25 Best And Funny Pranks To Do On Friends

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Not just April Fool’s Day, you can pick any casual day for pranks to do on friends. Playing pranks is one of the simplest ways to loosen up and enjoy a hearty laugh. Nonetheless, ensure you are not insulting or harming anyone.

It is also important that you are not trying pranks on sensitive friends who might not take it sportingly. We bring you some interesting ideas in this post that are easy to try and have utmost fun.

Pranks To Do On Your Friends

1. Caramel onions

Caramel onion, prank to play on friends

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Summer street festivals and autumn fairs are famous for caramel apples, but what if you changed the recipe a bit and made “caramel onions?” No one with a sweet tooth will hesitate to bite into an apple enveloped in gooey caramel, but when they do bite into it, they will soon find out that they are onions and not apples.

2. Change the date

This simple prank requires you to find a friend who would be oblivious to the prank. Change the date on their computer, phone, and bring a day-old newspaper to make it more believable. Take help from your friends or co-workers to make the prank much believable.

3. Birthday wishes

If you can manage to get access to your friend’s Facebook account, change the date of their birthday. Their timeline would be flooded with birthday wishes, and they will have no idea why. Ask their family members or friends to participate in the prank as well. Your friend will be scratching their head as to why everyone is wishing them ‘happy birthday’ for no reason.

4. Boss wants to see your ASAP

The simple yet efficacious plan can freak out your colleague. Make up a story and tell them how the boss is mad for not meeting several deadlines or how they have been consistently late to the office for the past few weeks. This plan will be even more effective if they have an upcoming meeting with their boss.

5. Krispy Kreme cauliflowers

Want to bring donuts for your co-workers? You will be deemed Superman until they open the box and find cauliflowers and some other vegetables with chocolate glaze and rainbow sprinkles on top.

6. Fake milk spill

How about faking a milk spill on your friend’s laptop? All you need is some white glue and a glass surface. Spill out the glue on a glass surface in a way that resembles spilled milk. Make sure to lubricate the glass with some soap to remove it once it dries up. Let it dry overnight and place it on your friend’s laptop.

7. Change the phone icons

If you can access your friend’s phone, change their app icons to hilarious meme pictures. If they have an iPhone, you can find dedicated apps to help you. When they open their phone, they will enjoy a fun surprise.

8. Tin-foil office desk

It will take a lot of time to cover your colleague’s office desk with aluminum foil to resemble a futuristic movie, but it is a great prank to make everyone laugh.

9. Bathroom emergency

Bathroom emergency, prank to play on friends

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Depending on the number of bathrooms you have at the office, use your creativity to stuff pants and shoes with towels that resemble feet. Before office starts, place those inside each bathroom stalls and see your co-workers struggle about how someone is hogging the bathroom.

10. No holiday this weekend

If you have friends at HR, this prank is going to be easier. Ask your HR to send an email to your friends that says they all have to come to the office tomorrow. They won’t believe it at first, and you will enjoy some amusing glances.

11. Cracked screen

It is a simple and classic prank. Buy stickers that resemble a cracked phone screen. When your friend isn’t noticing, take their phone and put the sticker on. Once you are done, slide it back to where it was, and voila! They will freak out at first, but after having fun, reveal that it was just a prank. Make sure your poor friend doesn’t suffer the pain for too long.

Quick tip
Try this one when your friend is super hungry. Peel an apple, cut it into long slices that look like french fries, and serve it with a spicy sauce. Don’t forget to capture their reaction on your camera!

12. Scary spider

If your co-worker friend is afraid of spiders, this one can scare them. Take a string and attach some fake plastic spiders to it. Attach the string to the top of the door, and as soon as they open the door, it will be in their face. They might get angry, but a cup of hot chocolate will cool them.

April Fool’s Pranks For Friends Over Text

13. Texting GIF

Text your friend you have something important to say, then send them a “typing GIF.” They will be confused and anxious thinking about what is going on until they realize it’s a prank.

14. Bot prank

When your friends text you, send them a message that makes you sound like a bot. Copy and paste the same message they send over and over again, and find them confused.

15. Lyrically

Strike up a conversation with your friend by texting them the lyrics of a song. For instance, you could text them the lyrics of Adele’s “Hello” or “Closer” by Halsey and the Chainsmokers. Your options are limitless. Your texts will amuse them.

16. “I know your secret” prank

“I know your secret” prank

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Text them that you know their secret, and when they ask about it, don’t reply. They will freak out and might even spill something unexpected.

17. Grammar Nazi

Is it the most creative prank? Maybe not, but it is fun. If you have a Grammar Nazi friend, strike a conversation with them and deliberately make use of the wrong grammar, they are sure to get frustrated. You can send them memes to irritate them even more.

18. Sloth facts

Randomly text your friend saying, “Thank you, Sam, for signing up for Sloth facts,” and then keep on texting them facts about sloths. It’s fun and creative. You could also send them a GIF of Flash (from Zootopia).

Pranks To Do On Friends At Home

If your friends are visiting your home or you are visiting their home, you could easily pull these pranks on them.

19. Replace the picture frames

If you are visiting your friend, replace their pictures with Will Ferrell, Jack Black, Eddie Murphy, or Ken Jeong using their family member’s help. When they notice, they are sure to have a good laugh over it. It’s a classic prank that you can’t get wrong.

20. Fake a cake

Fake cake prank

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Take a sponge and paint it (brown for chocolate cake, pink for strawberry cake), decorate with sprinkles, and tell your friend that you have baked a cake. When they struggle to cut the cake, be nonchalant and tell them that it is a prank. Of course, keep a real cake aside so they can relish it.

21. Broken tap

Take a duct tape and stick it at the nozzle of the tap by keeping a small gap. When someone opens the tap, the water will spray on them. It is a classic and simple prank that works every time.

22. Cockroach or lizard lamp

Take a sticker of a lizard or a cockroach and place it carefully inside the lampshade. Whenever your friend switches on the lamp, they will be bamboozled by its shadow and will freak out.

Pranks To Do On Friends Online

23. Chrome extensions

Install different prank chrome extensions to irritate your friends and make them laugh. For example, Mustachio puts on mustaches on pictures of faces it finds, and Scrambles jumbles up words shown on different websites.

24. Annoying homepage

Make “World’s most annoying homepage” your friend’s default browser. It can send them into a fit of rage when they see pop-ups and dialogue boxes appearing one after the other with no way of closing it.

25. Freeze

Online pranks to play on friends

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When you are on a video call with your friend, pretend to freeze. You could also freeze mid-sentence or while you are doing something. Make sure no one is in the background, or this prank won’t work.

Trying pranks on your friends can make all gatherings fun. Playing pranks and engaging in some jokes can strengthen relationships and help you have a great time. However, a prank should be played responsibly, and one should ensure that they do not disrespect, hurt or harm anybody. If your friend has not been pranked before, it may be easier to prank them. These interesting pranks to play on friends will foster your bond and trigger unlimited laughter.

Infographic: Pull A Prank And Have A Laugh

It’s always fun pranking your friends because they give the best reactions one would expect from a prank. So, if you like pulling your bestie’s leg, we have compiled a few trending and hilarious pranks that you may do even when away from them. So save this infographic; you may need it soon.

pranks to do on your friends [infographic]
Illustration: MomJunction Design Team

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