5 Interesting Popsicle Or Ice Cream Stick Crafts For Kids

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Are you planning to keep your kids entertained in the house this vacation? Are you looking for new craft ideas that can help keep them create artifacts to decorate the house? Well, if you can relate to the above situations reading this post is a good idea.

If you have kids at home, you are sure to find ice cream sticks lying around. Read on to know some easy yet beautiful ice cream stick crafts that your kids can create using popsicle or ice cream sticks!

Five Popsicle Or Ice Cream Stick Crafts:

Here are five popsicle stick crafts for kids that they can try out at home:

1. Popsicle Or Ice Cream Sticks And Dots Butterfly:

You Will Need:

  • Ice cream stick
  • Black marker
  • Plain white paper
  • Scissors
  • Colorful dot markers
  • Glue
  • Wiggly eyes
  • Black pipe cleaner

How To:

  1. Color the ice cream stick using the black marker.
  1. Cut out the butterfly wing shapes from the plain white paper.
  1. Help your kid make beautiful dots on the wings using the colorful dot markers.
  1. Glue the wiggly eyes on the ice cream stick. Glue the black pipe cleaner at the tip of the ice cream stick for making the antennae.
  1. Paste the ice cream stick in the middle of the wings.

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2. Popsicle Or Ice Cream Sticks And Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces Photo Frame:

You Will Need:

  • Ice cream sticks
  • Old jigsaw puzzle pieces
  • Glue
  • Plain paper
  • Colored pens
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors

How To:

  1. Glue four ice cream sticks together to make a square frame.
  1. Ask your kid to glue the back of each jigsaw puzzle and paste them all over the square frame. Do it in such a way that the colorful jigsaw pieces cover the entire frame.
  1. Let your kid make a picture on the plain paper using the colored pens. Cut it out in such a way that it easily fits the edges of the photo frame. Glue the picture on the photo frame.
  1. Cut and paste the ribbon at the back of the image to make a loop for hanging the photo frame.

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3. Popsicle Or Ice Cream Sticks Treasure Box:

You Will Need:

  • Ice cream sticks
  • Paints and paint brushes
  • Glue
  • Ear buds
  • Lid or plate

How To:

  1. Help your kid to paint all the ice cream sticks in different colors. They can paint it in plain colors or create patterns and designs.
  1. Pour out some glue on an empty lid or plate and help your kid put glue on the sides of the ice cream sticks using an ear bud.
  1. Place down two ice cream sticks parallel to each other. Stick two ice cream sticks on top in such a way that it forms a square frame. Let your kid repeat the process until the frame becomes equal to the size of the box he wants.
  1. Once the box is dry, turn it upside down. Apply glue on both the edges of the ice cream sticks and start sticking them all over the bottom of the box to seal it completely.
  1. For the lid, create a square frame using the above steps. Once the frame is ready, glue both the edges of the ice cream sticks and paste them on the frame to close it.

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4. Home Made Ice Cream Sticks Bird Feeder:

You Will Need:

  • A packet of ice cream sticks
  • 1 ice cream stick that is larger than the rest
  • A bag of bird seeds
  • A tub of outdoor paint
  • Two long pieces of strong cord to hang the bird feeder
  • Glue

How To:

  1. Line up 12 ice cream sticks and glue two sticks across the lined up sticks.
  1. Keep layering up the same way to make the base strong. Glue the longer ice cream stick across the middle so that it sticks out at one end. It will form the base for birds to perch.
  1. Ask your kids to keep repeating the steps until they have a good box like structure.
  1. Once the box is dry, let your kids paint it in their favorite color. Allow it to dry and then fill it up with bird food.
  1. You can help your kid attach the cord to the box so that you can later hang it in your garden.

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5. Ice Cream Sticks Alphabets Flower Garden:

You Will Need:

  • Ice cream sticks
  • Dry black beans, rice, and lentils
  • Green paint and paint brushes
  • Mini artificial flowers
  • Colored pen
  • A spare tray
  • Green felt
  • Glue
  • Small flower pots

How To:

  1. Paint the ice cream sticks green to make the stems.
  1. Use the colored pens to write out the alphabets on the sticks. Your kid could write out individual letters on the sticks to make a small message.
  1. Glue the mini fake flowers on top of each ice cream stick.
  1. Use the green felt to line the tray. Your kid can color and decorate the flower pots as per choice.
  1. Fill up the flower pots with the dry black beans, rice or lentils.
  1. Pop in the ice cream sticks to make a cute message.

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The five ice cream stick crafts or crafts with popsicle sticks activities mentioned here are very easy and will add some fun décor to your home.

Do let us know which ice cream sticks craft is your kid’s favorite craft activity.

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