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It is one of our natural urges to procreate; however, it is a huge, life-altering responsibility and should not be done for the heck of it.

Pregnancy is a major event in one’s life, especially for young couples, and hence, it should be a well planned step. Remember, this is the person you are solely responsible for, almost all your life. So if you are not ready emotionally and often financially, then it is not wise to hop on to this bandwagon.

While it is normal and acceptable amongst married couples, getting pregnant is a daring act when it happens unplanned and out of the blue for the unmarried couples. So in a changing social demography where pre-marital sex is common, one must be careful and have fun responsibly.

16 Precautions To Avoid Pregnancy

Here are the 16 best possible natural precautions to avoid pregnancy. Read on.

1. Don’t Have Sex Without A Condom:

This is one of the best precautions for avoiding pregnancy. The rubber latex coverings of the condom act as a physical barrier to sperms. If you don’t use a condom during sex, there are higher chances of you getting pregnant and an equally high chance of contracting a sexually transmitted disease.

There are both male and female condoms available in the market that can prevent pregnancy by covering their genital entry points. Female condoms fit inside the vagina to present a physical barrier to sperm. While the effectiveness is higher for a male condom, it is not completely fool proof. But never use a male and female condom at the same time!

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2. Don’t Miss A Daily Contraceptive Pill:

Women must consume contraceptive pills regularly, along with their men using condoms during intimacy. This is another important precaution to avoid pregnancy, in order to ensure that there are no occurrences on both accounts. It is often required that your intake of contraceptives must be regular. One cannot afford to miss a pill as it reduces the effectiveness of the entire process. A viral fever or an illness can also affect the efficacy of birth control pills.

3. Don’t Take Your Daily Contraceptive Pill At Irregular Times:

This also lowers the effectiveness of the pill. It is always advisable to maintain a fixed time for the contraceptive; else, it breaks its linked flow. Contraceptive pills demand discipline, so no gain without pain.

4. Don’t Have Unprotected Sex During Your Period:

A common misconception is that having sex while you are on your period can’t get you pregnant. There is never a safe time for having sex. There is a reason why sperms are called swimmers – because they travel through fluid to fertilize with an egg. Just because there is too much fluid during periods, it does not mean that the swimmers will stop swimming on high tide. Moreover unprotected sex during periods have a high infection potential leading to serious ailments.

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5. Pulling Out Before Ejaculation Can’t Prevent Pregnancy:

A penis is like a loaded gun, always dangerous! Protect yourself by putting it on safety. And this safety is a condom. At the heat of the moment anything can happen, so why take chances?

6. Do Not Bring Exposed Genitals To Contact:

It is not advisable to bring exposed genitals at close contact. This includes even rubbing it around the areas. It is still possible to leak fluid that may carry a potent sperm to the vagina opening. Never at any cost ignore the power of a small sperm-it is after all the main reason we are all here!

7. Don’t Allow The Partner’s Fingers To Touch The Penis And Then Enter The Vagina:

There is a small amount of discharge from the penis even before ejaculation. While it is essentially a lubricant for better sex, it may sometimes contain a few sperms. Do not leave it to chance as even before ejaculation some sperm may accidentally invade the vagina.

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8. Don’t Allow The Partner’s Fingers To Touch The Condom After It Has Touched The Penis:

If you have touched the fluids with your fingers while it was exposed, make sure you do not at any cost touch the covered penis from the condom. If there was any sperm, like in the previous situation, then the sperm could be attached to the condom and then easily intrude the vagina.

9. Don’t Leave The Penis Inside The Vagina After Ejaculation:

While people prefer cuddling post coitus and some others tend to feel very tired post the process, and tend to become lazy, which may actually be another risk factor for pregnancy. Hence it is advisable to withdraw the penis straight after ejaculation. This is also because post ejaculation the condoms tend to come off since they are full of fluids and also since the penis retracts in size. So it no longer remains a tight fit to protect the sperms from falling off.

10. Emergency Contraception Or The Morning After Pill:

There can be incidents where the latex condom has split during sex – this is as good as unprotected sex. For cases like these and unprotected sex in general, the morning after pill is a blessing that can eliminate the sperms up to 72 hours. There is either one potent or two 12 hour pills which if consumed sooner can prevent unplanned pregnancy.

Other Precautions To Avoid Unwanted Pregnancy:

There can be numerous ways of preventing pregnancy which involves taking contraceptives in various forms and not just orally, like contraceptive shots or insertion of a hormone or Copper T which can cause prevention for a specified amount of time. Know more about other forms of contraception.

11. Diaphragm:

The diaphragm is a cup like thin rubber dome inserted into the vagina to cover the cervix. It is used along with the spermicide to prevent the movements of sperms. It prevents the sperm to reach the egg and thus prevents pregnancy. After sexual intercourse, it protects the vagina for 6 hours, but not longer than that. You can only get it by prescription only and can be used by the woman herself.

12. Depo-Provera:

Another birth control method for women made up of a hormone similar to progesterone. It is given in the form of an injection into the arms or buttocks. The injection provides protection up to 3 months and then one has to take it again. It prevents the menstrual cycle and is 99% effective in avoiding pregnancy.

13. Implants:

Implants are small matchstick sized devices that are placed under the skin of the upper arm. They release contraceptive hormone, steroid levonorgestrel that prevents pregnancy for up to 3 – 5 years. Implanon and Nexplanon are the two commonly used implants. But, birth control implants can cause certain side effects. They include weight gain, change in menstrual cycle, loss of bone mass and breast tenderness.

14. IUD (Intra Uterine Device):

It is an internal T-shaped device inserted into the uterus to prevent sperms from meeting the egg. It works effectively for 5 to 10 years, and a doctor can only insert it. It is long lasting and a hassle free device as there is no need for worry after intercourse. Sometimes the device can expel out, and you need to check it after every period whether that is in place. Side effects can be cramping and abnormal bleeding, but it happens only before and after insertion.

15. Tubectomy Or Tubal Sterilization:

Tubectomy is a permanent method of contraception that is done surgically. The Fallopian tubes are blocked to prevent the eggs from travelling into the ovary from the uterus. The surgery is performed by the doctor where Fallopian tubes are cut and sealed. It is a safe procedure, and there are fewer chances for tubectomy to turn reverse.

16. Vasectomy Sterilization:

It is a safe and permanent birth control method for men. It can be opted when the man has desired number of children. A small surgery is performed in which the vasa deferentia that carry the sperms are cut and blocked. The procedure may not be effective right after the surgery because some sperm may stay beyond the sealed tubes. It can become effective within three months.

But then, giving up sex would be the best precautions to avoid pregnancy naturally.

While we talk about prevention, one also has to remember that the responsibility lies with both the partners. In unplanned conception, the newborn will depend on both the mother as well as the father. So one must not imply that the sole responsibility of prevention lies with the female, the male have to pay attention as well.

This problem is also not limited to newlyweds or dating couples. It also applies to the married couples who already have children. Growing population is a concern in our country which can only be addressed with having protected sex. So protect yourself for the greater good of yourself and the world you live in.

Hope you will follow best precautions to avoid pregnancy in the early stage and stay happy. Happy Practicing!

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