20 Fun Places To Visit In Delhi With Your Kids

Places to visit in delhi for kids

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Teeming, boisterous and chaotic at first glance, you might think that Delhi is not the best of places to spend time with children. It’s only when you dwell in the city, do you realize how fascinating it truly is. Rife with amazing historical spots, architectural ruins, scores of parks, and beautiful temples, Delhi is a brilliant tourist spot for all ages, and especially the kids. A tiny bit of planning is all you need, to discover the kid-friendly side of the capital of India. And as always, Momjunction has compiled a list of places to visit in Delhi for kids. Read on to learn more:

1. National Zoological Park:

A sprawling green island, a 16th century citadel and a motley collection of birds and animals, National Zoological Park is the chief wildlife attraction in Delhi. It is home to almost 1400 animals representing 130 species of birds and animals from around the world. The animals reside in an environment that resembles their natural habitat in several ways. making it one of the most fun places for kids in Delhi. The zoo not only provides a home for the endangered species, but also helps them procreate in captivity.

The National Zoological Park is huge! In fact, the ground is so extensive that children may find trouble finding the animals. The right side of the entrance houses an enclosure for animals like giraffes, lions, monkeys, chimpanzees, zebras and African wild buffaloes. To the left, you will mostly see the migratory birds like macaws, peafowls and so on.

2. India Gate:

Delhi’s famous landmark, India Gate is a 42-meter high stone memorial arc designed by Lutyens to pay tribute to the 90 thousand Indian Army soldiers who died in World War 1. A visit to India Gate should be on your agenda as it one of the most exciting places to visit in Delhi with family, not just the kids. The lush green lawns around Rajpath throng with people, especially during the evenings when the India Gate is brightly lit up.

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3. Children’s Park (Near India Gate):

If you clicked on our post to look for some tourist places in Delhi for kids, Children’s Park should be high on your list. Located adjacent to India Gate, this is an incredible 10-acre park designed specifically for children. The park offers a variety of games to keep the kids entertained. The little ones will enjoy sliding, swinging and spinning at this large playground. You should visit this park at night to see its beautiful illuminations. If time permits, you can even take the kids for a ride in a floating swan on the boating lake near the park.

4. Kingdom Of Dreams:

If you don’t mind taking your kids for a trip to Gurgaon, then Kingdom of Dreams is another one fun places to visit in Delhi for kids. The Kingdom of Dreams is India’s first live entertainment and leisure destination renowned for multiple theatrical performances. The highlight of the Kingdom of Dreams is the Cultural Gulley, an elaborate “indoor street of India” spread over a thousand square feet, under a sky dome. This vibrant space offers a kaleidoscope view of India’s cultural diversity. The Kingdom of Dreams has also launched a show for children called Wizwits.

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5. Purana Quila (Old Fort):

Purana Quila or Old Fort is another walled fort like Red Fort, but with a calmer vibe. With its dramatic gateways and towering wall, Purana Quila was constructed by Sher Shah, the Afghan Ruler after seizing control of Delhi from Emperor Humayun. The 2-kilometers long walls were built to protect the city. The monumental gatehouse opens into a peaceful garden stridden with ancient monuments. Purana Quila is one of the most historically important and interesting places to visit with family in Delhi. The kids, you and your spouse will have a great time here. The ground is well manicured and blooms with lovely flowers. Your kid will have loads of ruins and green space to ramble around. You can even attend the sound and light show organized by the Fort from February to April and September to October.

6. National Museum:

National Museum is one of the few museums in India designed for children. It is one of the most popular tourist places in Delhi for kids. It may not be as tremendously large as other museums, but it is splendid indeed. The national Museum gives a coherent snapshot of the last 5000 years of India. The exhibits include relics from the Harappan civilization, antiquities from the Silk Route, some exquisite miniature paintings, statues, musical ornaments and gruesome weapons and armors. Just to the next door is the Archaeological Survey of India, which houses journals about the main archeological sites in India.

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7. National Rail Museum:

The little train enthusiasts in your family will have a whale of a time spinning around the National Rail Museum. Spread over 11 acres, the National Rail Museum is one the places to visit in Delhi for kids. The museums had exhibits in Indian rail heritage with its collection of memorabilia. There are over 100 indoor and outdoor exhibits, including the skull of an elephant who tried charging the UP Mail to defend his herd. The venerable bogies include the saloon car of King Edward the VII, Viceregal Dining Car, and Fairy Queen, world’s oldest steam train. But the highlight of the museum is the toy train that offers rides around the entire museum. On summer days, children can beat the heat by kayaking and rafting across the waters.

8. Jantar Mantar:

Jantar Mantar is another intriguing site to check out with your kids. The epochs old observatory constructed by Maharaja Jai Singh in 1725 perfectly illustrates the scientific expertise of the ancient India. The curved geometric devices are calibrated to monitor the movement of planets and stars. The biggest instrument, “Samrat Jantar” is a protected monument under the Archaeological Survey of India. The sculpture garden is the chief attraction of Jantar Mantar.

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9. Nehru Planetarium:

If you want to give your kid a more modern take on the cosmos, then head to the Nehru Planetarium. Nehru Planetarium plays a pivotal role in publicizing knowledge about space and promoting education in astronomy. The main attraction of the planetarium is Soyz T-10, which carried Rakesh Sharma, India’s first cosmonaut to Space. There is Rakesh Sharma’s space suit and mission journal beside Soyz T-10.
The planetarium’s raison d etre is the programs and live interactions about space in both Hindi and English. And, the best part is that it keeps introducing innovative programs for its visitors. Besides, the colonial building is also absorbing with its high ceilings; teak paneled rooms, well-kept gardens, and spacious verandahs. Plans to upgrade the planetarium to bring it at par with other planetariums in the world are ongoing.

10. Crafts Museum:

Kids with loads of energy to burn will have a fun time at the Craft’s Museum, a series of pavilions dotted with sculptures, craft workshops, and mock-up buildings. The captivating museum is set up in a traditional Indian village to preserve the traditional arts of India. The highlight of the craft museum includes a replica of Gujarat Haveli, an enormous carved temple chariot and a shrine made from giant terracotta figures. Among the most fun places for kids in Delhi, your little ones will enjoy larking around by the wooden carts and watching the artisans at work. The crafts here are sold at pocket-friendly prices so you can even stock up a few.

11. Red Fort:

The Red Fort, with its sprawling gardens, places and forts is an ideal place to let the kids run around and explore unhindered. Built in 1638, the fort reminds us of the magnificent pomp and power of the Mughal emperors. The Prime Minister of India addresses the nation every year on the Independence Day at the Red Fort. Be sure to attend the Sound and Light show in the Red Fort to get a swashbuckling take on the Delhi history.

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12. Dilli Haat:

Dilli Haat is a picturesque traditional village offering a colorful dose of Indian culture that your kids will love. It is the first ever food, craft, culture and barrier free eco-friendly project. Children visiting Dilli Haat will get a view of rural India from North, South, East, and West, all under one roof. Craftsmen from all over India come to Dilli Haat to sell their wares. Your children will have a fun time discovering the Indian handicrafts and bargaining with the shopkeepers. The amphitheater of Dilli Haat also organizes cultural programs on weekends. You can even treat your kid to the foods from different regions at the Dilli Haat food court.

13. National Science Center:

The National Science Center is a renowned center of learning for kids of all ages. It features seven galleries over eight levels, covering biology, the revolution of information, science and technology heritage, emerging technologies, fun science and prehistoric life. There are also working science exhibits giving a hands-on display of the laws of physics.

14. Qutub Minar:

This 13th century marble and red sandstone obelisk is the second highest minar in India. It was built in 1193 by Qutub-ud-din Aibak after he defeated the last Hindu kingdom of Delhi. The five distinct storeys of Qutub Minar are marked by a projecting balcony and tapers. Just at the foot of the tower is Quwwat-ul-Islam Mosque, the first mosque to be built in India. It’s believed that if you can encircle the pillar of the mosque with your hands while standing with your back towards it, your wish will be fulfilled. The ground surrounding the Qutub Minar is a favorite spot for impromptu cricket matches. After visiting the monument, you can head to Olive Bar and Kitchen for a hearty meal.

15. Bal Bhavan National Children’s Museum And Aquarium:

Bal Bhavan National Children’s Museum and Aquarium contains everything that the kids love. It houses an extensive collection of dolls, toys, currency and art and craft materials from different parts of the world, making it one of the most exciting places to visit in Delhi for kids. The mini toy train is as attractive as the aviary filled with a variety of birds. The museum also organizes workshops, puppet shows and exhibitions for the entertainment of children. Children can even learn to fish, how to take care of the fish, keep the tank clean at the aquarium.

16. Adventure Island:

Adventure Island is the place to add excitement to even the dreariest of days. Just like Six Flags, Disney Land, and Universal Studios, even Adventure Island has 26 rides imported from Germany, Italy and Switzerland. There is a separate entertainment zone for the kids called Planet Pogo. One of the archetypal kids places in Delhi, your little ones are sure to return home with a wide grin on their face after a trip to the Adventure Island.

17. Lodi Gardens:

Lodi Garden, a park spreading over 90 acres is renowned for housing the tomb of Sayyid and Sikander Lodi. It is the most preferred spots for yoga enthusiasts and joggers. The Athpula Bridge is another historic structure in this garden. Just beside the tomb and the bridge is the National Bonsai Park that houses a sizeable collection of Bonsais. The park is home to several plants and trees like Deodar, Chinar, Neem and Eucalyptus and many more. Kids will also enjoy spotting a variety of birds like parakeets, kites, babblers and kingfishers. The Lodi Garden is also a popular venue for nature-related events and festivals.

18. National Gandhi Museum:

The National Gandhi Museum is a hidden gem and must not be missed for sure. It has a rich collection of books, relics, documents, journals, and other belongings of Mahatma Gandhi. The museum is divided into five sections- library, photo gallery, literature, audio-visual section, and museum. The life and philosophy of Sarvodaya Movement are projected on a film at the Gandhi Museum between 9:30 am to 5:30 pm every day except Thursday and Sunday.

19. Mughal Gardens:

Spread over 13 acres, Mughal Gardens are made with a combination of Mughal and British architecture. The garden comprises of three parts- Rectangular Garden, Long Garden and Circular Garden. The garden has more than 250 varieties of roses, making it one of the best Rose Gardens in the world. Every evening, peacocks along with their companions move around the garden. Then there are mynahs, parrots, spot bills, doves and pigeons bathing and basking in the garden.

20. Deer Park:

The Deer Park, located just near the Hauz Khas village, is a breath of fresh air from the densely populated city. Children will squeal with delight seeing deer in their enclosed areas. Even peacocks take immense delight in showing their shimmering fan of feathers to their visitors.

These 20 places to visit in Delhi for kids will keep your little mischief-makers happy and teach them much about the mesmerizing things in India. Have you ever been to Delhi? Which is your kid’s most favorite place in Delhi? Tell us by commenting below.

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