110+ Naughty Pranks To Pull On Boyfriend This April Fools’ Day

Love is a roller coaster of emotions, and it’s quite normal to be excited in the initial stages of romance. However, most girls love to tease and play pranks on boyfriends to add fun to their lives. Precisely, even couples in long-term relationships would admit quite unapologetically that they have played pranks on their partners now and then. So along with strengthening the bond between the couples, pranks can break the monotony of a relationship. Although it is vital to have lovely, precious moments with your loved one, occasionally being mischievous and pranking around could multiply the excitement and humor in your relationship. So if you have been searching for pranks to play on your boyfriend, reading this post could be of your help.

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111 Prank Ideas On Boyfriend

If you’re planning on pranking your boyfriend but haven’t quite thought of the “how,” our list of pranks, when executed smoothly, will leave you both in a fit of laughter. However, make sure to check your partner’s sense of humor before attempting these pranks!

April Fool’s Pranks On Boyfriend

There is no shortage of practical jokes or japes you can play on your dearie for making fun of him. But when looking for that chef’s kiss on your plans, then this list is curated for you.

1. You’re fired

If you have your boyfriend’s boss’s number and you are friends with them, you both can plan it quite perfectly. An April Fool’s Day prank will be an amusement for you and their boss, but your boyfriend might not enjoy it initially.

2. When are we adopting?

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If he dislikes a particular animal, it will irk him quite a bit in the beginning. Tell him you went to your local shelter and could not help but adopt an animal. You can also show him pictures to see his reaction. Try hoaxing your boyfriend with this harmless prank and enjoy his reaction when he realizes it’s all in good fun.

protip_icon Do remember
Do not stretch the joke too much. Do it for fun, and if you see your boyfriend losing his temper, give away the truth before the situation gets out of hand.

3. Oh no! How did that spill all over?

How about fooling him by creating a fake spill on his laptop or his favorite rug? Take some white glue and use color to resemble the spill. For instance, use red to resemble a spilled-over nail polish bottle and brown for coffee. Then take your chosen dish and turn it over to wax or a plastic surface so that it dries out completely. Carefully lift it and place it on the rug or a laptop to make it seem like something has spilled over.

4. Tweak the favorite dish

If he has got a favorite food, it is time to change up the ingredients. Tell them you have got their favorite dish on the menu for lunch, and then proceed to make it by swapping a couple of the ingredients. It is important to remember the presentation because it will make or break your whole idea of this prank. Have fun by humoring your boyfriend with this mischievous prank that he won’t see coming. When he tries to eat it, record his reaction.

5. Fitness journey

If your boyfriend loves to snack and has a bunch of favorite snacks stored in the kitchen cupboard, swap them with something that they despise. Tell them that you are on your “fitness journey” and throwing out unhealthy snacks.

6. Car crash

If your boyfriend treasures his car more than the rest of his things, then this prank is the one. Tell them that you want to go for a grocery run and your car is at the service center. Take your time, borrow his car, and hide your car where they wouldn’t spot it in plain sight. Go to your boyfriend directly in a frenzied manner and tell him you have crashed the car. Try and find an old steering wheel from a scrap yard and show it to him. Enjoy the fun.

7. Wakey-wakey

Change each of the clocks to a couple of hours early and start your morning routine without any hesitation. Adjust the clocks to 4 or 5 a.m., get up, and do everything as usual. Your boyfriend will be in a state of incoherence because it would be hard for him to understand why it’s so dark out, yet the time is 7. Try to act normal and see how long they take to comprehend this prank.

8. Honey, I am bald!

Tell your boyfriend that you have shaved your head and eyebrows for a fresh, new look. It would be quite hysterical to see their reaction. Instead, you can use the filters of social media, take snaps, and send them to him.

9. Family heirloom

Any heirloom that has been in the family for generations holds a lot of value, so pretend you have lost a valuable family heirloom. For instance, it could be a necklace of his great-grandmother or his aunt’s ring. See how they react to it, and you can both have a laugh when he realizes that it was a prank all along.

10. Cracked

Install a screen guard that resembles a cracked screen on their phone and computer after they sleep. So, when they wake up, they will be horrified to see it.

11. Alexa

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If your boyfriend is tech-savvy and relies on Alexa to take care of most of his things, the best way to prank him would be to override all the commands on his Alexa. The app on his phone is the key to changing all the commands, so it will be quite the opposite when he tries to do something. Making him scratch his head and seeing him try to figure out what went wrong will be quite amusing.

12. Where did my engagement ring go?

If you both are engaged, then tell him that you are unable to find the engagement ring. Ask him for his “help” to find it and then see the questions you get bombarded with; that or he could go down a road of hysteria. All in all, it will be quite the experience watching him writhe under pressure.

13. Happy birthday!

Log in to his Facebook and Twitter, and change his birthday to April 1. He will be confused by the constant birthday wishes. You could even take him out for dinner and tell the restaurant that it is his birthday. They will bring a cake, and that will make him even more confused.

14. Shiver

If they are going for a warm shower in the morning, turn off the geyser. As soon as they turn on the shower, they will be hit by cold water and will be jumping up and down with shivers running all over their body.

15. Tattoo love

Getting a fake tattoo is one way that you can get a laugh out of him. There are lots of options that you can find online when it comes to getting a fake tattoo. You could also pretend that you got yourself inked with your boyfriend’s name or ex’s name, and they will not know how to react to it.

16. Minty Oreo

A good old food prank is gold. If your boyfriend is a fan of Oreo, replace the cream filling with something, such as toothpaste. You could also go for mashed potatoes, but toothpaste is always the better option.

protip_icon Quick tip
Ensure you are around when your boyfriend is eating the toothpaste-filled oreo. If he isn’t paying attention while eating, he might end up swallowing the toothpaste, which may not be good for his tummy.

17. Ring-ring

One of the classic dupes in the books is to change your boyfriend’s ringtone to something quite obnoxious. You could either record a custom tone and change it or search for something funny that will put him in an awkward position in public.

18. A baby

It is April 1, so playing a fake pregnancy prank on your boyfriend is a good idea. To make it more believable, you could also announce it on social media and ask your friends to congratulate you so that your boyfriend does not suspect you when you break the news to him for the first time. You could also fake a pregnancy test at home to get his reaction.

19. A look change

Change into an improper outfit every 30 minutes, and he will ask you what is wrong. Try to act nonchalant, as if it is normal, and continue with your chores as usual.

20. Ping

Pretend that you are taking pictures and sending them to a guy. The continuous ping of messages will make him question you. Ask a friend to help you with the prank as you would need someone to text. Also, make sure to change that friend’s name on your phone so that your boyfriend doesn’t catch you pranking him.

21. Brrr…it’s cold

Next time you go camping with your boyfriend and friends, pull your boyfriend’s sleeping bag sneakily (while he is sleeping) out of the tent. Get your friends to help you and when you’re done, wake him up and find him confused.

protip_icon Do remember
Do not let him sleep out of the tent or he might fall sick. Ensure that you wake him up a few moments after he is pulled out of the tent.

22. Alexa

If your boyfriend is tech-savvy and relies on Alexa to take care of most of his things, the best way to prank him would be to override all the commands on his Alexa. The app on his phone is the key to changing all the commands, so it will be quite the opposite when he tries to do something. Making him scratch his head and seeing him try to figure out what went wrong will be quite amusing.

23. Wrap everywhere

Before your boyfriend goes to take a bath, cover all his toiletries with wraps. Ensure to cover the lids as well, so when he tries to use these items, he cannot open them with wet hands.

24. Talk time

You might feel anxious when your significant other brings up “we need to talk,” and you have no idea what they might be thinking about. So, why not play a hoax and put your boyfriend in the same position, and ask him something trivial? He will get the spoof.

You can also prank your beau by ignoring him. This will make him think they did something to upset you and could be very funny when they find out it was a prank. Monica, a wife, pranked her partner by doing the same. She said that he pranked her once and now it is her time to get back at him. She was a little concerned about how he would react to the prank but was excited to try. She mentioned that she will not talk to him and try her best to keep ignoring him when he gets back home (i).”

25. Sticky phone

Use double-sided tape to secure your boyfriend’s phone to the table or phone. Call your partner repeatedly and laugh as they attempt to answer the phone owing to the unexpected attachment.

26. Getting back together with your ex

Getting back together with your ex can be an emotional rollercoaster. No one wants to face the pain of losing their partner to another man, especially if that other person is her ex. Engaging in a naughty prank like this can bring about intense emotions, even tears, for some.

27. Bring up an old issue

Bringing up an old issue as a prank on your boyfriend takes a playful spin on past fights. You may casually bring up the topic while acting sincerely upset, and observe his puzzled response. Allow the suspense to build for a moment before breaking into a cheeky grin and revealing the prank. It might be amusing to anticipate his response, and sharing some laughter together can deepen your relationship.

28. Moving to a different city

It could be disappointing for your partner to get an unexpected message from you announcing your relocation with no prior notice. It’s one of the easiest pranks to pull.

29. Colorful toothpaste

Inject some food coloring in his toothpaste, preferably a dark brown or black. Watching his horrified face when he looks at the paste will be fun.

30. Mismatched shoes

Mix up his shoes in such a way that the left shoe of one pair matches the right shoe of another. It can be a hilarious morning surprise to see him struggle to find matching shoes.

31. Faucet sprayer

You can tape the trigger on the kitchen sink’s faucet sprayer so that when he turns on the water, he gets an unexpected splash. It’s a fun way to add a little fun to everyday tasks.

32. Cockroach invasion

Place realistic-looking cockroaches in unexpected places throughout the house, such as inside a closet or near his shoes. His reaction to the unexpected ‘cockroach invasion’ will be memorable.

33. Broken keyboard

Pop a few keys off the keyboard and reposition them carefully. It’s funny to see him type gibberish before realizing that the keyboard’s keys are all jumbled up.

34. Invisible barriers

Create an ‘invisible’ barrier in a doorway at eye level with clear plastic wrap. When he walks into it, he’ll be momentarily confused by the unexpected resistance.

35. Cat facts

Make your partner happy with a series of cat facts. You can sign him up on an app for cat facts. He’ll be confused, wondering if he unintentionally signed up for a fact messenger. If you don’t want to use an app, send random cat facts from an unknown number for a playful surprise.

36. Frozen spoon

Offer him a bowl of ice cream but with a frozen spoon. When he tries to scoop, the spoon becomes stuck in the ice cream, leading to a comical struggle to enjoy his dessert.

37. Parcels

You can bombard your boyfriend with couriers all day. Fill the boxes with trash and wrappers, then include a little amusing letter in each box to keep them laughing all day.

38. Funny noise

This classic trick never fails to make people laugh. Simply buy a whoopee cushion and set it on your boyfriend’s chair or car seat. Watch their embarrassment when they sit on it and the cushion makes a funny sound.

39. Ice cubes

Make a refreshing beverage over ice for your partner, but add a playful touch by freezing mentos or menthol mints within the ice cubes. Share a hearty laugh when his drink explodes with sudden fizz and bubbles, creating a memorable and amusing moment.

40. Easter eggs

Surprise your partner with an Easter basket, but instead of chocolate eggs, fill it with real chicken eggs coated in chocolate. Enjoy the laughter as he discovers the unexpected twist in his Easter treat.

41. Talcum hair

If your boyfriend is picky about their hair, here’s a fun prank for them. Add a little talcum powder to their hairdryer quietly before using it for a delightful surprise. It’s a fun way to add some fun to their grooming routine.

42. Secret admirer

Send your partner a bouquet of flowers without revealing your identity as a lighthearted prank. Include a quirky and mysterious note that will catch his interest. It’s a cute and playful way to brighten up his day.

43. Mystery guy

Surprise your lover on a video call by having a passerby appear briefly. Pretend to be embarrassed and act as if you don’t want your boyfriend to see the stranger. It’ll leave him curious and amused as he wonders about the mysterious encounter.

44. 50 first dates?

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Just like Drew Barrymore used to re-live the previous day in “50 First Dates,” you too could do the same. Do all the things you did with your boyfriend the previous day, such as handing him the newspaper from the last day, and he will scratch his head in confusion.

45. Screenshot humor

To prank your boyfriend, take a screenshot of his phone’s home screen and set it as his mobile wallpaper. Rearrange the apps on his phone, leaving empty spaces on his screen, so that when he tries to use them, he encounters a blank screen.

46. Relive the previous day

Change the dates and timings as if you were reliving the previous day. To relate to earlier events, return to the same locations with your partner, offer him a newspaper from the previous date, and order the same foods as yesterday. This funny act will leave him confused.

47. Chilled soy Coke

Everyone loves a refreshing glass of chilled Coke after a long day at work. Treat your partner with a playful twist. Fill the glass with water instead of regular Coke, and then gradually add soy sauce until the color is identical to Coke. After a long day, surprise him with an unexpected “perfect” drink to leave him shocked.

48. Pennywise balloons

Watch a good horror movie like ‘IT’ with your boyfriend. The next day, you can take red balloons and tie them at each place your boyfriend visits to recreate the eerie atmosphere of last night’s horror film. We all know how terrible Pennywise the Clown can be, and these balloons will serve as the perfect emblem. If he brings up the issue, playfully suggest that you’ve been seeing them as well.

49. Typing GIF

Send your partner a message saying, ‘Hey, I need to discuss something important,’ and then use a GIF of the typing icon to suggest that you’re typing a message. It’ll pique his curiosity without causing unnecessary anxiety, adding a light-hearted touch to the conversation.

50. Fake accent

You can consider playing some humorous voice-only pranks on your boyfriend. Call your partner with a phony accent and watch how long it takes him to recognize you. You can get help from your best friend (and their spare phone) to help you here.

51. Message from your mother

Pretend to be your mother and text your boyfriend from another number. Send a formal message expressing concern about what you both have been doing. Ask about his intentions before concluding the message.

52. Blast from the past

Send a very official text to your boyfriend saying that his ex just contacted you and told you to come over. You can also say that she wants to share something that he did to her.

53. Chocolate balls

Freeze a few cotton balls after coating them with chocolate. Give them to your partner as a nice surprise and enjoy watching his fun struggle with them.

54. Balloon trouble

Fill your partner’s car with balloons while he is busy elsewhere. When he opens the car door, he will be greeted by a shower of balloons.

55. Fortune cookies

Order some personalized fortune cookies online and fill them with amusing or bizarre messages. Give these cookies to your partner and watch his face light up as he reads the strange fortunes.

56. Power outage

Turn off the power at the circuit breaker while your boyfriend is watching TV or using his computer. Watch his response as he tries to determine what happened.

57. Parking ticket

Print out a fake parking ticket and place it on your boyfriend’s car. Watch his reaction as he worries he has to pay a fine.

58. A special visit

Pretend that a common friend is visiting your partner’s office and that they intend to surprise him. Continue the joke until he realizes it’s simply one of your amusing pranks.

Cute Pranks To Pull On Your Boyfriend

Couples that prank on each other stay together. Maybe it’s not April Fools’ Day, but that doesn’t mean you cannot prank your dearest. Test your boyfriend’s wit and sense of humor by devising deceits to make him laugh.

59. Cutie baby

If you enjoy pranking your boyfriend and your friend has recently adopted a cute kitten or a puppy that your boyfriend is unaware of, bring it home and tell him that you have adopted a pet. You will see the cutesy side of him.

60. Hickey trick

Fake a hickey on your neck with some makeup and walk around the house as if nothing is wrong. When he confronts you about it, try to avoid it and you will see a good reaction from him.

61. Why isn’t the remote working?

If your boyfriend loves watching TV and often takes away the remote to watch his favorite sports, there’s no better way to get back at him than this prank. Take a piece of scotch tape and color a black dot on it. Then, place the tape carefully over the sensor of the remote and voila! Whenever he tries to operate the TV with the remote, it will not work; not even when he changes the batteries.

62. Bathroom emergency

You’d have to make your boyfriend take laxatives quite sneakily without making him understand. You will see him running to the bathroom every five minutes, and it will be quite the scene.

63. No toilet paper

It’s a disaster when you do not have toilet paper in the bathroom. So, when your boyfriend finds out that the toilet paper roll is empty, he will be forced to ask. You can proceed to record his reaction when you tell him that there is no toilet paper in the house, so you would have to run to the nearest supermarket to get some.

64. That’s not the song

We all tend to have a specific playlist for every situation or time, so changing the songs on his playlist will leave him confused. You could add some songs that he despises or put in mushy love songs. You are the creative one here, so go ahead with an idea.

65. “Flour-y” mess

The prank requires you to take some flour and put it in a small plastic jar. Take the jar and balance it on top of the door at the very edge. Keep the door slightly open so when your boyfriend enters the room, their face and head will be covered in flour.

66. Sticky mess

Replace the hand wash with glue and add a bit of food color to it to resemble the original hand wash. Your boyfriend will feel a sense of befuddlement when he tries to wash his hands. Keep a camera ready to record his reaction to this foolery.

67. Un-hinged

Open the hinges on the bathroom door, so whenever he tries to close it, the door will come out, and he will be confused as ever. It will be funnier if it happens when he has to use the bathroom urgently.

68. It’s a ghost

Is there a horror movie that he loves? Then, buy a mask resembling the “ghost” from that horror film and wear it to scare him. You can do this prank in the morning when he is asleep, and you want to wake him up.

69. Air horn noises

The classic air horn prank is a hilarious one. Place an air horn under the seat of his chair or sofa, so whenever he tries to sit, the air horn will startle him.

70. Did you cheat on me?

Image: IStock

Transfer pictures of a girl onto his phone. Then show the pictures to him and accuse him of cheating on you. You could also photoshop some conversations and show as proof. He will be bewildered because he has no idea who she is.

71. Vinegar or soda?

Do you have some bottles of soda and vinegar in the fridge? Well, time to swap the contents of each bottle. When your partner tries to drink it, the expression on his face will be worth capturing.

72. Creepy-crawly prank

It will be quite a funny prank to try if your boyfriend gets the heebie-jeebies from the creepy-crawlies. Buy a rubber lizard, cockroach, spider, or a snake that you can use for the prank and keep them in front of him. Keep your camera ready because you would not want to miss their reaction.

73. Hocus pocus

Tell your boyfriend you have learned a new magic trick. Take a coin and place it under a bottle filled with water. Keep the lid open and take a cloth to cover it, do some mumbo-jumbo to make him believe that it is the magic spell that you are casting to put the coin inside the bottle. When you are done, take the cloth off and ask him to look inside the bottle. When he does, press the bottle, and the water will splash on his face.

74. It’s too early

Take his phone and change the time to an hour early, he will end up reaching the office early and will be quite confused when he ends up seeing no one at the office.

75. No prank

Tease him for days, telling him that you have a grand prank going to blow his mind. But when the first of April arrives, don’t do a single thing. It is quite anti-climactic, but the thought of him squirming under pressure will be hilarious enough. It is a prank that he would never suspect to take place.

76. Investment, what!?

If you and your boyfriend share your finances, implementing this would be a perfect idea. All you have to do is tell him that you lost a huge sum of money in gambling or won a huge sum from a lottery. Either way, you can get a huge reaction from him, which is when you can break the news to him.

77. Sundae not so fun-day

If your boyfriend loves ice-cream sundaes, then this prank is something you must try. Swap the ice cream for mashed potatoes and decorate it the same way an ice-cream sundae would be. The first scoop that he takes will reflect on his face.

78. Ugh auto-correct, not again!

Steal his phone and change the basic words to opposites, so whenever he tries to write something, it will come up as gibberish.

79. Soda shower

If your boyfriend loves having cold drinks during summer, shake up all the bottles containing fizzy drinks and keep them. As soon as he opens them, he will be greeted with a sweet surprise.

80. It’s donut time

Who doesn’t love a good chocolate donut or even a cream-filled donut? A great idea would be teasing your guy by placing a box of donuts right in front of him. When he does go for one, he will be surprised to have it filled with hot sauce instead of cream cheese.

81. Meow?

Sneak in walkie-talkies into different parts of the house, and every time he goes near a walkie-talkie, you could purr from your walkie-talkie. He will think that a cat is following him, leaving him quite confused, to say the least.

82. Who is it again?

Call him from different numbers pretending to be different agencies. You will be amused to see him getting mad at the constant calls.

83. Googly-eyed

Buy some googly eyes from your local craft store and put them on every inanimate object around the house. It’s classy, funny, and cute. It provides a lot of character to all the items and can make your boyfriend wonder, ‘what on earth is it?’

84. Food labels

Replace some of your boyfriend’s favorite food labels with amusing or personalized ones. For instance, replace ketchup with love sauce and cereal with breakfast of champions. The clever labeling will make him chuckle when he goes to fetch a snack.

85. Sea of sticky notes

Cover your boyfriend’s car windshield or bedroom door with colorful sticky notes. Write reasons why you love him or leave lovely messages on each one. The sea of sticky notes will make him grin when he sees it.

86. Tech glitch

Borrow your boyfriend’s mobile and change your contact name to something strange or humorous, such as ‘Love Ninja’ or ‘Captain Cuddles.’ Then, send him a text message from your newly named contact, acting innocent.

87. Mysterious countdown

Send your partner a series of text messages with a countdown, beginning with a random number like ‘7’ and counting down every hour or so. When he asks, say something lighthearted like, ‘The countdown to our next adventure together.’

88. Latherless soap

You can use clear nail polish to paint a bar of soap. When you put it in the shower, it won’t produce any lather, leaving your boyfriend to wonder what’s wrong with the soap.

89. Small shoes

Fill your boyfriend’s favorite shoes with soft cotton or a similar comfortable material. When he puts them on, he’ll discover that his feet have suddenly gotten larger or that his shoes have strangely shrunk. To make it even more comical, pack one shoe with more cotton than the other, giving the impression that one foot is slightly bigger than the other.

90. Lemon juice

When he’s not looking, sneak a small amount of lemon juice into his water. You can also consider adding a tiny bit of vinegar or salt as well. After that, observe his response as he takes another sip. It’s a fun way to enjoy a moment of surprise and laughter with your partner.

91. Sticky phone

Apply something sticky to the phone’s earpiece or mouthpiece, excluding gum, which might be problematic if it becomes trapped in someone’s hair and cannot be readily rinsed off. Then, call them and watch their amused reaction.

92. Wake up surprise

Tape a piece of newspaper from the top of the door frame to the wall over the door while your boyfriend is sleeping. Cover the newspaper with popcorn, foam peanuts, or little paper balls. When he wakes up and walks out the door, these lightweight items will gently fall on his head as the newspaper rips.

93. Enquiring about rights

Enter your boyfriend’s room suddenly and shout, ‘Who gave you the right to this?’ in a playful manner. Continue by saying things like, ‘You know exactly what I mean!’ and ‘You’ve crossed a line!’ when he asks about what’s going on. Maintain the charade for a few moments until he asks, ‘The right to what?’ Give him an endearing smile and say, ‘The right to be this charming,’ in response.

94. Sew his clothes

Another amusing prank for your boyfriend is to sew up the bottom of his favorite pajamas or boxers while he’s at work. When he gets home, politely suggest that he change while you lay out his cleanly sewn pajamas and a t-shirt on the bed. You can share a hearty laugh as he tries to put on the altered lower.

95. Upside-down shake

Make his favorite shake in a mug as usual. Then, flip the mug upside down on a cardboard or solid saucer and top the bottom of the cup with whipped cream and a cherry to give the illusion of a perfect shake. Call him to the table and enjoy a nice laugh as he spills his drink on himself. Use your smartphone to secretly capture his reaction as he tries to take a sip.

96. Marker pen

Wait until your partner falls asleep before drawing something amusing on his face with a marker. When he wakes up and sees it in the mirror, his reaction will undoubtedly make you both chuckle.

97. Paint his nails

Consider this trick if your boyfriend is a good sleeper. Paint all of his nails once he’s fallen asleep. When he wakes up and finds the surprising change in his hands and feet, watch his response for some lighter amusement.

98. My parents are visiting

Send your boyfriend a humorous text hinting that your parents will be visiting and staying for a month. He’ll definitely be caught off guard by this joke, and you two can laugh it off together.

99. Upside-down messages

Engage in a regular text conversation with your boyfriend. Use a text-flipping app to flip your next message upside-down after a short while. Send him the inverted text after copying it, and continue talking to him while he puzzles over the message.

100. Repeated messages

Send your boyfriend a repeated message just for fun. Stick to the same fun message no matter what he sends. Watch his reactions as he realizes it’s a humorous prank, resulting in an enjoyable time between you two.

101. Pretend to be a stranger

Play along and assume a stranger received his text. You can even ask who he’s looking for to see what he has to say about you.

102. GIF Storm

Begin a conversation with your boyfriend and only react with GIFS. It’s a sweet and amusing prank that will make him wonder. Enjoy the moment as he playfully puzzles himself.

Prank Call Ideas On Boyfriend

You are sure to get a kick out of all these pranks. Engage in some skylarking and surprise your boyfriend with these pranks that outsmart him.

103. Why did you hang up on me?

Call your boyfriend and hang upon him. Then proceed to call him again and accuse him of hanging up the phone while you were in the middle of a conversation. Bombard him with reasons by telling him how important conversation is and how he does not seriously. He wouldn’t have anything to say because he will be befuddled.

104. Free vacation

Call your boyfriend posing as an agency where you tell him that he has won a free vacation ticket to the Bahamas or any other place that he wanted to go for a while.

105. Mobile operator check

Pretend to be a mobile operator who has called for a regular check-up. Use made-up phrases that are funny, for instance, “My donkey says hi to me” or “A bird just pooped on my head.” Keep extending until he gets mad.

106. Adult toy store

Pose as a marketing executive of an online adult toy store and call your boyfriend. Tell him that his recent order is ready to be shipped and that it was a “pleasure having a customer like him.”

107. Liar, liar, pants on fire

Image: Shutterstock

Call your partner at the weirdest time and start telling him things that will slowly freak him out. You could say how fat you have become because you have been constantly binge-eating and also how you do not fit into your clothes anymore. Of course, he will try to console you by saying that you have not gained weight and that you are beautiful, but when he does, tell him, “So you think I am a liar?”

108. Uploading a weird photo

Inform your partner that you accidentally posted an unusual photo of him on your social media account, and that close friends and relatives have already seen it. This prank will initially catch him off guard, possibly making him nervous, before he realizes it’s all in good fun.

109. Hair dye

Use a washable temporary hair color to change the color of your hair. During a video call with your partner, casually mention that you’ve changed the color of your hair. Observe his reaction as he tries to notice the shift, which leads to a more humorous and less extreme prank over the video call.

110. Song lyrics

Choose a song and text the first line to your partner. Continue texting him lines from the song, regardless of his reply. As he tries to make sense of the surprising lyrics you’re sending, he’ll get increasingly confused, resulting in a playful and engaging phone prank.

111. Fake news

Surprise your boyfriend with a fun prank call about a unique local event. Call him up and tell him about fictitious news like a ‘penguin parade’ in your town. Describe some amusing activities and the town’s reaction. After some storytelling, expose the prank and have a fun moment together.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I make sure my prank won’t hurt my boyfriend’s feelings?

Ensure the prank is only between your boyfriend and you. Involving a third person may make him feel insulted. The joke should not be demeaning in any way. It should not question his intelligence or integrity.

2. Will pranking my boyfriend make him trust me less?

If you pull frequent pranks on him, he may start to trust you a little less. However, occasional pranks should not affect his trust in you.

3. What do I do if my boyfriend gets angry and upset after a prank?

Apologize promptly the moment you realize he is upset. If he reacts badly, do not argue with him. Instead, express your regret and diffuse the heated situation as soon as possible. Do not get into a verbal fight or take his words of fury to heart. Let it go.

4. Can pranking my boyfriend damage our relationship?

If the prank is funny and harmless, it will not affect your relationship. However, if your boyfriend does not take the prank well or feels belittled or humiliated by your prank, it is sure to cause some damage to your relationship.

5. Is it okay to prank my boyfriend in public?

No. It could make him feel mocked and ridiculed. Keep your pranks as private as you can.

6. What should I do if my boyfriend retaliates with his own pranks?

React in the same way you would like your boyfriend to react to your pranks — with a good laugh. However, if his pranks are too much to take, you should have a word with him. Before asking him to stop his pranks, you need to promise to stop pranks from your end.

7. How often should I prank my boyfriend?

If your boyfriend does not mind your pranks, then you can pull a prank once a month. Do not overdo it, or it will not remain amusing.

8. Is it okay to prank my boyfriend if he’s having a tough time?

If your boyfriend is under stress, it’s better not to pull a prank on him as he might not find it amusing. Plan your pranks for days when he is calm, relaxed, and in a good mood.

9. Is it ever too mean to prank my boyfriend?

Frequent pranks or pranks that make him feel insulted are mean, or pranking him in front of others is indeed mean. Avoid doing it if you love your boyfriend.

10. Should I avoid pranks that involve my boyfriend’s personal belongings?

If the prank does not damage his belongings in any way or if he is fine with you touching his items, then it is okay to use it for a prank. However, it is best to avoid it.

Playing fun pranks on your boyfriend might uplift the mood of your relationship. Play these pranks on him or engage in a bit of tomfoolery to have a good laugh that will bring you closer. With these pranks, show your boyfriend your witty and fun side that wishes to ignite the romance in the relationship. However, you should engage in these pranks based on your intimacy and comfort levels. A prank should aim to trigger a good giggle and not a fight. It should never involve deceiving, embarrassing, or mocking your partner in a way that could cause them harm or upset. Hence, respect your relationship boundaries and choose the most suitable pranks accordingly.

Infographic: Easy And Fun Pranks For Beau

Although your guy adores the cute, kind, lovable girl you are, it is not necessary to always stay just the sweet, innocent type, as a little harmless humor can spice up your relationship. Take some hints from this infographic on the pranks you can try on your boyfriend and show him your wacky side!

cute pranks to pull on your boyfriend (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Get high-quality PDF version by clicking below.

Download Infographic in PDF version Download Infographic
Download Infographic in PDF version

Key Pointers

  • If you like to prank your boyfriend, you may try cute pranks ideas like Tweak the favorite dish, Honey, I am bald, and more.
  • Also, call him with different names or dress up in an unconventional way to prank him.
  • However, make sure to set your boundaries to avoid annoyance and disputes.

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