50+ Best April Fools Pranks To Play On Parents

Sometimes, your parents might get so involved in responsibilities that they forget about having fun. Thus, we tell you some innovative April Fool’s day pranks for parents to let you help them revive their happy days.

Parents are the sweetest humans, and life without them is unimaginable. At times, they may be strict with you, but you know they love you.

If you feel that your parents’ funny side has been lying dormant for a while, it is a good idea to unleash it on April Fool’s day. So, are you all set to make your parents laugh with some clever witticisms and jokes? Read on for incredible ideas.

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51 April Fools’ Pranks On Parents

Laughter is the best medicine of all. It makes you light-hearted and turns your frown upside down. If your parents are sportive and can take a joke, then pulling off pranks will be fun. However, if you think any of the mischievous jests or gags might upset your parents or affect their health, do not attempt it.

1. Why isn’t this remote working?

Fighting with your parents over the TV remote is a saga that continues even when you have grown up. Taking out the batteries from the TV remote is a classic act of trickery that you must try out. It might be semi-risky (just kidding, they will appreciate it once they understand the prank) if your parents love watching any particular show. But they will be confused when they try to operate the TV with the remote, which remains unresponsive.

2. Who is that?

Try the "who is that?" prank on your for parents

Image: Shutterstock

If your mom or dad loves framing those cute family photos, it can be quite impish to replace your family photos with pictures of strangers. For example, you could put pictures of Adam Sandler or Kevin Hart. They might not even notice it at first, but it will be quite hilarious when they do.

3. Seal it off

An easy-breezy April Fools’ Day antic—this one requires you to take a plastic wrap to seal off the caps of the shampoo and body wash bottles. Your parents will struggle to open it with their wet hands, and it will give you a good time laughing.

4. Straight outta’ horror movie

Be stealthy with your moves, and with a few simple steps, turn your house into something that looks straight out of a horror movie. Go to your local convenience store for Halloween decors and flickering of low-watt light bulbs, preferably 40 watts or less. When your parents aren’t home or are sleeping, change all the bulbs around the house, starting with the bathroom. If your parents come home late in the night, they will be confused and a little petrified.

protip_icon Do remember
Try horror pranks only when you know it will not affect your parents’ health. If they have a history of a heart ailment or blood pressure, it is best to avoid pranks that will startle or scare them.

5. Sweet like candy

If vitamins are a regular thing in your parents’ diet, trying this prank will be pretty funny. Get some M&M’s or Tic-Tacs, and replace the vitamin tablets with these. When they try to take them, they will get confused as to why they taste so good. The utter confusion over their faces is exactly what makes this prank quite funny.

6. Moldy bread

Making your parents think that the bread they have just bought from the grocery store has turned bad is relatively easy. Take a clean knife, cut the top part of the bread, and then add a couple of drops of green food coloring to resemble mold. Then take the pre-cut part of the loaf and hide it. When they take out the bread to eat it, their disgusted reaction will be meme-worthy.

7. Jell-O juice

If your mom or dad loves to have a glass of juice in the morning, then take some Jell-O and, following the instructions given on the packet, make a mixture. Then, pour it in the juice glass that your parents use, and do not forget the straw (if they use it, it’s the details that matter). The Jell-O will solidify overnight, and the following day, when they try to drink it, they will be utterly confused and may even be slightly annoyed.

8. The toilet is smoking

These types of hoaxes are so “punny” that even your parents would not get over it. Take a couple of tissue paper rolls and place them in a manner that resembles a pair of eyes. Then take out an empty cardboard roll (you can get one easily from a used-up paper towel roll), place it between the toilet seat and the lid. You could also add a chef’s kiss to the whole plan by placing a cap on top of the “eyes.” Then finally, scream, “The toilet is smoking!” Your parents will come running in a panic to see what’s going on.

9. Breakfast bowl

The frozen cereal bowl prank

Image: Shutterstock

Take the bowl that your parents use for eating their morning cereal and pour some milk and cereal into it. Next, take the bowl and freeze it. The following day when they are about to eat their breakfast, serve them the bowl, but before you do that, make sure to pour a little milk over the top so that it looks real. When they try to eat it, they will be quite befuddled as to why their spoon cannot pick up the cereal.

10. Minty Oreo?

If your parents love eating Oreos, then this type of hoaxing will work out for you. First, take a butter knife and carefully scrape out the cream filling between two Oreo cookies. Next, take toothpaste that resembles the cream filling and start putting it between the Oreos. Offer these, and the moment they bite into it, they will get the minty surprise. However, do not try it out if you think your parents would not like it.

protip_icon Quick tip
Alternatively, you can place a small coin in the filling, so when your parents bite into the cookies, they will be surprised to see a coin in it.

11. The computer froze

Click a screenshot of the desktop of your parent’s computer and keep it aside. Move all the icons in one place. Then set the desktop image to the previously clicked screenshot. Every time they try to click on any of the apps, it will not respond, and they will be convinced that their computer is malfunctioning. Of course, be a good child and set it back to normal once you are successful with the prank.

12. Frozen hot chocolate

Make some hot chocolate and pour it into the mug that your parents use for their morning coffee. After it cools down, keep it in the fridge overnight and take it out in the morning. Place the mug carefully on the coffee maker and sprinkle some hot water on the top, so the top portion melts out slightly. Try to chit-chat with your parents. They will be confused when they add milk, and it spills over, or even try to stir some sugar with a spoon.

13. Salt and sugar replacement

Try the salt and sugar replacement prank

Image: IStock

The good old switcheroo where you switch the salt with sugar and vice-versa is a prank that is a must on April Fools Day! If your parents take their morning beverage with a bit of sugar, they will be surprised by its saltiness and by the sweetness of salt in their food. Yes, you get the gist.

14. Clothes swap

This prank might not seem like a typical practical joke, but it doesn’t mean that it will not bring a giggle or two out of your parents. All you have to do is switch the places of your parent’s clothes, and when they try to find something, they will scramble through all of their stuff without understanding what exactly is going on.

protip_icon Point to consider
Swapping your mother’s cell number with your sibling’s name on your father’s phone can be an exciting prank. When he tries to call your mother, he will keep calling your sibling and feel confused, not knowing what’s wrong.

15. Stuff ‘em shoes

Take some cotton balls and stuff those into the shoes of your parents. When they try to put those on, they will wonder how a pair of shoes become so tight overnight because no one can have such a rapid growth spurt in one night, or can they?

16. Saucy switch

Swap the bottle containing mustard with some hot sauce, or even swap the whipped cream with mayonnaise. The next time your parents use any of these condiments, they will be in a state of befuddlement before they realize that they have been pranked.

17. Monster under the bed?

Children get easily scared by imaginary monsters under the bed or inside their closets, but what about your parents? There’s one way to find out. Bring out the horror movie masks and give them a jump scare when they are least expecting it. A prank like this is old but gold. However, if you know your parents get scared easily or are going through some problem, you better skip this one.

18. I’m pregnant

Pull the pregnancy announcement prank on your parents

Image: IStock

Break the news to your parents that you are pregnant and see the expressions that come on their faces. But remember, it won’t be too wise to stretch the matter because they might get worried over nothing. Also, if you sense that this prank could be a fail or your parents would not like it, then do not try it.

19. Isn’t it the weekend?

If your parents do not have any important upcoming plans, making them believe that it is still not the weekend is a good prank. Change the dates on their phones sneakily and give them the newspaper from the previous day. They might also start getting ready for their office only to find out that they have been pranked.

20. Boiled eggs

Take a few eggs from your fridge and hard boil them. After that, take it and keep it in the refrigerator. When your mom or dad goes to make an omelet for breakfast, they will be confused at first, but once they understand that it is a prank, everyone will laugh about it.

21. Snake

Snakes tend to give most people the heebie-jeebies. If your parents are one of them, then scaring them with a rubber snake will be worth their funny reaction. Use a string to attach it to the snake, and make sure that you attach one end of the string to a cupboard door. Set up the rubber snake in the cupboard as a playful gambol so that whenever they open the cupboard, the rubber snake will jump out and freak them out. However, you should avoid any tomfoolery if you think your parents might not like the idea.

22. Jet spray

The good ol’ prank will never get old. Take broad duct tape and cover the nozzle of the tap in the sink. Ensure to keep a small opening, so whenever your parents try to use the tap, the water will spray and soak them.

23. Autocorrect prank

The fact that you know more about technology gives you an upper hand over your parents. Take your parents’ phone, go to the autocorrect settings and change a few words. For instance, you could change a “no” to a “yes” or something that is quite ludicrous. Every time they try to type something, it will turn into something bizarre, and they wouldn’t know why.

24. I lost my phone

This joke is so subtle yet hilarious that it makes it one of the best pranks for parents. Call your mom or dad and tell them how you lost your phone. They might get angry and scold you until they realize you had been calling them from your phone, and it was a prank all along. But if your parents are wise and notice your phone number, be ready for their guffaw.

25. Fake cake

Prank your parents with a fake cake

Image: Shutterstock

If your parents have a sweet tooth, then this can be a hilarious practical joke that you can play on them. Take a round sponge that resembles the shape of a cake. Decorate it with all the necessary ingredients to make it appear like an actual cake. When your parents try to eat it, they will be utterly confused about why it will not cut through. Of course, be a good child and bring them a real cake afterward that they can enjoy.

26. Whoopie cushion

This is a common joke that perhaps even your parents must have pulled on someone. Place a whoopie cushion on the chair or the couch they usually sit on. The moment they sit on it, the sound will surprise them and you can pretend to feel disgusted about it. Of course the trick will be revealed instantly but your parents are most likely to laugh with you over it.

27. Sweet toothpaste

Add sugar powder to your parent’s toothpaste. They will be surprised to find the toothpaste tasting sweeter than usual. When they ask you about it you feign ignorance about it. The next day, add coffee powder to their toothpaste and they will be stunned to see their toothpaste change color. This time you can have a good laugh and reveal the prank to them.

28. Daily soap

Coat your parent’s soap with clear nail polish. The nail polish will make the soap unusable for a while as the coating will block the soap from lathering. When they try to use it while bathing, they will feel confused about the soap not lathering. It may frustrate them so you can reveal the prank when they share their weird soapy experience with you.

29. Upside down computer

Here is another computer trick to befuddle your parents. Press Ctrl+Alt+downward key on their PC and the display screen will flip upside down. When they sit to work on their PC they will be shocked to see their screen turned upside down. They might ask you for help, so you can first joke by saying they need to place their computer screen upside down to see it. Do not let them do it for real. Reveal the prank right away at that point.

30. Phone charger

Be ready to see your parents confused and lost. Keep their phone charger in their bag and let them search around the house for it. Then, pretend that you accidentally happened to peek in their bag to find their charger there. They will be wondering for hours to recall the moment they placed the charger in their bag.

31. Phone language

31. Phone language

Image: Shutterstock

Phone pranks are fun and easy so here is another phone prank. Change the language on your parent’s phone to a foreign language they do not understand. And if they do not know how to change it back then they are going to be even more frustrated. Enjoy their confusion but do not stretch it too much and change the language back to their usual one.

32. Coffee mug too big, too small

Get a coffee mug that is either too big or too small to use and serve your parents coffee in it. You can enjoy their initial shock and surprise looking at the unusual mug. To make it more interesting you try to look normal when they react to the mug. Act as if nothing is wrong with the mug and that it is they are acting weird for no reason. Don’t stretch the joke too much or you will get a smack on your head.

33. Shoe switch

In the shoe rack, mix up and swap their pair of shoes. Place the right red sandal next to the black left shoe. Arrange all the shoes neatly just not in the right pairs. When your parents ask you about it, act shocked as if you too are seeing it for the first time. They are most likely to catch your bluff so laugh it out and hand them their right pair of shoes.

34. Flying car

Stuff your parent’s car with helium filled balloons. When they open the door they will be surprised to see balloons in their car. When they ask you about it, smile sheepishly and say you wanted to see if the balloons could make their car fly. They may not buy your story so laugh it off together.

35. Flavored mouthwash

Replace your parents mouthwash with a colored liquid like an energy drink. When they gargle with it they are sure to feel surprised by the sweet taste. They might ask you about it, so offer to gargle yourself and then pretend as if nothing is wrong with it. Reveal the truth eventually or they will be puzzled the whole day.

36. Favorite ringtone

36. Favorite ringtone

Image: Shutterstock

This is an easy peasy but fun guaranteed prank. There may be a song that your parents do not like and hate to listen to. Keep that song as their phone ringtone. Call them on their phone. At first they may not answer as they are not aware of it being their ringtone. Do not miss the look of shock on their face when they realize that the annoying song is actually their ringtone.

37. Parking ticket

Print out a real-looking fake parking ticket and place it in your parents car when it is parked in the parking lot. They are sure to feel shocked and agitated for being wrongly fined. Let them rant a little before you finally reveal the truth. They will be angry but will also laugh with you at the end of it.

38. Balloon Avalanche

If the room door of your parents’ room opens inwards, fill their room with balloons. It will make it impossible for them to leave the room without popping a few balloons and enjoying some laughter.

39. Oops I spilled it

Use decals or stickers to make them think you spilled taco sauce or coffee on their favorite sofa or carpet. Enjoy the horror on their face for a few seconds before revealing it’s a prank.

40. Fake insects

Buy some fake insects and freeze them into ice-cubes. Put these ice-cubes in your parents drink and enjoy their look of shock and disgust when they discover the flies in their drink. Ensure that you reveal the prank quickly before they get too angry.

41. Toilet paper art

41. Toilet paper art

Image: Shutterstock

You can unroll the toilet paper in your parents washroom and write a message or make a funny sketch on it. The message can be something scary like “I am watching you” or “I know what you did last summer.” When they ask you about it, simply say you wanted to keep them entertained in the washroom. You may also stick a few removable stickers on the toilet paper.

42. Shoe lace trouble

Switch the shoelaces of your parent’s shoes or readjust them in a way that they are uneven or tangled. It is going to frustrate them to a great extent so try not to laugh at them. Also, ensure you do this to their leisure shoes and not work shoes or it might make them late to work and you might get grounded.

43. Sticky spoons

Dissolve some sugar in water and use it to coat forks and spoons that your parents use. When they sit to have food they are sure to feel surprised by the stickiness. Ensure that the spoons you use are not coated in the sticky syrup or the joke will be on you. Let them feel bewildered about this strange and sticky occurrence.

44. Fake email

From a fake account, send your parents an email notifying them of something funny. For instance, write an email from the FBI saying they have received an intimation about them hiding an army of mutant cockroaches in their house. And that the FBI will be visiting them soon. The look of bewilderment on their faces will be priceless.

45. Annoying doorbell

Change the sound of the doorbell to something funny. You can try setting it to a funny animal sound or a funny catchphrase. Each time the bell rings your parents might laugh or at least smile at the ridiculous doorbell.

46. Wrong timing

46. Wrong timing

Image: Shutterstock

Set the house clocks backward by an hour or more. But do not change the timing on their phone. When your parents check the clocks they are sure to feel confused about the difference in time. Play this prank only if April Fool’s day falls on their day off or they are not going to spare you for making them late for work.

47. Reminder app

Install a reminder app on your parents phone and set funny reminders at regular intervals. You can set reminders such as ‘kiss your wife’ or ‘give your child $100.’ To add to the fun, assign a funny tune to it so each time it buzzes it makes your parents laugh.

48. Candy swap

This prank is simple. Fill a pouch of M&M’s with skittles and fill the skittles packet with M&M’s. It will be fun to see your parents double check the packet only to find the wrong candy in the right pouch.

49. Insect emergency

Buy some fake insects and cover your parents laptop with them. Call them and tell them how insects are trying to eat up their computer. At first they too will panic and be shell shocked before realizing that you have fooled them. Ensure your parents are in a good mood before pulling this prank or you’ve had it.

50. Shattered windshield

50. Shattered windshield

Image: Shutterstock

Buy a broken glass 3D sticker and put it on the windshield of your parent’s car. They are going to lose it for sure until they realize it’s a fake sticker. The moment they understand that you are behind the prank it will be best to take to your heels before your parents smack you on your head.

51. Ear blasting volume

Turn up the TV volume to the fullest. When your parents switch on the TV they are going to have an ear blasting surprise. You can do the same with the music system in the house. Be prepared for an earful after they discover who was behind the prank.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can you prank your parents without getting into trouble?

It’s vital to keep the prank harmless and non-destructive. Make sure to be respectful and not cross any boundaries. It’s important to know your parents’ sense of humor and avoid anything that could be seen as disrespectful.

2. What kind of pranks do parents usually find funny?

Parents tend to appreciate lighthearted joking, bluffing and pranks that are not too extreme or harmful such as Snake, Fake cake, The computer froze, and Clothes swap.

3. What are the best pranks to play on parents on their birthdays?

Some ideas for birthday pranks could be filling their room with balloons, filling their car with balloons and glitter and placing a Happy Birthday sign on top of the car, putting a wrong name on the birthday card, or making a fake cake using a container.

4. What are some tips for keeping pranks safe and fun for parents?

Use age-appropriate pranks that won’t be too stressful or overwhelming for your parents. Always clean up after the prank and apologize if your parents don’t find it funny.

These easy and fun pranks for parents will lift up the house’s environment and cheer up the entire family. You could also put in some creativity of your own and bring a few changes in the process to make it more interesting. Ensure that no one’s feelings are hurt due to any of the spoofs, as they are done to lighten the mood and not intended otherwise. Also, remember to keep an eye out for the vital details as they are essential while pulling a prank on someone.

Infographic: Popular April Fools Pranks To Do On Parents

On the first day of April, one of the first things that comes to our mind is April Fools ‘ Day pranks. We prank our friends, so why not try them on our parents? Check out the infographic below for simple and harmless pranks to play on parents or other family members.

easy-to-do april fools pranks on parents (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Key Pointers

  • Taking the batteries out of the TV remote is a tried trick that always works.
  • The computer froze prank using the desktop screenshot might be a great option if your parents are still learning to use computers and tablets.
  • If you want to play some risky pranks on your parents, statements like “I’m pregnant” or “I lost my phone” can work.

It’s time for a battle of wits! Watch as kids and parents go head-to-head in a hilarious prank war! Who will come out on top? Tune in to find out!

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