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Grandfather is that elderly figure in the family who cares for your happiness and showers you with his care and love. You don’t have to wait for a special day to reciprocate his love. With this collection of gratitude-filled poems for grandpa, you can make him feel appreciated. From taking you along for fishing, trekking, and camping to boosting your confidence with his experiences and stories of his adventures. Your granddad has been an integral part of your life’s journey and made you the individual you are today. So penning down a heartfelt poem for him can be your humble way of saying thank you. We have a list of poems for your grandfather to bring a smile to his face and make his day special.

Grandfather Poems

If you want to express how much you miss your loving grandpa, we have some thoughtful poems for you.

1. Whispers In The Wind

As I sit and look into the horizon,
I watch the sun setting over the field.
The wind chimes dangling in the breeze,
Reminding me of peacefulness.

It is then, that I think of him.
The gentle, caring, tender man
Who was always there
To hold my hand.

This man I remember through the years
Who taught us all about many things…
Use your manners, don’t talk back
Be a good girl now, I’ll tell Grandma
to get you a snack.

The man when I was little
Had hand braces and a cane.
Many days he was so sick,
Yet he tried not to show his pain.

He built his wife a home on the river.
He built it for all of us too.
Never would he leave anyone out…
Around him there was peace, hardly ever
a fuss.

Years passed by and we grandkids grew up
But he loved us still even more.
Never did he ask us but once…
He was always there,
Doing things with us was n’ere a chore.

This man believed strong in family
and always had faith in God.
He held us together for o’so long
For in his heart, that’s where we all BELONG!

I’ll never forget the day of the news
When my dad came to get me teaching at
Your granddaddy has had a heart attack,
We have to get ready, now go home and pack.

The journey to Chapel Hill was long.
I couldn’t cry, I had to be strong.
I remember seeing Grandma at first
So pale, so alone, I thought I would

He’s better, she said, Go 2 at time.
So we each awaited our turn.
When I walked in, he smiled and said, Hey.
My insides started to burn.

They say he was better
Probably gonna get well…
we stayed that night
and drove home to change.

24 hours passed, and the phone rang again…
He’s had another attack
The family up and traveled I-40 back.
Emotions were high! People were tense.
Only three days had passed and it
seemed so immense.

It was Sunday now,
The doctors called us in.
It was only a matter of time.

Each of us took turns, sitting by his

— Karen W. Burton

2. A Very Special Man

A Very Special Man

Image: Shutterstock

Many words to speak about a great man that we call Pop.
He never told my boys no,
And his love will never stop.
I have known him just eight years, but a lifetime in my soul,
And every time I saw him I never thought he’d go.
So many happy times, and so many possum grins,
So much he will be missed from all his family and friends.
He loved everyone that’s here, and some he never met.
A man of patience and kindness, I know we won’t forget.
My boys loved him dear, with just a bushel and a peck,
And never could they leave without a hug around the neck.
My husband was his grandson.
Pop always called him grand.
Then came along Ty and Dill,
Now they’re his biggest fans.
It’s hard to say goodbye
To a person I knew so great.
I wish I could have said goodbye,
but I guess I was too late.
Maybe he is listening to what I have to say.
I’m sure he will be there every night when I lay to pray.
Now that it is over,
He has flown to up above,
I know that he will be happy,
with the fulfillment of God’s love.
We let you go,
In any way that we can,
But please know that you will be missed,
Because you were a very special man…
Love Mynda

— Mynda Residori

Short Grandpa Poems
Looking for short poems to pay respect to your grandfather? Here are a few grandpa poems to share your thoughts and bring a cute smile to his innocent old face.

3. My Dear Grandfather

My dear grandfather, a wonderful man,
Always believed in me, knew that I can.
Wisdom of life, openly shared,
Comforted me, when I was scared.

My dear grandfather, routinely amaze,
Since I was little, you gladly helped raise.
Countless things, with patience you taught,
You listened to me, whenever I thought.

My dear grandfather, I truly care,
You’ve always been, much more than fair.
I’d like to wish you, only the best,
With the dearest grandfather, I have been blessed.

4. Joker Grandpa

Always finds a way, to make fun of my folks,
He is hilarious, with plenty of jokes.
A true expert, on many pranks,
For making us laugh; a little thanks.

At the dinner table, he’s rarely serious,
His tricks are cool, and quite mysterious.
I’m not saying that he knows magic,
Some of his stunts are lame and tragic.

Grandpa knows how to pull your strings,
A cheerful guy, that constantly sings.
Never know, what he’ll come up with next,
Our joker grandpa, fun and perplex.

5. Remembering Grandad

I remembered you taking me to school every day.
I remembered the smell of coffee that you used to make every morning.
I remembered you taking care of everyone.
I remembered you fishing every Saturday morning.
I remembered you making my favorite dish.
You being here is what I wish.
I will never forget that you’re in my heart and I will remember you for who you are.
I miss you, Grandfather.


6. Fun Grandpa

My grandpa knows, the art of the laugh,
So many jokes, but reveals only half.
We’ll enjoy, those fun random talks,
He makes fun of things, during our walks.

Hilarious moments, he will readily find,
Walk into a wall, and pretend to be blind.
Whenever I see him, he’s sporting a smile,
Mr. Bean, had a much better style.

A serious illness, for jokes he will fake,
Moments later, random faces he’ll make.
Seems like grandpa, just wants to have fun,
At church he tried, to pick up a nun.

7. A Beautiful Man

It’s your birthday, you deserve a treat,
You’re my grandpa, and you’re very sweet.
Whatever you wish or simply desire,
Your kind words, always inspire.

Hope you’re not worried, about your age,
You’re just turning, another page.
Your journey has been, an exciting book,
Beautiful memories, through pictures we look.

Today we celebrate, your life that’s been full,
Happy moments, naturally you pull.
Most importantly, we’re here to share,
A beautiful man, with a heart that is rare.

8. Precious Grandfather

Precious Grandfather

Image: Shutterstock

Precious grandfather, I love you so much,
You kiss my forehead, comforting touch.
Whenever you see me, your eyes glow and shine,
You’ve aged gracefully, like a bottle of wine.

I’m very sad, when there’s not enough time,
Being away from you, my heart feels a crime.
You are always in my thoughts and my mind,
Filled with wisdom, to people you’re kind.

Oh precious grandfather, just wish to say,
Whenever I see you, you brighten my day.
Looking forward – to the moments we’ll share,
Forever your granddaughter, I always be there.

9. In Loving Memory

(insert name of deceased) was wonderful and kind,
He also had a beautiful mind.
RIP, we would like to say,
Miss you and love you, today as we pray.

(insert name of deceased) lived life with passion and grace,
Forever in our hearts, he’ll have a place.
Now that life has set you free,
We’ll join you soon, we hope you see.

10. You Are So Handsome Grandpa

You are such a handsome man Grandpa,
You are the type that Grandma could boast about.
But even more than that you have a heart that is so rare,
You always manage to shower us with so much love and care.
Your memories are with me even if we ever part,
No matter where I go, I always carry them in my heart.

11. Grandpa Like You

Those days in the garden and while fishing,
You are the perfect companion for adventuring.
Never a moment of anger or despair,
Oh Grandpa, we are a perfect pair.
I have always wanted to be as cheerful as you are,
Grandpa, you are undoubtedly the rising star.

12. You Are There For Me

Every time I am on the brink of a fall,
You were there before I could even call.
Your hugs and kisses make me feel good,
You shower me with love that only you could.
Your love will always be there to stay,
This is something I could figure, and you don’t even have to say.

13. Just Like You

Just like the tree gives shade in life,
You are the same making my life so right,
You are there in need,
You are always there to enhance my deed,
You are too good grandpa,
I love you for what you are,
You are and will remain the best!

14. When I Think Of You

When I think about you,
My eyes get teary,
Grandpa your love can’t match up anything in life
You showed me the true meaning to strive,
You are too good to be true,
Grandpa I truly love you,
And, I mean it from my heart!

15. Wise As You Grandpa

There is no one as wise as you
There is no one as cool as you are
There is no one as naughty as you
You are like that shining star
You bring so much happiness in life
Grandpa, all the lessons that I learned
From you will forever stay with me
Grandpa, you are the best in everything
Stay this way being my smile
I have told you many times in life
That my love for you is prime
My love shall never change in life
You are the best grandpa ever
Stay this way forever
I love you so much!

16. Grandpa You Are The Best

Grandpas I know that you are the best
I know that you are different from the rest
Whatever you do shines so bright
With you I feel so good and right
You have taught me so many things in life
Many lessons of being so wise
I wish that in next birth I meet you
And you be my lovely grandpa too
I have no words to express my love
My love for you is so very true
Grandpa yes I truly love you
Thank you for everything!

17. You Have Been There For Me

Grandpa is always there for his grandchildren

Image: Shutterstock

You have been there when I needed you
You have been there in my support and through
Grandpa you are truly the best
You live your life with such amazing zest
Never out of energy or time
You always have a heart to share
You pay heed to things so prime
Grandpa I love you is all I want to say
Grandpa you have shown me my way
I owe you my life and my being
You have been a motivation to things
Thanks a lot my grandpa
Stay blessed in life!

18. There Is Something Special

There is something so blessed about
The aura that you have
There is something so good about
The lessons that you teach
You make me understand so well
It’s not like you just want to preach
So focused are your ways
You shine so bright at this age
I just want to be like you
I want to be like you are in life
Smiling through all the pain
Whether in struggle and strive
Grandpa you are truly the best
I love you for what you are
Stay blessed!

19. You Are So Comforting In Life

You are so comforting in your ways
With you, I am so relaxed in phase
You give great ideas that click
You have a solution to every trick
No one can be as you are my grandpa
No one can ever be like you so wise
Not a moment there has been in life
When I haven’t thanked you for things
You have always been there in need
You have always supported me in life
Thank you so much my dear grandpa
I will love you forever in time
You mean so much to me!

20. Connection With Grandpa

There is a connection that I feel with you
It’s a feeling so surreal I can’t say
Something that connects you and me
A bond that will forever stay
Grandpa you have been there
In times when no one used to care
I can’t thank you enough for things
I can’t thank you enough to talking to me
Whenever I needed a friend in life,
Just a heartfelt thanks from me to you
For always being by my side
I love you so much grandpa
I mean what I say
I love you forever grandpa!

21. Adorable To The Core

Grandpa you are so adorable to the core
You are so charming in your ways
When I don’t spent time with you
Boring are my all the days
Can’t think of anything else
Beyond all the reasons to strive
But you give that varied jibe
You give me the reason to be
Grandpa it’s all that I can see
Your ways and your perfection to me
I love you is all I want to say
Stay blessed all the way
Thank you for everything grandpa
You are the best!

22. Truly The Best

You are truly the best in every way
You have made all my memories to stay
You play even when you are sad
You make things easier for me
You know that you are the best
I love you is all I want to say
Never change the way you are
Never change the way you care
You have been a guiding force of my life
Thank you for everything grandpa
You are simply great!

23. Grandpa You Are Simply Great

You are great grandpa poem

Image: Shutterstock

Grandfathers are truly great
Guiding you along the path
Doing the best for you in life
In spite of all the sacrifice and strive
Grandpa know that you are the best
You make me learn new things in life
You play with me at times
You are there when no one is besides
More than my grandpa, you are my friend
Your love is so true and there’s no pretend
I love you so much my grandpa,
Know that this will remain for life
You are the best grandpa I know!

Heartfelt Grandpa Poems

Both grandson and granddaughter are equal for grandfather. He keeps his children close to his heart and always wishes the best for them. Here are some more thoughtful poems that can help you express your feelings.

24. Dedicated To Grandfather

I remember how he used to twiddle his thumbs,
I remember how he used to sit in his chair.
I remember how he breathed real loud,
I remember all the times we shared.

I remember the old brown car he owned,
I remember how he always played the .
I remember all the collection of stamps,
I remember his house in Florida on Poppy.

I remember fishing with cane poles in his pond,
I remember feeding the rabbits and picking the eggs.
I remember eating everything on my plate,
I remember how he used to tell me there’s no meat on my legs.

I remember the smiles and the laughter on his face,
I remember good times and bad.
I remember talking to him the very last time,
I will always remember him saying “I love you too” which made me glad.

— Tammy L. Chasteen

25. Way Past Old

Don’t worry grandpa, you’re way past old,
I’m your creation, you made me this bold.
Even at your age, your birthday still counts,
Here’s a calculator, for your discounts.

Just want to make sure, your b-day is cheerful,
Survived all those wars, nothing you’re fearful.
For an old man, you deserve plenty of credit,
Font size of this poem, I just had to edit.

Sorry grandpa, making fun of you is easy,
Your ancient jokes are beyond even cheesy.
So happy birthday, you old fart,
We have loved you, from the very start.

26. Grandpa’s Plow

When Grandpa put his hands to the plow he walked a country mile,
Sometimes I ran alongside or sat under a shade tree to watch,
I would listen to Grandpa’s words about life he told with a smile,
To plow a straight furrow, focus up ahead and there you watch.

He never looked behind while the plow was still in the ground,
And when plowing the same furrow he’d plow it a little deeper,
Removing all rocks in his path he taught me not to plow around.

Grandpa died, I grew up and the farm was finally sold,
The lessons Grandpa taught me were not just how to plow,
But truth on how to live life if I used what I was told,
Although learned many years ago truth is always for the now.

If you ever hope to make your mark you must look straight ahead,
And refuse to be detoured by the many distractions in life,
Don’t look back to see where you were, but always look ahead.

— Terry Sledge

27. Love And Guidance

Your loving granddaughter thinking of you,
We are a team, our bond is like glue.
A few words, to show how I feel,
Straight from my heart, true and so real.

You have always, been there for me,
Supported me, like the roots of a tree.
Sometimes I caused you, worry and aches,
You pushed me to grow, with my mistakes.

Taught me to be honest, truth never mask,
You listen patiently, when questions I ask.
Thank you so much, for loving me,
Your love and guidance, has set me free.

28. Rest in Peace

He has left us, and we’re so sad,
A wonderful grandpa, and a dad.
This loss of ours, is very deep,
We are here, to mourn and weep.

It’s so hard to say goodbye,
To such a wonderful and special guy.
Many of us, he has inspired,
We all loved him, and admired.

To many of us, he was a friend,
We could all rely and depend.
We’ll all miss him, so much and dearly,
Rest in peace, we wish sincerely.

29. Champ

A special father and granddad too,
Happy Father’s day, from your family crew.
Today we’ll treat you like a king,
You’re a champ, you’ve got the ring.

Choose whatever, you wish to eat,
A huge steak, with lots of meat.
Don’t forget it’s your day,
Nothing wrong with hair, that’s grey.

Hope you enjoy and have lots of fun,
A grandfather like you, we have won.
Thanks for being, exactly you,
You’re a champ, and that is true.

30. Grandpa Best

Grandpa, grandpa, you’re the best,
You are old, so get some rest,
We are here with some hugs,
Don’t forget to take your drugs.

Grandpa, grandpa, you’re the best,
We like the way, you are dressed,
Could you take us to the park?
Why do dogs always bark?

Grandpa, grandpa, you’re the best,
You are wiser, than the rest,
Always make us smile and giggle,
You act crazy, when you wiggle.

31. My Old Grandpa

My Old Grandpa

Image: Shutterstock

My old grandpa is a champ,
He knows how to hike and camp.
He is just as tough as nails,
Knows a lot, and lots of tales.

My old grandpa speaks his mind,
More than once, he’s been fined.
Knows how to get the job done,
Even in the burning sun.

My old grandpa is my buddy,
Not afraid to get bit muddy.
He is really, really cool,
Enjoying life; his #1 rule.

32. Our Experiences

So many things, from you, I’ve learned,
Your appreciation and time, hope I’ve earned.
I’ve always enjoyed, to be around,
Good times with you, I have found.

You’re a man of honor and respect,
Our experiences allowed us, to connect.
You’re my grandfather, I adore,
By your side, I’d go to war.

I hope one day, I could repay,
Encouraging, are the words you say.
Time with you, I cherish and enjoy,
I felt this way, since I was a boy.

33. Dear Grandad

We’ll dwell on the times that we sat on your knee,
In the garden at Colliehare, under the tree.
Shelling peas, telling tales or singing a song,
Sitting there until the shadows grew long.

We’ll smile when we think of the times that we shared,
Like sipping your beer, whenever we dared,
Playing cards and fearing that moment of dread,
When mother would call us both up to our beds.

I’m delighted that Will had a chance to see
How loving and fun, how giving you could be.
I smiled at Christmas when I heard you say;
“Don’t tell your mother, quick, put it away.”

I knew, at that moment in his hot little hands
Lay a crisp ten pound note, for which he had plans.
I suddenly realized I’d grown up after all,
Still your little girl, but no longer so small.

We’ll reminisce of a man who’d stir up the pot,
To see what would happen, and sometimes not.
Who was stubborn, contrary, could drive us half mad,
But you were one of a kind, for which we’re all glad.

We know in our hearts that you’ll always be close,
You’ll be in the kitchen, but not as a ghost.
We’ll think of a Scallywag with stories to enthrall,
Of Mum’s boyfriends, John’s exploits, so many to recall.

We’ll chuckle, just quietly, whenever we think
Of these tales that you’d tell, and then slyly wink.
We’ll remember your mischievous, twinkling blue eyes,
Your smiles, your laughter, your hugs, our goodbyes.

— Alex

Your grandfather may have spoiled you as a child and fought with everyone in the family to support you. If you want to show your appreciation for this hero and put a smile on his face, sending or writing poems for grandpa could be an excellent way to do it. Using the poems listed above, you can convey your gratitude, respect, affection, and appreciation for him. So pick a poem that best expresses your feelings for your grandfather, or get creative and write your own to make him feel extra special.

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