Top 10 Positive Effects Of Video Games On Children

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Are you worried about the negative influence of video games on your child? Do you feel that video games may lead to violent and unruly behavior, and affect his scores at school? If you nodded along, we strongly advise you to read the post below.

The popular view on video games is that these ‘well-loved’ sources of recreation can lead to antisocial behavior in kids and desensitize them to danger. It is easy to point fingers at video games for promoting aggressive behavior in children. However, doing that can lead to biased opinions about video games, and undermine their ‘positive effects’! And yes you read that one right. Here, we look at some of the positive effects of video games on children.

10 Positive Effects Of Video Games On Children:

Here are some positive effects listed why video games are good for kids.

1. Better Problem-Solving Techniques:

Video games are all about going from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’ by solving problems, resolving conflicts and overcoming obstacles. Hence, playing video games can help your child become a good problem-solver [1].

2. Sharpened Hand-Eye Coordination:

Players need exceptional hand-eye coordination to play a shooter game or other games where enemies lurk in every nook and corner. Players need to shoot enemies but also keep an eye on other hostile characters that might make surprise moves [2].

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3. Enhanced Critical-Thinking Capabilities:

Video games especially those with extensive worlds and characters (such as World of Warcraft) require players to analyze and evaluate every move or risk losing the game. To play these games successfully, players need to make logical moves after analyzing the situation at hand with every angle.

4. Improved Motor Skills:

Playing video games can especially improve fine motor skills – the ones that require the use of fingers and the thumb. The constant movement of fingers on various buttons with the mind and the eyes on the action requires good motor skills.

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5. Better Decision-Making Skills:

Players learn to make better decisions each time they play a game. This is because they learn as they go through their mistakes during the play. There are games that require creative decisions (Minecraft) to games that require quick decisions for the best moves in minimum time frame [3].

6. Enriched Social Skills:

Most kids play video games with a friend and any time spent with another helps children become better at socializing. Virtual multiplayer games also give kids a chance to interact with players from across the world and connect with them on some level [4].

7. Magnified Team Work Contribution:

Your kid needs to work as a team when playing multiplayer games. Even though he plays the game with other kids online, he needs to make decisions as a team.

8. Heightened Concentration:

One of the obvious benefits of video games for children is heightened concentration, as your kid will need to focus on the game.

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9. Improved Goal-Setting Abilities:

Video games require players to attain a goal such as winning a war or reaching a destination. To reach their goals in the most effective manner, players need to plan and execute their strategies efficiently [5].

10. Better Health:

Even simple video games are good for child development. They can help your kid ward off the unwanted stress of school and homework. The absence of stress and time spent doing a fun activity can turn him into a happier and healthier person.

Lower stress may, in fact, reduce aggression in kids. To play certain types of games (Wii games) kids need to move, and such activities can counteract the effects of sedentary games. A 2008 research highlights the positive effects of playing certain video games (Re-Mission) for pediatric cancer patients. Then there are games that relay information about diseases such as asthma (Bronkie the Bronchiasaurus) and thus make kids more aware of health issues [6].

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Rather than banishing video games from your child’s life, you should consider buying him some educational yet fun, exhilarating and adventurous games.

Do you regulate what games your kids can play and for what duration of time? Please share your experiences with us here.

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