23+ Sweet And Beautiful Poems For A Mother-In-Law

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When you marry your spouse, you for a lifelong bond with their family, and most importantly, with your mother-in-law. You owe thanks to her for raising your better half, so you can express your gratitude by sharing these poems for mother-in-law with her. Though mothers-in-law are stereotyped as arrogant and wicked, we shouldn’t forget that they are firstly loving and affectionate mothers. Accept your mother-in-law with an open mind and heart, and you will see a mother in them. Choose one of the poems from this post and dedicate it to your mother-in-law.

Poems About Mothers-in-law

Through some heartfelt and loving verses, let your mother-in-law know what you think about her and how much you love her.

1. To My Mother-in-law

Because I feel that, in the Heavens above,
The angels, whispering to one another,

Can find, among their burning terms of love,
None so devotional as that of “Mother,”

Therefore by that dear name, I long have called you –
You who are more than mother unto me,

And fill my heart of hearts, where Death installed you,
In setting my Virginia’s spirit free.

My mother – my own mother, who died early,
Was but the mother of myself; but you

Are mother to the one I loved so dearly,
And thus are dearer than the mother I knew

by that infinity with which my wife
Was dearer to my soul than its soul-life.

– Edgar Allan Poe

2. A Second Mom

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You are a second mother, you know
At times I get busy and may not show
How much I care for all you do
You are special; that’s so true.

I feel so blessed to have you around
A strong bond with you I have found
So on this day, I send my love
And count you as a blessing from above.
– Catherine Pulsifer

3. Loving Mother-in-law

No woman apart from me
Knows the meaning
Of a mother-in-law
Whose love is undying
No one except me
Understands what it means
To be loved by a mother-in-law
It’s always more than what it seems
A safe and valid conclusion
No one except me can draw
That you are the world’s best

– Unknown 

Mother-in-law Poems From Daughter-in-law

Being a daughter-in-law is a difficult task. But if you have a sweet mother-in-law guiding you, then there is nothing impossible. So tell your mother-in-law what you think about her through poems.

4. For My Mother-in-law

You are the mother I received the day I wed your son.
And I just want to thank you, Mom, for the things that you have done.
You have given me a gracious man with whom I share my life.
You are his lovely mother, and I am his lucky wife.
You used to pat his little head, and now I hold his hand.
You raised a little boy, then gave me a man.
– Wendy Johnson

5. I Learned From You

I learned about love from you,
Watching your caring ways.
I learned about joy from you.
In fun-filled yesterdays.
From you, I learned forgiving.
Of faults, both big and small.
I learned what I know about living
From you, as you gave life your all.

The example you set is still with me
I’d never want any other.
I’m thankful for all that you taught me,
And I’m blessed to call you “Mother.”
– Joanna Fuchs

6. My Mom And Mine Is

My mom and mine is
My husband’s mom is mine too
There is a special bond without any clue
Don’t know when I came so close to you
Don’t know how it all started and true
Today I have in you my best friend
The purity from my heart and no present
Coz no one is as wonderful as you are
Whether you stay near or you stay far
You will always remain in my heart
My most amazing mom-in-law!
God bless you!
– Unknown

7. You Have A Very Special Place

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You have a very special place in my heart
No words can describe the respect I have for you
You have always been there to help me
In all my troubles and through
I was scared when I was married to your son
But over the years that I have known you
I have respected you more
Its all about the loving grace in your eyes
And your wish being so wise
I love you, you are a mom to me
With you there is all glee
Stay blessed!
– Unknown

8. You Are Not Just My Mother-in-law

You are not just my mother-in-law.
You are special to me.
You are not just my husband’s mom
I love you dearly
My relationship with you
Is not a formality that I share
Today I want you to know
For you, I really care.
– Unknown

9. Mother-in-law

Mother-in-law,” they say, and yet.
Somehow I simply can’t forget
“Twas you who watched his baby ways,
Who taught him his first hymn of praise,
Who smiled on him with loving pride,
When he first toddled by your side.

“Mother-in-law,” but oh, ’twas you
Who taught him to be kind and true;
When he was tired, almost asleep,
‘Twas to your arms he used to creep.
And when he bruised his tiny knee,
‘Twas you who kissed it tenderly.

“Mother’-in-law,” they say, and yet
Somehow I never shall forget
How much I owe
To you, who taught him how to grow.

You trained your son to look above,
You made him the man I love.
And so I think of that today
When with thankful heart I’ll say,
“Our Mother.”

– Unknown

Mother-in-law Poems From Son-in-Law

Through some poems here, a son-in-law tells how much he appreciates his mother-in-law for raising her daughter well and how grateful he is for that.

10. Dear Mother-in-Law

To the mother of my wife
I have some things to say
So many things to thank you for
Lord, help me find a way

I see your love in my wife’s eyes
The way you held her close
Of all the people in your life
She knows you loved her most!

Your love spills out with every breath
With every sigh and laugh
When she tells of you and dad
in some hilarious gaff

And when she looks at me.
With soft and tender eyes
I know it’s ’cause her heart was filled.
With love from someone wise

From her youth, she heard the words
That strengthened her young soul
And now those words pour forth from her
Like water from a bowl

She builds the words, thoughts, and deeds
She learned from you, her Mom
Into her own blessed children
like a precious healing balm

She weaves a strong yet tender wall
Of Love around us all
So all her children are kept safe
From every slip and fall

Every day I see your love
In what she says and does
And I say a prayer to God each day
For your heart, your prayers, and your loves
– Michael Weber

11. Thank You

Thanks for giving me
Your beautiful princess
Who has brought in my life
So much happiness
Thanks for bestowing on me
This lovely gift of life
By allowing your daughter
To become my wife
Happy birthday
– Unknown

12. Your Blessings

Image: Shutterstock

Your blessings on the first day
When I entered your beautiful family
Have helped me make an eternal bond
Where I stand so good and tall
Today I gel with you so well
I think your magical wisdom spell
That has made me so connected to you
My super mom in law
Know for sure that I simply love you!
And you are simply the best in life!
– Unknown

Poems For Mother-in-law’s Birthday

On her special day, express your love and affection to your mother-in-law through some memorable and heart-touching poems that they will truly cherish lifelong.

13. I never thought that we would

I never thought that we would bond so well
Many unspoken things that I tell
You have become my friend more than mom
The bond that is just getting strong
I am so lucky to have you in my life
You have become the strength to strive
Good to have known you mom in law
You are just perfect without a flaw
I love you very much
Wishing you a very happy birthday!
– Unknown

14. A Happy Birthday

Birthday wishes are sent to you.
Wishing you happiness all year through
A birthday is a time to celebrate
You are the best; there is no debate!

Although a mother-in-law, you may be
You are special in our lives you see
I thank God for you each day
I love you, I just want to say!
– Kate Summers

15. Treasure

You gave me your daughter
I am grateful to you
for giving me a treasure like she.
Your birthday is today, I said before
I am grateful to you for the time that you give.
Today is your birthday
You’re the best mother-in-law
And I am proud to say I’m your son-in-law
Happy birthday

– Unknown

16. Special Day

Image: Shutterstock

No cake could help you make this day,
No words I could say would help me say how I feel towards you right now.
But today is your birthday; it’s all about you.
I love you so much, dear mother-in-law
I blow up balloons to make it all fun.
Hope you enjoy your day and have a blessed one.
– Unknown

Mother’s Day Poems For Mothers-in-law

Mother-in-law is like a mother for us. She is loving, caring, protective, and guiding light. So, on the occasion of Mother’s day, convey your gratitude to one of the strongest pillars of your life.

17. Mother-In-Law But Mother In Heart

I don’t consider you just a mother-in-law,
You are mother in my heart,
All the love, all the life, all the laugh,
I have received from you is unparallel
It’s an out of the world feeling,
How a mother, who is not actually a mother,
Becomes actually a mother!!
I love you, Mom!!
– Unknown

18. A Happy Mothers DayTo You

Happy Mothers Day to you, Mom in law,
A part of our family, you will always be.
We know we can always count on you
Thanks for the encouragement and all you do.

The love and support you always show
In our books, you’re a hero.
We recognize you this Mother’s Day.
We love you in every way!!

– Kate Summers

19. Thanks To A Great Mother

Hey mother-in-law,
I am grateful from the bottom of my heart,
You gave me a precious gift like your son,
I am grateful you accepted me so beautifully in your world,
I feel like home in your home,
I feel like a daughter in your home,
And, that’s all because of you,
Keep being the heart of our home,
It makes us feel light
It gives us delight
– Unknown

Thank You Poems For Mother-in-law

Through some beautiful and meaningful lines, tell your mother-in-law how grateful you are to her for inspiring you and guiding you, and express your thankfulness to her.

20. My Dearest Mother-in-law

My dearest mother-in-law, this one is for you.
Thank you for your love and all that you do.
The stories I heard about “In-laws,” you know,
does not apply at all, to you though.
You made me feel welcome right from the start.
Because of your wisdom, I think you’re so smart.
You’re classy and stylish and friendly too,
you make us smile when we feel blue..
Our children always think of you as the best,
NO one can compare, not one of the rest.
I want to thank you today for a gift so rare,
Your son you shared with me, it means that you care.
In this whole world, I will never find,
a Mother-in-law so precious and kind.
So my dearest mother-in-law I just wanted you to know,
I’ll always appreciate you and love you so!
– Lynette

21. A Mother-in-law

Image: Shutterstock

When I got married, I didn’t think
A Mom, I would also gain
But now I see that smile and wink
I could never complain.

You are loving, kind, and supportive of
The many things we do.
All we do and all we love
You are included too.

By marriage, you become my Mom.
I am grateful for that day.
We could all use another Mom.
I wouldn’t have it any other way.
– Catherine Pulsifer

22. You are truly the one

You are truly my second mother, you know
I may not tell you, or I may not show
With time, my bond is getting strong
With time, my trust is getting so deep
I think my deeds are so good
So I am so getting the reap
The fruits of my deeds by having you
Yes, you are truly one in few
The best mom in law anyone can have
You are the best in every way
I love you, dear mother-in-law
Stay blessed!

– Unknown

23. Star Mother-In-Law

Some mother-in-laws are possessive;
Their child they still want to own.
My mother-in-law’s love is like sunlight;
On both of us it shone.

Some mother-in-laws put you down;
They think you’re not good enough.
My mother-in-law shows approval,
Affection, and other good stuff.

Some mother-in-laws interfere;
They think that they know best.
My mother-in-law lets us be;
She’s better than the rest.

And so I just want to thank you
For being who you are;
You’ve made everything so easy;
As a mother-in-law, you’re a star!
– Joanna Fuchs

24. Mother-in-laws Are Said To Be

Mother-in-laws are said to be
Nasty, mean, and interfering
Some say they even so contrary
All that was said was truly overwhelming.

But you, my dear, are not like that
You are special and thoughtful too
Easy to sit and have a chat
We love you and thank you for all you do.
– Catherine Pulsifer

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What can I write to my mother-in-law?

You may appreciate your mother-in-law’s hard work and dedication in keeping the family together by writing a letter to her on her birthday. Thank her for all she does for the family and for taking care of you like her own child.

2. How do I make my mother-in-law feel special?

Appreciating her work, turning up to her for advice, buying her thoughtful gifts, and celebrating her special days are some ways to make your mother-in-law feel special. Talking to your mother-in-law daily and getting to know her better will strengthen your bond.

3. How can I show my love to my mother-in-law?

Gift her something nice on her special days. You may talk good about her in front of others and take her out for dinner. Most importantly, be respectful and take care of her.

Your mother-in-law is a very special person who has brought your beloved to the world. You can express your love for her by penning down a few words. You can use these thoughtful poems for mother-in-law to express your feelings, love, and gratitude to her. Let her know that she is more like a mother to you and how much you appreciate her care and support. Use these expressions on special days or any day you wish to make her feel special.

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