Is It Safe To Eat Plantain During Pregnancy?

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Plantains, the raw green bananas, are cooked and consumed as a staple food in many parts of the world. However, many women might be unsure of the safety of plantain during pregnancy.

Plantains are wholesome food containing good amounts of starch, fiber, minerals, and other nutrients. Eating them during pregnancy does not harm you or your baby. You will receive the essential nutrients necessary for a healthy pregnancy. However, you should avoid consuming excess plantain. Moreover, you should be cautious of the varieties of plantains as some may be neurotoxic.

Read the post to know how safe it is to eat plantains in pregnancy, which varieties you should avoid, and the health benefits of this vegetable.

What Is Plantain?

Plantains, also popular as vegetable banana, are green counterparts of nutritious ripe yellow bananas. Even though plantains belong to the family of bananas, they differ from bananas, and you need to cook them before eating. In several tropical regions including the Caribbean, you will find that people consider plantains as a staple food and rich source of starch. The delicious vegetable banana is rich in many nutrients, so it offers you many health benefits while you are expecting (1).

Is It Safe To Eat Plantain During Pregnancy?

Yes, you can enjoy eating plantains while you are expecting. In fact, several pregnant women eat plantain as a staple during pregnancy. Plantain is a great source of dietary fiber, which is highly beneficial to prevent digestion and constipation problems during this delicate phase. Also, the vegetable banana offers you good amounts of energy, proteins, folic acid, minerals, tissue-building elements, and minerals that help you enjoy a healthy pregnancy. Make sure you do not eat an excess of plantain while you are expecting. Also, avoid certain forms of plantains which are nightshades, as they contain a neurotoxin that can affect your pregnancy adversely.

Health Benefits Of Eating Plantain During Pregnancy

High nutritional content in plantains provides you lots of health benefits while expecting. Health benefits include:

1. A Rich Source Of Starch:

Plantains are an extremely reliable source of starch that provides your sufficient energy that you need during pregnancy.

2. Treats Constipation Problems:

Plantains contain high amounts of dietary fiber which promotes smooth bowel movements and reduces the risk of constipation troubles substantially while you are expecting. Adding the vegetable banana to your diet during pregnancy provides you a great relief from digestive and constipation problems.

3. Immunity Booster:

High vitamin C content and vitamin A content help enhance your immunity against several harmful infections and free radical activity during pregnancy. Vitamin A acts as a strong antioxidant, neutralizes free radicals, and prevents healthy cell damage while you are expecting.

4. Promotes Eye And Skin Health:

High ‘vitamin A’ content in plantains is highly beneficial for your eye health and vision during pregnancy. Also, vitamin A aids in improving your skin complexion while you are expecting.

5. Acts As Diuretic:

Plantain acts as a diuretic, so it helps promote smooth urinary functions. Also, the vegetable banana prevents the risk of kidney and bladder problems during pregnancy.

6. A Rich Of B-Complex Vitamins:

Plantain is an excellent source of B-complex vitamins, especially vitamin B6 or pyridoxine. So, adequate consumption of plantain helps you treat anemia, neuritis, and homocysteine effectively during pregnancy.

7. Ensures Healthy Pregnancy:

Plantains also contain good amounts of folate, thiamin, niacin, and riboflavin. Good amounts of folates in your body ensure a healthy pregnancy.

8. Strengthens Bones:

Plantains contain good amounts of minerals, such as magnesium, phosphorus, and iron. So, consumption of the unripe plantain in pregnancy helps you have strong bones and ensures good growth and development of your fetus. It also helps prevent anemia.

9. Promotes Heart Health:

High potassium content in plantains helps promote heart health and ensures you have healthy cells during pregnancy. Potassium regulates your blood pressure levels and heart rate and combat negative sodium effects significantly.

Eating vegetable bananas, also known as plantain, during pregnancy is considered completely safe. Because of its nutrient-dense features that support a healthy pregnancy and richness in dietary fibers that are particularly advantageous to preventing digestion and constipation, several pregnant women take plantain as a staple during pregnancy. It also acts as a diuretic, boosts immunity, treats anemia, neuritis, and homocysteine, and helps maintain heart health, among other things. However, consume plantains in moderation and be aware of the different types, as some may be neurotoxic.


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