55 Powerful Prayers For Husband's Protection And Health


Marriage and family are a critical part of every woman’s life. If you are blessed to have a good husband, offer prayers for husband and ask for his long life and success.

Every woman desires to have a loving, caring, and understanding husband. And if she is lucky to get one, she considers that a blessing and offers prayers on his behalf so that he is protected and has a wonderful life.

Praying for your husband can help him face any hurdles and give him the strength to keep your family strong and prosperous. This post brings you a compilation of prayers for your husband that will help you bring a powerful message to his life.

55 Prayers For Husband

Recite these prayers any time of the day and find a positive difference.

Prayers For A Future Husband

If you wish to find a caring and loving husband, you may read these prayers.

  1. Dear Lord, I desire to get married, bless me with a faithful man. Prepare me for a healthy relationship and give me the patience to wait for him.
  1. Lord, I pray for my would-be husband. Whoever and wherever he is, be with him and protect him from evil.Andprepare him to be a goodpartner.
  1. Father, I feel lonely. My friends are in committed relationships, and I wish I were in one such relationship. Help me have patience.
  1. O Heavenly Father, I am alone. Help me remember that you are there for everything I need. Give me comfort, peace, and strength.
  1. God guide me to find someone who could be the best partner for me.
  1. God, I want to marry and experience a blessed marriage. I ask you for a loving life partner to share my life.
  1. Jesus, help me be patient and confident. You know I desire to get married, bless me with a good husband.
  1. Lord, there is someone who loves me, but I am doubtful of commitment. Is there any better person for me? Is he good for me? O Lord, you know everything. Please guide me towards the right path.
  1. O Heavenly Father, I fear that I will never get married. I am longing to get a husband, but as time passes by, I think you have planned something different for me. Lord, I hand over all my worries to you. Help me to be at peace with your decisions.
  1. God, people are pressuring me to get married soon. Give me the wisdom and self-control to take my time and help me get rid of the negativity around me.
God, give me wisdom and self control

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  1. Loving Father, guide me to become a good wife. Help me grow in character and mature in my thoughts.

Prayers For An Alcoholic Husband

If your husband is addicted, recite these prayers and find strength.

  1. Heavenly Father, my husband is into alcoholism, and his condition is getting worse day by day. Please guide him to understand that his body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. Help him put his family first before his worldly pleasures.
  1. O King of Kings, my husband is trapped, and it has adversely affected my family. Free him from alcoholism and guide him towards the right path. Give him the courage to fight this addiction.
  1. Mighty Lord, I am on my knees praying for my husband to end his alcoholism. I believe that you have to power to improve his condition and restore my family’s happiness. Please break his ties with alcohol and set him free.
  1. Dear God, my husband is addicted and damaging his life. I pray to you to help him recall the roles of a husband in a family. Open his eyes to see the good side of life.
  1. O Sovereign Lord, my husband is bound by alcoholism. Help him set free and get away from the thoughts of alcoholism. Make him surrender you and hold his hands till he is on the right path.
  1. Lord, my husband’s weakness is alcoholism. Please take away his evil thoughts about alcoholism from his mind. God, change his ways, character, and attitude, and be his strength.
  1. My dear Lord, I humbly seek your help in dealing with my alcoholic husband. Give us the strength to fight against alcoholism. Save my husband and help him keep his body pure.
  1. Holy Lord, I trust your greatness, nothing is impossible for you. I pray to you to renew my husband’s soul. Set him free from the spirit of agony.
Lord, renew my husband’s soul

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  1. God, I ask you to loosen the grip of alcohol from my husband. I pray to you to refresh his thoughts and make him think about his family and relationship with you.
  1. Lord in heaven, I pray to you to help my husband overcome the tough times so he can become a better husband and father. Please guide him in the right direction.
  1. Dear Jesus, I have come to you in deep sadness as my husband is suffering from alcohol abuse, and it is affecting our family. Shower your love and care on him and make him break the bondage of alcohol addiction.

Prayers For Husband’s Protection

Here is a list of prayers that you can follow to protect your husband from any troubles or accidents.

  1. Heavenly God, protect my husband from accidents, dangers, diseases, and evil influences. Keep him safe wherever he goes.
  1. My dear Father, I pray to you to guard my husband’s steps as he walks. Hold him by your mercy if he slips off the path. Help him walk safely and protect him from falling into danger.
  1. Almighty God, be my husband’s shield and provide him strength. Take him under the shadow of your wings.
  1. Lord, save my husband from the negative things happening around him. Please save him from the evil plans of the enemy.
  1. God, be my husband’s strength as he steps out today. May the evil spirits remain far away from him, and may he come back safely by your grace.
  1. Father in heaven, protect my husband from diseases and sickness. Be the source of his happiness and fill his life with your blessings.
  1. My dear God, protect my husband’s life so I can grow old with him and watch our children grow.
  1. Father, whenever my husband feels disheartened and burdened, let him know you are with him as a shield. Remind him of your holy presence.
Father, remind my husband of your holy presence

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  1. Jesus, stay by my husband’s side all day and envelop him in your love so that no danger can touch him.
  1. My dear Lord, I pray you send your angels to remove insecurities from my husband’s life. Keep him safe and happy.
  1. Holy Father in heaven, whenever there is a danger, protect my husband and guide him to the right path.

Prayers For Husband’s Health

These prayers can give you the strength to keep your husband healthy.

  1. Lord, you are the healer. I pray to you to keep my husband healthy.
  1. Father, I know our body is the temple of the holy spirit. I ask you to help my husband make healthy food choices and stay away from addictions.
  1. God, I pray to you for my husband’s spiritual health. Let him not forget your teachings. Give him the wisdom and knowledge so that he understands his first duty is to obey you.
  1. Dear Lord, I pray to you to keep my husband in good health. I pray to you to keep him surrounded with positive thoughts.
  1. Holy Father, help my husband not to stress and worry about the things that are not in his control. Lord, make him free from anxiety and offer him peace of mind.
  1. Lord, I pray for my husband’s physical health today. Heal him from the pain he is suffering from. Be his shield and protect him from dangers.
  1. I pray to you, Jesus, to offer spiritual health to my husband. May his confidence be rooted in you.
  1. Jesus, I pray to thee for my husband’s mental health. May he be unhesitant to seek help from you. Please, Father, protect him from suffering and pain.
  1. Dear Lord, please guard my husband’s heart and mind. Protect him from the temptations and fill his soul with the good things.
  1. Jesus, I know you have the power to heal deep wounds. I pray to you to heal the scars of my husband. Help him inside and out.
  1. Lord, be my husband’s strength. Whenever he is weak, give him strength. Guide him to have trust and confidence in you.

Morning Prayers For Husband

Are you wondering how to greet your husband in the morning? Follow these morning prayers to seek divine blessings from God.

  1. My dear husband, as you wake up this lovely morning, I pray to God to bless you with success.
  1. May the Divine Lord bless you, my husband. May he fulfill the desires of your heart.
  1. My husband, God has given me you as a blessing. May he always be with you wherever you go. I pray to God to protect and keep you safe.
  1. Dear husband, it’s a wonderful day the Lord has given us. May this day be the luckiest day of your life.
  1. Good morning, dear hubby, I pray to God to guide you in the right direction. May he shower peace and joy on your new day.
Lord, I pray for my husband’s physical health today

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  1. My dear hubby, the Lord is with you, and I know he will turn every obstacle into an opportunity for you.
  1. Dear Father, I thank you for giving me such a loving husband. On this beautiful morning, lift his spirits high in everything he does.
  1. Dear husband, I pray that the Almighty bestows his love and joy over you. May he direct you and lead you on to the right path.
  1. My love, as you have given me strength, support, and unconditional love, I pray that the Lord gives you the same love now and forever.
  1. I thank God for giving me one more day with such a wonderful man, my love. Dear God, please be with him during hard times when I am not with him.
  1. My dear hubby, I am grateful to have you in my life as a blessing. I pray to the Almighty to give you joy and happiness always.
My dear hubby, I am grateful to have you in my life

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can my prayers change my husband?

Praying for your husband may bring about a change in your heart more than in your husband’s behavior. You may be able to understand him better and why he responds in certain ways. Further, when he realizes that you pray for him regularly, he may be moved to be a better man for you.

2. Why is it important to pray for my husband?

If you believe in a higher power, praying for your husband can be your way of ensuring protection over him even when you are not around. If you are going through a rough patch in your relationship, praying over it may change both of your hearts and help you understand each other better.

Prayer is a way to connect with the Lord and ask for blessings. Praying regularly will not only help you have faith and trust in the almighty but also enable you to strengthen your bond with your husband and spread good vibes in the family. So, pray every day and bring prosperity to your relationships. If you need the right words for your prayer, we have compiled a list of different prayers for husbands that you may refer to.

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