15 Best Potty Training Seats And Chairs For Toddlers in 2021

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If you are planning to potty train your child, we have compiled a list of the best potty training seats and chairs for toddlers. These specialized chairs help your child learn to use toilets and are useful when trying to help them transition from diapers. They are comfortable and provide adequate support to encourage your child. However, choosing the right seats and chairs may be tricky with multiple options available. So, explore our list to find one that suits your child’s needs.

15 Best Potty Chairs And Seats For Your Toddler

We have divided the list into two categories: best toddler potty chairs and best potty seats.

Best Toddler Potty Chairs

1. Fisher-Price Learn-to-Flush Potty

Fisher-Price Learn-to-Flush PottyBuy-Now

Key characteristic: Potty chair with flushing sounds


  • Has a flush-like knob that makes a flushing sound every time it is turned.
  • Flushing sound and action help the toddler get habituated to flushing after using the toilet.
  • Built-in handles on the potty seat ring allow the toddler to grip the handles and adjust himself on the seat.
  • Splash guard prevents a mess when training toddler boys.
  • Lightweight yet sturdy build. Easy-to-remove potty bowl for cleaning.
  • You can detach the potty seat ring and insert it on to a standard adult toilet once the toddler grows older.

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2. Babybjorn Potty Chair

Babybjorn Potty ChairBuy-Now

Key characteristic: A very useful backrest feature.


  • Compact and ultra lightweight design makes it convenient to carry and place anywhere in the house.
  • Features a rubber strip at the bottom of the chair for extra grip, which prevents accidental shakes and tip-over.
  • High backrest provides adequate back support, which is particularly useful for younger toddlers who may recline while seated.
  • Single-piece potty bowl detaches from the main potty chair.
  • Features a splash guard to prevent accidental spillage.
  • Made of high quality, BPA-free plastic.

3. Summer Infant Time-to-Go Travel Potty

Summer Infant Time-to-Go Travel Potty


Key characteristic: A lightweight travel potty chair.


  • A travel potty chair with a two-piece design that is easy to dismantle and carry during long-distance travel.
  • The contoured shape of the potty ring makes it comfortable for the toddler to sit.
  • The potty chair comes with a travel bag and five disposable liners to place within the potty bowl.
  • The disposable liners feature absorbent materials. Use of liners means you do not have to rinse the bowl with water.
  • Refill disposable liners can be purchased separately as per the quantity you require.

4. Sesame Street Elmo Adventure Potty Training Chair – Best Potty Chair For Older Toddlers

Sesame Street Elmo Adventure Potty Training Chair – Best Potty Chair For Older ToddlersBuy-Now

Key characteristic: An excellent potty chair for older toddlers.


  • Lightweight, with a colorful 3D effect on the flush panel to entice the toddler.
  • A realistic flush knob, which when turned, makes flushing sound. There are other musical notes as well to keep the toddler interested.
  • Built-in splash guard in the potty bowl. The bowl is also removable from the main seat for easy cleaning.
  • A detachable potty seat ring. The seat can be fixed on adult toilets, thus helping your toddler transition to an adult toilet.
  • The potty chair has a maximum weight-bearing capacity of 40lb (18kg) and can accommodate most toddlers above the age of 18 months.

5. Ikea Lilla Children’s Green Potty

Ikea Lilla Children's Green Potty


Key characteristic: Easy portability.


  • Compact single-piece potty chair best suited for younger toddlers.
  • The single-piece design with no removable parts makes cleaning easy and straightforward.
  • Anti-skid material at the bottom of the potty chair prevents slippage.
  • Integrated splash-guard and contoured backrest provide convenience and comfort.
  • A handle at the front makes it easy for the parent to carry the potty chair.
  • Ideal for travel, thanks to its light weight of just 9.9oz (280gm).

6. Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends Thomas Railroad Rewards Potty

Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends Thomas Railroad Rewards Potty


Key characteristic: A utilitarian three-in-one potty chair.


  • A musical step-stool potty seat with three functions viz. a potty chair, a potty seat for adult toilets, and a standing stool for toddlers.
  • Once the toddler is done, he can close the lid and stand on it to reach the sink for washing hands.
  • The removable toilet seat ring can fit an adult toilet, which makes transitioning easier.
  • Splash guard and handles on the side of the potty seat ring provide support and convenience.
  • Potty chair bowl is a single piece and can be detached for easy washing.
  • A built-in sensor detects if the toddler has answered the nature call and rewards with fun sounds and melodies.

7. Primo 4-In-1 Soft Seat Toilet Trainer and Step Stool

Primo 4-In-1 Soft Seat Toilet Trainer and Step StoolBuy-Now

Key characteristic: A multipurpose potty chair for toddlers.


  • The potty chair provides four functions in one viz. potty chair, home potty seat, step stool, and travel potty seat.
  • When not being used for potty training, the potty stool can also be used as a sitting stool for the toddler.
  • Large handles on either side provide support when the child is sitting on it.
  • Potty seat with attached handles can be detached and placed on adult toilets.
  • Cover the lid and the potty converts into a sitting stool. Remove the potty seat and cover the lid to convert to a stepping stool.
  • The potty seat comes with rewards stickers that can be useful during potty training.

Best Potty Seats For Toddlers

8. Oxo Tot 2-in-1 Go Potty for Travel

Oxo Tot 2-in-1 Go Potty for TravelBuy-Now

Key characteristic: A convenient travel potty seat.


  • Can be used as a travel potty seat or as a toddler potty seat ring for use with adult toilets.
  • When using as a travel potty, you can open the foldable legs and place the potty on it. Disposable absorbent potty bags are included, but standard plastic bags can also be used in the potty.
  • A socket each on the two legs holds the plastic bag open so that it does not move if the toddler shifts on the seat.
  • To use as a toddler seat converter for adult toilets, just put the legs in horizontal position and latch the toilet ring to an adult toilet.
  • The foldable legs can be only moved with the push of a button, accessible on the lower side. It means the toddler will stay secure on the seat, without the risk of the legs folding accidentally.
  • Easy to carry with a light weight of only 3.2 lbs (1.4 kg).

9. Primo Folding Potty with Handles

Primo Folding Potty with Handles


Key characteristic: Completely foldable potty seat.


  • The toilet seat ring collapses to fold into a single piece for convenient carrying and storage.
  • Compact enough to fit in most travel bags and diaper bags. Lightweight at just 12oz (340gm).
  • Hinges fold the toilet seat in a manner that the gap between the two folds does not pinch the toddler’s skin.
  • Rubber grip at the bottom to prevent sliding.
  • Two grab handles at the front let the toddler sit confidently without the fear of falling.
  • Can support toddlers above the age of two years, as the maximum weight capacity is 40lb (18kg).

10. Den Haven Potty Seat with Step Stool Ladder

Den Haven Potty Seat with Step Stool Ladder


Key characteristic: The best potty seat you can get with an attached ladder.


  • A potty seat with a ladder that makes stepping on to the adult toilet convenient for a toddler.
  • The one-step ladder ends with two handles that allow a toddler to grab and pull himself up to the toilet seat.
  • Rubber pads on the feet of the ladder ensure optimum grip.
  • Toilet seat fits snugly into an adult toilet and is contoured for comfort when sitting for long. It has a built-in splash guard on the seat.
  • The entire unit – the toilet seat and the ladder – fold neatly.

11. Munchkin Sturdy Potty Seat

Munchkin Sturdy Potty Seat


Key characteristic: A sturdy yet lightweight potty seat


  • A contoured potty seat with side handles for support while the toddler is seated.
  • Side handles also make placing and removing the seat easy for a parent.
  • Non-skid edges prevent the seat from shifting.
  • Integrated splash guard.
  • Two ‘feet’ at the bottom of the seat allow it to be stored vertically, thus saving a lot of storage space.
  • Easy-to-clean plastic seat with a light weight of 13.6 ounces (385 gm).

12. Disney Pixar Cars Lightning McQueen Potty Seat

Disney Pixar Cars Lightning McQueen Potty Seat


Key characteristic: A comfortable cushioned potty seat for your toddler.


  • A toddler potty seat with soft, padded rim that acts as a cushion, making longer durations of potty training comfortable.
  • The cushioned potty seat is washable with water and does not absorb any liquids.
  • Splash guard integrated into the seat.
  • Two side handles make it easy for the toddler to position himself on the potty seat.
  • Attractive colors and illustrations make it attractive to toddlers.
  • The molded back section makes it easy for the parent to hold the potty seat for placement and removal.

13. Prince Lionheart Weepod Basix

Prince Lionheart Weepod Basix


Key characteristic: Soft and spongy potty seat.


  • The toddler potty seat is made with soft, water-proof, and squishy material that runs through the entire ring.
  • The base of the potty seat features two suction cups for secure placement on an adult toilet seat.
  • Ridges on the bottom of the seat prevent accidental shakes and movement.
  • Built-in splash guard. The seat can also stand on one vertical end, to consume less storage space.
  • Suitable for toddlers older than 18 months, with a maximum weight capacity of 50lb (22kg).
  • Made with non-toxic material and paint.

14. Bumbo Toilet Trainer Potty Training Seat

Bumbo Toilet Trainer Potty Training Seat


Key characteristic: Best contoured portable potty seat.


  • The seat is shaped to make the toddler sit securely, without any discomfort.
  • One-piece design makes it easy to clean and store after use.
  • A large, integrated splash guard that the baby can also use as a grabbing point for support.
  • Made from soft foam instead of hard plastic, the potty seat is squishy and provides a snug fit to the toddler during longer toilet breaks.
  • Water-proof coat all around, so that the foam does not absorb any liquids.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry, with a weight of just 14.4oz (408gm).

15. Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Deluxe Potty with Sound

Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Deluxe Potty with Sound


Key characteristic: A potty seat with a convenient backrest.


  • Bright colors and attractive illustrations make the potty seat quite appealing.
  • Two handles with rubber grips provide support to the toddler while also making it easy for the parent to place and remove the potty seat.
  • Handles feature a speaker that play three funny songs.
  • Removable backrest for easy storage. Built-in splash guard at the front.
  • Rubber grips on four corners at the bottom prevent slippage.
  • Detachable top seat ring makes it easy to clean.
  • Made from durable, non-toxic plastic.

What Are The Different Types Of Potty Training Products?

There are two types of potty training products, viz chairs and seats.

A potty chair is a stand-alone, miniature plastic toilet that resembles an adult toilet. It is specially designed for toddlers and is available in different sizes, shapes, and designs. Several of them have integrated features like music and a flushing sound to make potty training interesting to the toddler.
Some potty chairs come with a detachable potty seat that can be used on an adult toilet.

Potty seats for toddlers look like a smaller version of the toilet seat that you find on an adult toilet. These little seats fit right over the adult toilet seat and reduce the circumference of the toilet seat ring. These seats prevent the child from slipping into the toilet and help the toddler feel confident on an adult toilet. Potty seats could contain integrated features like splash guards and grab handles.

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Potty Chairs vs Potty Seats

Potty chairs and seats have their unique characteristics and each product has its pros and cons.

Potty chairs

Designed exclusively for toddlers, potty chairs are useful only for a short period, even though they make efficient potty training tools.

Potty Chair ProsPotty Chair Cons
Available for specific age groupsManual dumping of excrement required. No water flush available
Portable, which means you can potty train the toddler anywhereCleaning can be a chore if toddler goes to potty repeatedly, or worst, has diarrhea
Closed compartment hygienically contains the excrementGrowing toddlers can outgrow a potty chair in a matter of months

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Potty seats

A potty seat is what you need when you want your kid to get used to using the real toilet.

Potty Seat ProsPotty Seat Cons
Fits on almost any adult toilet seat including those in public restroomsLimited sizes. Smaller toddlers may still find potty seat uncomfortable
Compact size, thus easy to carry. Also, no cleaning or dumping needed like a potty chair.The toddler needs to climb the adult toilet. So investment in stool or ladder required.
Habituates toddler about adult toilet and allows faster transitionOccupies the adult toilet, which could be problematic in single toilet households and restrooms.

Remember, both seats and chairs are tools that help a toddler learn to use the toilet instead of a diaper. So, pick one that has the features that you are looking for.

How To Choose The Best Potty Training Seat And Chair?

Look for the following features while shopping for your toddler’s potty chair and seat:

  1. Designed for your toddler: Check the recommended age and weight for the potty seat/chair as mentioned by the manufacturer. Some potty seats and chairs are designed for a range of toddler age groups.
  1. Adequate support and balance: A potty seat should fit on an adult toilet seat securely without any undulations. Potty chairs should have a firm balance and remain firmly on the ground even when the toddler adjusts himself. Give preference to seats with anti-skid materials that prevent slippage.
  1. Comfortable and secure seat material: Your toddler will refuse to use the seat unless it is comfortable to sit on. Look for soft-touch materials and smooth plastics that are gentle on the toddler’s skin and do not cause strain during extended duration of potty training.

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  1. Easy to clean: It should take only a few steps to dump and clean a potty chair. The design should be free of crevices or complex bends where excrement can get trapped and harbor bacteria. Soft potty seats should be resistant to absorption of liquids.
  1. Simple non-complex design: Select potty seats that clamp and come off easily from an adult toilet. Some potty seats have feet at the bottom for convenient storage, which can be an added benefit.
  1. Extra features: Some bonus features like footrest, handles, and backrest provide an added advantage. When buying potty seats for boys, you can give preference to those with a splash-guard to prevent a mess when the young man pees.

Potty chairs and seats help your toddler when used the right way. So it is important to keep in mind some points while using these potty training aids.

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Points To Remember When Using Toddler Potty Seats And Chairs

Follow these measures to ensure a safe potty training experience for your toddler:

  1. Do not leave the toddler alone: Your toddler may be all set to sit on the toilet, but it is not safe to leave him alone on it. When seated on an adult toilet, the toddler may playfully try to squeeze himself through the potty seat, which can result in him getting stuck. With potty chairs, the risk is less, but the little one may place his hands in the potty bowl. Therefore, for safety and hygiene reasons, always stand with your toddler to supervise him during potty training.
  1. Let the tot adjust but not play: Some soft potty seats may seem so squishy that the toddler may feel like bouncing on them. While it may look cute, remember that the potty seat/chair is not a toy. Playing around with it may result in the chair tipping over and causing injury.

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  1. Clean immediately and set it for drying: Once your toddler is done, clean the potty chair/seat immediately and leave it to dry. Potty seats come in direct contact with the toddler’s skin and hands. Germs can easily transmit from hands to mouth, causing infections. Maintain good hygiene by immediately disposing excrement and cleaning the seat/chair with a disinfectant liquid.
  1. Inspect regularly for any stress or damage: Toddlers grow quickly, and within months he may be putting extra weight on the chair or seat. Periodically look for any signs of damage like cracks or loose hinges. It can mitigate accidental breakage.
  1. Do not stretch beyond intended use: Some potty seats extend their value by doubling as sitting or stepping stools. However, unless the potty chair is designed for such purpose, do not use it for anything else than potty training.

Double check that you are buying the right potty seat or chair for your toddler, based on their age. Remember to take your toddler along for shopping so that he can choose his favorite potty chair. It will make them interested in potty training while relieving you from the hassle of too many diaper changes.

What potty seat/chair does your child use? Share your recommendations in our comments section.

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