21 Positive Things To Tell Yourself To Have A Bright Day

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The quality of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts. So you should always have positive things to say to yourself to be content and stay motivated. Life is hard, and some people may try to let you down. But never stop believing in yourself and show the world what you are capable of.

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Positive self-talk promotes emotional well-being and regulates cognitionsiXThe ability of the brain that helps one obtain, process, store, and use information , while negative self-talk adversely affects your cognitive and emotional abilities. Negative self-talk, however, has been shown in several studies to enhance physical performance (1).

The daily habit of repeating positive affirmations to yourself will lead to the generation of new neuronal connectionsiXPoints of connection between nerve cells in the brain and neural pathwaysiXA series of nerve cells that carry messages from one brain cell to another in your brain. As the new get stronger, the old patterns fade away. Your new thoughts then give birth to your new reality. In this post, we list a few positive things you could say to yourself. So, read on and keep the negativity in your life at bay.
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21 Positive Things To Say About Yourself

You may write these down on sticky notes and paste them on your mirror, cupboards, refrigerator, desk, or wherever they are most visible to you or write them in a diary: you may also post them as hourly reminders on your phone and read them whenever you feel low and seek reassurance.

1. I am pleased with myself

I believe in myself, positive things to say to ourselves
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“I approve of myself” should become your daily mantra, something you say to yourself every day. It doesn’t matter what other people say or do; what is important is how you respond to them and what you believe about yourself. Stop justifying and people-pleasing and honor your own uniqueness. This will help you transition from a sense of unworthiness to one of estimable self-worth and acceptance.

2. I am willing to change

Be open to allowing change to happen in your life as they emerge. Be conscious that the area you do not want to change is the one that requires the most transformation. Another positive thing to say to yourself is that you are willing to see how and where you need to change. Tell yourself that life has provided you with amazing experiences and that you are open to new opportunities.

3. I see challenges as opportunities

Your attitude towards the challenges you confront will determine how you grow. If you are excited about the experience that the challenge will bring and are ready to face barriers with a “can do” attitude, you will love each new challenge as part of your journey to becoming the person you want to be. Make a conscious choice to move out of your comfort zone. Have the courage to live a life that emboldens you and empowers you to be true to yourself.

4. I have more than I deserve

I am grateful, positive things to say to yourself
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While feeling sorry for yourself implies that you believe you deserve better, gratitude implies that you believe you have more than you deserve. Gratitude can help you focus on the positive, become more conscious, and live with intention. Start recognizing other people’s generosity. Write down at least two things you are grateful for in your life right now and say each one aloud.

5. I find beauty and joy in ordinary things

Think about how you can reconnect with your inner child. Find joy in even the most mundane tasks, such as washing dishes, cooking dinner, changing a baby’s diapers, or helping with homework. You could go sprinting on the beach, swinging on a playground swing, listening to birds chirping, or opening tired eyelids to sunny dawn. Try at least one activity per day once you have made your list. Rehabilitate yourself and experience life without inhibitions.

6. I will be resilient no matter what

Resilience enables you to deal with setbacks. The more silent you are, the easier it will be to pick yourself up and return to what makes your life valuable. It will keep you resilient in the face of setbacks, and you will remain focused on your goals without succumbing to pessimism. When you keep making blunders after a series of setbacks, you should stubbornly refuse to give up.

Jodiebodie, a blogger, shares how positive affirmations give her the strength and resilience to cope with the mental challenges that come with her chronic illness. To keep her spirits high, she keeps a couple of her positive affirmation cards in her pocket or handbag and reaches out to them wherever she feels low. She says, “They contain reminders of what I need to do to take care of myself, affirming what I knew to be right and true, keeping me focussed on the right path to recovery.

“These words came from supportive people and useful resources. Whenever I found words that succinctly expressed my feelings, I would write them down so they could easily be retrieved in times of need, when my brain was too fogged with fatigue to think clearly (i).”

7. I am thankful for everything

Another positive thing to say about yourself is to thank everything around you. Spending a few minutes each day thanking people will help your happiness stockpile grow. Thank nature for providing you with the air you breathe and the food you eat. Thank your family for showing you unconditional love and making you feel blessed to be alive. As you develop a habit of thankful thoughts, you will notice that you are looking for things to be thankful for.

8. I have no regrets

To have a happy life, you must live in the present moment and accept your past because regret is a terrible waste of energy. Don’t look back and lament your life, wishing you could go back in time and do things differently. You only have the present. So, make the most of it and cherish it. Guilt-free living entails accepting yourself and your past. Remember to stop moaning about the past and fretting about the future.

9. I will always smile

It’s vital to recognize that things may not always be as you desire, but never forget what a blessing it is to be alive in the present moment in a world full of possibilities. So open your heart to people with a cheerful smile on your face. Smiling faces may appear all around you if you smile. Smile intentionally as it boosts your mood by prompting the brain to produce endorphinsiXHormones released in the body in response to pain and stress , the happy hormones. Life doesn’t seem so bleak thereafter. An optimistic outlook is not only reassuring but may also foster new friendships and make existing ones stronger.

10. I forgive myself for my good

Forgiveness is a gift, a grace-filled state that benefits both the giver and the receiver. One of the positive things to say about yourself if you want to lead a happy life is that forgiving someone else is forgiving yourself. Forgiveness is all about letting go and breaking the cycle of constant pain. Remember that you do not forgive for the sake of the other person but yourself.

11. I like me, and I love me

While self-love is sometimes misconstrued with self-centeredness, the two are not the same. True love is rooted in self-love. Embracing yourself unconditionally and assuming responsibility for your well-being is what it is all about. It is as much about accepting your shortcomings as recognizing your beauty and prioritizing your well-being. After all, only when you truly love yourself can you truly love, be loved and cherished by others.

12. I dare to face challenges

 Believe in your abilities to face challenges
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It’s an undeniable fact that life can be challenging at times. However, fill yourself with words of courage such as, “I have the tenacity and courage to tackle life’s problems, and regardless of the difficulties that may arise, I have what I need to overcome them.” Believe in yourself and your abilities. You can draw strength from realizing that you have the courage and perseverance to take on the world, no matter how hard the situation gets.

13. I’m solely responsible for my happiness

Make it your goal in life to achieve happiness for yourself. Recognizing that you will assume primary responsibility for your happiness is an important aspect of this commitment. If you believe that your happiness is dependent on others, you relinquish control of your life to them. If you rely on people to make you happy, you will be unhappy, and when people depart, you will be hollow on the inside.

14. I am in line with my life’s purpose

Setting and attaining goals offer you something to engage your focus. It requires you to have trust in yourself and your abilities. Achieving specific goals and objectives can lead to happiness. The goal is to direct your energy, thoughts, and time toward your life’s purpose. Aligning yourself with your life purpose will require you to be bold as well as vulnerable. Do your best in whatever you attempt, but don’t feel obligated to be perfect. If things do not go as planned the first time, keep a positive attitude and try again.

15. I am human and I make mistakes

We all make mistakes, but that’s part of being human. Being excessively harsh on yourself with negative feelings might lead to resentment. Therefore, when you make a mistake, begin again with a clean slate. Don’t be too critical, but at the same time don’t sugarcoat things to feel better about yourself. Be honest in your self-assessment. It should be a daily commitment for you to be open to the thought that we all make mistakes and that we should move on from them, taking the lesson to not make the same mistake again. Accepting yourself authentically will unleash a deep sense of tranquility and peace within you.

16. I like myself the way I am

Whether it is about appearance, money, personal things, or anything else, the pitfall of comparison is that you never feel good enough. Instead, recognize your uniqueness, identify your distinct abilities, and affirm that you are worthy and deserving. Whether it’s your work skills, guitar skills, or cooking abilities, you must believe in yourself and focus on your strengths. Surround yourself with people who support and appreciate you for who you are.

17. I deserve to be treated with respect

If you don’t respect yourself, how can you hope to receive respect from others? It needs to begin with you; you need to know you deserve to be respected and valued. One positive thing you can tell yourself to lead a happy life is to treat others the way you want to be treated. You should speak to others the way you want them to speak to you and respect others the way you want them to respect you.

18. I will stay active and busy

Stay active, positive things to say to yourself
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One positive thing you can tell yourself to lead a happy life is “I’m going to stay fit, remain productive, and eat healthily.” Keep your creative juices flowing, it will keep your mind sharp and alert. Learn new skills and be curious about exploring your full potential. Commit to loving and caring for your body by exercising it, nourishing it with healthy foods, hydrating yourself, sleeping well, and laughing often. Connect to your community by volunteering in small and simple ways. Find ways to give your life a beautiful direction and meaning.

19. I am capable of more than I think

You can achieve any goal you set for yourself with hard work and dedication. To accomplish this, you must first tell yourself, “I am strong, able, and capable at all times. A half-marathon is within my reach, as is any task I take on.” Challenge your negative self-talk, and you will find happiness. Instead, fill your mind regularly with positive and worthwhile thoughts.

20. I live by high standards

Your high standards are reflected in your life’s quality. You must not accept mediocrity in your life. One positive thing you can tell yourself to lead a happy life is, “I am confident in my ability to meet the high standards I place on myself daily. I’ve committed to always perform to the best of my ability.” Making these affirmations ensures that you are living up to your highest standards.

21. I am proud of myself

Be proud of yourself
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Despite all the ups and downs of life, you should be proud of yourself. Even if you aren’t doing too well right now, take a moment to note and appreciate how far you have come in your journey and all that you’ve accomplished so far. Take a moment to reflect on what you have achieved and the problems you resolved. Even the toughest obstacle you face won’t stop you, because you have already been through so much. No matter how small or big your achievements might be in the past, you should celebrate.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I start incorporating positive self-talk into my daily routine?

Start with simple steps such as talking to yourself kindly and gently. You may also record your daily affirmations and listen to them while driving or doing chores, and take pictures of things that inspire you and radiate positivity. In addition, you may also try journaling which will give you mental clarity and make you feel relaxed.

2. What are some benefits of positive self-talk?

Positive self-talk can help build self-esteem, improve stress management, and boost overall well-being.

3. How can positive self-talk help me cultivate a more positive outlook on life?

Practicing positive self-talk can help people look at the brighter side of life and make them less worried. Additionally, it can aid in the growth of meaningful relationships and happy life for themselves.

Self-affirmations can have a much more profound impact on your mind than you think. So if you are struggling to find purpose in life or have been feeling low lately, cheer yourself up with this list of positive things to say to yourself and share them with your dear ones too. So start each day by saying one positive thing out loud from the list and dwell on it. Take pride in your little achievements and body, and learn from your mistakes. And you will have the key to leading a happy life.

Infographic: How To Make Positive Self-talk A Norm?

Being positive is one of the best attributes to develop, and positive self-talk is one of the easiest ways to do that. Positive self-talk lets you talk to your inner self and laud, love, and appreciate yourself for who you are. Why not make telling yourself positive things a part of your daily routine? Our infographic shares practical tips to make positive self-talking a norm and bring positivity to your life.

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Key Pointers

  • Self-love, self-belief, and understanding one’s worth play an important role in shaping your life.
  • Positive affirmations can turn your aspirations into reality, boost your mood, and make you confident.
  • Scroll through for powerful affirmations such as “I will be resilient no matter what” and “I dare to face challenges.”
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Start your day with a boost of positivity and energy! Here are 25 empowering affirmations to tell yourself daily. Watch it now to stay motivated.

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