35 Poems About Dad, Filled With Love And Gratitude

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A father is the most special man for his children. He is their source of inspiration, and children idolize him and try to emulate his actions to prosper in life. So, express your love and admiration for your dad with these special poems for dads shared in this post. These poems are beaded with words to let the daughters and sons express their love, appreciation, care, and gratitude for their fathers. In this post, we bring a few beautiful poems that have been carved with thoughtful words to describe a child’s emotion for their dad and the special bond they share with him.

Dad Poems From Daughter

Here are a few poems by daughters, describing their emotions and the special bond they share with father till eternity.

1. My Dad

If I could write a story,
It would be the greatest ever told.
I’d write about my daddy,
For he had a heart of gold.
My dad, he was no hero
Known around this world.
He was everything to me,
For I was his baby girl.
I’d write about the lessons.
He taught me right from wrong.
He instilled in me the values.
That one day, I’d be strong.
He taught me to face my fears,
Take each day as it comes,
For there are things that we can’t change.
He would say what’s done is done.
He would say, hold your head up high,
Carry yourself with pride.
Thanks to him, I am somebody,
I will never run and hide.
If I could write a story,
It would be the greatest ever told.
I’d write about my daddy,
For he had a heart of gold.

— Vicky Frye

2. Tears In My Daddy’s Eyes

He was always my pillar when I knew I’d fall,
Always my anchor so strong and tall.
His hard face changes only for me.
His softer side, so careless and free.
He knows my dreams are too big for this place.
His little girl’s leaving, ready to begin her race.
He knows I’ll be thinking of him wherever I go.
I know I’m ready to do this on my own,
But still, I cry, and he holds me tight,
He tries to be strong, not a tear in sight.
I’m ready to reach for the stars in the sky.
He’s ready to watch his princess fly.
It’s time to let go, sure of a path to take,
But now I know, even pillars can break.
For when I drive away, trying to stifle my cries,
All I could see were tears in my father’s eyes.

— Unknown Mystery

3. Wondrous Magical Times

The child held to her
daddy’s hand.
She stood upon his feet,
and as they danced to the music,
their closeness was complete.

Excitedly, the little girl
would wait for her daddy to speak,
and as she danced in his footsteps,
he knew one day another’s love
she would seek.

Time whirled her far
from her daddy’s footsteps,
into lost dreams of a magic time,
void of knights and steeds
and damsels saved
and music filled with rhyme.

Old daddy wiped away his daughter’s
tears of sadness and then the
tears of strife,
and then held to his child’s hand,
quietly rectifying her life.

The child held to her
daddy’s hand
and danced to music filled with rhyme,
and felt a touch of happiness
and wondrous magical times.

— Annette R. Hershey

4. Daddy’s Little Girl

As I look back to see
I remember times spent on your knee

When it came to my biggest fears
you came along to wipe away my tears
But as years started rushing by
I’ll have to say with a sigh

You needed me just as bad
and those times were so sad

But now we’re a family once more
and I know there’s so much in store

You always seem to know when I need a smile
especially when you haven’t seen one in a while

We seem to always be on the same page
even though there’s a big difference in age

We know how to make each other laugh
and it makes time flypast

Daddy, that’s why I’m so thankful for you
I would never ask for anyone new

I love you so very much
because you help me with all my problems and such

I know you wish you could give me the world
but I’m proud enough with my title
“Daddy’s Little Girl”

— Heather Leanne Fleming

5. My Daddy

I sit and look back to how far I can remember,
And you are always there next to me.
Each and every day, you were helping me grow up,
And making me be the best that I can be.

Your love was forever strong,
Your cuddles forever tight.
Every day since I was born,
Your love was always in sight.

I will always be your Baby Girl,
And you will always be my BEST DAD.
I know I will always be the luckiest
To have the best dad, any girl could have had.

My Daddy, I love you with all my heart,
Much more than I ever say.
You are my world, my everything,
Each and every day.

— Ranja Kujala

6. Memories Of My Dad

He wasn’t a hero
Known by the world,
But a hero he was
To his little girl.

My daddy was a god
Who knew all things.
And better than Santa,
With the gifts, he’d bring.

I knew his voice
Before I could speak
And loved it when
He would sing me to sleep.

He changed my diapers.
And sat up all night.
When my body was weak
And I’d put up a fight.

He’d come home late
With not much to say
And made us all kneel
As he taught me to pray.

He taught me life’s lessons.
Of right from wrong
And instilled in me values
That I might be strong.

And so through the years,
Like a hero, he stood.
Working to give
All that he could.

His presence was important,
And we loved to see him smile,
For no one in the world
Could emulate his style.

And so, dear Dad,
My best memory to recall
Is the gift of your presence,
The greatest gift of all.

— Rebecca D. Cook

7. Daddy’s Girl

Hello, Daddy!
Time to play,
I missed you,
off at work all day.

We’ll seek and hide
and skip and jog,
and when we’re done
we’ll look for frogs.

Today I helped Mommy
sweep the rugs,
maybe after dinner
you can help me catch bugs.

Maybe I’ll help
out in the yard,
fixing the truck
won’t be so hard.

I cherish this time
you share with me,
I love you, Daddy,
I know you love me.

— Leila Devlin

8. Special Hero

When I was a baby,
you would hold me in your arms.
I felt the love and tenderness,
keeping me safe from harm.
I would look up into your eyes
and all the love I would see.
How did I get so lucky?
You were the dad chosen for me.
There is something special
about a father’s love.
Seems it was sent to me
from someplace up above.
Our love is everlasting.
I just wanted you to know
that you’re my special hero,
and I wanted to tell you so.

— Christina M. Kerschen

9. My Father, My Friend

For my father, my friend,
This to me you have always been.
Through the good times and the bad,
Your understanding I have had.
A gentleman at heart,
This sets you apart
From the others, I’ve seen.
You mean so much to me.
The laughter we have shared
Cannot be compared.
The tears I have shed,
As you lovingly nodded your head.
You have always been there,
With a smile and a hug,
A precious gift from our God up above.
The times that I have been down and sad,
Your silly ways could always make me glad.
You gave me strength to carry on,
Even when all hope seemed to be gone.
The lessons in life that I have learned
Are from your genuine love and concern.
With deep appreciation for all, you have done.
You, Dad,
Are my number one.
With all my love, Your Daughter, Your Friend

— Peggy Stewart

10. To Be Daddy’s Girl Again Someday

Feeling lost without him.
Feeling empty too
I used to be my daddy’s girl
This I know was true.
Now that we have split apart
Gone our separate ways
I pray to God each night
To bring us back together someday.
Yet I fear this is impossible
Not right now anyway.
I still hold out hope.
To be my daddy’s girl again someday.
Yet still, all I can say is,
I’m feeling lost without him
Feeling empty too
Dear God, I’m still praying.
Please, oh please, to help me get through.

— Katherine Cannon

11. Everything Dad

A little girl needs her daddy
To love her with manly charm,
To soothe her when she’s hurt,
And keep her safe from harm.

A girl needs her dad
To show her a man who’s good,
To help her make right choices,
As only a father could.

A woman needs her father
Just to be aware,
He’ll always be there for her
To sustain her and to care.

You’ve been all these things, Dad.
I hope that you can see
How much I treasure you;
You mean everything to me.

— Joanna Fuchs

12. I Miss You, Dad!

When I was a little girl,
I can still remember our happy moments we shared together.
People said that because I’m the only girl in the family, aside from my mom.
That I’m a spoiled brat, but I guess I’m not.

You’re my mentor; you taught me a lot of things in life, moral values,
Respect for elders, things that is useful to our everyday life.
As a Dad, you showed me of the how, the why, and the where,
No matter what has come about, you were always there.

That was spring of 2002 when I heard the news.
The doctor said you’re in pain, and there’s nothing they could do.
The result of your biopsy was you have cancer of the liver,
After I heard that, my world starts to shiver.

You talked to me and said you are dying,
My heart breaks when I heard you crying.
3 weeks later, you’ve left me.
That was so painful and the hardest thing to accept for a grieving daughter that I am.

Years may come and go, but your memory will never be erased.
I once knew a man, who gave love at his best,
And no one can ever take your place. I miss you so much, DAD!

— Catherine Ulanday

13. I Love You, Dad

I think God every day because you are always near.
When I need you the most,
We may be 800 miles apart, but you are always in my Heart.
I found so much love in you, more than I could ever imagine.
When I was sad, you believed in me; I had your love from the start.
You always showed me the way to go; You were always there for me when I needed you the most.
I would not be able to go on to another day without you.
I know I don’t call all the time, and I’m sorry.
You brought so much joy into my life; you helped me and never let me fall.
I think every day if I will ever see you again.
I know I should not think that, but I guess it is just a daughter thing.
Dad, I don’t think you know how much I Love You.
I remember all the fun we had.
I cry every time I think about you.
If I would lose you, I don’t know what I would do?
You gave me life, and you let me live it.
Every breath that I take, I remember that you gave me that rite to take that breath.
When I was sick, you were always right there.
I will always be your little girl, but I need to grow up and move on, but I will never move on from you.
I could go on for days, but all you really need to know is that I Love You with all my heart.
And I will always be your little girl no matter how far or close to you, I am.


— Christina Michelle Thompson

14. Daddy’s Little Girl

As a child, I was daddy’s little girl,
To me,
You hung the moon.
You never really realize,
How special,
A bond really is,
Between a father and a daughter.
You were there when I was born,
Through good times and bad,
You’re my daddy,
Till the end.
You were there,
When I cried for my dear,
You were better than batman,
And smarter than Einstein.
To me, you’re always,
My superhero.
Not long ago,
You walked me down the aisle,
Though you gave me away,
I’m always your little girl.
Now that I’m grown,
I know you don’t have magic powers,
But still, deep down,
You’re my hero.

— Tiffany N. Evans

15. Daddy’s Little Girl

the day she was born
all my hopes went away
my dreams of being his baby again
went down the drain
now I’m not blaming
for how he has been treating me
he did that all his own
he has thrown me to the side
like a rag doll lost in a pile of other forgotten things
with hopes that she would bring peace
she brought tragedy
now I’m not blaming her
for his stupid mistakes
he stopped thinking of me when she was born
she consumed his attention
now once again, I’m not blaming her
I do not resent her
I just want to present the facts
he doesn’t see me even though I’m standing right there
he won’t hear me even though I’m yelling in his ear
he doesn’t love me even though that’s what I’m here for
I still want to be daddy’s girl
but in the end, she still has his undivided attention

— Taylor Farrie

16. Daddy, I Love You

Here in my heart
my daddy will stay.
He nurtured and cared
he held me tight when I was scared.
my best friend, my teacher in life
I saw the tears in my daddy’s eyes
when I said I love you
I meant it so deeply
you always carried me to bed
whenever I got sleepy.
You tried to do my hair
and got it tangled every time
but I never cared
playing the guitar, strum at a time
while I danced around you
You never once sighed
I’m your little girl, and I always will be
Even when I forty, I’ll still sit on your knee
This day is yours I want to say
I love you dearly!

— Janetta

17. A Little Girl Needs Daddy

A little girl needs Daddy.
For many, many things:
Like holding her high off the ground
Where the sunlight sings!
Like being the deep music
That tells her all is right
When she awakens frantic with
The terrors of the night.

Like being the great mountain
That rises in her heart
And shows her how she might get home
When all else falls apart.

Like giving her the love
That is her sea and air,
So diving deep or soaring high
She’ll always find him there.

— Sanjeev Nanda

18. Daddy’s Little Girl

In your eyes, I see grace,
Full of love and encased
With a hope that burns bright in the dark.
Through your love, I know God.
You don’t know, but I’m in awe
Of the steps that I try to keep pace.

You may feel me slipping away,
Hanging on by a thread,
But that’s okay,
Because you know that I’ll always be that little girl
With the stars in her eyes and a bow in her curls.
And even as I grow up,
Know that you’ll always be stuck
In a place in my heart, that’s just yours.

Daddy, you’re the strongest I know.
Not just with your hands but also your soul.
I don’t think you’ve noticed, never had to look back,
But I’ve seen past the things that I thought I had lacked.

I’ve come to my crossroad; I’ve chosen my trail.
It’s going to be hard. I may even fail,
But your courage and strength will keep me on track.
And If I’ve learned anything, it would be that
Hardships and hurt will come when they may,
And if you let them drag you down
They won’t go away.

Daddy, you taught me how to be strong.
My journey is a hard one; it’s going to be long.
I have all I need to face my fears,
And the lessons have been learned; it’s taken me years.

Now I am confident in the strides that I take.
My faith has grown strong, and it will never break.
From this moment on, I’m chasing the world,
Always proud to be my daddy’s little girl.

— Ashley N

19. Hard Man With Gentle Eyes

Hard Man With Gentle eyes

My father is a black man…
Skin leathered by the sun
penetrated with motor oil
covers his short, stocky body
like canvas over boulders.
He sweats gasoline and morning dew.

My father peals his mind for me…
Discarding seeds,
bearing the fruits of his wisdom
in calloused hands;
a reminder of freedom sacrificed
for my freedom,
my future.

My father is a hard man…
With gentle eyes,
Thick-framed glasses never hide immortality
dancing in them on my reflection.
In them, I am perfect
and if not,
they are forgiving.

—Jessica Ann Corbin

20. Daddy’s Girl

Quiet as you are, I always knew
You were watching me, loving me, all the years through

Hard as it was at times, I am sure,
You were there for me, even when you felt like showing me the door

Through all of the years and the laughter and tears
I was happy to know there was a place I had no fears

That place was home with you and Mom,
where everything was safe, and I could be calm

For years I was trouble, and for that, I regret
A trillion million sorrys haven’t covered it yet

I am all grown now and have finally found my way
All that you’ve given me, I could never repay

Hopefully, seeing that I’m safe and sound.
And knowing the wonderful husband and life, I found

Will make you rest easy, as you hadn’t in the past, and you’ll be happy in knowing that this time it will last

So on this day, I celebrate you…
My wonderful father and the greatest dad too!!

— Heather McTiernan

Dad Poems From Son

A son learns so many things from his father while growing up, and these poems reflect those emotions. Scroll through them and get inspired to pen down your thoughts.

21. My Father

You are the one who held me tight,
Rocked my cradle all through night,
Cuddled me dearly when I was in fright.
Oh, Pa, you will always be my shining knight.

When I grew old,
You took me in your fold,
Made me fearless and bold.
Oh Pa, you will always be my hero, beloved.

You taught me to think right,
Never to give up without a fight.
Helped me achieve the dizzying height,
Steered my life like a leading light.
Oh, Pa, you will always be my shining knight.

— Rish

22. My Hero, Best Friend, My Daddy

My daddy looks tough as nails.
And hard as metal.
But the truth is easy to tell
He’s sweet and loving
And can always understand me.
Patient he is,
And he always makes a big difference in my everyday life.
Always managing to put a smile on my face.
Even when his days aren’t so good.
My daddy is my hero.
He is my best friend I can always trust,
And I don’t have to worry about being misjudged.
He is my daddy,
And above everybody, he is who makes me feel very happy.
The truth is, I love my daddy.

— Crystal M. Hernandez

23. Dad

Today a great man died.
He wasn’t a world leader, a famous doctor, a war hero, or even a great sports figure.
He was no business tycoon, and you would never see his name in the fortune 500.
But he was one of the greatest men who ever walked this earth; he was my dad.
I guess you can say he was never interested in getting any credit or receiving honors,
He did corny things like paid his bills on time and fed the dogs.
He never served on the P.T.A.
But he was always there to help me with my homework.
He got kicks on going to cookie or donut shops to read the paper.
Dad enjoyed the simple things like going to the park with the grandkids.
He didn’t like opera; his thing was Tejano/Spanish music.
He did all the outside housework (mowing the lawn and cleaning the yard)
He never owned a tuxedo, and I’m sure he never tasted caviar.
He never had a BMW or Lexus; he settled for his Toyota Celica.
He never took handouts but was always willing to give a helping hand,
Tonight will be my first night without him; I feel so lonesome without him.
I’m sorry for all the times I showed disrespect towards him.
I am grateful to God that I was given a wonderful father.
I hope he knew how much he has meant to all of us.
My dad smiled with a smile on this face and fulfillment in his heart.
He knew that he was a great success as a husband, father, brother, son, and friend to all those whose lives he touched.
I wonder how many millionaires can say that…..your son.
— Joey Onsurez

24. As A Boy

Well, I grew up in the country.
But things were never too bad.
I have one person to thank.
My always hard-working dad.
Sometimes there wasn’t much for Christmas.
But we always had something under the tree.
At least one pair of shoes to wear all year.
Before himself, dad always thought of me.
I slept in a very cold room.
Back then, that’s what we had to do.
One wood heater in the living room.
But dad’s bedroom was cold too.
We went to the grocery store once a week.
It would always be on payday.
Sometimes we would almost run out of food.
Somehow dad always found a way.
We hardly ever went on vacation.
Maybe a quiet picnic on a summer day.
But not too far away from home.
Dad had worked overtime for extra pay.
I never told you while you were here.
Over twenty years now, you have been at rest.
You were the hardest working man I ever knew.
And dad………. You were the best.

— Joel Miller

25. My Father

There’s a man in every boy’s life that he calls Father,
One who never gives up,
When most wouldn’t even bother.
No matter how bad it is,
He’s always there.
His judgment impartial, even though at the time
You don’t think it’s fair.
He taught you his values and imparted his views,
Equipped you with the tools of life that you need to use.
Yes, there’s one man I know unlike any other,
And that’s the man I call my father.

— Ellie

26. Perhaps we’ll never understand each other…..

Perhaps we’ll never understand each other.
Loving doesn’t mean that we agree.
If that were so, then I would say, why bother?
But there are things I know I’ll never see.
I’m sure your heart knows what I don’t yet know:
The pain of loving a reluctant son;
The anger, coming fast and building slow,
Of being helpless to control someone.
You want only that I grow up right,
But you know what right is, and I still don’t.
I have to learn to wield my inner light,
And if I follow yours, well, then I won’t.
I’m sorry for the anger in the air;
Though we fight, my love is always there.


27. My Dad

He wasn’t faster than a speeding bullet,
but he was quick to come to my defense.
Unable to leap tall buildings
but could lift my spirits when life didn’t make sense.

He did not have the strength of a locomotive,
but the size of his heart could crush any man.
He faced all that the world could throw at him
and always told us it was God’s glorious plan.

He didn’t wear a cape, a mask,
or have any superpowers,
But ask any of his friends,
he was there in their darkest hour.

So now he has gone to heaven,
and in God’s arms, he will be.
But this loving father of eight
was a superman to me.

— Michael Macdonald

28. To You, My Daddy

I have to tell you how I feel
Sometimes my words may not seem real

You do what you do to make me laugh when I cry
Most importantly, you always try

I know that no matter what or where
You will always and forever be right there

You loved me then; You love me now
Knowing this, it is hard to frown

I love you more than words can tell
Life without you would be just Hell

Forever in my heart, I know you will be
I thank the Stars YOU made me

You are my daddy; you should know
No matter how little I let it show

Thank you for all your love and caring
“I Love You, Daddy”
Forever your heart will be hearing

— Shawna

29. What Is A Father

A father is a person who loves and respects you.
He is honest, and he never neglects you.
He is the greatest that your eyes will ever see.
No other man like him will there ever be.
When you are in your bedroom and scared at night;
A father comes in to let you know that everything is alright.
Education is important, so stay in school hanging out on the streets is not so cool.
Listen to me, son, so the day you become a man.
Like me, you will do everything you can.
A father is like no other man around
Another man like him can never be found.

— Sally B. Williams

30. To My Dad

I wonder what it’s like
to not put up a fight
with someone you’re supposed to love so dearly
and get some sleep at night.

I look through these photos
of me and you together,
pictures of you and me smiling
in nice or raining weather.

I wish we could go back to that,
smiling together every day,
but now it’s the occasional smile;
it’s just not the same today.

Now I’m all grown up.
I’m smart and strong-willed.
You’re still much smarter than me,
and your strength just keeps on building.

I’m tired of these fights
and you making me mad.
When I try to get along,
the results just end up sad.

So I’ll keep trying
for the moon and stars above.
I may not act like it, Daddy,
but you I will always love.

— Cassi

31. Friendship With Dad

Not many people can say
they have a true friend
Someone that stands by your side
and shows devotion with no end
The person that encourages you
to reach for your dreams and goals
The one that understands the hardships
hidden deep within your soul
That person that stays up at night
When you need a listening ear
The only person in the world
that knows your deepest fear
That shoulder that you cry on
When life doesn’t go according to plan
They help you dust yourself off
and muscle the strength to stand
That person you can count on
When times are good and bad
Someone you’re blessed with…
I call mine Dad!

— Tukesha Ware

32. Real Dad

Though you’re not his father as far as bloodlines go,
You are the only daddy this child will ever know.
You’ve held his hand and guided his path,
Creating a bond that forever will last.
There is no escape from his watchful eye,
Whatever you do, you know he wants to try.
He wouldn’t do this with just anyone,
This is a special game shared between a father and a son.
It doesn’t make a difference whose blood courses through his veins,
You know in his heart he loves you just the same.
He is your little buddy following you around,
A love stronger than his could never be found.
You’ve taken the place of the sun, moon, and stars in the skies,
You are his father in his precious little eyes.
By the times you’ve shared and the experiences you’ve had,
It’s easy to see you are his REAL DAD.

— Bertha C. Blankenship

33. The Power Of Love

A heart so gentle
A heart so pure
A heart so broken
There seems to be no cure
He does all he can
For everyone else
It’s his turn to be happy
A man so willing
A man so kind
A man so loving
With too much on his mind
He does all he can
For everyone else
It’s his turn to be happy
So I dedicate to him
This poem and my life
In hopes, he will soon
Be rid of all strife
He does all he can
For everyone else
Dad, it’s your turn to be happy
I don’t want you
To work two jobs
I don’t want
To see you cry
I don’t want you
To keep losing sleep
I’m scared you’re going to die
Please stop worrying
There is no need to fear
I don’t want all the finest things
I just want you here
I know this doesn’t amount
To all you’ve done for me
But I hope after reading this
You will be able to see
How much your happiness
Means to me
I love you, dad…
So be happy!

— Erika N. Workman

34. A Father So Tall

A father is that special someone,
Who seems so very tall;
As he hold your hand in his,
When you are oh so small;

He rides you on his shoulders,
And watches when you play;
And laughs when you see a bug,
Then scream and run away;

He has a twinkle in his eye,
When you ask for your first date;
Then gives his approving nod,
And says, just don’t be late.

And now, after all these years,
When I think about it all;
I see it was his caring love,
That made him seem so tall.

— Duel T. Lane

35. Daddy Is A Soldier

Tiny fingers and tiny toes
Tiny little head and a button nose
These are the things that you now miss
On their forehead, you used to kiss
Trading binkies for bullets and bottles for boots
You are always proud of them, and now this time, they are proud of you
You are their daddy and their hero
Every night we count the days right down to zero
Please be strong, and please stay safe
We need you home with us where you make this a happy place!

— Stacy Roberts

36. Dad

You were there
I never called
You gave your life
I threw it all away

You were perfect
I could have changed
You gave your love
I didn’t care

You were so strong
I never realized
You gave me the world
I took it for granted

You were my only dad.
I was your only son
You gave me life
I gave you nothing at all

— William

You may not be able to give back your father’s unconditional love for you, his sacrifices, and his efforts. However, little gestures of appreciation and love are sure to make him happy and melt his heart. So if you are looking for ways to thank him, the above thoughtful poems for dads can help you express your feelings better and sweeter. These poems about love and gratitude will brighten his day, and he will cherish them forever.

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Sravani Rebbapragada

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