130 Beautiful Poetic Names For Baby Girls And Boys

“Poetry is the rhythmical creation of beauty in words.” -Edgar Allan Poe

Here’s a beautiful list of poetic baby names for girls and boys for parents who are in search of romantic names for their little ones. As poets often describe their lives through poetry, poetic quotes, and sayings with deep meanings, these names will describe what you want for your child through these wonderful poetic names. Here, you will find some of the most descriptive names that will showcase your interest in poems. The names in the list are inspired by various poetic elements such as names of poets, poems, or characters from poems. So, plunge into this post and choose the name that best suits your child.

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Poetic Names For Girls

1. Alexandrine

It means ‘defending men’ and is a French and German variation of Alexandra. In poetic terms, it is a twelve syllable line.

2. Angelou

The Greek name for ‘angel,’ and it was the last name of the famous poet, Maya Angelou. She is an American poet, memoirist, and civil rights activist.

Did you know?
The well-known American author Maya Angelou was a filmmaker; she also acted in the popular TV series Sesame Street.

3. Annabel

It means ‘beauty of grace,’ and is inspired by Edgar Allen Poe’s last poem named ‘Annabel Lee.’

4. Auden

This popular poetic name is associated with the famous poet, W.H.Auden. it is a fashionable name with meaning ‘half-Danish.’

5. Audre

It is the name of the American writer, poet, civil rights activist, and feminist, Audre Lorde. The name refers to ‘noble strength.’

6. Ariel

This great poetic baby girl name means ‘Lion of God.’ It has its roots in the famous collection of poetry by Slyvia Plath published in 1965.

7. Blake

It was the surname of a famous Romantic poet, William Blake. It is an Old English name with meanings, ‘someone with dark hair,’ and ‘someone with pale hair.’

8. Bridget

It is an anglicized form of Brigid, an Irish-Gaelic name with meaning ‘strength or exalted one.’ The name is from Irish myth, where they were sister Goddesses named Brigid. One of them is the Goddess of poetry.

9. Cadence

Cadence means a ‘poignant and rhythmic way of communicating’ or ‘poetry.’ It is a popular poetic name for a baby girl.

10. Calliope

This name is inspired by the poetic element, and means ‘the Muse who looks over poetic art.’ It has Greek and Latin origin.

11. Ceridwen

It is the name of the Celtic Goddess of poetry and is a unique name of Welsh origin. The name means ‘beautiful as a poem.’

12. Corinna

Found in Old English poetry, it means ‘beautiful maiden.’

13. Dandelion

It is of English origin meaning ‘Lion’s tooth.’ The name is associated with Morgan Mercury’s poem, ‘Dandelion.’

14. Dearbhla

It means ‘poet’s daughter,’ and is an alternative form of Dervla. This poetic element’s name has its origin in Irish and Gaelic languages.

15. Dervia

Dervia means ‘daughter of a poet,’ and has its origin in the Irish language.

16. Dorie

The name is inspired by the poem, ‘Dorie off to Atlanta,’ by Mark Halliday. It is of American origin, meaning ‘the sea.’

17. Dorothy

Dorothy means ‘gift of God’ in Greek. It is taken from the American satirist and poet, Dorothy Parker.

18. Dove

Dove is associated with peace and purity. Rita Dove is a famous American poet. It also appears in John Keat’s poem, ‘The Dove Poem.’

19. Edda

It comes from ‘Poetic Edda’ a collection of Old Norse poems written by anonymous poets. It also refers to ‘Prose Edda,’ an Old Norse poem from Iceland.

20. Eliot

Eliot means ‘the Lord is my God,’ and is of English origin. It is the name of the renowned modern poet, T.S. Eliot.

21. Emily

The famous bearer of this name is the American poet, Emily Dickinson. It is a Roman name of Latin origin, and means ‘one who is hard-working.’

22. Erato

A mythological name of Greek origin, and it means ‘Goddess of erotic poetry.’

23. Erinna

Erinna means ‘Ireland,’ and it was the name of an Ancient Greek poet.

24. Evangeline

The poetic name was introduced by Longfellow in his narrative poem, and is a popular name, meaning ‘good news.’

25. Felicitas

It is associated with Goddess Felicitas, the Roman Goddess of good luck and an inspiration for many poets. The name is of Roman origin and means ‘happy.’

26. Gertrude

Gertrude means ‘strength of a spear,’ and is of Germanic origin. It is associated with the famous editor and poet, Gertrude Stein.

27. Gretel

The name is derived from the poem ‘Gretel’ by Andrea Hollander. It means ‘pearl’ and has a German origin.

28. Gwendolyn

It means ‘someone who is blessed,’ and is of Welsh origin. Gwendolyn Brooks was a renowned American poet to win a Pulitzer Prize.

29. Jhankar

This poetic element means ‘rhythm of a soft voice,’ and has a Sanskrit origin.

30. Jia

Jia is an unusual poetic name for baby girl and means ‘good, auspicious and beautiful.’ Jia Dao is the name of an ancient Chinese poet.

31. Kavindra

Kavindra is a unique baby girl name meaning ‘poet’ and is of Sanskrit origin.

32. Kavya

Kavya means ‘poetry,’ and is a unique poetic name for a baby girl of Sanskrit origin.

33. Kyrie

It is associated with Thomas Transtomer’s ‘Kyrie.’ The name means ‘the Lord,’ in Ancient Greek.

34. Leighanna

This unique baby girl’s name has English origin, and it means ‘gracious, poetic.’

35. Lenora

It is taken from the famous poem written by the American poet, Edgar Allen Poe. The meaning is ‘light.’

36. Lirita

The meaning of Lirita is ‘poetic’ and is a Hebrew word.

37. Lorca

This cute poetic name is taken from the Spanish poet, Federico Garcia Lorca. It is the name of a place in Spain, meaning ‘town with fine water.’

38. Lucasta

It is taken from Richard Lovelace’s poetry collection, and it means ‘pure light.’

39. Mariana

It is derived from the poem ‘Mariana’ by Alfred Tennyson. The name means ‘of the sea’ in Spanish.

40. Marilis

It is an abbreviation of Amaryllis, the flower, and is a poetic reference to a simple shepherdess or country girl.

41. Marlowe

The poetic girl’s name, Marlowe is of English origin, and it means ‘driftwood.’ It is the name of Christopher Marlowe, An English playwright, poet, and translator of the Elizabethan era.

42. Maya

Maya has its usage in Spanish, Hebrew, and Greek, and it means ‘water.’ It is the name of the famed author and poet, Maya Angelou.

43. Meera

Meera Bai is one of the famous mystical Hindu poets. It means ‘prosperous or amazing.’

44. Millay

Millay is an English literary name and a distinctive choice for poetry lovers.

45. Miranda

It is the name of a famous character from ‘The Tempest,’ revived by poet, W.H. Auden. It means ‘one who is worthy of admiration.’

46. Mirabai

Mirabai is of Hindi origin and is the name after the 16th-century Hindu poetess.

47. Muse

Muse refers to the ‘Gods and Goddesses of poetic inspiration of Greek mythology.’ It is of Old French origin.

48. Naazima

Naazima refers to poetess and is an Indian Muslim baby girl’s name.

49. Ode

It refers to a famous poem, ‘Ode on a Grecian Urn,’ by John Keats. The English meaning is a type of poem praising/glorifying an event or individual.

50. Phillida

This unique name is taken from Nicholas Breton’s poem. It means ‘loving’ in Greek and has a Latin origin.

51. Poem

Poem is a variation of poetry, which is a lyrical choice. It is a beautiful baby girl name.

52. Poesy

It means ‘poetry.’ The name is of English origin and has an antiquated charm to it.

53. Phyrne

It is an Ancient Greek name meaning ‘toad.’ This poem-themed baby girl’s name is from the title of a poem by the 17th-century poet, John Donne.

54. Remora

The name means ‘delay’ in Latin. It is the name of the poem ‘Remora’ by the poet Thomas Lux.

55. Rumi

Rumi means ‘beauty, flow’ in Japanese. Rumi is the best name of the Persian Sunni Muslim mystic and poet of the 13th-century.

56. Sanelma

It means ‘story, poem,’ This Finnish name is derived from the verb Sanella, meaning ‘to dictate.’

57. Sappho

Sappho means ‘sapphire and is of Greek origin. It is the name of the seventh-century Greek poetess, from the Island, Lesbos.

58. Sestina

It refers to a type of poetry developed by medieval troubadours in France and Spain. Sestina means ‘the sixth one,’ in Latin.

59. Shaai’ra

It is a Muslim baby girl name, with meaning ‘poetess or princess.’ The variant spelling is Shaira.

60. Sonnet

Sonnet means ‘short lyrical poem’ and has its origin in English and Italian languages.

61. Slyvia

It means ‘from the forest’ in Latin. The famous bearer of this name is Sylvia Plath, the Tragic heroine of modern poetry.

62. Syne

Syne is derived from Synecdoche, a poetic device. It means ‘since then’ in the Scottish language.

63. Tallulah

Tallulah Flores is a modern American poet. It means running water.

64. Teagan

This poet-inspired baby girl name has Irish origin, and it means ‘fair poet.’

65. Thi

The short and sweet name refers to poetry and is a Vietnamese word.

66. Uriel

It means ‘God is my light,’ in Hebrew, and is the name of a poem by Ralph Waldo Emerson.

67. Virelai

This unique poetic baby name is a French poetic name. It is a common poetic verse form used in poetry and music in Europe from the late 13th to 15th centuries.

68. Williamina

It is the feminine form of William, meaning ‘resolute protection.’ It is derived from the famous poet and playwright William Shakespeare and William Wordsworth.

Quick tip
Babies bearing the name Williamina can also be given cute short names, such as Minna, Willie, Mina, and Willia.

Poetic Names For Boys

69. Alfred

Alfred means ‘a wise counselor’ in English. It is associated with a famous British poet, Alfred Tennyson.

70. Anatoly

It means ‘sunrise’ in Greek, and the popular bearer of this name is Anatoly Kudryavitsky, a Russian poet.

71. Austin

This is a common poetic baby boy name with the meaning ‘great or magnificent’ in Latin. Alfred Austin was a famous English poet.

72. Baird

The name means ‘poet’ in the Scottish language. The popular namesake is Blythe Baird, a famous slam poet.

73. Bolan

It is a perfect poetic name for your boy and means ‘little poet.’ Bolan is an Irish name.

74. Brooks

Brooks means a ‘stream’ in English. This name is associated with the popular American poet, Gwendolyn Brooks.

75. Byron

It refers to ‘from the barns’ and is of English origin. The name is derived from the famous poet, Lord Byron.

76. Carroll

Carroll means ‘fierce in battle,’ and is an Irish origin name. It is associated with Lewis Carroll, the one who started the nonsense verse format.

77. Chaucer

Geoffrey Chaucer is a 14th-century poet, and one of his major works is ‘The book of the Duchess.’ The name means ‘making of breeches,’ in French.

78. Crane

Crane refers to ‘long-necked’ or ‘ a tall person.’ The popular connection to this name is Hart Crane, a famous American poet.

79. Cullen

Cullen is the ‘holy tree’ in the Irish language. The name is derived from the American poet, Countee Cullen.

80. Dante

The name is associated with the Italian poet, Dante Alighieri. It means ‘enduring’ in Latin.

81. Devin

This poetic baby boy name means ‘poet’ and is of Irish origin. It has become popular with Devin Johnston, a poet of New York.

82. Dickinson

It means ‘son of Richard’ in English, and has become popular from the 19th-century American poet, Emily Dickinson.

83. Deor

It is connected with the English poem, ‘Deor’ of the tenth century. It means ‘beloved and precious baby’ in French.

84. Dryden

This poetic baby boy name means ‘dry valley’ in English. It is associated with English poet, translator, and literary critic, John Dryden.

85. Dylan

The poet’s name is associated with Welsh poet, Dylan Thomas. It is a Welsh name meaning ‘son of the sea.’

86. Emerson

It is a popular poetic baby name, meaning ‘powerful.’ The poetic inspiration begins this name is the famous poet, Ralph Waldo Emerson.

87. Etheridge

It refers to a ‘noble ruler’ in English, and was borne by the famous African-American poet and civil rights activist, Etheridge Knight.

88. Ezra

Ezra Pound is the most famous American poet, and the name originates from a Hebrew phrase, meaning ‘help.’

89. Frost

Frost means ‘ice’ in German. This name is derived from the poet, Robert Frost, who won the Pulitzer Prize four times in his lifetime.

90. Giovanni

It is a classic Italian name and means ‘gracious.’ Giovanni Boccaccio is an Italian poet, writer, and Renaissance humanist.

91. Haiku

Haiku is associated with Japanese poetry and is one of the most popular names for baby boys.

92. Homer

It means a ‘pledge,’ and is derived from the Greek poet, Homer known for writing the two greatest epics of Greece.

93. Horace

A Latin clan name with meaning ‘timekeeper.’ Quintus Horatius Flaccus, known as Horace by the English-speaking world, was one of the leading Roman poets during the time of Augustus.

94. Hughes

It means ‘mind or intellect,’ and has Scottish, Irish, and English origins. The name is of the American poet and novelist, Langston Hughes.

95. Hugo

Hugo means ‘mind or intellect,’ and is associated with the famous French poet, Victor Hugo. The name has Portuguese, Spanish, and German roots.

96. Jarrell

The name means ‘brave.’ It is a creative name for a baby boy, taken from Randall Jarrell.

97. Kunjal

This poetic name for a baby boy means ‘melodious voice of a nightingale’ and is of Sanskrit origin.

98. Kavi

Kavi is an Indian baby boy name meaning ‘poet.’

Quick fact
Kamala and Kavya are feminine poetic names of Indian origin.

99. Keats

It means ‘a shed worker,’ and is the name of a popular English poet, John Keats.

100. Langston

Langston means ‘the town of a tall man,’ and is taken from the popular American poet, Langston Hughes.

101. Larkin

The poetic baby boy’s name is of Gaelic origin, and it means ‘fierce.’ It is from the poet and writer, Philip Larkin.

102. Limerick

Limerick refers to a ‘humorous form of poetry’ with five lines (the last is the punchline). It is a fun choice of name with a good sense of humor and is of Irish origin.

103. Lowell

Lowell means ‘little wolf,’ and is a poetic name from the patrician families of the 19th-century. Robert Lowell is a reference to this name.

104. Marlo

This is a popular name taken from a famous poet, Christopher Marlowe. the name means ‘rebelliousness.’

105. Millay

It means ‘noble or soft.’ The name is associated with a popular lyrical poet, Edna St. Vincent Millay.

106. Moore

The name comes from Thomas Moore, an Irish writer, poet, and lyricist known for his Irish melodies.  Moore means ‘open land.’

107. Morrison

It means ‘son of Morris,’ and is of English origin. The name is connected to American novelist, poet, editor, and teacher, Toni Morrison.

108. Nash

Nash means ‘one who lives by the ash tree’ in English. It is taken from the famous American poet, Ogden Nash, known for his humorous poems.

109. Neruda

A poetic name of Czech origin, it means ‘literary name.’ It is from the great Nobel prize-winning poet, Pablo Neruda.

110. Ogden

The English baby boy’s name refers to ‘the oak valley.’ It is the first name of the American poet, Ogden Nash.

111. Ovid

It means ‘sheepherder’ in Latin. Ovid was a Roman poet renowned for his verse’s technical accomplishment.

112. Pablo

Pablo means ‘small of humble’ in Spanish. It is associated with Pablo Neruda, the Latin American poet of the 20th-century.

113. Poe

It means ‘peacock’ and is of English origin. Edgar Allen Poe was an American poet, writer, editor, and literary critic.

114. Rainer

Rainer means ‘wise army’ in German. It is the name of the Bohemian-Austrian poet and novelist, Rainer Maria Rilke.

115. Riordan

This poetic baby boy name means ‘bard or royal poet’ and is an appealing name of Irish origin.

116. Rudyard

The English name means ‘red enclosure,’ and is taken from Joseph Rudyard Kipling, a poet, novelist, and short-story writer.

117. Runo

This short and sweet name for a baby boy means ‘poem,’ and is a Finnish name.

118. Tabare

Tabare means ‘village man’ in Guarani. It is the name of the poem ‘Tabare’ by Juan Zorrilla de San Martín.

119. Tadhg

Tadhg is a ‘poet or storyteller’ and has Celtic and Irish roots. It is associated with the Irish poet, Tadhg Dall Ó hUiginn.

120. Teague

It means ‘philosopher or poet’ and is of Irish and Gaelic origin.

121. Tennyson

This English origin name means ‘son of Dennis. Alfred Tennyson was a famous British poet and was the Poet Laureate during Queen Victoria’s reign.

122. Thoreau

It is a literary name and surname of French origin. The name is associated with American transcendentalist, philosopher, poet, and essayist, Henry David Thoreau.

123. Uriel

Uriel means ‘God is my light’ in Hebrew. The name is derived from the poem named ‘Uriel’ by American writer Ralph Waldo Emerson.

124. Virgil

The Roman name for ‘flourishing,’ and is from the great poet of Rome, Virgil.

125. Wallace

It means ‘foreigner or stranger’ and has its origin in Scottish and English languages. The name is associated with American modernist poet, Wallace Stevens.

126. Whitman

The meaning of the name is ‘white man.’ A famous bearer of the name is Walt Whitman, an American poet.

127. Wilde

The popular poetic name for baby boy means ‘untamed’ in English. It is based after the name of the famous Irish poet, Oscar Wilde.

128. William

William means ‘resolute protection’ in English. It is one of the most popular boy’s names, and some of the famous bearers of the name are William Blake, William Wordsworth, William Butler Yeats, and Carlos Williams.

129. Wyatt

It is an English surname with the meaning ‘brave in war.’ It refers to the 16th-century lyric poet and politician, Sir Thomas Wyatt, who introduced the sonnet to English literature.

130. Yeats

A unique name of English origin, and it means ‘great.’ William Butler Yeats is a famous poet of the 20th-century.

Discover More Names

When you have to choose a name for your baby, a few hundreds of names may not be just enough. Keep digging our mine of baby names until you find that one precious gem.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the definition of a “poetic” baby name?

A poetic baby name is a name that is of literary significance. It may be inspired by nature, mythology, or cultural traditions and often has a romantic or creative feel.

2. How can I choose a poetic baby name that is unique but not too unusual?

A unique poetic name can be found looking at classic literature, mythology, or poetry for inspiration. You can also consider names that have a poetic meaning, such as Audre, Calliope, Byron, and Ezra. Another option is to use a variation of a more common name to make it more unique.

3. Are there any cultural or historical considerations to consider when choosing a poetic baby name?

Considering the cultural and historical context of a poetic baby name before choosing it will help parents understand the meaning and significance of the name. This will also prevent choosing names that are disrespectful or demeaning.

4. How can I make sure that the poetic baby name I choose fits my child’s personality and future aspirations?

Selecting a name that embodies the qualities that you want to see in your child may be difficult as their aspirations and interests may change over time. But one can choose names that are poetic or with literary associations with a significant meaning that can influence your child to be creative and imaginative.

5. How can I ensure my chosen poetic baby name is easy to pronounce and spell?

Choosing a name with no unusual spellings, silent letters, or special characters can ensure that it’s easy to spell and pronounce. Check for popular names as they are more familiar and easier to pronounce. Check the phonetic spelling and pronunciation before choosing a name.

This list of poetic baby names brings you various beautiful names that you can use to name your baby. Poetic baby names for girls and boys are an aesthetic choice as they are unique in their own kind and also have a deep meaning to them. Furthermore, everyone appreciates poems, and naming your child inspired by a poem or a poet will hold immense significance. Therefore, these names would be not only distinctive and admirable but also have immense value and importance.

Infographic: Pretty And Poetic Baby Names

When naming your little one, many factors may influence you; one of them is being a poem lover. So, if you are one, check out the infographic below for poetic names with beautiful meanings. You can choose your favorite one for your bundle of joy.

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Embark on a literary journey through this captivating video, unveiling 25 enchanting baby names inspired by literature. From timeless classics to modern marvels, discover the ideal name for your precious little one.

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