15 Best Pre/Play Schools In India For Your Kid

Enrolling your child in the best pre/play schools in India is no longer a luxury but a fundamental step for laying the foundation for formal education in children. If you have a toddler who is ready for preschool, you would want to enroll them in a good preschool to kick-start their learning journey.

Whichever city you are in, this list consists of excellent playschools that nurture your child’s life skills and provide them with personal attention to take care of their individual academic needs. So, read on and choose a play school that your child will thank you for later.

Top 15 Play Schools In India


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1. Kidzee

Being a network with more than 1500+ centers operating across 550+ cities, Kidzee is the largest preschool chain in Asia. The preschool offers customized, theme based curriculum called iLLUME, which is designed to nurture your child’s unique abilities. The preschool also has age-appropriate programs for kids from playgroup to senior kindergarten. It separately offers a ‘Learning Tablet’ – a specialized electronic tablet, with parental control, that is loaded with educational content in the form of videos and quizzes. The preschool boasts of well-trained teachers who specialize in teaching young children.

Facilities: campuses with experiential learning spaces, sensorial learning equipment

Phone: +91-22-40343900

Website: www.kidzee.com

Email: kidzeeandheriwest@gmail.com

2. Euro Kids

Euro Kids is a well-known chain of preschools in India, founded in 2001 and operating in 350 cities with 900+ centers. The curriculum of the preschool is based on Playway and Montessori methodologies. The preschool offers four program groups which are the playgroup, nursery, Eurojunior, and Eurosenior. It is a theme based school which works excessively towards building your child’s cognitive, language, motor and social skills and self-esteem. The preschool has a student to teacher ratio of 10:1. The school believes in having an active parental involvement in school activities.

Facilities: Joyous environment, child-friendly equipment, enticing toys and scientifically designed games to aid in learning.

Phone: + 91-22-61565656

Website: www.eurokidsindia.com

Email: eurokids_vakola@yahoo.co.in

3. Kangaroo Kids

The school was founded in 1993 in Mumbai. The school boasts of over 80 schools across different cities in India, along with centers in Dubai and Maldives. Each campus is spacious to provide a wide avenue to play and learn. The curriculum focuses on social and emotional, physical, cognitive, and language development of children. The school caters for children with special needs as well. The preschool functions on high parental involvement.

Facilities: Pick up and drop, learning toys for fun learning

Phone: +91-22-42013000

Website: www.kkel.com

Email: palihill@kangarookids.co.in

4. Hello Kids

Being the first play school in India to target middle-income band, the network currently holds more than 285 branches across 22+ states. The curriculum is based on Montessori and Playway methodologies. The preschool boasts of trained and experienced teachers with a healthy student to teacher ration of 10:1. Admissions are accepted from one and half years, and four program groups offered to them. They are playgroup, nursery, LKG and UKG. The course subjects are specially designed for children with emphasis on learning through games and activities.

Facilities: Computer basics, exercise, yoga, stage activities, regular check-ups with certified medical practitioners

Phone: +91- 80-42166508 / 42166509

Website: www.hellokids.co.in

Email: info@hellokids.co.in

5. Little Elly

Founded in 2005, the school is an initiative of Learning Edge India Pvt. Ltd. in association with Glen Tree, UK. The preschool’s curriculum is based on Montessori and Steiner methodologies. It has a few programs for kids from playgroup to senior KG. The unique feature of this preschool is that it has a daycare facility on both monthly as well as per day basis.

Facilities: International level of toys, books, activities and games, art, craft, storytelling, puppet shows, and field trips

Phone: +91-80-4112 7411

Website: www.littleelly.com

Email: help@littleelly.com

6. Little Einsteins

The preschool was founded by an IIM Alumni in the year 2007. Little Einsteins preschool has its presence in nine states in India and boasts of more than 30 centers across the country. The preschool has a variety of programs such as infant program, toddler program, preschooler program and after school care. A plus point here is that the school offers ‘After School Hours’ for children up to seven years of age. Children are allowed to stay back until 8pm. The preschool follows the “Multiple Intelligence” based scientific approach to education, such as Cambridge, Oxford, and Harvard universities.

The preschool aims at improving a child’s motor skills, language skills, cognitive skills, dining etiquette, social behavior, and concept knowledge.

Facilities: Art and craft, cooking, dramatic play

Phone: +91-9989058655

Website: www.littleeinsteins.co.in

Email: kopal@littleeinsteins.co.in

7. Kids Campus

This school is known as the rapidly growing chain of international preschools in India with 70+ centers across various cities. The preschool offers programs for kids from playgroup to senior kindergarten. The curriculum is tailor-made to the age group of the kids. It focuses on six fundamental areas namely social and emotional, language and communication, mathematical knowledge and understanding, general knowledge and understanding of the world, and creative development. It also believes in parental involvement and has an exceptional student teacher ratio.

Facilities: Bright and well-equipped classrooms, library, computer, outdoor play area, non-toxic play equipment, medical room

Phone: +91-80- 65464454

Website: www.kidscampus.in

Email: info@kidscampus.in

8. Smart Kidz

Smartkidz is an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization and has a presence of over 200 centers in India. It was awarded as the ‘Innovation in Preschool Education’ award at the World Education Awards 2014. The curriculum is inspired by the Montessori methodology and conforms to the requirement of ICSE, CBSE, and SSC syllabi. The preschool caters to all age groups of tiny tots, right from playgroup to senior kindergarten. The preschool focuses heavily on the physical, social, emotional, aesthetic and intellectual development of the child. One of the unique features of the preschool is that the teachers are trained in specialized teaching techniques relevant to preschoolers.

Facilities: Colorful and homely school envorinment, Ample toys for children to learn through play

Phone: +91-40-27894117 / 18

Website: www.smartkidzindia.com

Email: info@smartkidzindia.com

9. Podar Jumbo

Podar Jumbo is owned by Podar Education Group, which was established in 1927 and imparts education at various levels. Podar Jumbo Kids boasts of more than 80 centers across major cities in India. The curriculum is based on Playway methodology. Programs range from toddler to senior kindergarten children. The school has a comfortable teacher-student ratio ranging from 1:7 to 1:10 depending on the program. A unique philosophy called ‘Kiducation’ nurtures children and creates environments for growth and development of the children. The preschool also has a daycare facility as well.

Facilities: Water play, parachute play, sand play, dramas, puppet shows, field trips, large airy classrooms equipped with teaching aids such as projectors, interactive whiteboards, tablets

Phone: +91-22-26465393

Website: www.jumbokids.com

Email: jumbokids@podar.org

10. Sunshine Preschool

A venture of the SatNav Group, Sunshine was founded in 2005 and has more than 30 branches that offer pre-schooling along with daycare facility for children, which comes with CCTV cameras. It is a colorful campus with theme-based curriculum imparted through activity-based learning to keep children interested. The unique feature of this preschool is that teachers are given preschool training by expert trainers every quarter. The preschool seeks feedback from parents for the course and facility improvement.

Facilities: Teaching through play, Email and SMS communication with parents about new learning themes and concepts

Phone: +91-40-64619733

Website: www.satnavpreschools.com

Email: sunshine@satnavpreschools.com

11. Indus Early Learning Centre

The Indus Early Learning Centre was founded by Indus Trust in the year 2011 and has eight branches. It is one of the few preschools in the country that readily accommodates children with special needs. The curriculum focuses on five main areas – language development, numeracy, science and basic social studies, personal, social, and physical education, and creative arts. Individual educational plans are designed for children with special needs. The school also works with other agencies to ensure these children face no hurdles in learning.

Facilities: Well-equipped classrooms, library, performing arts studio, fine arts studio, indoor and outdoor play area, team activities

Phone: +91-9177577700 / +91-9949371545

Website: www.indusearlyyears.com

Email: kiran.kaza@indusearlyyears.com

12. Shemrock Preschool

Founded in 1989, Shemrock preschool is India’s first preschool chain. The school is promoted by India’s leading educationists with over 100 years of combined experience in the field of education. It boasts of over 330+ branches across India and abroad. The preschool has a Unique Shemrock thematic curriculum and boasts of a good student to teacher ratio of 10:1. It has three programs – playgroup, Montessori 1 and Montessori 2. The preschool has an added advantage. It offers mid-day meals, which consist of one milk preparation and one fruit.

Facilities: Colorful, chirpy, and air-conditioned classrooms, multimedia and Internet-based teaching, painting, rhyming, singing, clay modeling, block building, fancy dress, festivals, celebrations, summer camps, picnics

Phone: +91-11-43433300

Website: www.shemrock.com

Email: info@heritage.shemrock.com

13. The Treehouse Play School

Known as India’s largest self-operated preschool chain, the school has grown to more than 500 centers nationwide since its inception in Mumbai in 2005. It has a curriculum based on Playway and Montessori methodology and takes kids from playgroup to senior kindergarten. Besides the innovative teaching methods to introduce the child to formal education, it also emphasis on role play and socio-dramatic plays. The best part about this Indian play school is that it has admissions throughout the year and gives flexibility in choosing the term and batch.

Facilities: Daycare facilities, hobby classes, summer camps

Phone: +91-22- 40169587 / 64572725 / 65295296

Website: www.treehouseplaygroup.net

Email: contact@treehouseplaygroup.net

14. Pebbles Pre-School

Pebbles opened in the year 2000, and has five branches. The school is one of the few pre-schools in the country that has attained a commendable ISO 9001 – 2008 certification. The preschool has a healthy teacher to student ratio that ensures individual attention to every child. The programs offered cater to the play group, junior play group, and senior play group. The teachers are given training by specialized agencies and experts that have years of experience in preschool and nursery teacher training. Curriculum focuses on the following areas viz. linguistic, physical, socio-emotional and cognitive and creative development.

Facilities: Large spacious, colorful classrooms, day care facility

Phone: +91-44-4351 9555, +91-97890 67675

Website: www.pebblespreschool.com

Email: info@pebblespreschool.com

15. Leapbridge International Pre-School

Leapbridge International is an initiative by Navneet Education, which is one of the leading providers of educational books and scholastic stationery. Navneet, which has been around since 1959, founded Leapbridge in the year 2009. The school offers age appropriate programs for pre-nursery, nursery, kindergarten 1, and kindergarten 2. The curriculum lays emphasis on honing the language, cognitive and math skills, creative art, music, motor skills, social science, science, and nature studies. Each subject area lists a set of achievements the child will attain on completion of the subject module. The preschool trains its teachers regularly, updating them on the latest developments that could help the students study and understand better.

Facilities: Spacious campus, outdoor activities,

Phone: +91-20-2665 7070

Website: www.leapbridge.com

Email: inquiry@navneet.com

Play schools teach children tips to socialize and prepare for the upcoming school years. Hence, enrolling them into the right pre/play school could be beneficial for their future. There are many best pre/play schools in India that you could enroll your child in. Choosing the best one for your child is a tedious task. So before researching the schools, consider your child’s requirements. You may consider the distance from your home, transportation, or school meal services. Finally, visit the preschool and check the environment before making a final decision.

Disclaimer: “The list of schools has been taken from various surveys done by third-party print and online publications. MomJunction was not involved in the surveys nor it has any business partnerships with the schools covered in the list. This post is not an endorsement of the schools and parents’ discretion is advised in selecting a school.

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