45+ Funny Prank Call Ideas To Do When You Really Bored

If you are on the lookout for interesting prank call ideas to add spice to your monotonous life, we’ve got you covered. Prank calls can add humor to your otherwise monotonous day and re-energize you. Almost everyone must have prank called someone at least once in their lives.

We present to you a list of giggle-worthy prank call ideas that are hilarious and harmless at the same time. In addition, these ideas will help you figure out what to say to the other person without offending them or their feelings.

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Things To Keep In Mind

Here are a few things to note when executing pranks on your friends.

  • Consider using web messengers to keep your number private.
  • Chalk out your story and character carefully, so you’re not caught off-guard.
  • See if you can change your voice, so the person doesn’t recognize it’s you.
  • Ensure that the hoax calls do not offend or harass the person you’re calling.
  • Try not to record the conversation since that may be deemed offensive and may even be illegal.

Prank Call Ideas For Friends


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1. Lucky winner

Promo calls can be quite annoying, but they are a classic go-to for an impish prank call. If you have a friend who gets excited easily, call and tell them they’ve won a prize. You can top it off by asking them to collect their prize. To avoid taking the prank too far, either tell them it’s you or organize a little surprise for them at the destination. Either way, you’re bound to get a few chuckles.

2. It’s mealtime

One of the best phone pranks to fool your friend is to call them and tell them that the pizza has been placed at their doorstep for them to collect. They’ll be confused, especially if they haven’t placed an order.

protip_icon Quick tip
Keep a pizza box, with a picture of a smiley face inside it, right outside their door. So you can have a good laugh together.

3. The survey prank

Another great idea for a fun prank is posing as someone who’s conducting surveys. Call your friend, ask a few genuine questions, and then move on to some weird ones. For instance, ‘Are you wearing pants?’ or ‘Did you see a bird fly by?

4. Let’s go on a date

Call a friend with whom you’re not too close and tell them you can’t wait to see them for date night tonight. Throw in a few details about what you’re planning to wear. Sound excited, and do not let them ask questions. And if you manage to fix up a place to meet, that would be the cherry on the top.

A small improvisation you can make to this prank is to call them and ask them to marry your daughter. This type of prank call will bother them and will be too funny. An anonymous blogger, shares his experience of pranking his coaching friend Anubhav using the same trick. He says, “Later at night, I came up with an idea. I called him up using one of the prank calling app Magic Call- The Ultimate Voice-Changer app, and talked in typical celebrity’s voice pretending to be a father who wanted his daughter to get married with him hahahaha. The conversation continued for about 5 minutes where I kept on convincing him for marriage and he was continuously asking about who I really am (i).” The hilarious prank added a touch of laughter to their friendship.

5. Special delivery

If you know the address of a friend you want to prank, this one will work best. Pose as a delivery person and tell them that they need to sign for a package. Give a vague description of what the package is, for example, 100 bottles of sparkling water. When they open the door, hang up.

6. Free coupons

Prank your friend telling them that they've won free coupons

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If you’ve got a friend who loves discounts, this mischievous call is for you. Call and tell them that you’re calling from an establishment—this could be their favorite restaurant or brand where they love to shop. Let them know that they’ve won a discount for being a loyal customer.

7. Wrong number

Call your friend and pretend that you’ve dialed the wrong number. Use funny names to make it a humorous prank call. Keep talking like you’re speaking to your BFF or someone close after a long time.

8. Spot a friend

Use this for someone who isn’t frightened easily since it can turn into a creepy spoof. Tell your friend on call that you saw them at the mall and called out to them but they didn’t turn around. Share a few details to make it look real. When they say it wasn’t them, proceed with telling them that they are lying to you, which is hurtful.

9. I’m here to pick you up

Randomly call your friend and tell them that you’re outside their place, ready to pick them up. When they sound confused, make a plan and tell them to get ready quickly and meet you. Once you hear them open the door, hang up.

10. It’s scandalous

This one’s for a friend who wouldn’t get angry. Call them up and accuse them of making out with your made-up SO. Use a fake name for someone you’re seeing and sound outraged at them having an affair. This prank call is undoubtedly going to leave you both giggling for quite some time.

11. Who is this?

Another fun prank is calling your friend and acting as they called you. Dial your buddy and then ask what they want. When they get confused, behave as if they’re the one who rang you and not the other way round.

12. IVR

Call your friend and pretend to be an IVR. Start with a ‘Welcome to so-and-so company. To speak with a customer executive, press 1.’ Make sure the company name is funny and wait to see if they press the button.

13. I’m out of toilet paper

Prank call your friend that you urgently need toilet paper

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Mundane tasks that don’t seem funny can make for a hilarious prank call idea. Ring your friend, tell them you’re out of toilet paper and stuck at a public loo. Ask them to get you some.

14. You did it

Randomly call someone you want to prank and say, ‘I know you did it.’ They’ll be confused and try to ask you what it is you thought they did. Don’t give them specifics or ridicule them, but keep saying that you know they did it, and they can’t make you believe otherwise.

15. References

Pretend you’re a hiring manager at a company and call your friend telling them that you’re checking someone’s references for a job. Use funny names for the hiring manager, job post, and company. Maybe throw in a couple of unusual questions to deceive them, and watch their confusion grow.

protip_icon Do remember
Don’t pull the prank too much and get into personal details such as salary package and job expectations. Instead, stick to funny questions that a hiring manager would never ask.

16. I need a service

Call your friend and tell them you are looking for customer service for help with a recent delivery. Don’t take no for an answer and insist you have the right number. Come up with hilarious and outrageous requests with your ‘product issues.’

17. Could you please stop calling me

Call up a friend and ask them to stop calling you as a prank

Image: IStock

Having someone call you and ask you to stop calling them can be hilarious and playful tomfoolery. So why not try this with a friend? Change your voice when you call them and ask them to stop calling you.

18. Deep breaths

If you’re looking for some scary prank call ideas, this can be a great one. Call your friend and when they answer, don’t say anything. Just take creepy deep breaths, loud enough for them to hear.

19. Cringe on call

With so many funny viral videos doing the rounds, why not rope a few in to aid your prank call? Select a cringy video, preferably with funny audio, and play it when your friend picks up the phone. You don’t need to say anything else.

20. Weird questions

One of the classic prank call ideas includes strange questions. Call your friend and ask them a question like ‘Is your refrigerator working?’ If they say yes, follow it up with something like ‘Oh! What wage does it make?

21. Same question, different accent

If you have free time, call your friend and ask them a question. Make it a strange and impractical one, so they don’t have an answer for it. When they hang up, call them again and ask them the same question, but use a different accent.

22. Phone check-up

You’ll need to know what phone your friend uses for this one. Call them up and pretend to be an executive of their mobile company who wants to check if their phone is in good condition. Try and get them to repeat silly sentences to ‘check if their mic is working.’

protip_icon Point to consider
Ask your friend to make funny hand movements and hop on one leg to get better connectivity. Try calling your friend from a distance to see their reaction live.

23. SpongeBob please

Sponge Bob prank call idea

Image: Shutterstock

Call your friend and ask them if it’s the Krusty Krab. When they say no, tell them you’re Patrick and want to speak to SpongeBob urgently.

24. Scorned lover

Call your friend to convey your affection and tell them how much you miss them. If they inquire about the caller’s name, you can react with a lighthearted question about how often they receive such loving calls. This may perplex them, but you can continue the conversation in a light and friendly tone, keeping the lighthearted atmosphere without becoming too carried away.

25. Haunted house

Here’s a fun prank for your friends who enjoy some spookiness. Give them a call and joke that someone died in their house many years ago for the sake of

generating a false haunted house story. You can make it more entertaining by claiming to believe in the haunting or making up stories about ghost sightings. However, make sure that your friend finds this type of joke humorous, and never push the prank to the point where it may anger or distress them once they realize it’s all in good fun.

26. 30 Flavors

Call someone and jokingly challenge them to name 30 different ice cream flavors in three minutes. Tell them that if they succeed, they will receive a three-year supply of ice cream and $20,000.

27. Emergency banana call

Make a call to your friend and insist that they help you right away because of an urgent situation involving bananas. Describe the imaginary banana problem in detail, emphasizing the crucial need for their expertise.

28. Drowned fish

Drowned fish

Image: Shutterstock

Call your friend and tell them that you believe your fish has drowned. Describe the fish as laying motionless on the tank’s bottom or floating belly-up on the water’s surface.

29. Robotic apology

Call a friend and pose as a robot trained to apologize for imaginary robot-related inconveniences. Make humorous excuses for things like ‘accidentally laser-beaming your toothpaste’ and ‘mixing up your sock drawer with a robotic sock-sorting mission.’ Continue the robotic apologies until you both burst out laughing.

30. Underwater tea party

Call a friend and invite them to an imaginative ‘underwater tea party’ hosted by mermaids and marine animals. Describe the lavish underwater tea ceremony and the delicious seaweed dishes on the menu.

31. Happy birthday prank

The Happy birthday prank is simple for individuals who don’t want to worry about masking their voice. Call anyone in your contact list and begin singing Happy Birthday as soon as they answer. Go through the entire song without letting them speak.

32. Psychic abilities

Convince your friend that you’ve discovered psychic skills and are ready to provide your profound predictions. Provide them with hilariously inaccurate and crazy predictions about their future while giving them unparalleled insights into the mysterious world.

33. Copycat

The Copycat prank phone call is simple to pull off. Your goal will be to repeat everything they say until they disconnect the call.

34. Time traveler request

Time traveler request

Image: Shutterstock

Pretend you’re a time traveler from the distant past or the distant future. Call and ask your friend how to adjust to modern life.

35. Weird job interview

Call a friend or relative and pretend to be a recruiter for a job. Begin with standard interview questions, then gradually include strange and irrelevant questions, such as ‘If you were a fruit, what type of fruit would you be?’ See how long they can keep their cool during this amusing role-play.

36. Impossible scenario

Call a friend or family member and tell them about an unthinkable situation in which you saw them in an exotic location, such as a penguin sanctuary in Antarctica or a UFO convention on Mars.

37. Fan love

Call your friend and act like you are their biggest fan, gushing over all of their ‘accomplishments’ in the most absurd and over-the-top way imaginable. Shower them with praise for basic acts, transforming them into epic triumphs.

38. Animal language translator

Call your friend and ask them about getting a fictitious device that can translate your dog’s barks into human language. Stress that your dog is trying to tell you important things.

39. Fake pizza order

Fake pizza order

Image: Shutterstock

Dial your friend and pretend to place an out-of-this-world order, such as a huge pizza topped with anchovies, gummy bears, and marshmallows. See how people respond to your crazy request and whether they are willing to try your unusual food pairing.

40. Fake amnesia

Pretend you have temporary amnesia and call your friend, acting confused and puzzled as though you don’t recognize them or recollect any previous interactions with them.

41. Alien abduction

Call a friend and claim to be an eyewitness to a fictitious alien abduction in your area. Describe the strange happenings in full detail, including extraterrestrial beings and their strange spacecraft.

42. Fluent in nonsense

Pretend to be a foreign language specialist and call a friend, speaking in an entirely made-up language with outstanding confidence. You can offer to teach them this fictitious language, which will result in amusing miscommunications and chuckles as you both attempt to talk in gibberish.

43. Secret society invitation

Tell your friend an elaborate story about being a member of a fictitious secret society that is inviting them to join. Describe the amusing initiation procedures and secret knowledge they will acquire as a member of this crazy organization.

44. Telemarketer

Assume the role of an overly enthusiastic telemarketer pitching outrageous and bizarre products such as indestructible toothpaste or silent alarm clocks. Convince your friends that they’ve discovered a great deal that they simply can’t pass up.

45. Ridiculous selection

Ridiculous selection

Image: Shutterstock

Inform your friend that they have been randomly selected into an outlandish tournament, such as the national underwater basket weaving championship. Share crazy information about the competition and their training program.

46. Fake holiday

Call your friend and declare today to be a one-of-a-kind and absurd occasion, such as ‘National Polka-Dotted Sock Day.’ Encourage your friend to celebrate by discussing strange traditions and making up silly explanations for this made-up holiday.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I ensure my prank calls are legal and safe?

You can legally keep yourself safe by making prank calls to only those you know would not mind it. Nevertheless, it is critical to understand the local laws and regulations regarding prank calls to ensure you are not violating any laws.

2. Can prank calls be considered harassment?

Prank calls that go too far, or those done to someone who does not appreciate it or does not know you very well may be considered harassment.

3. How can I ensure my prank calls don’t offend anyone?

To avoid offending anyone, ensure that prank calls are harmless, preferably done with consent or prior notice, and not meant to embarrass or hurt the person on the other end.

4. How do I know if a prank call is going too far?

A prank call has gone too far if the person on the receiving end feels harmed, distressed, or embarrassed. Therefore, you must know when to stop.

5. What should I do if I accidentally offend someone with a prank call?

If you accidentally offend someone with a prank call, apologize and make amends. Avoid giving justifications and excuses for the prank that may make matters worse.

6. Is it legal to make a prank call to businesses or government offices?

No. Making a prank call to these entities may land you in legal trouble. It is best to stick to making prank calls to close friends and relatives who are tolerant of your tricks and will never take any legal action.

Prank calls are a good way of sharing some playful jokes, humor and laughs with the people you know. With the help of these prank call ideas, we are sure that you will be able to easily break your friends or family members into hearty laughter and give them a good time. But you should remember that such calls are meant for fun and entertainment purposes only, and casual kidding should not hurt anyone’s feelings or emotions. It is also important to note that these calls should not be stretched for long periods as they might become annoying.

Infographic: Things To Keep In Mind While Prank Calling Friends

Occasional harmless prank calls to friends can be fun to spend your boring evenings. But sometimes, these may not be as funny for the one being pranked as certain things may be hurtful or offensive to them. So, learn the tips to make your prank successful and the things you should avoid doing.

dos and donts while prank calling your buddy (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Key Pointers

  • If you love the idea of pranking your friends, you may count on some funny prank call ideas like the good-old who is this? or the random questions call.
  • These ideas could help keep your relationship lively and witty.
  • However, make sure to set your boundaries to avoid annoyance and disputes.

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