37 Famous And Cute Poems For Grandma

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A grandmother is that cozy wing who embraces all in the family with equal warmth, affection, and care. Dedicating some thoughtful poems for grandma can help you express your gratitude, love, and care for her. All of us have some or the other special memories associated with our grannies, such as the aroma of her homemade chocolate chip cookies, late-night stories, guidance, pampering, and all learnings from her life experiences. Read this post as we bring you some beautiful poems for grandma. You may recite these poems at family gatherings, pen them down in a letter, send them as a text message, or send them as a handwritten note along with a bunch of her favorite flowers.

37+ Poems For Cute Grandmother

The list of poems narrates the bond of love and care between grandmother and grandchildren. Reading them will help you recollect the times you spent with her that are close to your heart.

Love Poems For Grandma

You have a strong connection with your grandma. She raised you to become the admirable personality you are today. You can express love for always being with you through the ups and downs of life with these poems.

1. I Love You Grandma

There is never a time when I never needed you by my side,
Your wise advice has shaped my life the right way every time.
For no random reason, I just wanted to tell you how much I love you,
I promise to always be there for you and never leave you blue.
And whenever you find yourself sad, don’t you shed a tear,
Just always remember that your little one is always here!

2. Missing You Grandma

You have taught me the true value of life,
You taught me the difference between aim and strive,
With your guidance life is bliss,
Still remember your blessings and kiss,
You are missed so much grandma,
Looking at your picture,
Please come back to me,
Can’t stay so far,
Love you so much!

3. To My Grandma

Lovely poem for grandma

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Despite my tantrums throughout the day,
You put up with me come what may.
She is like my mother,
Gentle, caring and yet like no other.
Your beautiful smile and generous heart,
Sets your pristine love apart.

4. A Wonderful Granny

My wonderful grand mom,
You mean the world to me,
So many things are there
With you that I can see
You are the tree that gives me shade in life
Because of your support,
I can easily strive
Love you for what you are in life
Perfect as you can be!

5. My Lovely Granny I Love You

My lovely grandma I love you so
I surely want you to know
That with you I have had the best of time
That you were in my life and destined
So many things that I have learned from you
Many things being so old and new
Can’t thank you enough for giving a meaning to me
With you, I can have all the glee
I have shared my sorrows alike
And happiness with that super like
You are the granny I love the most
So, let me just raise the toast
To super memories with you
My granny I love you!

6. My Grandma Knows My Heart

My grandma knows my heart and all those things I want to say, but can’t quite put into words today,
My grandma knows my heart and loves what she sees inside,
And tells me all the time,
She loves me, just the way I am ’cause Grandma knows my heart.

7. Love You Forever Grandma

What is a Grandma?
To some it’s just their parents’ mother.
To me, it’s so much more; it’s the person who gives in when mom says no.
The person who knew all the nursery rhymes by heart.
The person who always has a hug no matter how old or big you get.
To me, grandma is more like my best friend, the one I trust with my deepest secrets.
After 7 years of being gone, you are still the one I talk to.
We love and miss you, Grandma!

8. I Love You More Than I Can Express

Love you grandma

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Grandma, you are wonderful,
so gentle, and yet so strong.
You’ve always shown that you care,
and without a doubt I belong.

You’ve been patient when I’ve strayed,
and offered guidance when asked.
It seems you can do anything,
and fantastic with every task.

Always a source of calming comfort
and a safety net when I fall.
Your love helps me in stressful times
and supports me through it all.

I love you more than I can express,
I pray I’ve earned your respect.
If I had my choice of grandmothers,
you’d be the only one I’d select!

Short Grandma Poems For Grandma

Here are some short and crisp grandma poems that can make you feel blessed.

9. Thank You

Thank you for those bedtime stories that would put me to sleep,
Thank you for making me strong on days when I would feel so weak.
Thank you Grandma for treating me like your own dear child,
Thank you for giving me memories enough to last for a lifetime.

10. Best Grandma

I have had the best time of my life with you,
I think I am amongst the chosen few,
To have a lovely grandma like you,
You are too sweet is all I can say,
In my life, you have an important role to play,
Thanks grandma, I love you a lot,
You are always in my thought!

11. Grandma Stories

Grandma you have the power to see beyond the truth,
Your caring words and lovely smile does every trouble sooth.
Your wonderful stories and caring embrace,
And the cheerful smile on that graceful face.
Grandma is a special soul,
And mine will be the best in every poll.

12. My Grandmother

My grandma’s love knows no measure,
She is indeed a beautiful treasure.
You have been there for me from the start,
And love springs for you from the bottom of your heart.
You wanted me to do my best,
You taught me to experience life with zest.

13. Thank You, Grandma

Thank you for the many times you sat beside my bed when I was sick,
Thank you for the special treats you baked just for me,
Thank you for my birthday cakes you decorate each year,
And, all the clothes you sew that I love to wear,
Thank you for the fun times we have playing games and all the shopping trips,
But, thank you most of all for spending time with me, Grandma.

14. Grandma

May I come from out the gloom,
Of my troubles with the bloom,
Of a heart that’s ever youthful still in view,
With a dash of color gay,
To relieve the sombergray,
May I be as young as you at seventy-two.

—Edgar Albert Guest

Thoughtful Grandma Poems

When you grow up, you realize the sacrifices made by your grandma to take care of you. You can thank her by sharing any of these wonderful poems for grannies.

15. Grandmother

She’s the one you see, at all my birthday parties, and school plays,
It’s oh so reassuring to know, her smiles are just for me,
The darkest night brightens, the moment I hear her voice,
And rainy days become adventures when she joins in the play,
My grandmother is so special,
No one can ever take her place,
My heart is filled with love each time I see her face.

16. I Still Remember

I still remember how you used to cuddle me,
I still remember the kisses,
I still remember your fairy tale stories,
Which made me sleep so sound,
Whenever I see around,
I see only your face in front of me,
I love you forever, its forever to see!

17. Proud Grandson

Proud grandson; poems for grandma

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You held me first when I was tiny,
Your happy tears I remember were so shiny.
The look of love and pride on your face,
Just adds to your aura and grace.
Your arms are the most comforting place on earth,
Where love will never find its dearth.

18. Box Of Memories

You and I have made a box, it’s called our box of memories.
I can’t hear your voice, but you have put it in our special box.

I look forward to sleep at night,
so I can see your healthy body and smiling face,
and it gives me comfort from dreams of you.

I wish I could put my dreams of you in an album
for everyone to see,
but I’m thrilled that you and I could put those dreams
in our box of memories.

Although I have a few best friends,
one of my best friendships is in our box of memories.

The day you died I cried,
for deep down inside you took my heart.
Even though we are physically apart,
you will always be in my heart.

I wish I could see you every day,
but all I need to do
is open up our box and there you will be,
in our precious box of memories.

19. Grandma You Are One In Life

You are the one in life
You were always there in my need
You taught me to water my loving seed
You were there to wipe my tear
I can’t thank you for that oh dear
You took the blame to save me
I adore you so much in my life
Without your love I will not survive
Stay as you are you are, so sweet
That first thing in the morning and wish
My hugs and kisses are with you
Coz your love is so very pure and true
My granny dear I simply love you
My granny dear I simply do!

Inspirational Poems About Grandmothers

Did the pet dialogues of your grandma inspire you? Show how much you respect her with an inspirational poem about grandmother.

20. She Knows

My grandmother knows everything about me sometimes before they happen,
She has a sixth sense about most things in life,
She knows how to kiss my cheek, or dry my tears, whenever I am hurt or afraid,
She bakes all kinds of yummy food and can even make a snowman, too,
In summertime, she teaches me to swim and how to catch a fish,
But best of all, she knows how to be the best grandmother in the world to me.

21. Life’s Lessons Learnt

Dear grandma,
The small lessons of life that I learned from you,
You gave me so much love,
You don’t have a clue,
Never felt so warm as I felt it with you,
You are my reason, my strength,
With your blessings,
I could start everything so new,
I love you so much,
Longing for your touch!

22. You Are The Gem

My dear grandma,
All your talks are so motivating,
All your ways so cool,
When I try to outsmart you,
I look like a fool,
Oh my dear grand mom,
You are so very sweet
You are the smile I just want to see
I love you to thee!

23. My Grandma

Poems for grandma

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My grandma has a cheerful smile when working in her garden,
She always hums a song that isn’t very long,
She lets me pick tomatoes and several ripened fruits,
“We’ll bake a pie,” she says,
“Or, maybe even two,
Once we’ve made some soup,”
We pause to rest upon the garden bench,
A lazy summer breeze lifts her straw hat and sends it sailing against the back door,
“I guess that’s our cue,” Grandma laughs and stands once more, grabbing baskets, she turns to me,
“Let’s go make something good to eat,” and reaches for my hand,
“I love you, Grandma,” I smile and notice a tiny tear that slips down her cheek.

24. Picture Perfect

Grandmothers are the very best,
In many more ways than one.
They dance, they sing,
They laugh, they play.
Never let you stick out your tongue.
They play in the garden and on the swing set.
Sometimes even in the sand.
And when you go to cross the street,
They reach out and hold your hand.

They love the flowers you pick,
And all the pictures you paint.
They also love the poems,
You do tend to make.

They may not like to cook,
And they may not like to clean,
But boy do they like to see
How happy you can be
When you’re with your grandma
On Mother’s Day.


25. Aging Grandma

I see the old in her eyes
Sometimes it makes me wonder how long she will be alive
The wrinkles in her eyes are like wrinkles in time
I can see her youth through them sometimes
She is a lot more tired now and older than I remembered her to be
She is weak and loses her temper easily
She used to tell me stories and make me smile
Now she tells me the same story each night forgetting she already has told me
I love her and miss her even though she’s still here
I hope she will be with me for many more years
—Trish Sanderson

26. Grandma

Your grandma is someone, you may depend,
A thoughtful lady, and wonderful friend.
About life, she understands,
Delicious food, magical hands.

Your grandma listens, with an open heart,
Has been there for you, right from the start.
She knows how to make things better,
Forget about email, write her a letter.

Your grandma will always love you dearly,
Tell her you love her, true and sincerely.
No matter the age, she has recently turned,
For your well-being, she’s forever concerned.

—Martin Dejnicki

27. Thank You Grandma

Thank you Grandma, for all you have done,
You shine brightly, just like the sun.
When I was a child, stories you’d read,
Took care of me, when I’d fall and would bleed.

Thank you Grandma, for all you have done,
A special lady, that knows how to have fun.
The entire family, you could entertain,
You always smile and never complain.

Thank you Grandma, for all you have done,
My appreciation and gratitude, you clearly won.
Just want to wish you, only the best,
With a Grandma like you, I have been blessed.

28. Precious Grandma

Precious grandma, my love for you is real,
Just a few words, to express how I feel.
You have always, been there for me,
Watched me grow, strong like a tree.

Precious grandma, you define kind,
Image of you, ingrained in my mind.
I hope to repay, with actions and words,
You taught me to fly, free like the birds.

Precious grandma, I’ll always be near,
There is nothing for you to fear.
You have taught me, the art of respect,
Your precious heart, I’m here to protect.

29. My Grandmother

A very wise lady, that lives all alone,
So many things, she’s taught me and shown.
Lives life gracefully, independent and free,
Splendid host, try her cookies with tea.

Smiles a lot, contagiously cheerful,
Brave like a lion, rarely she’s fearful.
Mouth-watering dishes, I love when she cooks,
Wisdom in stories, won’t find in my books.

She’s my grandmother, fantastically unique,
Always listens, when I wish to speak.
She’s from the present, future, and past,
The love that she shows me: way beyond vast!

30. Happy Grandmother’s Day

Dear grandma, today is your day,
You are the star, just want to say.
Expect plenty, hugs and attention,
You deserve, a much higher pension.

If you’re hungry, we should definitely eat,
Let’s begin, with something real sweet.
How about a delicious cake?
Should we buy one? Or should we bake?

Today is your day, you get to choose,
Let’s go shopping, for a nice pair of shoes.
The bottom line, you look great,
I think you’re ready, for a hot date.

—Martin Dejnicki

31. First Time Grandma

You’ve waited for this, for such a long time,
With further delays, it’d be crime.
We all know, you’re super excited,
The look on your face, you’re purely delighted.

Being a grandma is sometimes a chore,
A little beauty, you will adore.
Lovely baby, shall often amaze,
For many years, you’ll love and help raise.

In a few moments, your world will be blessed,
Holding your grandchild, close to your chest.
This special baby, will love you dearly,
Need your guidance, and soft voice – sincerely.

—Martin Dejnicki

32. Happy Birthday Grandma

Happy birthday grandmother

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Another birthday, another year,
A wonderful grandma, that’s your career.
We all enjoy, the simple things,
That life with you, regularly brings.

No need to count, candles or age,
Happiness is a permanent stage.
Inside our hearts, you have place,
You live life, with so much grace.

We enjoy spending time with you,
The love that we share, is honest and true.
We’d like to wish, many more,
Happy birthdays, just like before.

33. Rest In Peace – Loving Grandma

My loving grandma, the day that you left,
Heart filled with pain, felt like a theft.
I feel so much sorrow, deep is my grief,
Now you’re not suffering, that’s a relief.

I hope sincerely, that you may rest in peace,
My love for you, shall never cease.
I miss you so much, deeply and dearly,
Remember your voice, forever and clearly.

For so many of us, you were our foundation,
A beautiful life, deserves a standing ovation.
Thank you grandma, for selflessly sharing,
My loving grandma, thoughtful and caring.

—Martin Dejnicki

34. Kind Day With Grandma

It was a nice kind of a day
Its a special kind of granny love
Where she supports you in everything new
She comes and wipes your tears in pain
When you are feeling oh so blue
She makes you smile and gives you her luck
A special kind of granny love
She is your angel who loves you the most
She is your only guiding force
Of all the moments I have lived with you
I have learned to be better each day
I just want to thank you and say
That my granny I love you a lot!

35. Lucky To Have You

I am so lucky to have you
I am so lucky to be blessed with granny love
And to feel the warmth of granny dear
With you in life, I have the cheer
Can’t think of a day without you
When you were not there with me to see
My granny you are the idol I want to be like
The mind and body be alike
You have explained me the meaning of hope
With you, I have all the scope
With blessings and good life, I have had
The road of life has become easy to bear
Thank you my granny dear for always being there
I love you for everything!

36. Adorable Grandma

I always admired you in life
I have always admired your strength my granny
The way you stand tall against all odds
The way you smile when you are sad
The way you replace good with bad
The way you are there to comfort
Me in each phase of life
My respect has increased with this passage of time
I wish that I get you in my next birth
I wish that I can call you all mine
My granny dear you are so blessed
Brush it on me as well
I can see the love for me in your eyes
You have taught me the meaning to survive
I love you very much
Please give your loving tough!

37. Granny’s Love

Granny love is so pure you know
There are not many moments to show
Granny love is there all the way
Teaches you to have your say
Its the love that is straight from the heart
As granny is indeed an important part
Cherish the love that she gives you
Feeling of contentment and oh so new
A love that has no condition and reason
So pure and blissful in every season
Thank you for the love you gave
You are the best my granny
I love you more than me!

38. Grandma’s Charm

You have that charm in life
Granny you have the charm that can’t match up with
Anything in the world
With you, I feel that comfort from within
With you, I feel so good
I wish that you be my granny next birth
And to that a loving ‘Touchwood’
Years of childhood have passed away
But I still follow your way
The values and that love you gave
Used to make my day
Granny I love you all the way
You are the best just want to say!

You should always remember your grandparents and give humble respects to them for raising you and your parents in the best way possible. If you want to make your grandmother happy, you can share any of the poems on grandma listed above. You can read these poems and be inspired to compose your own poetry for her. You can thank her, tell her how important she is in your life, and talk about her charm, affection, and the flavor of her meal through these poems. You can even write her a poem on her birthday or grandparents’ day.

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