40+ Short Poems For Granddaughters

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Grandparents share a special bond with their granddaughters. Writing or sharing a lovely poem as a tribute to your granddaughters can be a beautiful way to honor this relationship. Granddaughters light up the lives of their grandparents through their love, mischief, and smiles. They inspire them to be children again. Granddaughters’ naughty gestures and sweet conversations never fail to win over their hearts. The little girls get so pampered at their grandparents’ house that their shenanigans know no limits. If you have a lovely granddaughter whose angelic smile makes you forget all your worries, then you must share your special thoughts with her. This post brings you some of the most beautiful granddaughter poems for inspiration.

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Short Granddaughter Poems

These heartfelt, short ballads express the emotions of grandparents through beautiful words. You can share it with your granddaughter and bring a smile to her face.

1. For A Favorite Granddaughter

Never love a simple lad,
Guard against a wise,
Shun a timid youth and sad,
Hide from haunted eyes.

Never hold your heart in pain
For an evil-doer;
Never flip it down the lane
To a gifted wooer.

Never love a loving son,
Nor a sheep astray;
Gather up your skirts and run
From a tender way.

Never give away a tear,
Never toss a pine;
Should you heed my words, my dear,
You’re no blood of mine!

— Dorothy Parker

2. A Lullaby For Tasha

The light monsoon rain sings
a lullaby so sweet
Tasha falls into a slumber
and smiles in her dreams.

— Unnikrishnan Sivasankara Menon

3. Little Granddaughter

Holding my granddaughter in my arms, sound asleep.
Kissing her forehead gently so as not to wake her up.
Heart swelling with love beyond itself, eyes stinging from tears of joy.
God touching our souls as one, our granddaughter, full of the Holy Spirit – leading her through life and guiding her according to God’s love.

— RoseAnn V. Shawiak

4. A Granddaughter’s Smile

A Granddaughter’s Smile; poem for granddaughters

Image: IStock

A granddaughter’s smile incites advantage
as she readies her nest for the nighttime story
she prepares each slice of magnetic universe
she tends to bottle warming and gifts;
the boys punctuate the fields with balls
that impress upon blankets of trampoline gravity
a vertical hope singing their holiday songs
plucking the strings of their bows
sailing their ships from universe to universe;
grandparent bliss eclipses
the last canvas of vision arranging the vibrations
into the pictures in all of our dreams.

— Lee B. Mack

5. My Granddaughters

My granddaughters are coming out by night combing their
burr-coloured hair by the rocks and streamtrickle in
Venezuela they are burnt out as falling stars but they
laugh and keep on singing them the old songs.

— Colleen Thibaudeau, poetryfoundation.com

6. First Granddaughter

A precious little child
Fashioned by God’s own hand,
Sweetness that goes unequaled
by the handiwork of man.

A winter baby sleeping calmly
As mountains beneath a robe of white
And winter winds breathe softly
Of God’s gift this wondrous little life.

— Beate E. Verterano

7. Treasure Of My Soul

I held an angel in my arms today,
A precious babe snuggled against my breast.
And my heart was overwhelmed with so much love,
As she lay contentedly at rest.

I watched her as she slept so soundly,
Gazed at her cherub face in sweet repose.
I marveled at her tiny features,
Like her dainty shell-like ears and button nose.

— Kim Merryman

8. Granddaughter Singing

Granddaughter stepping up to the mike, singing softly,
but distinctly to the audience.

Clapping easing the butterflies in soloists stomachs,
unusually in sync with one another, talent beginning
to sprout from children on the brink of their futures.

Watching them, we wonder where they will be at in the
next few years.

— RoseAnn V. Shawiak

9. Unconditional Love

Her extra sunshine, giggles, laughter, and happiness
That come from deep inside when we shop
For party dresses, make-up, and
Once in a while a bookstore.
A photo-shoot on a footbridge or garden,
Lunches at Olive Garden or Gringo’s for Mexican food,
And ice cold-fruity slushy drinks before going home.

She would text and still does to say,
You and grandpa or the best grandparents ever.
This little girl that that lights up the sky rules our hearts.

— Eve Roper

10. A Poem For Granddaughter

April, she is a smart little tike
Only two years old and riding a bike.
Skating with her is no big deal, and she
says the blessing at the noon day meal.

Puts on her shoes and combs her hair,
talks and talks, I do declare.
I can hardly wait to see her each week. She
runs into my arms and gets kissed on the cheek.

Grandpa and Grandma get the best love, no doubt,
by the time we get home, we are really wore out.

— April Faifai

11. Angelic

One look at her cherubic face
Made our hearts race in joy.
She looked at me with wide open eyes,
As if affirming a bond long established.
As if telling me, “Grandma, I am by your side,
To fulfil your yearning for a daughter
To fill the vacuum, you have long been feeling.”

— Valsa George

12. Granddaughter’s Eyes

Holding my youngest granddaughter, looking into her eyes
with a heart filled with love.
Seeing lights reflected in her eyes from a disco ball and
light, as she sat mesmerized in a trance.
Never having seen a sight like this before, she’s fascinated
by it all.

— RoseAnn V. Shawiak

13. Ten Little Toes

Ten little toes, a miracle to see,
connected to, chubby new born feet.
Soon to be running across my floors.
A Granddaughter carried, through my front door.

— Paula Swanson

14. To A Granddaughter

To A Granddaughter

Image: IStock

Everybody is somebody.
Don’t dare forget it.
God has a piece for you.
Make yourself fit it You may have to grow some
In spirit, you can do it
Put God first in your life
Then follow on through it. When disappointments come
as they most always or
The way that you take them
Will tell things about you Folks with swelled heads
Become unbalanced and fall
Fret solidly planted
Stumble, not much at all.

— Edna Howard White

15. Present For A Granddaughter

A Parcel for Skye
Stand well back when you lift the lid
Let the unicorn gallop out
With his princess hooves and his silver horn
He’ll leap like a flashing trout

Next comes an elf queen holding clothes
Princesses golden gowns
With velvet slippers and gloves of lace
And sparkly diamond crowns

And finally out pop wishes galore
Each one with a loving kiss
That every day is a happy day
And every year is bliss

— Sheena Blackhall

Poem For Granddaughter From Grandfather

Grandfathers love to spoil their granddaughters. Here are a few odes from the doting grandpas describing their experiences with their little angels.

16. Enjoying Time With Granddaughter

Enjoying Time With Granddaughter

Image: IStock

Listening to children laughing, screaming, talking, having
fun here at a McDonald’s playground in Phoenix, herewith
one of my Granddaughters’s not interested in playing.

Instead, she’s using my cell to look at videos, music in
particular, being very creative, she also likes videos that
teach her how to make things.

Her favorite to date is making slime; it’s so great to watch
her new endeavors, seeing her Dad’s traits (my son’s) coming
through her.

Having a photographic memory, remembering everything just
like her Dad and I, always having a really wonderful time
when with her.

—RoseAnn V. Shawiak

17. Upon Meeting My Granddaughter For The First Time

They lowered the babe into my lap;
Careful with her ties and snaps,
Her naked legs, startled, churning;
My eyes welled up, my throat was burnng.

I bowed my head, overwhelmed, uncertain,
I choked with feelings at this tiny burden;
I loved this child, suddenly certain
How I wished there was a curtain.

That this might be a private moment I cried,
groaning with embarrasement;
I sobbed, my head bent with tears,
An old man, senile, acting weird.

But there was wisdom in my madness;
I was overflowing with ancestral gladness;
Here was the second seed of my bones,
The present and future now conjoined.

— David McLansky

18. When Your Granddaughter Asks You To Dance

I had a wonderful moment yesterday…it was the perfect circumstance…
when my granddaughter said, “Hey PopPop… how’d you like to dance? ”

I hesitated, but she persisted… “It’s easy…you will see
we pick a song, and you follow the moves from the video on TV.”

I’ve never been known for my rhythm…but I kind of remembered the song
so I put my inhibitions aside and tried to dance along.

My arms began to flail…I had the rhythm of a stone…
I tried to dance to the music, but my feet had a mind of their own.

Eventually, I didn’t care if I was nimble or light as a feather.
What was more important than the dance…was that we were dancing together.

And for a moment, just a moment…in my mind, we were the perfect pair…
She was a young Ginger Rogers…and I was Fred Astaire.

An hour later my legs were sore, …I hadn’t danced like that since I was ten…
But I know for certain if she asked me tomorrow…I‘d dance with her again.

Grandparents, if you want to make a memory…I suggest you take a chance
to trip the light fantastic…when your granddaughter asks you to dance.

— Jim Yerman

19. Imagination

Imagination is my granddaughter,
She loves me always better.

She does often cry,
To remain jolly I try.

She reads and writes very well,
With her mother she does dwell.

Sometimes we do make merry,
We eat rice, cakes and curry.

She is theist, she believes in God,
To worship, she never feels odd.

I love her and wish her progress,
In sweet smiles she does impress.

— Kumarmani Mahakul

20. Precious Grandchild

I’m here, my precious grandchild.
Come, climb upon my knee.
You are my little love.
You mean the world to me.
I see your little hands
wipe away the tears.
I want to hold you tight
and chase away your fears.
I’m here, my precious grandchild.
Please, you can talk to me.
I love you much deeper
than the depths of the sea.
I know you are hurting.
I hear your silent cry.
I need to scream for you,
to help you breathe and sigh.
I’m here, my precious grandchild.
Come, walk outside with me.
Never stop looking up.
Keep dreaming to be free.
Promise to never lose hope.
Some things you will never know.
There will be ups and downs.
Stand, rise above the low.
I’m here, my precious grandchild.
Please, confront your pain.
After you brave the storm,
comes the cleansing rain.

— Annette R. Hershey

21. For A Granddaughter

Since the Days of Rome,
It’s been well known
to the point of certainty.
That a home that has a Julia
is a happy home indeed.

A Julia is a gentle soul,
unfailingly wise and kind.
She’ll barely even raise her voice-
If fed and changed on time.

She’ll have her mother’s beauty
Her voice a songbird’s call..
I think I hear her warming up
In the nursery down the hall

So Jennifer, you’ve given us
a J.E.M. to hold, a treasure.
May she never cause a moments grief,
But always be a pleasure.

— John F. McCullagh

22. Grandpa’s Little Silly

He was always there for her right from the very start,
This precious little girl captured his heart,
Though they shared no blood and skin color wasn’t the same,
little Eme knew him by only one name,
Grandpa’ say I love you so much,
It would go right to a place that only she touched,
He’d call her his silly, and she’d give him a smile,
But his time with her was just a short while,
Quintin left this world the day after Eme turned three,
Leaving so many wondering how could this be,
But Eme still says I love you, grandpa and she says it extra loud,
‘Cause she wants Grandpa Quintin to hear it from way up in the clouds,

— Barbara Bailey

23. Unconditional Love

The black water reflects the still morning
Monarchs flutter and dance in rising sun
Purple skies grow lighter without warning
Separate rain, as rainbow colors run
Could I have seen a more beautiful sky?
Silently approaching your silhouette
My eyes well slowly in their joyous sigh
You sit alone, playing your clarinet
There’s no vision or reflecting water
That warms my heart as this picture of you
A quivering heart for you, my granddaughter
As you practice in tune with a sky so blue.

— Frederic Parker

24. The Perfect Little Girl

The perfect little girl; poem for granddaughter

Image: IStock

When God was making our granddaughter,
He thought, “What can I do
To create a perfect little girl
To make a grandma’s dream come true?”

He started with cute and healthy.
Then added extra smarts.
Then threw in lots of giggles.
To lighten up our hearts.

He made her eyes a great big blue
And put extra twinkles there.
Then stroked her skin with angle dust
To make it soft and fair.

He made her brave and made her strong.
Part — and part——
And made her big enough to share
So everyone could treasure.

It’s been seven years since God sent you,
And I’m thankful every day
That he heard the prayer from Grandma
And sent the perfect little girl our way.

– JJ

25. A Granddaughter’s Smile

A granddaughter’s smile incites advantage
as she readies her nest for the nighttime story
she prepares each slice of magnetic universe
she tends to bottle warming and gifts;
the boys punctuate the fields with balls
that impress upon blankets of trampoline gravity
a vertical hope singing their holiday songs
plucking the strings of their bows
sailing their ships from universe to universe;
grandparent bliss eclipses
the last canvas of vision arranging the vibrations
into the pictures in all of our dreams.

— Lee B. Mack

26. Two Sweethearts

God said, “I have something special for you,
I thought I would send one, but I just sent two.”

Grandaughters they be, and it’s really nice.
God thought to bless Grandpa twice.

Two little girls, God, sent to me,
Just how lucky can a Grandpa be?

Flooding my life with so much joy,
Girls aren’t the same as a little boy.

They just love you and become a part,
Twisting like a vine around your heart.

Each one grows a little each day,
Growing up in their own little way.

Just so beautiful, like two cultured pearls,
My, how Grandpa loves his two girls.

Two sweethearts, I like to call them,
God’s gift to me, I should thank him.

None so loved your Grandpa imparts,
Katelyn and Kaysi, my two sweethearts.

— Richard N. Cook

27. A Gift That Keeps On Giving

“I’m going to give you the same gift, ” her grandma told her on her 7th birthday,
“that my grandma gave to me.”
Then she took her to the backyard and pointed to a tree.

“I don’t see a present, ” Grandma, ” her granddaughter said somewhat dejectedly,
“Just a big red ribbon wrapped all the way around that tree.”

Grandma chuckled. “That’s exactly what I said when my grandma gave it to me
Yes, for your birthday this year, honey…you present is that tree.”

“It may look just like an old tree to you but all throughout the Spring
she transforms into a music box as the birds within her sing.”

“In the heat of summer her generosity is unmistakably displayed…
She’ll be there to cool you off by offering you her shade.”

“In the Autumn just before the leaves from her depart…
She becomes a thing of beauty…a one-of-a-kind work of art.”

“She loves to sleep throughout the winter…as the snows to her bark clings….
So she’ll be ready once again…when you need her in the Spring.”

“The more time you spend with your tree…oh the wonders you will learn.
You’ll see she gives her gifts to you freely…hoping only for your love in return.”

— Jim Yerman

28. Granddaughter On My Knee

She sat on my leg till it ached a lot, then moved
where it numbed and squat, gave me red pen
to fill in the drawing, I enjoy a lot; we shared
this time together on the floor, as we sat
drawing in a Angelina Ballerina Book
for children and their grandparents
to color together, we share a lot
of love together doing this, we
bond future generations to
past in lasing memory’s
I love you, Granddad
yes, I love you too.

— Jack Gill

29. Never Pick A Wildflower

“Grandma look! Wildflowers!” I’m going to pick one for you and one for me.”
Grandma smiled, shook her head then said, “I think it’s best to let them be.”

“Some people think wildflowers are ours to pick…but I have to disagree…
Wildflowers are for us to enjoy as they feed the butterflies and bees.”

— Jim Yerman

30. My Talk With Granddaughter

Here I am walking
With my granddaughter
In this evening
And we talk as below;

Take me to the moon,
I would wash all
The black spots,
My granddaughter said.

I replied not anything,
True, but said wait,
Let me go first
To the sky to stay.

You go on study dear,
Further, I said,
How to move forward,
To any place you desire,
And to do what you want,
All in the books
Go on searching the study,
And discover there.

Nothing to worry, dear
The sky is our earth,
And you are allowed
To prove your worth.

— Gajanan Mishra

31. From One Generation To The Next

He smiled as they placed his new granddaughter in his arms and gently cradled her near…and as they rocked together in the chair…he whispered softly in her ear…

I know I am much older…having been born a long, long time ago but I’m going to tell you some things I’ve learned…I hope you’ll remember them as you grow.

Life is to be lived…always do what, in your heart, you know is right.
Don’t worry about coloring within the lines…go outside…fly a kite.

Believe in yourself when others don’t…ride in a boat upon the sea…
Stop often to count the stars at night…and whenever you can…climb a tree.

Swing on a swing, slide down a slide…run…for no reason at all.
Embrace the cold in winter, the warmth of summer, the birth of Spring…and the
changing leaves in Fall.

— Jim Yerman

Poem For Granddaughter From Grandma

Grandmothers share a sweet and adorable relation with their granddaughters. Here are a few lovely verses that express the wonderful bond.

32. Tranquility

Oh little one, how soon you’ll be
In turbulence of puberty.
I will hold tight your days of youth
And share with you my honest truth

That innocence ingrained at birth,
Precious childhood days filled with mirth,
Will be so fleeting… you will see
The need for God’s tranquility.

— Connie Marcum Wong

33. Grandma To Granddaughter

Well, granddaughter, I’ll tell you.
Life hasn’t been great for me.
I’ve had my ups and downs.
I may be calling you like the unexpected roach in my house
I’ve been in and out of the hospital
And I just want you to know
I love you

— Sophia Bridgeman

34. Grandma’s Pearls Of Wisdom

To My Granddaughter…
I’ve traveled paths you’ve yet to walk
Learned lessons old and new
And now this wisdom of my life
I’m blessed to share with you
Let kindness spread like sunshine
Embrace those who are sad
Respect their dignity, give them joy
And leave them feeling glad
Forgive those who might hurt you
And though you have your pride
Listen closely to their viewpoint
Try to see the other side
Walk softly when you’re angry
Try not to take offense
Invoke your sense of humor
Laughter’s power is immense!
Express what you are feeling
Your beliefs you should uphold
Don’t shy away from what is right
Be courageous and be bold
Keep hope right in your pocket
It will guide you day by day
Take it out when it is needed
When it’s near, you’ll find a way
Remember friends and family
Of which you are a precious part
Love deeply and love truly
Give freely from your heart
The world is far from perfect
There’s conflict and there’s strife
But you still can make a difference
By how you live your life
And so I’m very blessed to know
The wonders you will do
Because you are my granddaughter
And I believe in you.

— Becky Netherland

35. My Granddaughter And Me

My Granddaughter And Me

Image: IStock

God Almighty designed this miraculous blessing for me
To awake to a 13th morn. just granddaughter and me
Many a hugs and kisses, from the dawn of this Spring May
Hand in hand, we walked to celebrate my special day
Recollecting the many b’days with memories unforgettable
My priceless treasure, and she is so caring and adorable
Oh yes though my first grandchild, my youth she did not steal
Instead, a sweetheart she really is, and youthful is what I feel
She made me much richer as we do make quite a grand pair
With many ups and downs, laughter and tears with love in the air
Her birth did change to the better me, as I saw her gently grow
Sharing that soft fragrance of her sweetness and many more
Now all grown she mothers me, takes me to places of quality
To share her fun and to make my life one sweet, perfect melody
She opened my heart to many things that I never did see
Filling my days with pleasant happenings so heavenly
A wonderful sprightly gift, she is a blessing from above.
Her youthful charm fills my heart with unconditional love
Living in her world, her high tech era, and with her many friends
I thank God Almighty for this blessing, as she is truly a Godsend!!

— Shirani Ibrahim

36. To My Granddaughter

If ever there is a
Tomorrow when we’re
Not together there is
Something you must
Always remember… You
Are braver than you
Believe, stronger than
You think, and loved
More than you could
Ever know.

— Jen Downey, newatjendowney.weebly.com

37. Learning From Granddaughter

The world is changing
Every moment
In each and every field
Here we all permanent student
children our ideal teachers
How you are being taught …
I don’t know
But I am learning from my granddaughter
Whenever she gets time
teaches me like her teachers.

— Asit Kumar Sanyal

38. Granddaughter

I’m not sure where all the years have gone,
But there’s one thing I want you to know,
You’ve been such a “shining star” in my life,
And I’ve really loved watching you grow!

You’ve given me moments of laughter,
And memories to warm the heart,
Of a grandchild who’s really a treasure,
A joy to be with from the start.

— Genie Graveline

39. Granddaughter

She is very beautiful.
If you don’t believe me, just ask her.
A flawless conviction for
The world’s greatest actor.

Her favorite expression is
I can’t help it; I’m so cute.
So provacative, yet so true.
So full of guile, yet without rebuke.

She walks between the raindrops.
Her head still in the clouds.
Her soul is full of music.
Her spirit soars above the crowds.

She is a child of the sun.
The seal of God upon her heart.
Pride of the father and joy to grandpa,
Which can never be set apart.

— Brian Keith Smith

40. My Granddaughter

My sweet girl,
you are my butterfly
that flutters with grace,
under the golden sunshine;
as zephyr breath blows
you from one petal to the next,
slowly through pinnate leaves.
You are my sunshine that blooms my life.

Love you my special girl.

— Eve Roper

41. Grandma’s Message Of Faith

For My Granddaughter…
A Message of Faith

Faith is the song I sing for you,
A joyous melody.
Because my precious Granddaughter,
You mean the world to me.
Faith gives me understanding

Brings me hope when I am sad.
It is the smile upon your face
That always makes me glad.
It has taught me to be kind,

To be compassionate, and care,
To always think of others
And let them know I’m there.
Faith connects our friends and family

And makes us feel as one,
Surrounding us with wondrous peace,
Like light beyond the sun.
For when Faith walks beside you,

It becomes a blessed part,
Of all things good and real and true
That you carry in your heart.
And when Faith rests within you,

It forever guides your way,
Bringing beauty and serenity
To every single day.
God has blessed my life with you.

— Becky Netherland

Note: The poems in this collection are not original works of MomJunction but have been sourced from various authors. No claim of ownership is being made by us. Credit has been given wherever the details were available. If you are the original author of any poem and wish to have it credited or removed, please contact us. We value the creative rights of authors and will address your request promptly.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What emotions does one feel when writing a poem for their granddaughters?

Poems for granddaughters can take you on to trip of memory lane, evoking emotions, such as the love and warmth you felt when you first held her, the feeling of pride when she won her first prize, the tears she had when she had to go back to school, and the feelings of nostalgic feeling about every memory you have of her.

2. What are some tips for writing a great poem for my granddaughter?

When writing a poem for your granddaughter, you can include your memories with her, your love and affection for her, her achievements and characteristics, and how much she means to you. You can set the tone of the poem to your liking, whether it is sentimental, humorous, or a mix of all. Lastly, you can add lines to wish and bless her for her future.

3. Is it appropriate to include personal anecdotes in my poem for my granddaughter?

Although adding personal anecdotes can make the poem more unique and personal for her, it totally depends on your discretion and the flow and tone of the poem.

4. What are some common mistakes to avoid in writing a poem for granddaughters?

Adding too many words and information, using clichéd and sentimental lines, and lacking flow and rhythm are some common mistakes one must avoid when writing a poem for their granddaughter.

5. How long should my poem for my granddaughter be?

The length of the poem can be short or long, depending on the feeling and message you want to convey to your granddaughter. However, make sure you express all your emotions to her through the poem and bring a big smile to her face.

6. How often should I write a poem for my granddaughter?

There is no specific timeframe and frequency to express your love and care for your granddaughter through poems. However, writing poems on special occasions like birthdays, weddings, or anniversaries can make the moment extra special and invaluable for her.

Your granddaughter is an extension of you whose smile adds shine to your day. Her mischievous deeds bring boundless joy and laughter to your life. Out of the several ways you can express your love for her, writing poems for granddaughters is among the best. You can select your favorite from these short poems and share them with her. Alternatively, you can draw inspiration from these poems to write a personalized rhyme or stanza depicting your bond with her. Whatever way you choose, these short, sweet, and heartwarming poems will help you effortlessly express your emotions.

Capture the deep and the most special love between a grandparent and grandchild with this poem. Give voice to your hopes, expectations and well-wishes with this poem.

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