The 6 Most Powerful Words You Can Say To Another Mom


As mothers, we all have two things in common – the gut-wrenching fear of losing our child, and the unbridled joy of having our child with us.

These two feelings are universal – they form the part and parcel of any mother’s life. Whether a mother’s child is sick, upset, hurt, missing, or God forbid, in heaven, a fellow mom may not be going through the same, but she knows the feeling because the fear is the same.

Again, when a mother is proud and joyous about her child, a fellow mom would understand that too. Because the bliss is the same.

If you know a mother who is going through some awful things, or even some amazing things with regard to her child, you immediately understand that feeling. At that point of time, what could you tell her? What is it that you can tell her so that she stays strong in the face of adversity, or becomes more jubilant during a happy occurrence?

Those are the six words you can tell to any mom – the six most powerful words. And you are going to use these six most powerful words whenever you see a mom, because, “You’re a mom, you know.”

Let’s take a look at a few examples – happy moments and tragic moments where those six words are more than enough.

Your Biggest Fears:

Losing a child is the worst thing that can happen to any mom; the loss is devastating to say the least. We know this is getting quite morbid, but you’ll understand how powerful the bond of mothers is. If you know a mom whose child has died, you would obviously struggle with the right words to express yourself because honestly, there are no right words. The only thing you can offer the grieving mother is your support and understanding because you know the joy of having a baby and you know the fear of losing one. You can understand the heartbreak to an extent because “you’re a mom, you know.”

At the doctor’s clinic, while waiting for a regular check up, you see a mother with her baby boy next to you. The mom’s anxiety and expression can tell you whether her baby is ill. Vital illness or not, you will still feel the mother’s pain and worry – “you know, you’re a mom.” It doesn’t matter if you don’t know who the mom is; she’s still a mom.

Or what about less extreme circumstances where a baby is crying and shrieking on a flight, and the mom is doing her best to calm the baby down. Poor things get annoyed looks from other passengers, but you feel bad for the mom because she’s exhausted and frustrated, and you know exactly how that feels because you’re a fellow mom. What about that mom whose job keeps her extremely busy, which means she has to resort to hiring a babysitter. Sadly, the babysitter cancels and you can’t possibly leave your baby alone! As a mom, you know the struggle of making sure your child is always being watched when you’re busy.

Your Prouder Moments:

Let’s move on to happier and less stressful examples! You know that overwhelmingly emotional moment when your baby first says “mama” or when your baby takes his first steps. What about when you see your child’s first play, first graduation, and even first job. There are no words to describe the happiness, pride, and pure joy to see your child succeed, even if it’s getting the lead in a third grade school play! As a mom, you understand those feelings when another mom gushes about her child’s life. You can’t even be annoyed at their boasting because you have felt the very same thing. Again, “you know, you’re a mom.”

Motherhood is a profound bond, which is simply defined by the statement, “you know, you’re a mom.” Yes, we seem to be in love with the statement, but what else can we do? That’s how moms understand, as their empathy goes a long, long way. In a way, no mom is alone because of that bond you share with other moms and no one will understand it better.

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