t widely used, it makes for a beautiful name.

32. Asia

Asia means east and in Greek, Asia means sunrise. This symbolical name is unique.

33. Catalina

The Californian Channel Island’s name is derived from Katherine and is a Spanish version of it.

34. Geneva


The name Geneva is rarely used. It means juniper tree in German.

35. Georgia

This is the Latin and feminine version of George. The Greek meaning of this name is a farmer.

36. India

Derived from the Indus or the Sindhu river, this name could mean trembling water body.

37. Sierra

In Spanish, Sierra refers to a mountain range with jagged peaks. It is commonly used to name baby girls born in the US.

38. Verona

Named after a city in Italy, Verona is of uncertain origin. This charming town had also been the setting of Shakespeare’s’ Romeo and Juliet.

39. Holland

It Old English, Holland was used to denote a ridge land. The name is usually given to English baby girls.

40. Edina

The name has a confused origin between Hungary and England. It could be the feminine version of Edwin or the poetic name for Edinburgh.

41. Israel

In Hebrew, the name Israel means ‘May God prevail’. This mythological name is common among the Mexicans.

42. Miami

The word is derived from the name of a tribe Myaamiaki. The vivacity of the town on Florida’s tip is a quality that you would certainly like your baby girl to have.

43. Rome

Commonly used among the French and the English, the name Rome is derived from its Latin counterpart Roma. Parents like to name their children based on the cities they love. The name holds special significance to them if they had good memories in that city. Bella Lambert, a mother and a wife, finds the name Rome endearingly cute for a boy. She visited the city multiple times with her husband and that has fostered a deep love for Rome, making the name even more special to them. Bella expresses that naming a child after a city where they’ve had wonderful experiences feels both cool and uniquely meaningful (i).

44. Bethany

Another name of a Hebrew origin, it means a house of figs. Apart from England and Wales, Scotland also is a fan of the name of the Biblical city.

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American professional surfer and author Bethany Meilani Hamilton, who survived a shark attack in 2003, is a popular namesake.

45. Carmel

In the Old Testament, Carmel was a mentioned as a mountain in Israel. In Hebrew, it means garden. This English given name is majorly used by the Catholics.

46. Chandler

This name has an English background and means candle-maker. It also reminds one of the witty character from F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

47. Zaire

A less used name, Zaire originates from Portugal and means a river which swallows other rivers. The Republic of Congo also has a river of the same name.

48. Hope

This English baby name is possibly one of the easiest to understand. This is common among the English and the Welsh.

49. Vienna

Vienna denotes a person who is from the wine country. It is derived from the Dutch word vedunia, meaning a forest stream.

50. Bailey

The Texan city name means a bailiff and also the outer wall of a castle.

Place And City Names For Boys

51. Columbus

Possibly the Latin version of the Italian surname Colombo, Columbus means dove. It also immediately reminds us of Christopher Columbus.

52. Essex

The name Essex can be traced back to the Shakespearean times and is still commonly used among the English.

53. Boston

Boston, baby names after cities

Image: Shutterstock

It is the name given to one of the oldest cities in the US. It is a relatively new name for the American borns. Then again, we cannot help but picture a baby boy nicknamed ‘boss’.

54. Hamilton

Most commonly used among the Scottish, Hamilton is also being used as a given name since the 19th century. The capital of Bermuda is named so.

55. Lucca

This beautiful name for boys has an Italian origin. It means light. It is now used in the contemporary societies of England.

56. Diego

With a Spanish origin, the name could simply mean the one who supplants. The name has been brought to fame by Mexican artist Diego Rivera.

57. Kingston

The Australian city name has an English origin but is more commonly used in the US. It denotes a person who is from the village of the king.

58. Bronx

A contemporary and hipster name, Bronx originally was derived from immigrant Jonas Bronck, after whom the river and a borough in New York City are named.

59. Francisco

This name is of Spanish or Portuguese origin. It also means a Frenchman or a free person. In the US, Francisco is more popular than its English counterpart Francis.

60. Devon

The town in England got its name from a Celtic tribe Dumnonii. In Old English, it would denote the one who is from Devonshire. It is popular in the Netherlands.

61. Kent

Kent is derived from Welsh and means white. This country in England may also have acquired its name from the Brythonic word which means a coastal district.

62. Laredo

The name Laredo is rooted in Spanish origins and is a unique name for boys.

63. Melbourne

Literally, Melbourne means the one from the mill stream. It is the name for the capital of the Australian state of Victoria. It is most commonly used among the English.

64. Wyatt

In the Old English and French heritage, Wyatt means a warrior or tough in war. It is derived from the given name in medieval times, Wyot. It is a classic name that you can use for your baby boy.

65. Mitchell

It can be called a derivation of the name Michael, a medieval nickname. It is favored for boys in the US and means the gift of God. Mitchell is a historical city in the south of Dakota.

66. Mason

The meaning of mason is a stone worker. However, it can be derived from the Old English word, macian, which means to make. The usage of Mason as a name has been influenced by George Mason.

67. Trenton

It is a strong and masculine name which is seldom used. The city in New Jersey is named after the man who had established it, William Trent. The actual meaning of Trenton is a trespasser or a place which is flooded severely.

68. Aspen

Named after the mountainous trees with heart-shaped leaves, Aspen is a famous ski resort in Colorado. The English word denotes the trembling of the leaves by the slightest of wind.

69. Orlando

Orlando is the Italianized version of Roland. In Spanish, the name means a famous land. A city in Florida and a character in Shakespeare’s play, both bear this name.

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British actor Orlando Bloom, who rocketed to fame after the Lord of the rings trilogy, is a famous namesake.

70. Rio

In Spanish and Portuguese, Rio means a river. Rio de Janeiro means river of January. In England and Wales, it is a popular name and is as exotic as the place itself.

71. Lincoln

This is a rather old-school name but has been trending in Canada, New Zealand, and Australia since the year 2013. On a simpler note, it means a lake or a settlement.

72. Troy

Troy means soldier in Irish

Image: Shutterstock

Troy was a legendary ancient Greek city and is now a popular English baby name. In Irish, it means a soldier. However, Troy is now the name of a city in New York and is quite popular in the US as well.

73. Hudson

Having English origins, the meaning of Hudson is the son of the Hudd. While a famous town of New York is named so, a river also goes by the same name.

74. Santiago

It is a Spanish name derived from Saint James. It is the old Spanish form of the popular name James. Cities in Chile and Spain bear this name. As for baby boys, it makes for a name with a vintage feel.

75. Washington

The name is derived from the name of a town in England and means the town which belongs to the people of Wassa. It also means the one from the group of the intelligent. George Washington is the most famous bearer of this surname.

76. York

York is derived from a Celtic origin. The meaning of it is a yew tree. It is now a bustling city in northern England.

77. Cody

A name that has been used by several celebrities for their sons, Cody has both Irish and English origins, meaning helpful. It is a city in Wyoming, US.

78. Raleigh

A city in North Carolina, Raleigh is an uncommon name for babies. In Old English, it means a red clearing or roe deer meadow.

79. Carson

This name has a Scottish origin and its literal meaning is the son who lives in the swamp. It also reminds us of the Old West because of Kit Carson.

80. Jackson

In Scottish, Jackson refers to God’s graciousness. The capital city of Mississippi is one of the most used name for boys in the US. As a surname, it reminds us of famous personalities Michael Jackson and Andrew Jackson.

81. France

It may be called the abbreviation and male version of Francoise. The name, however, means frank or free in German.

82. Warren

The literary meaning of Warren is a maze of rabbit burrows that are interconnected. The Norman French word warrene means an animal enclosure. Apart from the US, France is also a place where this name is commonly used.

83. Denver

The name Denver may mean a green valley and has an English origin. It is the capital city of Colorado and can be said to denote a person who is from the Anvers.

84. Nador

Nador has an origin that is debatable. It may be said to be the short form of Ferdinand and means an adventurer or a peacemaker.

85. Camden

The Scottish meaning of the name is the one from the winding or enclosed valley. Numerous cities and towns around the world, as well as American baby boys, have been given this name.

86. Paris

Paris was a mythological figure, the Trojan prince who kidnapped Helen. Today, the fashion capital Paris may have acquired its name from the Parisii tribe and also means craftsmen.

87. Eden

The name Eden means paradise as well as delight. It is also a reference to the biblical garden of Eden where Adam and Eve resided before being expelled. It is mostly used in Belgium.

88. Taylor

A biblical meaning, clothed with salvation, gives the name Taylor its genesis. The name of the Michigan city also means eternal beauty. Though this name is also used for girls, naming a boy Taylor is quirky and distinctive.

89. Kyle

It is a brisk and unconventional name for a baby boy. Kyle has a topographical meaning which refers to a straight, narrow or channel. It is derived from a Scottish surname.

90. Shiloh

In Hebrew, Shiloh means the one to whom something belongs to. According to the Old Testament, it refers to tranquil.

91. Ross

Originally, Ross denoted any person who hailed from the place Ross. It also means headland or from the peninsula. It is mostly used by the Scottish people.

92. Paxton

Paxton is a trendy baby name

Image: Shutterstock

From the Old English roots, it refers to a person who is from a peaceful town. The name Paxton, a city in Illinois, is a more contemporary and trendy name than its counterpart Patrick.

93. Leland

Leland also has its roots in the Old English and means fallow land. The name started to be used more after the rising popularity of Charles Godfrey Leland. It is used both in the US and England.

94. Kerry

It gives an easy going and happy-go-lucky feeling. Derived from the Irish county, Kerry means Ciar’s people. It is, however, more popular among Australian babies than the Irish.

95. Alden

The name Alden has an Anglo-Saxon origin and means an old or wise friend. It can also be related to the name of the Alder tree. The exotic mountainous island in Norway is as beautiful as the name Alden is.

96. Iona

This name is predominantly used by the Russians and has a Hebrew origin. The monastery built on the Iona island between Scotland and Ireland associates the name with the meaning blessed.

97. Marquis

Usually common among the French and the African-American, the meaning of Marquis is the titular ranking between the duke and the earl. The female version of Marquis is Marquita.

98. Kelby

While the name with a Gaelic origin means a place by the fountain, in general, it means a person who is from the farm by the spring. It could be a modern as well as a rare name for your baby boy.

99. Laramie

The French name Laramie comes from a town in Wyoming and is named after the 19th century French fur trader Jacques Laramie. In French, the name means a canopy of leafy boughs.

100. Quincey

It is derived from a Roman clan name. In French, the name Quincey means the one from the place that is owned by the fifth son. Once extensively used by the English, the name is also common in in the US and the Netherlands.

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When you have to choose a name for your baby, a few hundreds of names may not be just enough. Keep digging our mine of baby names until you find that one precious gem.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some factors to consider when naming a baby after a city?

When naming a baby after a city, you should consider several factors. First, the cultural significance of the city name and ensure that it has positive connotations. Next, find the popularity of the name and whether it may become too trendy or dated over time.

2. Can a city name be combined with others to create a unique baby name?

Yes, creating a unique baby name by combining a city name with other names is possible. However, it is important to consider the city name’s potential meanings and cultural significance and ensure that the name is appropriate and respectful.

3. What are some tips for choosing a city name as a baby name?

When selecting a city name for a baby, it’s important to consider its significance and meaning, as well as its pronunciation and potential nicknames. Researching the city’s history, culture, and famous landmarks can help you gain inspiration and make an informed decision.

Naming a child is an exciting process for every parent. It is one of the first responsibilities of a new parent as they give their child an identity for a lifetime. Parents who love to travel, have an affinity to, or have a special memory associated with a particular city in the world, may prefer naming their babies after a city or a place. So go through the above list of place-based names and pick the best one for your baby.

Infographic: Baby Names After Cities And Places

Are you the wanderlust kind and would like to give your baby a name that inspires them to travel to new cities and countries? In the infographic that follows, we have made a list of baby names inspired by various cities and countries from around the world. Scroll through the list and pick out the ones that you think might be your potential choices.

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Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Explore 15 unique city names for girls! From Paris to Tokyo, discover the perfect destination for your little girl.

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