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A sorry acts as a bridging gap when something goes wrong in any relationship. If you want to convey your apologies to someone, how about doing it with a poem about sorry?

To err is human, and mistakes are part and parcel of any relationship. We share some endearing sorry poems to indulge in a sweet reconciliation with your loved ones in this post. These poems are sure to spark the feeling of love again.

Sorry Poems For Her

You cannot let your girlfriend or wife be angry or upset for long. Calm down your lady, by sending her pleasing sorry poems, and get back together.

1. Inner Vault

I just feel so much guilt,
That my words and actions built.
I know, what I did was wrong,
Tried to avoid it, and be strong.

Following me has been the truth,
It was hurting like a tooth.
A second more, I could not deny,
Not apologizing was a lie.

I’m so sorry, from deep inside,
Clearly guilty, my hands are tied.
It was obviously, all my fault,
I have opened my inner vault.


2. Please Forgive Me

You are the one who is hurt
But I am the one crying
You are the one who is scarred
But I am the one dying
You are the one with blisters
But I am the one bleeding
You are the one with wounds
But I am still not recuperating
I hope you can see how
I hurt when you are sad
I apologize for my mistakes


3. Sorry For The Trouble

Sorry for the trouble

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I can’t seem to fathom
What must have come over me
What I must have been thinking
When I lied to you unabashedly
I can’t seem to understand
What must have been in my psyche
How I didn’t even think
That I was just not being me
Making life difficult for you
Giving you more trouble to endure
I am sorry for giving you
Pain which was so uncalled for


4. Sincere Apologies

I don’t look at what I did
As a blunder
I look at it as a lesson
That makes me ponder
I don’t look at my folly
As my ultimate mistake
I look at what experience
From it I can take
If you see how keen I am
To learn from my errors
You’ll realize that my apology
Is an honest endeavor


5. Pardon Me Dear

I will convert your frown
Into a silly smirk
I will do everything
To make my magic work
I will take a minute
To convert your grimace
Back into a sweet smile
On your beautiful face
I am sorry


6. I Regret

I regret; poem about sorry

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I was crazy
To hurl curses
I was nasty
For all the abuses
But now I regret
I am at shame
For all the troubles
I am to blame
I promise you
I will turn a new leaf
Never again, will I ever
Give you grief
I am sorry


7. Sorry Honey

What was I thinking
When I broke your heart into two
I wonder what made me
Give heartbreak to you
Now that I look back
I can see that I was stupid
You have all the reason
To be angry for what I did
I am sorry


Sorry Poems For Him

He may never show you that he’s angry for what you did, but deep inside his heart, he may feel sad. Win over his heart again by saying sorry with a special poem.

8. Sorry For Hurting You

I hurt you
But it wasn’t intentional
I lied to you
But it was accidental
I disappointed you
But it wasn’t purposeful
I deceived you
But it wasn’t vengeful
Baby please
Forgive my carelessness
You are my
Life’s only happiness


9. Forgive Me

Forgive me poem

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Unhappy and disheartened
Dissatisfied and saddened
Troubled and disturbed
Worried and bothered
Is what I have become
Life is now burdensome
Free me of this pain
Allow me to breathe again
By forgiving me once and for all
Please accept my apology, doll


10. Sorry For Mistakes

I don’t want all this pain
With all this confusion
To be the cause of
Your agony and frustration
I don’t want all this doubt
With all this suspicion
To cause a dent
In our relations
I don’t want my mistakes
To put us in a mess
Please forgive me sweetie
For giving you so much stress
I am sorry


11. Forgive Me, Darling

What I did was due to
My unknowing
I accept that my behavior
Has been very annoying
I want you to be
A little more accepting
I want you to be
A little more understanding
I want you to be
A little more forgiving
I am very sorry
My darling


12. Genuine Sorry

Poem about sorry

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I wish I was
As cute as a kitty
Who could melt your heart
In a jiffy
I wish I was
As sweet as honey
Then it would be impossible
For you to resist me
But I am none of these things
You will have to make do
With just my genuine sorry


Relationships are all about accepting each other’s flaws, working towards making them better, and forgiving each other. And in a relationship, there might be times when you might do something wrong without intending to do it. During such times, these poems about sorry will help you apologize to your partner and work towards making your relationship better. One should remember to let go of your partner’s mistakes and let them affect your relationship. Forgive them and move on towards making better memories and understanding each other better.

Infographic: Saying Sorry In Different Languages

Want to add an authentic touch to your apology? Why not take the help of different languages from around the world? In the following infographic, we have prepared a table containing the different variations of ‘I am sorry’ from around the world that you can use while preparing to apologize. Read on and choose the language that you find the most exciting and suitable. Also, be sure to save it as well.

how to apologize in different languages [infographic]
Illustration: MomJunction Design Team

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