30+ Short, Beautiful, And Inspirational Poems About Aunts

It’s time to send your love to your aunt, who pampers you a lot and presents you with goodies. Our collection of poems about aunt can make your task easier. Read through them, pick the most relatable one, and send them across to your favorite person in the family. You can even find inspiration from some poems and create one of your own. Whether it is her birthday or a casual day, send her a poem and bring a smile to her post. She will be delighted and love you even more for making her feel special.

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Short Aunt Poems

Make your aunt feel special on any casual day. Whether she is near or far, share a short poem to tell her how much you love your dear auntie.

1. Only One Aunt

Only one aunt to cherish and love

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Millions of stars in the heavens above,
Only one aunt to cherish and love.
Thousands and thousands of flowers and trees,
Hundreds and hundreds of mountains and seas.
Everything multiplied over and over,
Robins and butterflies, bees in the clover.
Many good friends to think the world of,
But only one aunt to cherish and love.


2. Dearest Aunt

You changed my diapers and played hide-and-seek when I was young
As a teenager, you taught me many things and held my hand through heartbreaks and fights
And now that I am grown, you are there for me as a friend to talk to about anything
Thank you for being not only my Aunt, but one of my dearest of friends.


3. Dear Aunt

A thousand words would never be enough
To describe how much you mean to us
A million stars in the skies above
Only one aunt can fulfill that love
A special friend so close to the heart
Nothing comes close to our dear aunt


4. Wonderful Aunt

A woman such as you,
Is brave, strong and true.
A sister, confidante, and friend,
You are there until the end.
An aunt is like no other,
Being there just like a mother.
So sweet, kind, and caring,
Your love not overbearing.
This is just a thought,
Thank you, my wonderful aunt.


5. Hey Aunty

Her once shiny black hair is completely all white
And her tall frame is now smaller and ever so slight.
Her face shows the signs of her eighty-two years
It reflects all her happiness, her fears and her tears.
Even though her face has some lines and some wrinkles
Her eyes are bright and often they twinkle.
Her mind is still sharp; her memory still clear
I know that losing it now is her greatest fear.
So when I visit we often sit for long hours and chat.
I listen intently as I stroke Spunky her cat.
She talks of her childhood with her sister, my mother
And tells me her stories, one after another.
She talks about other sisters, Cecile and Ann
And her loving husband Horace, who was such a handsome man.
But I know that one day the stories will end.
And I’ll be losing not only my Aunt but also my friend.
So I’ll treasure the days that God let me be there
To hear all the stories she was so willing to share.

—Nellie Louise

6. Love You Auntie

I love you, Auntie

Image: IStock

When I was young
We would laugh and play games
And now I know it’s not the same
I am grown and real life has begun
But when I am around you
We still have so much fun
We joke and talk a ton
And I just wish you knew
How much I really love you
I love you, Auntie


7. Aunt, You Mean World To Me

Days at the beach and hours spent walking
Camping trips and much exploring
Piles of gifts under the tree
Biscuits and a cup of tea
Helping mum when I tire her out
It takes a lot to make you shout
Loving hugs, advice for free
Aunt you mean the world to me


8. My Lovely Aunt

To the aunt who never doubted me,
who stood up for me,
and taught me all she could;
to the aunt that loved me
and never was embarrassed
by the things I did or said;
for the aunt who gave me everything.

9. Aunts Can Be Friends Too

I saw my aunt who I haven’t seen in awhile
I thought oh great what are we going to say to each other
We talked and talked and we shared feelings that we had held in for a long while.
After she left I wanted to cry
she brought up old feelings that I used to share with my friend.
She brought back memories of my deceased friend
and then that’s when I realized that she is best friend material.
The love she shared and the time she spent made me long for her all the more.
When you see an aunt who you haven’t seen in awhile
or even if she lives down the road two miles,
give her the chance and time to become a friend.
It’s really worth the while.

—Sara E. Jones

10. To The Greatest Aunt

Aunts are made from all things good

Image: Shutterstock

Aunts are made from all things good
They know magic and special things
My aunt taught me to chop firewood
And crochet little things
My aunt makes choc chip cookies
And can roast things on a spit
We adventure in the forest
And camp round a big fire pit


11. God Made Aunts

God knew the need for someone
To add humor to our hearts.
Someone who would spice

Our lives with laughter and mischief.
Someone we could run to
For special comfort and friendship;
Someone whose life would
Touch ours in a
Hundred different ways…
So he made Aunts.


12. Smartest Aunt

My aunt is not smartest,
Yet, she get A’s on tests.
This only happens if she studies for hours.
I remember sitting there on her phone,
how happy she was when she learned how to work the printer.
She has the biggest heart with the most caring touch,
which she shares with so many of us.
Her soul is made of pure love,
yet she’s worth way more than gold.
In my eyes, she will always be,
the most beautiful person to walk the earth.
To me she’s the smartest woman I know,
and it truly does show.
There is no one that compares to her,
no one that even comes close.


13. For My Aunt

I feel a special closeness to you
I always have
Maybe it is because
You have always been there for me
From the very beginning
Listening to me, encouraging me
Now that we are older
Let me thank you for everything
And tell you how much you mean to me
I love you dearly
And I feel fortunate you are a part of my life


14. Thank You Aunt

From my very early days
She supported me in many ways
She shared with me her hope and love
She was a gift, sent up from above
I had a loving mother
And she was yet another
She still loves me for all I do
I want her to know I love her too.


15. For My Aunt

My aunt is to me the greatest person in this world,
one of a kind and one in a million.

She has the biggest heart with the most caring touch,
which she shares with so many of us.

Her soul is made of pure love,
yet she’s worth way more than gold.

In my eyes, she will always be
the most beautiful person to walk the earth.

To me she’s the smartest woman I know,
and it truly does show.

There is no one that compares to her,
no one that even comes close.

I appreciate all the advice she has given me.
I take it in with immense gratitude.

The memories I will forever cherish,
for they are priceless.

For all she has done, I will forever be thankful,
and my love for her only grows more with each day that passes.

On a high pedestal is where I hold her,
for I admire her so much more than she knows.

Having her a part of my life is the greatest gift of all,
being in her presence is God’s blessing to me.

Looking deep inside of her,
I see that strong, wise woman I hope to become.

Giving, helpful, loving, caring, and kind,
is what defines her.

She is not only my favorite aunt, but she is my role model,
and to be like her would be my only wish.

—Angie M Flores

16. My Auntie

When I was hopeless, you were there.
You picked me up; you showed me care.
Without the love you had for me
God only knows where I would be.

To me, you were a second mom,
a person I drew wisdom from.
In my corner every fight,
you always cared that things were right.

I won’t forget the things you’ve done.
I felt like your adopted son.
Ready now and feeling new,
I couldn’t leave not thanking you.

—George Naylor

17. Thanks to my Aunt

Mother’s sister
Cool confidant
Wiper of tears
Loyal friend
You taught me so much
We share an unbreakable bond
Thanks, my dear aunt
For being a part of my life.


Inspirational Poems For Aunts

Adorable and caring auntie has always inspired you to achieve success in life. Now it’s your time to inspire her for being such a lovely aunt. Express your feelings for your aunt with an inspiring poem.

18. Special Aunt

Special aunt poem

Image: IStock

Aunts are special women
who specialize in fun days
and awesome gifts.
They don’t act like mothers,
and act more like friends,
which is why “cool aunt” exists.
As far as aunts go,
I’m pretty sure I have one of the coolest.

19. My Special Aunt

It takes many special qualities
To make an aunt like you,
A lot of care and kindness
And understanding, too…
It takes a special kind of love
That seems to know no end
And the thoughtfulness and patience
Of a true and trusted friend…
It takes many special qualities
To make an aunt like you,
And that’s why you
Are loved so much
Today and all year through.


20. My Aunt

An aunt is such a special person

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An aunt is such a special person
who loves you like her own.
Her heart open, her ears are perked
to call you on the phone.
She confesses all the secrets
of her lively youth.
She answers all your weirdest questions
and always tells the truth.

21. A Poem For Auntie

Sometimes I know the words to say
Give thanks for all you’ve done
But then they fly up and away
As quickly as they come

How could I possibly thank you enough
The one who makes me whole
The one to whom I owe my life
The forming of my soul

For never giving up on me
Even when your nerves had reached the end
For always being proud of me
For being my best friend

So thank you Auntie for everything

—Brittany L. Briscoe

22. To My Aunt

This is to someone who is like a mother,
to someone who looked after me since I was younger.
To someone who cared when nobody else did,
to someone who loved me as much as my dad did.
To some whom they say I look like,
to someone who always wants to make things right.
To someone who takes me like a daughter,
to someone who protects and makes the family stronger.
To someone who I will never forget,
to someone’s daughter I will always protect.

—Ida Lester, aestheticpoems.com

23. What Aunts Are Made Of

Goodness and care
And loads of love to share
Tips and advice
And everything nice
Kindness and grace
And a mother-like face
Hugs from the heart
Fun from the start.


24. To My Aunt

When I lost my mother
You were there with me
You wiped my tears
And made my booboos better
Now I am older
Yet you are the first one I go to
When I want to talk
Never change, my dear aunt
Thanks for being with me.


25. Thank You Aunt

You are God’s special gift
Into our lives you came
Whenever we needed a mood lift
You conjured up a fun game
You show endless love
And model faith and hope
You have been sent from above
To help and guide us cope
You are the sister of my mother
You are the best, I’d never want another.


26. To My Aunt

You fill my life with laughter
You see me through
You are here with me
No matter what I do
You are a gift from God
Your love knows no end
You could have had anyone
But you chose to be my friend
Thank you, aunt, for everything.


27. Dear Auntie

When I was low, you were there
Always for me, showing me care
You were always my second mom
Always full of love, always so calm
Without the love you showed me
I do not know where I would be
Thank you auntie for always being you
Everytime fresh and everytime new


28. To My Aunt

To my aunt who is full of grace
Who appears with a smile always on her face
Your love and warmth light up every room
Seeing your face, I feel my heart bloom
In my heart you will forever last
Full of kindness and wisdom vast
You are my blessing, this is true
I will always be grateful to you.


29. Thank You Aunt

You are like a shining sunbeam
You have a special sheen
Your laughter brightens my day
In your presence, I always want to stay
Thank you, aunt, for fulfilling my every dream.


30. To My Loving Aunt

With open arms and loving heart
You have always made me feel a part
Of your world that is full of love
You are sent from the heavens above.
Every smile is calm, every hug is peace
My love for you will never cease
My dear old aunt, you are a treasure
To spend time with you is a pleasure.


31. My Wise Aunt

Your vast wisdom has no end
You are my most loyal friend
In trials you are my guiding force
With your advice, I stay on course
You chase away the dark and gloom
You are my garden’s happiest bloom
Your love never fails to warm my soul
In your presence, I always feel whole.


Note: The poems in this collection are not original works of MomJunction but have been sourced from various authors. No claim of ownership is being made by us. Credit has been given wherever the details were available. If you are the original author of any poem and wish to have it credited or removed, please contact us. We value the creative rights of authors and will address your request promptly.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can poetry be used to express the love and appreciation one has for an aunt?

You can use poetry to express emotions you would otherwise be hesitant or shy to share. You may do so by using the right words and phrases that best describe your feelings for your aunt.

2. How can personal memories or experiences with an aunt be incorporated into a poem?

You may mention instances where your aunt has supported you during your sad times and how you appreciate her contribution. You may also drop a reference to a memory together that only she will know.

3. What metaphors or symbolic representations can be used in a poem about an aunt?

Several metaphors or symbolic representations may be used based on your experiences with your aunt. For example, she may be a “bridge” between the different family members, a “tree” that provides cool shade, an “angel” for her sweet, comforting, and magical nature, or a “rock” for the constant support she provides.

4. What different forms or styles of poetry can be used to write a poem about an aunt?

Free verses, haikus, sonnets, limericks, epigrams, rhymes, acrostic, villanelle, couplets, odes, and ballads can be some forms of poetry suitable for writing a poem about an aunt.

Poems about your aunt are a great way to show your affection towards her in a manner that can not be seen physically but can be felt. They talk about how your aunt has been there for you, watched you bloom, and how much her presence has meant to you. A well-written poem is undoubtedly a fascinating way to express your thoughts and feelings about the bond that you share with your loving aunt. And an even better way to present such a poem would be to read it aloud to her.

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