Top 10 Pre/Play Schools In Hyderabad

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Pre-schooling has become an absolute pre-requisite to secure admissions in a primary school, especially for the children residing in the metros of the country. Moreover, pre-schooling helps set the very first concrete step in building a child’s future. A right Pre-school will provide necessary ambience and tools to nurture a child’s social, educational, intellectual, cognitive and emotional developments.

Finding out a pre-school that suits your child’s needs is indeed a herculean task. There are many criteria and priorities parents have as well as the needs would vary from child to child. Parents’ preferences are usually based on curriculum, ambience, facilities, child-teacher ratio, location, price and many more.

Top 10 Play Schools In Hyderabad

We have compiled a set of top 10 pre-schools based in Hyderabad. These have been listed according to the rankings given by, that reviews and rates schools across the country.

1. Chirec International School (Jubilee Hills):

  • Website:
  • Tel: +91-40-23540093, 23544484
  • Email:
  • Address: Plot No. 962, Road No.48, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad – 500 033 Telangana, India
  • Admissions for nursery begin from the age of 30 months (2.5 years)

The Pre-School Offers:

  • Curriculum: Integrated curriculum focusing on four aspects – language, creativity, inquisitiveness, and physical development. Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) curriculum is also offered.
  • Student-Teacher ratio: 1:15 in Integrated curriculum; 1:13 in CIE curriculum
  • Sprawling outdoor area available for students
  • Open-air auditorium and multipurpose halls
  • Food provided at dedicated dining area
  • Transport facility available

2. Indus Early Learning Centre (Jubilee Hills):

The Pre-School Offers:

  • Curriculum: Inquisitive and explorative, divided into five areas such as language, numeracy, science, arts, personal and physical.
  • Child: Teacher ratio – 20:1
  • Qualified teachers and trained staffs.
  • Encourages strong parental involvement.
  • Takes kids with special needs.
  • Well-equipped classrooms and art areas.
  • Indoor and outdoor play area and swimming pool.
  • Qualified coach to provide swimming lessons.
  • Good safety measures and high on hygiene
  • Meals and snacks available in-house.
  • Provides field trips.
  • School transport available.
  • Designated drop and pick area,
  • Higher classes available at Indus international school.

3. Kangaroo Kids (Banjara Hills):

  • Website: Banjara Hills:
  • Corporate website:
  • Tel: 040 – 23542399
  • Email-id:
  • Address: 8-2-282/A, Road No. 3, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad – 500034
  • In-take: 1-4 years
  • Many centers available across the city.
  • Banjara Hills branch is rated high.

The Pre-School Offers:

  • Curriculum: Integrated, theme based, learner centric.
  • Air-conditioned classrooms.
  • Outdoor and indoor play area available.
  • School transport available.

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4. Globe Toters (Jubilee Hills):

The Pre-School Offers:

  • Curriculum: Thematic and explorative designed by Birla, as an outcome of years long research.
  • Child – Teacher ratio: 8:1 for nursery, 12:1 for Kinder Garden
  • Various learning centers designed within each classroom considering multiple intelligence of the child and to help child learn through the most suitable way.
  • Primarily focuses on pre-schooling, extended after-school available for children between 2-8 years.
  • Encourages constant parent involvement and volunteering.
  • Very friendly, approachable and qualified teachers and staff.
  • Healthy and child friendly meals/snacks included.
  • High on hygiene and safety.
  • Spacious classrooms and a/c available.
  • Outdoor play area, AV room, sick bay etc. available.
  • School transport available
  • Field trips included.
  • Higher classes are conducted at Open Minds school, functioning at Kolur.

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5. KinderKare (Gachibowli):

  • Website:
  • Tel: +91-40-64525689
  • Mobile: +91-9246155689
  • Email ID:
  • Address: #3, Beside Hotel Radisson, Jayabheri Enclave, Gachibowli, Hyderabad – 500032
  • In-take: 1-10 years
  • Full day (8.30 am to 6.30 pm) and half day (8.30 am to 1.30 pm) programs available

The Pre-School Offers:

  • Curriculum – Theme based, Montessori style, balanced learning.
  • Child: Teacher ratio – 6:1
  • Day care and pre-schooling integrated.
  • Nice outdoor play area, splash pool and indoor play area.
  • Food prepared and served at the school.
  • CCTV facility, monitored from center head’s cabin.
  • Qualified teachers and staff.
  • Clean, hygienic, child friendly surroundings.
  • Spacious, air-conditioned classrooms.
  • School transport available.

6. Euro Kids (Banjara Hills):

  • Website:
  • Tel: 040-2332 0389
  • Address: 275 A/D, MLA Colony, Road No 12, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad – 500034
  • Available across the city, the network is very popular
  • Banjara Hills branch is consistently rated high.

The Pre-School Offers:

  • Curriculum: Explorative, experience based learning.
  • Outside play area available.
  • School transport available.
  • Parental involvement.

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7. Bachpan (Banjara Hills):

  • Website:
  • Tel: +(91)-40-32444683
  • Mobile: +(91)-9347275306, 7306312004, 9959715140
  • Email:
  • Address: Plot No 84, Sagar Society, Street No 7, Road No 2, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad – 500034, Next To Harley Davidson Bike Show Room
  • Established in 2005

The Pre-School Offers:

  • Interactive teaching through Edurite DigiClass.
  • Fun filled learning experience provided by well-trained teaching staff.
  • Pedagogy involves many hands-on teaching and learning activities that encourage the pursuit of education and knowledge.
  • Foster holistic development for each student at physical, emotional, social and mental levels.
  • Well equipped with a library, art & craft, dining, audio-visual and toy rooms.
  • Fun splash room, hygienic sand pit, and play items include balancing ring, slides, tunnels, trampoline, etc.
  • Colorful classrooms with safety cameras and air-conditioning.
  • Sports and extracurricular activities.
  • School transport.

8. Iris Florets (West Marredpally):

The Pre-School Offers:

  • Creatively stimulating and nurturing place of excellence where children can learn, play and grow.
  • Teaching methodology based on research and scientific facts where children can develop conceptual understanding of various topics.
  • Aesthetic infrastructure and ambience.
  • Hygienic classrooms with safety cameras.

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9. Blue Blocks (Gachibowli):

  • Website:
  • Mobile: +91-9000955050/ 9000955051
  • Email:
  • Address: MIG 3, Lane opposite to DLF, Gachibowli.
  • Intake – 1 year to 5.5 years
  • School hours – 2-4 hours, morning and afternoon slots available

The Pre-School Offers:

  • Curriculum: Montessori
  • Parents must attend Positive Parenting Workshop conducted by the school to secure admission.
  • Good infrastructure.
  • Outdoor play area available.
  • School transport – available in limited routes.

10. Polka Dots (Jubilee Hills):

The Pre-School Offers:

  • Curriculum: Theme based experiential learning based on multiple intelligence of the child.
  • Pingu’s English program ( to help nurture kid’s English speaking skills.
  • Nice indoor and outdoor play area.
  • Different learning centers and fun areas.
  • High on hygiene and safety.
  • Air-conditioned classrooms.
  • School transport available.

Hope this article on 10 best play schools in Hyderabad eases your pre/play school hunt for your kid. Always remember facilities, fee structure, quality, etc, varies from center to center. So our advice to all parents is to pay a personal visit to the schools before making a final decision.

Happy Learning!

Disclaimer“The list of schools has been taken from various surveys done by third-party print and online publications. MomJunction was not involved in the surveys nor it has any business partnerships with the schools covered in the list. This post is not an endorsement of the schools and parents’ discretion is advised in selecting a school.”

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